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- iPhone 5 widescreen support!

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A rowdy chicken gang is all over the place besieging your property - and they don't plan to leave anytime soon. Touching them would be a bad idea! Worry not - there's a smarter way to get rid of the troublemakers. Tap on any breakable object to cut or destroy it and cause chain reactions which ultimately kill the chicken.

Cause hilarious "accidents" with bombs, dropping objects and an arsenal of weapons. Think wisely - less actions result in higher scores.

Unlock cool extras like Comic Strips and listen to the "Chicken Song", exclusively produced for the game. A lot of love went into creating this game and you'll enjoy every minute of it.

Feature Overview:

- 96 Levels
- Original Soundtrack
- Amazing Sound Effects
- Detailed Animations
- Stunning Physics Simulation
- Retina Display Support
- Upgradeable Arsenal
- Unlockable Comics
- Unique Scenarios
- Based on "Chicken House" Flash Game
- Game Center Support

Customer Reviews

  • by Allen Waid

    This is a really fun game to play.

  • Ok

    by Jbird2761

    It's a really good game. I'm addicted!

  • Good

    by dumbDave

    It is. -- yoda

  • Fun

    by Becklon

    Fun game

  • Nice Game!!

    by Niiii22

    This game make me feel happy :)

  • Amazing

    by Beenallicanbe

    Best game ever

  • Great game

    by Gadgetgirl718

    Addictive and fun.

  • Very good concept

    by Fatih_the_leader

    Nice and a cute game!

  • Chicken Raid

    by 10mima

    Very fun game that used a lot of logic to pass levels. Very enjoyable but I wish there was more levels because all it keeps saying is coming soon.

  • Fun game

    by Textalker48

    Similar to angry birds but you clear levels from below rather than above.

  • Wild chickens

    by *wilde*

    Pretty nice physics game so far

  • Wild chickens

    by *wilde*

    Pretty nice physics game so far

  • Fun game

    by JOSH VINT

    Like it so far!

  • Great!

    by RSBAnglican

    So much fun, but crashes between levels in the higher levels.

  • Good game

    by Jeanette Cain

    This is a fun game.

  • Fun to play

    by Wolves1014

    And easy and fun game to play.

  • It's ok

    by RoyalReview

    The game has good graphics, but gets old very fast

  • Fun

    by 12Angie34

    Simple and fun!

  • Great for a subway :)

    by Ilyaw77


  • Great game!

    by Persubis

    Lots of fun to play!

  • Fun and Addicting

    by Worthless64

    Having fun!

  • good game

    by cpt12345

    fun and challenging

  • Good game

    by QualityAppFan

    Meteors are cool also the tapping on the wood and ice.

  • Addictive!

    by KrucialBoy55

    Pretty fun & Addicting!

  • Cute game!

    by Dythirk

    This is a pleasant puzzle game where you destroy pieces of a construct in order to kill birds perched on them.

  • chicken raid

    by HazelOct

    pretty fun game that hooks ya!

  • Stupid

    by Angusbull5

    Has to be the stupidest game ever

  • Chicken Raid

    by Red Bird in January

    Really fun game. Challenging, without being annoying! Love it!!!

  • Game birds

    by Wstsafety

    Fun for limited time

  • Fun

    by K0rku5

    Very amusing when working a 24 hour shift

  • Awesome

    by Dreamfunny girl

    I didn't think that this would be a game I would enjoy, but the challenges have made the game fun to play.

  • Chicken Raid

    by suzanne nahas


  • Fun so far

    by Zarqua

    We'll see how the remaining levels go.

  • Best awesome game

    by Greatness of awesomeness


  • Glad I got this game

    by Lkmaryfla

    Really enjoy playing. The more I play the better I like this game.

  • I like it

    by Gtbpilots

    I like it

  • Chicken Raid

    by CJ464

    Fun game

  • Fun

    by Harry132asea


  • Awesome

    by Nfgjff


  • Fun New Twist

    by E.P. Farnsworth

    It's a fun new twist on the Perturbed Fowl genre. Plenty good enough to kill not only a few Birds, but a few casual game minutes as well!

  • Good old FUN!

    by L0RL0R

    Great times playing this game I enjoy the more creative smashing of items and more amused than playing angry birds.

  • Fun

    by Born_a_jayhawk

    Fun game

  • Cool game and I'm addicted already

    by KJDesign1

    Love it, has some great levels. Quick too, just takes a second to clear a level.

  • Juego

    by Maik77ayala


  • by Hnvs

    Awesome game!!

  • fun game

    by Chris Adkins

    great game :).

  • Chickens

    by Heatherbear555

    Cool game like birds!

  • John

    by John48917

    Great game

  • Fun game

    by Keyswag


  • Nice game

    by BelleBelle283


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