Oceanhorn ™ Games App Review (iOS, $8.99)


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Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR

- iPad Mini Retina now runs the game at 60fps
- Improved iPhone 4 compatibility
- Improved performance on various devices.
- Various Bug Fixes

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Grow from a boy to a legend.

You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone…
The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened?

Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest. Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3D visuals and exciting gameplay into one massive action adventure experience you will never forget.

Enjoy an incredible soundtrack from the best video game composers in the world:
Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy*) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu*)

Master the game effortlessly with accurate touch controls or iOS7 Controller.


-Music from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito
-10+ hours of story driven gameplay.
-Master magic and swordfight
-Find ancient items to help you on your quest
-Game Center Achievements
-Accurate Touch Controls
-iOS 7 Controller Support

Recommended Hardware:
iPhone 4s and higher, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad 2,Mini or higher***

Not compatible with iPad 1

***Oceanhorn takes advantage of the latest in graphics technology and delivers the best and most enjoyable experience only on the recommended devices.

Customer Reviews

  • Incredible

    by Craigdehut

    This game was absolutely worth the wait. Everything about this game is spot on! Best action RPG on the iOS. Cannot wait for new updates!

  • Oceanhorn an instant classic.


    I grew up on the old n64 legend of zelda games, and Oceanhorn is a real nostalgia trip for me. Don't get me wrong though, the game takes that golden age of Nintendo feel, and brings it to the App Store. Oceanhorn is a masterpiece, because it takes the mechanics of zelda and makes it it's own. I first got it for the zelda similarity but now I am actually engaged in the story and game. This is a console quality game and it should be on every platform! Oceanhorn is an achievement in gaming and I would strongly recommend it to any person.

  • Perfect

    by Revengercm

    I never played zelda games but if it's better or equally as good as this one, I'm an instant fan! Just amazing, not too hard and i liked the puzzles, it could've used more enemies, storyline was awesome, combat system perfect. Hoping for oceanhorn 2.

  • More content

    by Jinkjinkjinkuiopuiopuiop

    Great game but after I finished I wanted more could the game developers make some more content like release a couple of new dungeons in future updates or if you want to make some more money release some DLC that continues the story a lot of people will defiantly buy that but don't real ease something over 3 cost

  • Worth every penny

    by Bootycheddar

    Thank you Jesus for the investors who brought back such euphoric nostalgia from sandbox adventure !!!! I would have laughed in your face if you told me a game that plays, looks, and feels like a Nintendo GameCube would be available for Ipad!!! Totally worth the buy, it is just splendid fun!! Not to mention I am a Zelda windwaker veteran, I have the is huge grin on my face right now . Ok there's my two cents, back to the ocean!!!

  • I would like it, if I could play it

    by Blockheads FTW

    I would probably like the game, if I could play it. I mean, really I can't even play the game because it keeps crashing. I can't get past the cutscenes where Hermit tells me about the desert and stuff. It's the part after I save him from those monster robots that came out of the ocean


    by Harbmaster

    Please add iCloud support. I am changing from five star to three star over the inconvenience and will change back to five star once you have added iCloud support.

  • Worth it


    This game is beyond the average game. I love this game because it is almost exactly like The legend of zelda series that I played when I was younger. Overall this game is fantastic and will kept you playing for hours or even days!

  • Addicting and wonderful graphics

    by BBLuvsMusic

    Highly suggest to download. I finished the game and have some suggestions for this awesome app. Cloud sync would have been nice for working between tablet and phone. Some tweaks needed for falling into cracks accidentally and getting "stuck". Also, the "Knight of Arcadia" level is a nice touch. However, I reached it after I already beat the game... (I visited islands after beating it to get 100% on islands) Maybe have the level come sooner? The TRILOTH spell is sooo cool - wish I would have paid more attention to blood stones beforehand...once again I didn't get this until so late in the game. Maybe more encouragement to get the stones throughout the game through characters and signs. It comes in handy on sky island! Anyways, it is a great game (like Zelda) available for the phone/tablet. Most people are on the go these days. Great graphics, story, and special powers/spells. I don't know of any other games in App Store that has a rich world like this. Part 2 please!

