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XXL Dino - XXL Punch - XXL Destruction
Size does matter!

Take control of a giant dino and let cities crumble to dust!
Roar Rampage invites you to a crazy ride of epic proportions and lets you destroy everything that lies in your path.

While the massive punching glove is an excellent weapon, you can also rip out streetlights and pick up trains to abuse them as baseball bats and nunchuck. Be creative! :)

Watch out for heavy resistance!
The military has some serious experimental weapons, boss units, heavy ground troops and aggressive airforce units coming after you.

Control the dino's fist with the touch of your finger and execute deadly combos for maximum score. Choose between a level based story mode or strife for global rampage in the endless "World Tour" mode.


"Using a giant dinosaur to smash buildings is just fun."

"If you need a new game for the weekend, this is your first and last stop."

Slide To Play:
"...if you don’t play Roar Rampage, you’re missing out."

•Arcade perfect 2D look
• Stunning XXL destruction engine
•Pin point accurate touch controls
•Over 20 weapons and power ups at your disposal
•45 challenging levels, including epic boss fights
•Endless World Tour mode with over 100 missions
•Tons of skins and customization options
•Retro inspired arcade soundtrack

Customer Reviews

  • Worth a buck

    by Hanz_bubby

    Easily worth the dollar you spend to buy just for the first game. Arcade style experience, easily accessible, good old fashioned cartoony fun.

  • It fun

    by Magoozle

    Get it

  • Good yes

    by hkholli


  • Worth it!

    by PantsTurkey

    Just plain simple and fun. But the level feel a little short, and the controls can be a but wonky some times. But still good overall!

  • Unbelievably fun

    by Kist Kw

    Good game Interesting way to play No IAP

  • GEMS

    by MyCarSqueeks

    You supposedly get 5,000 gems(game currency) if you rate the game. Oh, and I really like the game. I played it a while ago on pc browser, and this is miles better if you like touch controls.

  • Gems

    by Zhhwygduofhfhj

    I did this for gems but great game

  • Wow

    by AzerFTW

    Wasn't this on pc? Huh. Anyway this is one of the funist games ever.

  • Fun and awesome

    by BLS-680

    This game is very interesting because you are a dinosaur and you go around breaking buildings and you get shot bye hellecopters and you punch them

  • Best game about a dino wearing boxing gloves


    This game is the number one best game I've ever played that involves a dinosaur wearing boxing gloves that decides to go on a rampage on a modern city.

  • Awesome

    by Fox ringing dingeringering

    This is a game that should be paid more attention

  • Good

    by Othggsgv

    Is many fun

  • Simple graphics simply fun game

    by Jessi_1922

    Very fun!!

  • Great game

    by Maxlitter11

    Fun game, know what I mean?

  • Fun

    by JhackOfAllTrades

    It's a good game and worth checking out.

  • Great!

    by Blake_ofwgkta

    Great app, defiantly recommend it

  • Sweet game

    by The_Banana_Guy

    The best dinosaur destruction game in the market

  • EPIC!!!!!!!!!

    by Donovan Lew1s

    Great game for people who like destruction.

  • Rampage

    by Mbchaynes

    Awesome game

  • Game User

    by Hdtghsckczehcxz

    Worth your 99 cents

  • Super fun

    by TheFulvio

    This game is a good time. Smash stuff!

  • Cool game


    Very fun!

  • Not bad

    by CamPDX

    Not bad

  • Gods

    by Listen to me!!!!!!!!.!!!!


  • Funny as hell

    by Greatly loved by me

    Love it

  • Haha awesome!

    by 1Clarityforu

    THIS GAME IS TOTESMAGOTES! Lol get it now!

  • Roar Rampage

    by Milestones2014

    Love the game! Lots of fun to play!!

  • Awesome

    by andrewayako


  • Love it

    by Bobernator

    Levels are a little short, but overall a very fun game and looks so bad but is so good!also if you haven't tried it try it!

  • Fun

    by Yoxb

    Ton's of fun!

  • Awesome

    by Marcus Young


  • Extremely Fun!

    by HeroDevon

    The cure for the common disease "boredom".

  • Amazing

    by Ryry88g


  • Amazing

    by Ryry88g


  • Great game

    by Adam 1123224

    I've only had this game for a little bit, but I still think this is a great game!

  • Cool app

    by Rossfhhh

    Cool app!!!!!

  • Awesome just awesome!!!

    by Coolguyq


  • Great game

    by :Sparky5:

    I love this! I've always wanted to demolish a city

  • Good

    by Aml921

    This game is really fun and easy to pick up and play.

  • Roaaaaaaaaaar

    by Nicko ghonzolez

    This is well worth is it has great gameplay that you can controll the fist with your hand.

  • Great game.

    by The_Lone_Gnome

    Good fun

  • Truly awesome

    by Gamekid16!

    Buy this game now! It is so worth it! :)

  • Good game

    by HellfireBoss

    Very good game

  • Fun

    by Proca1ne

    Reminds me of rampage!

  • Wow

    by SaulmcFTW

    At first i thought it would be boring. But it s reqlly addicting!

  • Super duper fun

    by The mizwwe


  • it's good

    by ian allison

    nuff said

  • Great game

    by DBoss923

    I could play all day.

  • What

    by Dfghhghj

    What's going on

  • This game is amazing

    by toxicpeanut27

    This game is one of the best IOS games out there. Slayin is also really fun

  • Very fun... Worth a buck

    by JdRod67

    Great way to kill time with my son, easy yet fun game play. Spend a buck

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