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Languages: English

Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR


We created 16 new levels! Unlock the DLC from the worldmap by tapping on the treasure chest.

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also available for iPad and Mac OSX

Embark on an epic adventure that will take you beyond anything you have ever experienced before!

- iPhone 5 display support
- Never-before-seen gameplay
- 1 year in the making

This is the story of Kribl, a little bug on a big journey to bring light back to the Kingdom of Kriblonia. Help him to successfully traverse unexplored terrifying territories and find all the light-giving Dazzly Diamonds that were stolen by the Four Dark Spiders of the Apocalypse!

Move, turn and traverse labyrinth boxes which help you to safely reach the other end of each level. Beware of traps and deadly dangers!

During your journey you'll face dry dusty deserts, virulent volcano valleys, dank dark foggy forests and icy mountain peaks with treacherous slippery slopes. Each of these territories brings its own surprises and you'll find yourself pushing boxes, climbing platforms, jumping, sliding, falling - in every imaginable situation. All these actions require visionary thinking as each level contains puzzling structures which need to be turned, moved and navigated in order to get through. Use your wits to escape scorching sunbeams, freezing weather conditions and dangerous lava pits. You have to see this game in motion to truly understand how amazing it is. Follow the link at the end of the description below to see the game in action.

SlideToPlay: MUST HAVE 4/4: "Extremely well designed levels"; " might lose weeks of productivity"
TouchArcade: "The entire game is incredibly unique and each level is cleverly designed from beginning to end."
Appadvice: "brilliant artwork that looks great on the retina display and iPad..;"great soundtrack.." GREAT 5/5: "Beyond Ynth is a class act that is definitely worth checking out.."
Gizmodo: "..the graphics are very nice and the game has a high level of polish"
148apps: "It nails down the details that so many other puzzle games miss."; "awesome theme song (it’s amazing!)" "SUPERB! 5/5! The most innovative puzzle game ever!"

++ iPhone 5 display support.
++ NEW: Rewind Feature!
++ NEW: Solution Videos!
++ 80 levels with huge variety.
++ 15 hours of fun platform puzzling.
++ Original music and songs, recorded in a studio.
++ Voice acting.
++ Storybook with hand-drawn illustrations.
++ High-score lists and achievements.
++ Beautiful graphics and animations.
++ Super-smooth dimensional scrolling.
++ Realistic physics gameplay elements.
++ Tons of fun sound effects.
++ Official successor to the critically-acclaimed "Ynth".

If you're still uncertain about the game, please watch the exciting gameplay trailer. Please open up YouTube and search for Beyond Ynth or use this direct link:

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by dead3323

    Great game I'm addicted!!! Wish there were more levels.

  • Fun!

    by 21holly1104

    This game is fun and frustrating at the same time! I can breeze threw some and struggle so bad on others! More levels please! I'm almost done with the map!

  • Great app!

    by Portland05

    Love it!!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Brasil na Apple store

    A great game, with several levels to think and pass thru!

  • World class game

    by App Store reviewers are INSANE

    Get it.

  • Excellent puzzel game

    by MsABC

    My four year old loves this buggy guy, he cleared it so fast and keeps him occupied long time.

  • Smart fun !!

    by Ready 4 more

    Challenging & fun maze game!!!

  • Great game

    by Nanamin666

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

  • Great Game!

    by Mexcalibur

    One of the best puzzle games I've played on the iPhone. Cute graphics, music, and a little story in addition to solid gameplay.

  • Fantastic puzzle game

    by Seilsel

    This game will provide hours of fun and a little frustration too, as you seek to collect jewels and complete the levels. This game will challenge your critical thinking skills, and enhance your creativity as you move this little Kribl through four distinct environments each containing its own set of hazards. The answers needed to solve the puzzles are readily available should you choose to use them. Grab this app and you will have hours of fun ahead of you! I'm glad I did!

  • Top 5

    by KatarinaM

    I've played this game many times over, it's one of the top 5 games I've played on iPhone. Not many games like it in the App Store, although I keep looking!

  • The best!

    by Ofrabjousday

    Best puzzle game app I've tried! Very high quality game with innovative concept, challenging but not frustrating. I enjoy the different environments with different gameplay features.

  • Awesome

    by Vthooutreddy

    It's awesome

  • Excelente!

    by lalarissapaaaaaarrtu

    Realmente excelente, esse jogo me diverte nas horas vagas! Amo!!

  • Beyond Ynth

    by D_Bucketz

    Great app. Love the character. The levels and the puzzles. Very Fun

  • Ok

    by pie flyer

    It's a great game but when I was on the snow levels and I was trying to get inside I kept dying and even thought I was running the bug kept stoping. Other than that its a good game

  • good game to kill the leisure time

    by Gercek Boz

    after having been accustomed to using buttons this game is getting even more fun

  • Very entertaining!

    by Ambersbug

    This game has fun graphics and good puzzles.