  • Addicting and wonderful graphics

    by BBLuvsMusic

    Highly suggest to download. I finished the game and have some suggestions for this awesome app. Cloud sync would have been nice for working between tablet and phone. Some tweaks needed for falling into cracks accidentally and getting "stuck". Also, the "Knight of Arcadia" level is a nice touch. However, I reached it after I already beat the game... (I visited islands after beating it to get 100% on islands) Maybe have the level come sooner? The TRILOTH spell is sooo cool - wish I would have paid more attention to blood stones beforehand...once again I didn't get this until so late in the game. Maybe more encouragement to get the stones throughout the game through characters and signs. It comes in handy on sky island! Anyways, it is a great game (like Zelda) available for the phone/tablet. Most people are on the go these days. Great graphics, story, and special powers/spells. I don't know of any other games in App Store that has a rich world like this. Part 2 please!

  • Hands down best game for the iPhone

    by Geb666

    I really enjoyed this game. Yes there are things they could have done better, but overall this was epic.

  • Bad glitches

    by Asking93

    This is a very good game worth the money but glitches can wreak havoc on your game and catastrophically putting it to a complete stop after multiple hours of game play I was on the floating island and to get the first key to meet the mystery man you have to light two torches and activate a secret pressure plate I didn't know about it so I ran over the plate to where the chest should have been and it hit me in the head but than it flew away and every time I press the plate afterwards the same thing would happen! After messing around for a bit I was able to open and see a key to bad it didn't give it to me because that was the only way to progress in the game

  • Fantastic

    by Cshovel

    Last year I had done a word search trying to find a game similar to Zelda. Oceanhorn came up so I read about it. A year later I followed up and it was out so I made the purchase. Clearly modeled after Zelda minus some of the charm. Still, it was great fun for the money. I've read some comments about it being expensive but I paid less than ten bucks which is cheap compared to when I bought Zelda. Bottom line, worth the money.

  • Great game !

    by Threegroove

    I truly great game ! I haven't been able to put it down .

  • Perfect

    by Revengercm

    Wish you added multiplayer or more bosses.

  • Awsome!!!!

    by offbounded

    This is by far 1of the best games on the ios todate. Its very much like zelda!!!

  • Worth it

    by Bonarama.

    If you like Zelda you'll like this.

  • Fantastic

    by jhelms28

    Absolutely fantastic little game. Great graphics, wonderful music and decent (forgiving) controls. If you like top down Zelda adventures then this is for you.

  • Good game

    by Gdarf

    It's a good game it's like Zelda but not as challenging and not too interesting it's a good game but it's not worth it for 9$

  • Pretty game, but buggy

    by PopPop503

    Love the Zelda feel but there are a lot of places in the game where the character just gets stuck for no reason. The only way to become unstuck is to either pray for a speedy death or restart the game. Example: one area in Tikarel suddenly became unplayable, like there was an invisible barrier - trust me, it's not part of the game. If you can get past these annoyances, it's a good game.

  • Crashing

    by Sunnysideunder

    If it weren't for the fact that I can not even play the game I just paid a lot to play this would be a decent game and I would be pleased. Fix the crashes or give me my money back.

  • Crashes

    by WrappedInBlack

    Crashes on iPad Air, iOS7, fix it.

  • Constant crashing

    by Thegreatnookie

    You know what's not like Zelda: Wind Waker? The constant crashing minutes/seconds into the game. I'm on an iPad mini running 7.0.4 and the app constantly crashes sometimes seconds into playing the game. Avoid this money trap until the developers update this game with a fix. Otherwise, you're paying to have an unusable app with an icon of the main character staring at you and judging you for purchasing this. Embarrassing that this was released in this condition and that I threw my money at it.


    by Cj1cool

    The game is very good overall but when I go to a different island my game crashes every time and I can't play because my mission is in that island. So please fix it

  • Crashes

    by Planet Drex

    Waste of money. Crashes when you try to open the app. (Ipad mini ios7)

  • Crashes after update

    by Rood dog

    Please fix. Really enjoyed the game until it started to crash. Won't even start now.

