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Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR

Celebrate with us the release of COVER ORANGE 2! This final update brings you 20 new levels, for total of 400 levels!

Thank you for all your dedication to save the Oranges!

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1157 Ratings
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Make your day orange!
Over 10 million iOS downloads! Join the party! :)
- also available for iPad and Mac OS!

A deadly genetically modified rain cloud of fruit dissolving vapour is heading for the orange capital of the world!

A fruit loving, natural-ingredient pioneering hero!

Now! Can you ‘orange’ it?

Drag the various objects at your disposal to create barriers that will protect the oranges from the acid rain. Use your skill and ingenuity to achieve the maximum population survival rate. Vitamin ‘C’ollateral damage is not an option.

Adoring shouts and cheers from the small, orange, spherical guys and their undying love.

Cover Orange is an exciting puzzle game suitable for all ages. It combines realistic game physics, enduring levels, vibrant colours and laugh out loud animations.

It’s time to pump up the juice in a game made from pure orange concentrate!


"Cover Orange: Best game since Cut the Rope?"
".. instantly accessible, wholly addictive, and thoroughly entertaining--just like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope."

"Cover Orange is just what an iPhone game should be: a fun concept with simple touch screen controls and sharp graphics. If you're looking for your next portable addiction, it's got your bases covered."

"I've definitely felt that "ok, just one more level" draw that a clever puzzler will inspire, making it tough to walk away from"

"Cover Orange HD got the creative juices flowing."
"We recommend a buy.."


- Retina Screen support
- iPhone 5 widescreen support
- Apple GAME CENTER support
- Includes 400 Levels
- Ultra-realistic object physics
- A true Internet hit with over 170 million plays
- Music by Eduard Tziselsky, composer for the tv-show "Village of Fools"
- User-friendly touch controls
- Dazzling colors
- Countless hours of fun

Watch the game in action:

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Kittykatz999159

    This is a great puzzle game that gets you thinking more

  • Cover orange

    by Keri Capstack

    This is the best game on the App Store

  • Want more

    by All time fun

    Love it want more levels

  • Wow

    by Dolphin222

    Excellent game. Highly addictive!

  • Really, it's hail. Think about it.

    by It's Hail, not poison rain

    Even if the creators call it poison rain, it's hail.

  • Rama2012

    by mhqalhrwemh

    it's Waaaooo

  • My kids and I all love this game

    by Satisfied Wireless Junkie

    Great time waster for me, my 8 yr old, & my 6 yr old, & even the 1 yr. old enjoys the graphics. :)

  • Great way to pass time

    by Stepout31

    Great game

  • Fun game

    by Roxy7908

    This game makes you think and my kids love playing also!


    by Alexa 1D

    I love this game so much BUY THIS GAME! That is my advice

  • Great game

    by Giancarlo90

    Hours of fun

  • Great game

    by MyPenguinhasaTattoo

    Warning!! Highly addictive game!!

  • Love it

    by Michael Fugate

    Good game

  • Ms

    by Meems53

    Very addicting. Love it

  • Addicting and fun

    by bat_mitzvah_gal

    I've played this game so many times!!! Can't stop

  • Cover orange

    by Drama82201

    Best and challenging game ever

  • Oh yeah

    by kk0304

    This game is fun

  • Great puzzles

    by Falashe

    Challenging, but fun puzzle solver.

  • Cute

    by Ceecee2110

    Really like this game

  • Lots of Fun!!

    by Koka376

    Cover Orange is very addicting and loads of fun!! Everybody should get this game!!

  • Cool

    by Chavo91

    I like this game

  • Very addictive!!!

    by An Humble Servant

    I am absolutely addicted to this game!!! Love it!!!

  • Love it

    by spiderhan

    Great way to entertain my boss' son at work.

  • Love it

    by booboolly

    Love it

  • Cute game

    by Krzykayla


  • Mr ODeezy

    by Mr ODeezy

    By far the best game on the market when taking a dump... Just sayin.

  • Really fun!!

    by Kasey Meyer

    I just downloaded this game a few days ago and it's really fun!

  • Perfect Thinker

    by First_Fishbone

    Can't put it down for it better than Cover 2. Addicting

  • Skdjd

    by Djajfndjj


  • Great!

    by Krazyk-3

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  • Great game

    by Yfrdhijgrdcv

    Great game

  • Fun

    by Gabshhzhsvhsuchbs

    Fun and interesting

  • by kj20

  • cute

    by Guining Xu

    very good

  • Nice

    by TheOnyxStone

    There are levels that are challenging and fun to figure out. Great puzzle/physics game

  • Fun

    by Blondeez

    Good game

  • Cover Orange

    by Cjeanne1

    Challenging but not so hard you get frustrated and delete the whole app like i have done many times. This game is a keeper. My next one will be #2 for sure! Fun, fun, fun!! So glad I found it!!

  • Orange you glad you bought this app

    by Disappointed fanat

    Fun and addicting game! Great way to pass time!

  • Cover orange

    by Tech410

    Great game hours and hours of fun.

  • OrangeItlikeit

    by Manrules

    Really enjoy. Love to figure out the twist

  • Cover orange

    by Sob it hei

    Awesome game!

  • Cute Fruit!

    by TeddyAO13

    I love this game! It makes me think in a different way than I usually do and it's so fun!

  • Love itttt

    by natlikewoah

    Play it all the time!


    by I am grate

    I love the whole game that's all there is to say!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Madeesonnn

    This game is challenging and fun!

  • Addicting!

    by Hdvkitfv

    Lots of fun and a great brain challenge too. Everyone in my house is playing it!

  • Love it!

    by Dylanie Horch

    Great app and addicting! Love it!!

  • Fun

    by Aaddiiggllkkddyybbkk

    Great game for kids

  • Awesome game

    by Brennendarto

    Great game

  • Fun game

    by msmacca

    Cute and addicting. Just challenging enough.

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