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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR

New in Version 1.5:

- Endless run:
Chase Vlad in the all new endless mode and take back the stolen pinguin eggs.

- Character Customization:
Ever wanted to know how Cap would look with a bow tie? Now you can with the all new Cosemetik items!

- Iphone 5 Support:
Finally Captain Antarctica can be played full screen on the new Iphone and iPod 5.

-Tons of new Powerups and Weapons:
Lock and Load! Try out the new powerups and crazy new weapons Cap has at his disposal.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
840 Ratings
All Versions:
1835 Ratings



How far would you go to rescue your kidnapped wife and children? Would you team up with a crazy inventor and ride an experimental fish-powered jet scuba suit?! Would you boldly go where no penguin has gone before? YES, we hear – and that’s the spirit! Join Captain Antarctica on a breakneck mission and help him to overcome tons of devious enemies and obstacles. Destroy massive bosses and save your family and friends.

While you go deeper and deeper, make use of every crazy invention you can get! Inventor Ed has prepared powerful flashlights to overcome darkness; fish magnet add-ons, energy containers and some of the wackiest gadgets since the invention of fruit slicing. How about melon and cherry powered jet scuba suit?! Yeah...We have all that stuff.

✓ HD Graphics
Experience jaw dropping 2D art, carefully brought to perfection. Supports the new Retina Display!

✓ 2 Control Options
Choose between intuitive tilt and precise touch controls.

✓ Hilarious Bonus Comics
Follow Captain Antarctica’s adventure closely, while he solves the mysteries of kidnapped penguins.

✓ 6 Unique Locations and Settings
Discover the depths of the ocean with all of their diversity and secrets.

✓ Massive Bosses
Fight huge bosses and show them what penguins are made of.

✓ Dozens of Whacky Inventions
Make use of Ed's inventions to rescue your family.

✓ Worldwide Leaderboards
Compete with your friends via Game Center.

✓ Game Center Achievements
Unlock tons of achievements to get even more rewards and items.

Customer Reviews

  • Surprised

    by Cyblade

    At first I thought ok an other runner / dodge game. But this one tuned out to be fun and rather addictive. They do need to add more levels though 8-)

  • Natt50

    by Kelleynat

    Great game I always come back to it

  • by Tork#1

  • ❤️❤️

    by XXXXXXXX:)

    So fun!

  • Great game

    by No wrong notes

    I love to play this game to pass the time, thanks so much!

  • Fun game

    by teabagzs

    This will eat up your time if you have any. You'll love it

  • Awesome

    by Brau93lio


  • Good

    by Hugtrfggc


  • Great game for all ages

    by Ryan Moore

    This game is fun for all Ages. Look at me I'm 30 yr old and love the game.

  • Great app

    by Ricardo StMaria

    Excelent in my iphone

  • WoW

    by 101 wmms

    This game is a retro from the mid 90s it is a lot of fun and easy for all to use other recommended for family enjoy

  • Great game

    by TexCubb


  • Tight

    by THE J Paul

    I like this game very much. Makes me a happy boy.

  • Good

    by Dimario


  • Addicting!!

    by Luis2121222221112

    I have to do all the missions!!!

  • Great Game

    by Tizzatmoney

    Hard but you can't put it down

  • Fun game, good storyline

    by Boostedwrx27

    Similar to doodle jump, except Upside down! Fun game should keep my interest for a day or two

  • Great

    by Bigbrother97

    Good game

  • Ok

    by SeismoSteve

    Just started not totally sure how to do every thing yet

  • Good game

    by Chillski320

    Not a fan of motion control games this one is pretty good tho..

  • NanaMadonna

    by Madonna73

    Fun for all ages!

  • Cool game

    by Elwood1006

    Captain Antarctica is awesome!!! I love this game!!! Great for when I'm bored... :)

  • Lots of fun!

    by Pixelie Panda

    It's lots of fun if you only have a few minutes to play. If your looking to waist more time then a few minutes defiantly try endless mode.

  • Great game

    by Ka314

    Great game really fun to play

  • Eh

    by Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee58368

    When I first played this I couldn't get past the second chapter but its really fun now

  • Challenging and Fun!!

    by J_wlf 

    Great Game!!

  • Dj

    by Hrd fashion

    Good game.

  • Good

    by Matt Weide 764321

    Good game

  • Captain Antartica rocks!

    by N1ghtwing 25

    This game is addicting, I took a trip to Tennessee from New Jersey, and I was playing this game in the back seat the whole time!

  • Love it!

    by Noen76

    I love the level design and art to it. I like having a boss at the end of each level. Hope to see more levels in the future! Great Job!!!!

  • Muy entretenido

    by Ric@rdoCS


  • F

    by Workout man cool

    This game is good

  • Gd game

    by young_fresh

    Love this game. Can't stop playing it lol

  • Great

    by immxpl

    Great game to pass to the time

  • Fun game

    by Char siu bao

    Catchy music, cute graphics

  • Hard!

    by Bhearus

    Fun,hard, and cool a great combination!

  • Penguin Power

    by Retired-Coastie

    A money laundering scheme dressed up in a cute game! After each level you are encouraged to spend real money, for more and more penguin coins. And the latest version wants you to install apps for penguin coins, really!?! The glitchy animation is frustrating. The achievement 'Full Metal Jacket' and 'Improved. Really.' Don't track properly.

  • Good game

    by Dr turtle

    Quite fun

  • Super fun

    by Mom of 2 A's

    Great little time passer. Entertaining!

  • Fun game!

    by Hahahebvsgajsbegahjf

    A great diversion. :)

  • CA

    by Fjdjcfbdhcsjcdbhxfvb


  • Awesome

    by Efrapit

    Awesome!! Lots of fun my kids love this game.

  • Fun game

    by HunterNickRaif

    It's a fun game

  • Great

    by goutgh

    Thanks for fre!

  • Bueno

    by Melgach0000

    Muy buen juego

  • fun and easy

    by yards1250us


  • Excellent Game

    by JimBaptist

    Love the upside down!!!

  • Jajajajaja

    by Wurdolack

    Is God game

  • Dope game!

    by Whatever124

    Really entertaining!!! Completely murders hours of time!!

  • Yes

    by Meeeeeeeeeeeeee??!


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