  • Amazing!

    by Jbros3000

    One of the best ios games ever made. Period.

  • Meh

    by Rebeca Ibanez dePaz

    Y'know, there's a lot that's good about this game. It's ridiculously addicting, pretty good storyline.. I don't even have a problem with the controls (that they make no effort to explain, but whatever). But. There is 'make the game hard' and then there's 'let's make it impossible by adding chaotic camera movement, inexplicable camera angles from Behind Walls (!!!) and then we'll have the controller movements be so trigger happy that it becomes pure luck' hard. A hint, the second hard is just plain stupid. And for 9 bucks? What a rip off.

  • Brings back good memories!

    by rball5@d

    I know it's not Nintendo, but thank you for coming so close! It was fun spending hours on this game. I have to say, the opening theme music just before playing Oceanhorn is awesome! I want to buy that music piece on iTunes, I hope it's there!

  • Oceanhorn or zelda

    by Dark Chris 003

    I love it its just like zelda but with less complicated controls. A must have for fans!!!!!!

  • A beautiful homage

    by SirBedwyr

    The game is very well polished and plays cleanly even on the original iPad 2. Most of the tropes and mechanics crib from the Zelda series, but the execution is so well done, the story so tightly woven, and the dialogue a Bastion-like refuge of well-spoken pithiness that the game really stands on it's own. This is well worth having in your library.

  • Hesitant, now satisfied.

    by Egodetox

    I was very hesitant to buy Oceanhorn after reading the negative reviews harping on the "sluggish" controls. After reading reviews for a couple days, I just decided to buy it and take my chances. I've got about 4 hours in and I'm very happy with my purchase. The controls really aren't that bad. Sure, it's not a Nintendo control stick, but come on, this is OOT/WW/it's own thing on a phone (or tablet), you can't expect it to be EXACTLY like a console. If you're hesitant like I was, just buy it. You'll thank me.

  • Good game, but...

    by Nunofur

    Could have been more polished. It does not seem this game was truly designed with tablet play in mind. Since there is no keyboard on the iPad, I am restricted to the digital controls I am given. It is incredibly frustrating that there is only ONE button to pick up, throw, open, aim, fire, attack, etc. If I am in a corner where there are jars and an enemy facing me, I have only one button to use which, inevitably leads to picking up a jar rather than protecting myself. Also frustrating that there are no instructions on how to do certain attacks. Massively stupid that control and weapon options are in the lower right quadrant of the screen as I am right-handed which leads to accidentally hitting the wrong button when I am swiping to move forward which leads to pausing game play. Really a shame that once areas are identified the map doesn't mark it as such with its name to quickly access areas over and over. Exasperating that when I wish to run, the character instinctively raises his shield and slows down. I could go on and on. The makers ought to take notes from LostWinds.

  • Oceanhorn

    by Dr4g0nBlazer

    The game can be compared by the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass (which is a good thing) but It feels more of a carbine copy of it with a different story. The game runs well on lower class devices but there is a crash on the first island (tutorial) that can be fixed but on the first desert island which is not an optional island there is a crash when you open the first chest. Everything I do (reboot device, delete app) have failed with little to no success . With a problem like this we are going to need a stability update on iPod 1 through 4. The iPhones work fine with little lag maybe a crash or two.

  • Breath Taken Away

    by Superluigi1304

    Amazing game - it is almost better than Zelda. Plus it is only 9 bucks, stunning graphics and gameplay and extremely addicting. Great job creators!

  • Love This Game

    by templefan1

    Finally won!

  • Amazing Game

    by Seanshadow2

    It really is great. As a Zelda fan I feel right at home while playing this game. It really does shine on my iPad as one of the best (if not the best) portable games out their. Who says to have a great looking and playing game with deep story you need 1-2GB? Not these guys. I love how the game is small yet incredible detailed.

  • Great Game!!

    by AlexAppDisqus

    I really love playing this game so far. I love the integration with MFi Controller, though I don't think I need to use it while playing as the touch control is so awesome itself! Anyway, love this game so much. It reminds me of those old days.

