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THE REAL RISK EXPERIENCE – NOW DESIGNED FOR iPAD™! Pursue world domination on your iPad with THE ORIGINAL game of strategic conquest. Escalate the classic board game experience to a new level of interactive intensity that only iPad can deliver. Draft! Attack! Fortify! Accept no pretenders! Conquer the world on your iPad with the one and only RISK.

• NEW interactive board-game experience – Gather up to 6 players around the iPad for the ultimate war game!
• Fast-App Switching – Pause a game and instantly return where you left off
• Inspiring HD-quality graphics and precision gameplay – Enjoy visuals optimized for the iPad’s sharper resolution and bigger Multi-Touch screen
• NEW “Fixed” rule set – For more strategic action, take on your enemies with a challenging new style of play

Capture the traditional look and feel of the original board game – but blow it out with a NEW interactive experience on iPad. Strategize over the world map, which springs to life with intense visual clarity. Attack with a sleek dice-roll effect. Sense a greater thrill of battle with awesome sound effects, and more.

With 3 ways to play – all for up to 6 players – RISK for iPad is made to satisfy the competitive demands of true strategy gamers. Test your power against unforgiving computer-driven adversaries. Play all around the board against your greatest real-world rivals in an epic war game. Or collide head-to-head against your most personal opponent via local WiFi or Bluetooth.

Think strategically and play your cards right to defeat enemies with the new “Fixed” rule set. Or play by the classic “Progressive” rules and dominate the game in traditional style. View your cards with a simple touch and track the territories you’ve conquered. Earn an extensive list of achievements as your armies dominate territory after territory!
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Customer Reviews

  • Needs big fixes

    by xXBAWSXx

    An outstanding game overall, but the game would crash too many times.

  • This game is great...

    by XxxxjayxxxX

    Most of the complaining in the reviews are from people who probably just need someone to read how to work the game to them. The only thing it doesn't do is armies for country cards. You don't need to commit all armies in one attack, and it's not slow.

  • Glitchy

    by Caymus28

    Freezes every other game on iPad2. Disappointing.

  • Good game

    by Abdullah alqarni


  • Add Game Center and online

    by LukeWilliam4444

    Add Game Center and online playing please.

  • Good game, but then it crashed!

    by Trsherman26

    It's a great game, exactly what I was looking for, but then it crashed right around the end of the game. I paid 7 bucks for this, why does it crash! PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING!!!

  • Risk

    by BD1965

    Some bugs, it freezes often. But.... Overall it's a fun little game!

  • Crashes

    by JFraz1125

    I can play the game just fine but my opponents get down to three or four countries left and the game freezes please fix this I get so close to winning then I have to start over!!

  • Fun but crashes A LOT

    by rmack19

    The game it self Is great but a pop up Tetris ad makes the game freeze then crash also when you re-enter the app you have to start a new game because it will not let you back into the current one. Otherwise the game is great.

  • Lock ups galore

    by Bocephys

    Love this game, but it locks up about every three times I play and seems to be getting worse. I think an update needs to be rolled out ASAP.

  • Screen Freezes

    by Rocket cafe

    I used to play game a lot but recently has been freezing up. Very frustrating. Please fix......

  • Extremely Fun, but Freezes All the Time!

    by Silky4

    I play this game on my iPad mini with Retina Display, and for some reason it constantly freezes and crashes! I have just started noticing this problem, and it has encouraged me to stop playing. Overall, the game is really fun, but due to the fact that it constantly crashes, I would not recommend it.

  • The dice seem loaded

    by ped.s.pad

    Seems to me that as you increase the difficulty setting you get a computer opponent that plays a little better and rolls a lot better. I'd be happier with the game if increased difficulties were accomplished by greater AI, not by loaded dice.

  • Fun when it doesn't crash...

    by joerob0337

    It's a pretty good app, when it doesn't lock up in the middle of a game. Which, unfortunately is about half the time...

  • iPad crashing with 7.0.4

    by Rock Gu

    Great game, fun, a lil easy (but we all like winning most of the time anyways)... But it keeps crashing when I get near completing a game. I have yet to play a full game. It was great (5 star) on previous versions of iOS too. 3 stars because of the crashing and because when you try to report the problem to EA discretely (via their website), it's asks you to create an account with whatever their 3rd party is. No thanks, I tried to play respectfully, maybe they'll listen here instead.

  • Annoying

    by Watchful Fan

    It shouldn't be all that hard to implement Risk on the iPad, should it? This is just clunky, slow. Why can't I turn off the annoying battle by battle animations? When playing against many AE enemies, I spend a loooot of time watching armies encounter one another - why can't I just skip it? And then there is that annoying CRASHING thing... grrrr....

  • Great

    by Ydkevedbwkeiw

    Great game, love it. But wish you could play all 6 as human and maybe even private chat between the players. Perhaps in next update?

  • Good game 1 issue

    by Taylor Stauffer

    This is a very nicely setup game with just 1 issue I have. I like the territories to be selected randomly for all players so I do like that feature. But I would like to place my remaining troops manually to be tactical... The current automatic game setup feature selects territories for you but then also places your remaining troops which is dumb... Please fix this simple to fix problem.

