Adam’s Trouble Full Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Emantras Inc
  • Updated: Jan, 18 2010
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 8.79 MB

Languages: English


1. Fixed the loading issues

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Trapped in the deep down darkness of the underworld, is a cute little creature “Adam”! Who is waiting for YOU, to rescue him from the life threatening challenges. Thrilling, panicking and even suffocating at times, this rescue task is strictly not for amateurs; so be prepared to prove your might as Adam’s trouble is the toughest challenge you have ever faced on your Iphone.

There are various valves, dripping pipes, slimy liquids and dangerous creatures around him. The only way to come out is to open the valves; but beware of the misleading valves or you might end up in hell!

Move and navigate by stretching Adam’s tail and try to keep him safe from the enemies around. But it’s not only about moves, use your brain at the same time to open the right valves, kill or dodge the enemies, free up his friends, use the power ups and finally go to the open exit door safely.

Full version of Adam’s Trouble offers 25 levels of Horrifying experience, spooky places, creepiest enemies, troubled friends, jails, locks, keys, Toxic liquids and gases. Good enough to test your nerves or may be to blow them out!!

If you consider yourself a hardcore Iphone gamer, check this out to get rid of your misconceptions.

Hmmm…. Are you still thinking or you have already made up your mind to play it?

Warning: Be prepared to get frustrated
Guarantee: This is game which will make you speak @*&^#@*#.

Customer Reviews

  • Adam

    by Teacherrory84

    Love it. Very original.

  • An A+Game!

    by philip.garde

    Easy to understand but it's difficult to finish, this game is really challenging and will give you a hard time, mostly on the latter levels. If you are a competetive person then this one's for you.

  • great game

    by soxfn12

    uses openfeint.....nice job for free

  • Challenging

    by tjgato

    First thought it was an easy puzzle and action game but after playing a while it is a real challenge to play with. Need to get back to it

  • its made of FUN!!!

    by wamid

    fun gameplay, fun graphics, fun controls!!! FUN FUN FUN! -wamid

  • cute!

    by @FLboyzmom

    I like litte Adam & my boyz are getting a huge kick out of playing!

  • Unique Gameplay

    by Hollerbee

    It's not easy, and it's the first game of its kind that I've played. Can't beat the price!

  • I just falling in love

    by @3Dimension

    From the creators of Rafter, they did it again with another challenging,beautiful graphics and sounds game. go get it now free before it will be late!

  • Works now, great game

    by TheGarmac

    Pretty cool game. A little difficult but still, cannot complain for something free!!!

  • Doesn't seem so complicated...

    by Northstreamer

    ... But when you start to play - this is a really challenging game! Simple, yet fun gameplay. It kind of reminds about the internet flash game, Samorost. Maybe the sequel will be Eva's Trouble?

  • PERFECT game... BUY it !!!!!!

    by JohnHasio

    5/5* ....




  • Is this a demo?

    by Bory78

    It said full version that's why i dled. What the heck! I can't move on to level 2. I installed three times!!!!

  • Freezes after level1!!!


    Freezes after 1st level. It looks like it could b a fun game but 2 many bugs Tgif because it I had paid 4 it I'd be a little more frustrated. Fix bugs n I'll give another review

  • Glitchy

    by Robie79

    Is this a lame demo? Can't get past level 1 bc it freezes

  • Buggy 

    by Joshua D.

    Interesting game, really nice graphics but glitch ridden. Played the first level but after I died twice I couldn't get past the Try Again screen. It just froze up. The game does seem very frustrating maybe even so much there is no fun to be had. But not being able to play it at all is probably the most frustrating part of the game. Please update and fix and I'll give another review.

  • Freezes every time

    by ReaderMark

    It looks like a good game but it freezes after the first level. Do not buy until it is fixed.

  • Oops... Is right...

    by take_me_seriously

    iPod Touch 3GS

  • Buggy

    by Scslibra2010

    Game freezes after first level. Cannot press 'continue' or the home button (top right corner). After closing the app the music keeps playing. Seems like it could be an okay game. Please fix the bugs, I want to play the rest of the levels!

  • Freezes!

    by AliCatFLA02

    Can't get past the first level keeps freezing

  • Absolute garbage


    You cannot continue to the next level the continue button Does nothing the app is exteemly sluggish no problems with any other app so it's on this developers app

  • TGIF

    by Srpung

    Thank God Its Free. So glad I didn't buy this when it cost money. Had to close and open the app everytime I completed another level. Delete.

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