  • Still buggy

    by Shawn Eshraghi

    Incredible game no question about it but it still has some blaring bugs - for instance, after getting all 54 bloodstones we still don't get the challenge completed. Please fix issues ASAP for 5star.

  • Good game, lots of crash bugs

    by Tmnt old skewl

    The game plays well although not always clear as to what to do next. No real rewards for exploring. Overall a great looking adventure game heavy on story and a little thin on level design. Lots of crash bugs when loading new maps, opening chests or triggering events. I find myself having to restart the game every 15 minutes. Could easily be a 5 star game.

  • Eh

    by Read dis and ur a perv

    I don't mean to hate, but I just wasted $8.99

  • Is a better game I played

    by Nelson cb

    Wow is a amazing game, I recommend 100% the history is nice, graphics is wonderful, I purchase and very happy, I will play again

  • MOGO Support

    by PDX97210

    Thanks for supporting the expensive handheld.

  • Great

    by Shellsta101

    Great game


    by Humchick

    it's great I totally recommend it. It's like Zelda on ios

  • Fantastic game!

    by Trollingalong

    This game brings lots and lots of fun into a sort of Zelda themed game, more HD than an LG TV, this game brings an exciting, fast pace, emotional, amazing storyline that Legend of Zelda fans would really enjoy. Definitely worth the 9 dollars!

  • Definitely worth the money.

    by zanila

    Oceanhorn is very addicting and fun. It's a lot like Windwaker in so many ways, you actually start to feel like you're playing a Zelda game. The music is pretty good too (I especially love the island theme of Tikarel!) :D you should buy if you're looking for a great way to pass the time.

  • Console Caliber

    by Push_red_button

    Oceanhorn's rich and developed storyline is the best I've seen in an iOS game. There is many collision box errors though, and you can walk through any object; rocks, trees, fences, etc. Other than that prevailing bug, IMO this is the best game on iOS.

  • Cool

    by Azer8888

    Awesome game!!!! And I'm 21 it not childish

  • Average.

    by Manofthewise

    For what I paid this was exactly what I expected. It was average. Controls feel sloppy. Graphics + Audio are great! Storyline isn't to bad, Incomparable to LoZ. Period. Some gameplay elements feel sloppy. I think the creators wanted to make eye candy. But they thought they'd make more if they made a game of it.

  • Awesome game but can't play due to crashing

    by Hoooooopoooooo

    I got this game about three days and freaking loved it! I played for a good few hours. But now I can't even play it due to crashing. It crashes when I start the game, when I am at sea entering a island or sometimes when I'm walking around. Very disappointing. I am a Legend of Zelda fan so I was pretty excited about this game. Please fix the crashing. I don't want my 9 dollars to go to waste.

  • Controls/price/wandering aimlessly

    by MSC1121

    This game is so close to being good but the controls are frustrating, it costs WAY to much and there is a serious lack of story telling which way to go. I spent two hours playing, trying to give it a chance...I'm gonna delete it now Looks pretty good though

  • Epiiiiiic!!!

    by Link 360

    I downloaded this game yesterday and I cannot stop playing it it's so awesome and the graphics are beautiful. There should be a sequel for this game. IT IS WORTH TO BUY IT!!!

  • horrible controls

    by Gamer who cares

    So I would have given this game 5 out of 5, if I had not paid 9 dollars for a game whose controls are incredibly frustrating. I have played 4 hours already and I cannot beat the first major boss because how chaotic the control system is. Every time I try to simply move across the screen, somehow my finger ends up tapping the item control or some other random button on the screen, which then calls up a menu right in the middle of me doing something (usually some difficult battle), that ends up causing me a huge amount of grief. It should not be this difficult to select/pick up/throw/drop items, let alone walk around the freaking world. I have completely given up on continuing this game, I end up yelling at my iPad, and then I realize I have an actual life that I need to get back to. If you are a person who is easily frustrated by bad controls DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Yes, this game is pretty, and yes the voice acting is good: all of that is inconsequential compared to the fact that, in the end, this game is nothing more than a visual experience, not a gaming one. This game should NOT be for a touch-screen platform and it shows...badly. As a footnote: I got sucked into all of the positive reviews of this game, so if you think I am being overly negative that is your loss. I am so shocked that no one else has commented on the TERRIBLE CONTROLS for this game, so maybe I am the only one. Read at your own risk!!

