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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR

- All-new action packed "Fireworks" levelpack: discover 15 explosive levels and help the Rainbow Dinos on their journey
- iPhone 5 widescreen support
- Various bug fixes

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70 Ratings
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200 Ratings



A totally new game concept
Fun for the entire family
Based on the popular flash game with 15 million fans

• Travel 200 Million Years Back In Time
You’ve heard about those huge and terrifying creatures, the dinosaurs… but this isn’t the whole story. Expand it! is a ticket to the more cheerful aspect of the past, revealing a magical world with cute primitive creatures: the Rainbow Dinos! These dinos literally blow up with excitement: touch them and they will instantly inflate. Help them reach the rainbow! Each tap expands them even more; tap again and again, and see their funny bloated faces.

• Amazing Physics-Based Puzzles
To reach the rainbow, you will need to think carefully about which dino to tap and expand first. Only by using the correct strategy can you create a perfect chain reaction of rolling, falling and bursting creatures that will enable them to taste the beautiful colors of the rainbow. The whole tribe will freak out if one of them makes it to the top!


- Totally New Game Concept
- Amazing Physics Simulation
- Easy to Get Into, Hard to Put Down
- Retina Display Support
- Colorful Graphics
- Detailed Animations
- 60 Levels, 4 Environments
- Original Soundtrack
- Developed for the Touch Screen

Customer Reviews

  • OMG

    by Addy0801


  • good

    by xudshju



    by Pimp dogg

    Love it sooo addictive #1 game great for everyone

  • Fun

    by AR86022

    My all time favorite game!! Wish it had more levels!

  • Good

    by Uregg


  • Typical of genre, well executed

    by Gufflet

    If you like this type.of game, you won't be disappointed

  • Expand it

    by J-Rich family

    Very fun. Each level keeps you thinking. I would like more.

  • Good

    by WeedFarmer23

    Good game i Enjoyed it cant wait for more levels !

  • Great game

    by Boomlixk

    This game is super great. Yet it is very addicting ! Lol, I have 45 stars in each category and Im waiting for more levels(:

  • Good game. Need more levels

    by Cool down...


  • Great Game - Needs More Levels

    by JeremyDuncan

    I love this game, but it needs more levels. Could be my favorite game if there were more levels to play

  • Fun

    by aaaKU

    Great game

  • cool

    by Smoking Is Sexy


  • Simple but really fun!

    by rghoul

    I was surprised to get hooked to gameplay so simple, but had a lot of fun playing it. Levels are short, which totally fits the gameplay. Hope there's a sequel!

  • Fun game. I play every time I have a few extra minutes!

    by Hollister78

    Very addicting :)

  • Great game

    by Manamaya

    Be careful it's addicting. But lots of fun.

  • 4 stars

    by Seesgk

    Great addicting and worth the download!

  • Fun

    by Alforhim

    A stimulating yet not frustratingly challenging game

  • pj

    by Pong27354

    awesome gamee more lv plss

  • Fun to play

    by Zumerrjdjfh

    Very enjoyable

  • Growing blocks

    by Funonsparertime

    Very addictive and fun. A little short but awesome while you play it. I enjoyed it very much!!

  • Unique, Easy, Entertaining

    by Tarceth

    A fun quick-to-learn physics concept that draws you in fast to provide anywhere from 4-10 hard-to-put-down hours of fun. I am glad I gave it a try, and was soon left tired in the morning having stayed up late three-starring stage after stage.

  • Not optimized for the iPad

    by Littlefoot0143

    Why does this say it works on the iPad? The game only plays in a tiny square in the middle of the screen on my 3rd gen iPad. The game seems very fun and worth waiting for it to be optimized for the bigger screen. I will rate higher when the is fixed and I can play on the iPad.

  • Worth having a try

    by Evanwu1993

    I do hope it'll become a top game among iOS games.

  • Fun!!

    by Nielzzzzzz

    More levels please!!


    by Mr. N00B

    I love this game, it would look amazing on iPad, so please optimize for the iPad, then I will rate 5 stars.

  • GREAT Physics Fun!!!

    by Ovrcr

    My Kids & I LOVE Physics Games! This game borrows a few concepts from other games & merges them into a very addictive good time.

  • Epic

    by Nina890756321

    It's fun lol

  • Nice game

    by Slash1719

    It's pretty fun

  • Awesome game

    by Dzony87

    Now, please add more awesome levels


    by Michelle.

    Very challenging. More more games more levels.

  • Expand it

    by JJaymes

    I love love love it

  • Awesome!!

    by MoMo Style

    Love it!!! We need more levels!!!!!

  • Fun!

    by TNRN02

    My 3yr old grandson LOVES this game!

  • cute game

    by tm1028

    the visuals and sounds are very cute. it's a fun little puzzle game with some levels being a little tricky to execute even when you figure them out. it's been a while since new levels came out. essentially you need to get these guys to the rainbow on the top of the level using strategy and timing with when to expand (grow) which ones. if you're someone to play a couple levels every once in a while just because, then it's perfect, if you are an addict to mobile games, then this might not be a good idea since you'll be waiting a while for an update. nice game overall, though.

  • ;)

    by SwirlingLights

    Addicting at first. But then I just got bored.

  • Awesomeness!

    by 27 : R3x : 27

    Edited!!: I have lost hope in this game :( I got it the first day it came out and loved it. The only update so far is a stability one. I've been waiting for more levels for sooooo long. I'd even consider spending a few bucks for many more levels. For now, only 1 star for this app. (._.) OLD Review!: I rarely rate games, but this one needed it. This game is by far one of my most favorite as well as my kids'. However, I removed 1 star because...... It's soooo short. And quite easy. I would really like to see more levels soon! Thanks for uploading it, but please update it. Thanks :)

  • Good game

    by Whiggles412

    Fun game

  • It's been long enough..

    by Callmeparanoid

    Come on, I got this game almost 2 months ago and still no updates. It's fun, just needs more levels.

  • awesome game

    by Jman1789

    love it

  • BOOOOO!!!!!!!

    by Cael man

    All I can say is that this is BORING!!!!

  • Fun

    by Oscar095

    Fun casual game; challenging without being frustrating. Not enough levels.

  • Awesomeness!

    by Dee Dee

    Pretty awesome! Jiggles the brain!

  • Too easy

    by Gamer101010101...

    I have all the stars on all the levels this game is way too easy.

  • Great!

    by SauloAyres

    Very good game

  • Horrible!!!

    by niggel bacon

    This game was at first exciting!! But as i got through the game, it became stupid and boring ):

  • Fun game, too short

    by sam_the_sham_and_the_pharaohs

    Needs more levels. I was done in less than 20 minutes. Please update and add 2x as many levels!

  • Fun little game

    by CeciliaLibra

    For those of you who like physics, strategy, or puzzle type games, this is for you. A fine little way to kill time.

  • Lots of fun

    by Pappawharris

    Want more levels. Fun and challenging

  • Great fun!

    by Denabelks

    Fun for everyone our house, ages 4-40!

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