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The beloved world of MONOPOLY meets the friendly, addictive fun of bingo! Take a walk around the MONOPOLY neighborhood, visit themed rooms, and put the “GO” in bingo with collectable tokens and more. Check out our new, limited edition Lunar New Year property. Bingo to win all of the collectibles and unlock the new Horse token in celebration of the Year of the Horse!

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2014 is the Year of the Horse! Update now to access the limited edition Lunar New Year-inspired property. Get all the new collection items to unlock the Horse token.

Skip down the streets of the MONOPOLY neighborhood as you progress through fun, familiar properties with each win. Watch your favorite properties come to life!

Play up to 16 cards at a time on your iPad (8 cards on your iPhone), and get lost in the rich graphics and exclusive game modes you can only get with MONOPOLY Bingo.

Collect favorite MONOPOLY properties, tokens, and upgrades (like houses and hotels) and own it all!

Play mini games like Chance scratcher cards, or choose your lucky number with each game and
“GO” for a bonus.

MONOPOLY Bingo is bingo at its richest!

This game is not playable on iPod touch (4th generation).
This game collects data through the use of EA’s and third party analytics technology. See End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy and Cookie Policy for details.
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Customer Reviews

  • Upset

    by Mrs. Rhiney

    I could only play this game once. Now when I go to play, I get as far as accepting 2 cards and it goes away back to my app screen. The credits are reimbursed but that's not the point I would really like to play this game please fix whatever is wrong.

  • Keeps my attention!!

    by Jeni Rae Rsfm

    Better than most bingo games out there! More interactive & attention grabbing!

  • Great

    by Kebija

    Fun little game.

  • its fun :)

    by sarastarme

    its fun :)

  • Disappointed !

    by Turtley Cool

    I have to agree on the other complaints I have been reading. I also have experienced the same annoying glitches. I do think its a shame that you only award 1 time a day. Why can't you change it maybe to once every hour? Maybe make it a bit easier to play more games more often. Also I think the in app purchase prices are ridiculous for the amount of actual game time for that high price. The one positive thing I will say about this game , and that is ...basically this could be a crazy addictive game and be at the top of the charts . But that will be your responsibility to decide . Hope this feedback helps !


    by Mst One


  • Fix it!

    by Help9876

    Love this app, but fix the glitch that is causing it to close after 5 seconds! I can't play a game!

  • Crashes!

    by Tam1763

    I like this game, though I do agree with several of the other reviews about the rewards not matching up to the costs. My main beef is that in the past few days the game will load, let me choose a property and buy my cards, and then crash before even starting the game. No game will last very long causing these kinds of frustrations. Please fix it, EA!

  • Can't level past 45?

    by Emilialg

    I like this game but for one major problem. Once I leveled to 45, no matter how much xp I got, I can't seem to level any further. That's very weird to me, and until they fix that, it's not as fun.

  • Nice

    by Xyligan69


  • Quits a LOT!

    by Linnymsw

    I have an ipad mini and the game just quits. In fact, at one point it asked if I was enjoying the game. I replied "no" and it was going to take me to give comments and quit again. Its irritating. I have not been able to finish games so I lose tickets, etc. please fix this. Its a great idea. The execution is what is messed up!

  • Not fair.

    by SEEEEEriously?!

    This game is kinda stupid. I've had this game for months, and at first, there were 50 bingos in each game. And yes, I know that the bingo number varies by the amount of players but the bingo number is just too small. In a room of 33 there's 10 bingos. And in a room of 40, there's 12 bingos. It's hard to win anything with that small number of bingos. Please fix, add more bingos to the rooms.

  • It Cheats!!!!


    I like this game and the cost is comparable to the other games available. But this game not only cost a lot but it cheats you out of prizes. It doesn't always give you your scratch off prize. It has double dipped when I buy tickets for a game. I win tickets for achieving and they are never credited. I keep track of tickets because I don't ever have that many to play with. FIX IT! So, I think I might go to another bingo game. I am addicted to the Electric Company, but I'll get over it.

  • I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by JennCRush

    This game combines two of my favorite games Monopoly and Bingo it is hours of fun. I play it everywhere, in the car, the bath, at the doctors, in the hospital. This app is the best. I can't put it down!

  • Fun bingo!!!

    by Maleniman

    Fun way to kill time with! Collecting stuff along the way means better payouts. You will get addicted!!!