  • Nine dollars for this?

    by Jaysontheminer

    Wow I can't even play as soon as I open the app it shows oceanhorn the monsters of uncharted seas then crashes update now or this will stay at one star

  • 无趣

    by 罗


  • Best rpg

    by apresik

    More more more games like this pls and update for more fun

  • Crashes are ridiculous.

    by Megan Moss

    I loved the game, but now I can't even open it. I've deleted and re-downloaded it numerous times, to no avail.

  • Maybe the best

    by Ratman1986

    I am extremely happy with this purchase. Amazing graphics. Great open world. Maybe the best iOS game I have ever played (and I've played quite a few). I have no ties to this company, just a satisfied customer.

  • Awesome

    by King of football games

    Awesome game but please fix the bug it keeps crashing

  • Awesome Game

    by HappyMaskSalesman

    Really awesome game with awesome graphics. Please create some DLC because the game felt a little short.

  • Wow

    by Xemnasfan

    this is possibly the only review i have done after finishing the game, at least the story. and at first the price an loz ref put me off, the legend of zelda series is nothing but a frusterating headache for me. after reading reviews i decided to give it a shot and i was not disapointed at all, it had some slowdown, a few moments of stutter, no crashes and the only cons were minor. and the final battle is epic for a device that was once an mp3 player, shows how far the ipod has come. it even has cinematics that are only on consoles and pcs. the apple devices and app makers really blow me away at times.

  • Awesome!!!!!!

    by Sst550

    Need part two soon!

  • Superb

    by Blaze231

    Its jus an awesome game,if its like zelda in a way but different,very fun,32% in the game myself and 7hrs in,bosses are tough tho but very fun,if your thinking of getting it JUST GET IT,lol,i rate 5 stars

  • Great

    by Pokemaster52

    Great app if you get a gift card you should get it

  • Rip off, but good.

    by Vinyl:-: Scratch

    Oceanhorn is a total ripoff of LOZ: the wind waker, but it is still a pretty good game, and is worth the money.

  • Must play

    by Cptn TightPants

    One of the best games available for iOS!

  • I couldn't be happier with this game

    by Captain Robert

    This game is perfect. Easy one of the best mobile games out there.

  • Finally

    by pvzmobile

    I've been waiting for a game like this to come to the App Store and it finally has. It has some imperfections, and a lot of the ideas are taken from the zelda series, with great execution. Let's support developers who give us what we have been waiting for.

  • Hands down

    by blindracer33

    Wish there were more games like this! Best app game I have played in a long time.

  • Amazing

    by DrewCouto

    Don't let the first few missions ruin the game, play for a little bit and see how much better it gets. At first I thought it was boring and childish but as you play on you get more and more into it. When I started playing I was upset that I "wasted" $9 on this game but I soon found out as the game intensified that it was all worth it. Practical console graphics and increasingly better gameplay made it all worth it. Cheaper than a console game and just as long and as fun as one. The best part about it being a paid app is that there's no ads or annoying IAP. Defiantly worth it. Have fun!

  • Looking for Zelda?

    by Narutosesnsei

    If you are looking for zelda this is definitely the best game to buy on the App Store. It's very similar to the new Zelda game for the 3DS. I was also kind of shocked because a lot of the game content in the whole storyline and some of the music actually sounds a lot like stuff from Zelda. It's pretty much the best game that you're ever going to find related to zelda on the App Store. The stories good and it's very entertaining can really keep you captivated it's just a really really good game overall. I've been playing zelda since I was about maybe about six years old and when I got an iPod touch the first thing I did was look for Zelda but of course they don't have it considering it's Nintendo's game and copyright issues everything,so this game is really huge breakthrough for a lot of people that love zelda. You're even thinking about getting this game just get it because of course it is a little bit pricey a dollars of the time and I'm writing this with you but it's completely worth it I've played for about five hours not straight through I can't play games along but it's definitely give me at least a good week in whenever check it says I'm only 34% on so it's got a very very good storyline.