  • Game hangs up!

    by rw465

    Ever since the latest update the game hangs up and locks the screen. This needs to be fixed!

  • Really fun

    by TJAZIZ

    Really fun. Lots of strategy but there NEEDS to be online multiplayer. To have such a great game and not be able to play online is a bummer.

  • Game constantly freezes and you lose all progress

    by Mattstud36

    This is absolute BS! I can't even get through one game on my ipad air without the game freezing. The worst part is that I can't resume my game when I start the app back up. Totally unacceptable for a game that I paid for. I would rate this zero stars if I could.

  • Crashes all the time!

    by Fenryial

    Please fix the crashing. I paid for this. It happens when playing single player, and 90% of the time freezes near end of game! Sometimes you can exit game then return and resume, but freezes again.

  • Horrible

    by Suckit5467786

    Worst version ever. I want my money back. One b/c zero is not an option

  • Risk

    by Rater6748935

    I love the game, but this app is not that great. You will keep playing and unlock medals, and the next time I go on they are all gone. The app freezes a lot too and you have to start your games all over. This was a real waste of money.

  • Not random, fixed

    by tre.naphon

    As far as the game against only computer opponents, Risk configures the board in 3-5 patterns for each color marker the human player chooses. Among these there are only certain of these set ups that are possible to win. It's annoying to see, time after time, a color with "random" placement being given a whole continent, Oceania. And it's boring to time after time with overwhelming forces and a need to take a weak opponents last, one army country, only to have them, of course, beat you with your 6-12 armies. If it is random,make it creaking random, don't stack the decks every time. When the only strategy is figuring out the one way to win instead of winning using your brain, it gets boring. For those saying the computer is easytobeat,you needtosetthe expert level.default is medium,I talkie playing a 5yearold. Expert cheats, though.

  • Crash

    by fp123456789

    Don't waste your money!!!! The app crashes all of the time!

  • Fun when it doesn't freeze!

    by TJGehr

    I have played over 20 games. It's a great game even though it tends to freeze quite often on you.

  • Freezes then crashes on ios 7

    by ThE-iTCH

    Constantly freezes then crashes. Then looses all of your progress. In order for me to play I have to close after every game I win just to keep my progress. At least 9-15 times an hour the game freezes at random moments then crashes. I see his update was last done in December 2010. That's 3 years with no updates. Please update ASAP

  • Be nice if it worked

    by Daddyo73

    Gets to maybe the 8th turn and freezes on every iOS device I own. Waste of $8.

  • Save it for real life

    by Jforeha3253

    Go buy a piece of bubble gum and save your .99 cent. Risk is best played in person, not on the ipad. Boring.

  • Freezes too often

    by danvanwinkle.com

    I am really sad about this game. The game freezes often after finishing my turn. I don't see an ad or anything, it just completely freezes and I lose my progress. Other than that, I really like this game, and it could easily be a 4-5 star app if it wasn't for the freezing. The only other change that I would make would be to allow selecting how many armies to advance, but I don't think that is a rating changer. EA, pleases fix this bug! That is the least that you can do for those of us who pay for this game!

  • Good but needs serious improvement

    by Creepy Miessner

    After 4 different games, and reinstalling the app, this game continues to crash. I have been unable to play a game all the way through. C'mon EA! This is their worst app yet!

  • Crashes iPad

    by Urmomticklesmyballs

    Fun game when it doesn't crash. Unfortunately, it crashes every time I try to play. And I paid for it

  • Crashes

    by K4rien

    Fun but crashes regularly and I have yet to find an active online game to join nor have I had anyone join one I host so plan on playing the AI.

  • No multi player between HD and iPhone version

    by mortisd

    I got the iPad version of the game to play with friends that have it on their iPhones but will not see local games between them. The iPad and iPhone Verizon's should be compatible.

  • Freezes

    by wolverine_gamer

    I love this game but lately it keeps freezing. Have not had an update in a while, please fix.

  • What a POS

    by Please fix refine!

    Why would you have a feature that would forfeit your turn? Who in their right mind would do that? Awful game play, very confusing, 1 star.

  • Will never get updated

    by Timbt

    Good game, but not worth 10 dollars. Check out conflict instead


    by Rustynuts333

    How lame can you be to let this happen to a perfectly fine working game. Greed kills......seizes SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES seizes SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES seizes SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES SEIZES

  • Play others online?

    by Troyer1

    Great game, a little pricy I spent good $$$ and when I try to do the online game play it seems like there is no one else out there to engage. :( (I would say the cost is the main reason for this) only giving one star due to the fact that they shot themselves in the foot when they priced it to high!


    by Ydhdbevs


  • Fun but crashes terribly

    by Blahs dudes

    I love this app and would've given it 5 stars, but whenever I start winning a battle it freezes and starts me over. One time I had the whole world conquered exept for one and I had to start over. >:(

  • Don't bother

    by Robbie123446

    Don't waste your money or time. This game is a bore and a bust.