  • love it so much

    by adminericz

    This is a favorite game of mine,thank you so much for bring me much happy time

  • Awesome!

    by Stargazers1323

    This is an amazing game! It keeps your mind working and always has more to offer!

  • Such a great game

    by cbaca

    Have been playing it for years and I'm still not tired of it They need to come out with a sequel already

  • Amazing

    by Dasgbo


  • Excellent!

    by Frosty1124

    Love the sounds. Very relaxing.

  • Amazing

    by Megamil23

    I love the game! Never gets boring!

  • Pay for new levels!

    by Saturnswirl

    Downloaded update to get 16 new levels then found out I had to pay again to play them. I like this game bit don't think that is worth it. Really don't like it when i'm ambushed in a game and asked to pay more.

  • What a shame

    by Milo Coello

    I used to love this game so much, and have been waiting forever for new levels.. I finally get the update, and you wanna charge money for 16 new levels after not doing anything new to the game for years?!?!..... Terrible, I'm not recommending this game again..

  • Disappointed

    by Nan Ma

    Used to be my fav game. Today there are a few "new levels". But they are in in app purchase. You guys just lost one customer. I hope you care about it

  • DLC cost extra?

    by This nickname wasn't t@ken

    I think I paid $.99 for this game a few years ago for the initial 80 levels and now you're charging $.99 for 16 new levels.....please. Don't misunderstand me, this game is great, addictive and I really enjoy it so its well worth the initial purchase of the game but you guys will have to kick down more than 16 levels if you want an extra buck from this guy. 4 stars because its a great game but this would easily be a 5 star game provided the DLC didn't cost money or came with more to it.

  • Great game I hope to see more levels

    by Drewdog32

    I picked up the original Ynth and I liked the game but it was frustrating. This game seems to take everything i disnt like about Ynth and fix it along with a lot of new features. The puzzles in the game are great and very challenging. I picked up this game after grabbing the x-mas Ynth for free. I hope to see more level and/or a part 3 in the future

  • :(

    by HeyLaney

    This is my favorite app and I've been waiting for new levels... But then I found out that you have to pay for them and I think I'd rather pay for a new game(sequel) then a few extra levels

  • I already paid for this!

    by mhlester

    How dare you charge for more levels in a game I already paid for!

  • Great game

    by Naly_wow

    My favorite game! Thank you so much for the new levels!

  • Beware! They are charging us for new levels!

    by MicaAngelo

    After all this time you finally come out with an update with some new levels. Then when I start to play it asks me to confirm the in game purchase. What's up with that! If you are not creating free updates with more levels like everyone else, then just tell us. Don't say that there are 15 new levels and forget to tell us we have to pay for them. Perhaps the developers should create a entirely new game with 50 plus levels. I would buy that.

  • A lot of care went into this

    by YesNoCancel

    You can tell the developers spent a lot of time on this. The rewind feature makes it perfect. I just hope all future updates are free as opposed to creating an entirely new game (e.g. Beyond Beyond Ynth).

  • Love this game!

    by nanassytomi

    Thank you for the update!:)

  • Beyond Ynth

    by geebee!m

    Love this game. It's addicting. Once you start it's hard to stop. I love it so much I finished the entire game. Wish they could add more challenges. Craving for more.

  • It is nice. Great fun

    by Daniel Shim

    It's nice game.

  • I find this game enjoyable!!!

    by Christ Follower2

    This is a great game for all ages. It's not a speed game it's more a game of solving puzzles. In all the time I've played this, more than a year, it has NEVER crashed! p.s. I am not a gamer so I do not give these high praises lightly. Enjoy!!!

  • Great fun

    by EtStl

    Love it!

  • Engrossing

    by Smule piano

    Amazing game! Very addicting and a new twist

  • Puzzling

    by Ode27

    Hard to put down. Very well made game.

  • Sweet!

    by Geologynut18

    I give this game five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! It is entertaining, challenging, fun to play and cute graphics and a nice story.


    by Me+me=awesome

    I am obsessed with it! Love it! Make more levels to make it more awesome!

  • Excellent

    by Smuujs

    Awsome game. Plz make more levels.

  • Great game

    by A time

    Really fun game thanks

  • Great app!

    by Brianna

    I love this app! Kribl's facial expressions are so cute, and the puzzles keep me busy for hours. Definitely worth the $2. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle games

  • RD

    by RuthDe

    Great little app lots of fun

  • This a free game? Lawl

    by PennyRaider

    Played worst paid games

  • Fantastic!!!!!!!

    by #1 redheadedmother

    I love this game and so does my hubby!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome app

    by Critic 359

    This if a freakin awesome app it is so cool get it know I luv the little bug in the box like i said freakin awesome app!!! :)

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