  • Drops characters

    by Cranialnerve1

    Not any fun. Drops characters randomly. Pointless

  • Eh

    by ill.ego

    The game started out fine...kinda slow but right when I got the main picture of what was going on and what I needed to do the game doesn't allow me to load game. Been several days trying to load but once I get to the main screen it crashes I would love to finish the game that I was interested to play, finally bought started to play but now won't let me play... Please fix

  • Breathtaking...

    by Yoman200000@!

    This game is absolutely breathtaking. Even though it may cost a hefty nine dollars, this is one of the best ios games I've ever played and lasts for 10+ hours. The graphics are gorgeous and gameplay is phenomenal. This game can get tough at times,and so if you don't like that, this may not be the game for you. Oh no in-app purchases either. This feels just like a console game. This game is an adventure game so if you don't like fantasy, puzzle, or fighting, heed this warning. So get this game and explore the Uncharted Seas!

  • Nostalgic Game Play, Bland Story

    by HybridRacing

    I spent about 14hrs on the game and it was nostalgic fun but lacked the depth and mysticism of its predecessor.

  • A Real Review by Someone in the Industry

    by Bjones'n

    Professional/Serious gamers will be a bit disappointed but the casual/non-serious gamers will be pleased. A list of pros and cons below for the serious gamers below. BTW, this is not a $9 game, it's a $5 game at best (not that they didn't work hard and shouldn't get paid). It's kind of like ordering and being charged for the steak and potatoes, but then only getting the potatoes. Where's the beef!? Pros: - Zelda-like game for all those Zelda fans out there - Beautiful graphics and gameplay - Lots of potential to be one of the best iOS games out there...with the right guidance Cons: - No start option on the home screen until 20sec after you load game, then you have to double tap and then tap again (not good UX) - Game's fist half is too easy/empty - Not much "meat" to the game overall - There's no full map view, only a tiny and partial, hard to read, tidbit of a map - There's no intro to boots or other weapons, gradual weapon upgrades, or explanation that certain weapon/items will be acquired/needed later - Creatures are just repeated on every level with no visible changes (e.g. they should change color when reaching new islands, and get a lot stronger, instead of just repeating on every level) - Character voices are horribly off as they don't even come close to matching voice with characters look. - No voice for main character - Very little use for spells, kinda felt like they were just thrown in there so that they could say they added spells - Gaming buttons are not in traditional spots (e.g. A/B). - What's with the word "items" as a button, where is the icon instead of the word, and again the screen buttons could us better placement/UX - Actual map/menu screen has UX issues (language and contols) should be and top and audio controls below (because of thumb placement and accidental taps), same goes for Home and Game Center...typically users expect version numbers to be in the lower/right anyways - Buggy! Lots of places you can get stuck and then have to exit either by killing yourself, exiting to home screen, or by creating a new game - Where is the life and excitement when something happens, the amazing cut screens are missing which makes the game a bit lifeless, so why not a more glamorous exciting emotional cut scene when getting the new sword, and better more ahhhhhhh boss battles...It's so dry - End boss...really? You guys don't even lead up to the last item to explain its use...Again, a very unfinished experience overall The list goes on, but I got too tired of writing. ;)

  • I want a refund

    by Gazmo robot

    Game seems great until you open a chest that gives you a new item. When you start to open it crashes! What is that? $8 and I get a game I can't even play. I want a refund and if it gets fix then I will think about playing again.

  • Loved it.

    by Skukk-X-Boy

    Quite a good came, might have to say it's a little bit over-prices but overall it was a job well done making it, good storyline lovely game concept always keeping you guessing while playing.

  • Crashes

    by Ann Glynn

    I paid 8 dollars for this game. All it does is crash. This seems like an awesome game, and I can't even play it. Based on the reviews I saw, this game was amazing. All I got was an overpriced glitchy game that crashes all the time. DO NOT BUY!!!