  • Embarrassing

    by Antoniius1

    I usually don't write reviews but wanted to make sure people knew not to waste an ounce of your time which this bs game. Graphics are a joke. Game play and controls are so off you find yourself just clicking the screen. Crashed on me in the middle of a game and erased game. Download domination is is 1000 times better then this bs. EA should be embarrassed with themselves. Risk is one of the best games of all time. It deserves better.

  • Tetras ad on risk

    by Dmyrum

    No way to connect others, all I can p,ay is the computer

  • Crashes often

    by icatchfire

    Great game but it keeps crashing randomly and I lose all progress in my game

  • Freezes and crashes with iOS 7

    by JustinS71

    This game has become useless with iOS 7. It's unfortunate Apple doesn't give higher weight to recent reviews because since they haven't updated the app on so long, all the old reviews from when it worked are holding the rating up and getting people to buy this.

  • Crashing!

    by Dad221

    Great game. But I was trying to play with my son today and it kept crashing! Please update for new iOS!

  • Keeps freezing

    by jsnowbordr47

    Keeps freezing mid-game after I end the fortification step. This is pretty far into a game, so maybe there's too much going on. Kind of annoying since I'm just about to take over another continent.lol Could be ian OS 7 related as i haven't played this game for quite sometime and only recently updated. Game was fine last time I played. Fix this and it'll be all good. Currently running on an iPad 2.

  • Freezes.

    by Jùstin

    I am VERY disappointed in the fact that the game keeps freezing. What makes me even more upset is that the creators isn't even trying to fix it! I demand my money back!


    by Jeeeeeeennnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiii

    I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It's my FAVORITE game to play on the iPad...but ever since I downloaded iOS7... The game freezes up SOO MUCH! I'm so frustrated!!! EA... It's time for an update and to make this game a bit more compatible with iOS7 because I DON'T want to have to stop playing my favorite game. I shouldn't have to. I payed A LOT of money for this game and it's very disappointing seeing it go down the drain like this!

  • Ad crashes game

    by Baconisdabomb

    I love this game, but every time I attempt to play it, the Tetris ad crashes it.

  • Freezes and need a few more details

    by Ad2000000

    Haven't seen the tetris ad other writing about but my game freezes almost every time too. Thought it was when it was 5+ players but nope, its also on lesser. Ios7-thing..? I'd also like to see some stats over my games, not just the ribbons and medals. With the crash aspect iit doesn't matter though as it's useless now anyway

  • Unbelievable

    by The Noble 1

    The only thing worse than paying for a game and still having to watch ads is having said ads lock up the game and make it useless. Fix this game. The App Store needs to have a refund policy for defective merchandise. Anywhere else you get defective merchandise you are allowed to return it. Why is this different for software???


    by Rajang warrior

    Try WARGAME it's far better than risk. It's more realistic, challenging and tactical. It's made by some amazing Indie Developers who are a bit stuck financially but are planning on making WARGAME even better. Help me spread the word bout' WARGAME.

  • Can be fun but randomly crashes

    by AbbyJD

    Crashes even without popup ad. When I get high buildup and am playing delicate balance with computer opponents the game crashes at pivotal points. Highly, highly frustrating.

  • Like the game...NEEDS ONLINE PLAY!!!!

    by Bo Stackhouse

    Great game...would be waaaaay better with online play.

  • Tactician even possible?

    by TheTruthTeller49

    I have played this game well over 300 times with all the different settings possible and I am yet to figure out how it is even possible to win this game in 4 turns or less. It's a fun game but needs updating. If anyone knows how to win this game in 4 turns or less, I would like to see it!

  • Love the game, needs multiplayer online function.

    by SoWhatYo

    Very fun game. My busy and I love playing it together but we have to be connected to the same wifi… If you guys made the app online where we can play the game away from each other I would personally buy the game for all my friends. Also… I had to pay for iPhone and iPad…. lame. No other games I play make you purchase both they usually are compatible for both devises.

  • More convenient than board game, but needs improvement

    by Renonavybrat

    This app makes playing Risk very convenient, but there are some improvements that need to be made: 1). Add continuous play functionality, similar to words with friends, so that you don't have to be on the same network as you opponents to play. That would make this game drastically more enjoyable. 2). Improve the random number generator. There are some seemingly impossible outcomes in this game that occur with frightening frequency. In one night of playing I saw losses of 6-1, 21-7, and 12-2. I mean c'mon.

  • Good but limited

    by Syke

    Still fun but there are only limited options for changing game mode. For example, when you choose random placement it decides where to build your troops. Why not let us do that? Also when you win it's just over, no stats or results or even fast motion recap of you taking over the world.

  • Needs actual multiplayer!!

    by Dominick Muniz

    The game itself is kinda fun, but needs more options. Local play is pretty lame. This game NEEDS online play. Adding ranks or levels or skill would be a good a good addition. Overall the game is good if your board.

  • Great Game

    by iffbliusthgoiodiuh

    The variations are good and have a resemblance of the board game. I haven't gotten any adds yet.

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