  • Awesome

    by Froggy fortner

    I liked the legend of Zelda wind waker and this is just like that so I give it 5 stars

  • Just amazing

    by stegens33

    This is exactly how the App Store reviewed it, it really is an iOS version of Zelda, windwaker. Fantastic

  • Much like Zelda

    by Ilovepolyglot

    The work put into this game is astounding! I really enjoyed the graphics,music,and gameplay. Two things I disliked however are these-the over-given price and the no ability to jump. If this game was cheaper,and the character is able to jump......5 star

  • Amazing game! love it BUT

    by Hobo in a box

    I love this game but the only thing that i dislike about is is you cant "expand" the Map (maybe u can but idk how) id love be able to see what area ive explored or something. Would be great if i could expand map

  • Love love love!!!,

    by Coincooler

    Great story, graphics, and everything pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee make a second!!!!!!

  • Disappointed & Angry

    by XxFinest_AcexX

    I purchased this game and cannot play on my iPod touch 4 it would be nice to tell me it was not compatible everytime I open it I cannot get past the cutscenes without it closing

  • Wow...

    by Xiphidion

    Superbly done. A great adventure with several intriguing twists and turns. I've spent around 11 hours in this game, and there are still things to do! Definitely worth the money, does not disappoint. Please, please, PLEASE make a sequel!!!!!,

  • Issue

    by Dejuu

    It's a great game & fun to play... But recently it continues to crash and close repeatedly

  • Can't Play It Even

    by Doodlely Jumper

    I'm sure it's a great game, if it didn't crash every time I tried opening it on my 4s. I'll wait patiently for a fix of some sort I suppose.

  • Stunning!

    by GoldRodney

    THE BEST adventure game out there! love Legend of Zelda, and it's something new. So it's pretty much perfect, artwork is stunning, and sailing around is very cool! Definetly worth the $8.99 and I love how you can take stuff with you on the boat, i have various items positioned how I want and it stays that way. Love it, get it now

  • Just like Zelda

    by RebelCommando1

    Great game it's just like Zelda the windwaker very entertaining.

  • Hope it's worth the money

    by Cooking Fish

    Very tempted on waisting 9 bucks but by the reviews of online and here I think I will enjoy it, giant Zelda fan! I'm buying it so I hope it's good

  • Amazing iPhone game

    by Macore

    This is one of the best games I ever seen on my iPhone! Its like an improved version of the old SNES Zelda game, retro-goodness! I am really impressed and I am sure I would have liked this game even I didn't have such fond memories of Zelda, The graphics are top notch and the Virtual D-Pad works pretty well, I bet when I get an MFI controller its really gone rock!

  • Great game!

    by grundfast

    Oceanhorn is everything I was hoping for. Now I want more!

  • Awesome Game!

    by iPhoner36

    Great graphics and gameplay! It's just that money is too hard to come by, there should be in-app purchases or something.

  • Epic!

    by Onbu

    Loved this game. The final boss was disproportionately difficult to beat compared to all of the other bosses in the game, but I suppose that is to be expected from the final boss. Please make more games like this!

  • AMAZING game...

    by lavadiamond

    But it crashes on my iPad mini. The instant I open it. When I still had my iPad, it worked like charm and I probably put 5 hours into it. It's an amazing game, don't get me wrong, but you REALLY need to work with support with the 'less powerful' Apple devices.

  • Wow

    by Jud81

    Fantastically put together.

  • This game is incredible.

    by minds@play

    Let me just say right off the bat, this game is beautiful, the graphics are like Zelda Windwaker. When I first downloaded this app I thought it might be a Windwaker clone, and I wasn't too thrilled, but upon opening the app I realized it had it own story and style. I would definitely recommend this game to any gamer or Zelda fan

  • Simply excellent - MAKE SEQUEL!

    by Mint 2k

    Ok - yes this game is worth every cent. There are a short supply of material like this game in the App Store. I cannot tell you how much positive feedback I'm getting on this game. I have friends buying IOS devices to play THIS GAME! It is truly console-like and you've probably guessed this game fills a critical void for games like it. Make a sequel to this game, please. You are sitting on a GOLD MINE. This game was a pleasure to play through....simply gorgeous graphics excellent game play, and quest tasks. Keep the price the same if you must, as it is worth it for the content, but make a sequel! Dare I say it..... Very well done guys.

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