  • Monopoly Bingo

    by Spotgirl39

    It pretty cool play.not much beg on.

  • Crashing

    by Jsams86

    I like the game but it's always crashing, it won't even load anymore

  • Need new update pls

    by Chamii0827

    I cant enter a specific building to play. I keep on tapping "play" but it doesnt work. Pls help. Ios 7.0.3 iphone4

  • Great game

    by Jlt0212000

    Super fun love it great way to kill a lot of time. Very easy to play a lot to do

  • Addicting

    by Christina_MWA

    Fun stuff

  • Nonexistent Support

    by JLe82

    This app has been crashing for me for well over a month now!!! I've tried emailing in for support help 3 times and have NEVER gotten a response! I've been playing AE games on my phone and computer for years and have never had this lack of service EVER!

  • Fun, but frustrurating!

    by Mrs. Kmk

    I love love love the IDEA of this game! However, I never win! You only get enough tickets to play a few games each day. I would be way more likely to actually spend money on this game (which I have been very tempted to do....) but the games are almost impossible to win. There have been games that have 20+ numbers called... And I've only matched 2 or 3 ( seems a little rigged to me). Please update so we can all give you 5 stars! It definitely has the potential!

  • Glitchy

    by Wa_p_ko

    Very fun but it is difficult to get bingos. My main complaint is that it is constantly crashing on me, be it in the middle of a game, waiting to start a game, and even in one instance crashing right as I had finally won. There don't seem to be any stability updates to fix these issues.

  • Concept better than its Glitchy Reality

    by Nancy Drew 89

    This app has the potential to be a GREAT Bingo game, with its cool rooms and the whole Monopoly concept... But: - It does not give even a close to timely readout on the winners. Nobody in the list and I hit and I'm in 10th place? Really?! Using 4G LTE! - I have left my Instant Bingo Powerup charged but unused at the end of a game, to use in the next game, but the next game, it acts as if I have spent it. Multiple times. - Repeatedly when I go to use a Powerup it give the flashy lights and display, but then no powerup appears on the board. - Powerups are expensive to have this app eating! -It has to download the looks of the rooms every time you open the app. Why not store this data on the device and do periodic app updates? Instead of burning 15 or 16 MB of data on your users' cellular plans? UNIMPRESSED.

  • Rip off

    by Beef turf

    Crashes a lot. Powerups don't always daub cards. Scratch tix are a waste of time. Cards are expensive. Powerups change from round to round, so you can't "save" the good ones for another time. Game freezes during play, then hits you with a deluge of balls all at once. Don't waste your time.

  • Crashes constantly

    by Snc13

    It was a great app for a while but in the past 2 weeks it constantly crashes in the middle of games.

  • Hardly get to play :(

    by Weazeyduck

    Like other reviews game for the 5 minutes of play you get every 20 hours.

  • Needs some serious improvement

    by TrialUserAsOfNow

    1. It crashes a lot. 2. Even when you have bingo, it sometimes says “bad bingo.” 3. It doesn’t give enough time in the last few seconds so if you achieve bing in the last few numbers you are screwed.

  • Steadily going down hill

    by JBCFlyers19

    To say this was a good game when I started playing it over a month ago is an understatement. I really enjoyed it, but it is steadily being pulled down hill. The number of available bingos in each lobby has gone down. Originally there was an average of 15 or more bingos per game played now I consider myself lucky if there are 10. I had played my way up to a daily bonus of 47 tickets, then a couple of days ago my bonus was dropped to 38 tickets and has been that way every since. Originally your lucky number being drawn was a bonus of a number on each card being randomly covered. Now all my lucky number gets me is a scratch off being placed on each card. There has only been one sale in all the time I have been playing that you could pickup coins and tickets at a reduced price, luckily I did pickup a number of each at that time. The programmers of this game need to make it easier for players to get some incentive to keep playing. If there are 30 players in a room then there should be at least 15 bingos available to be called. Return the daily bonus to it original computation and your lucky number back to truly being worth something again. Put ticket and coins on sale more often so people can feel like they are being rewarded for sticking with playing the game. To be honest if something doesn't change with this game, once I play my tickets and coin purchase out, I see no incentive to continue playing and will more than likely move on to something else.

  • Fun but slow and expensive needs update

    by Amf8224

    Needs update badly! Fun but requires too much real money. Mine has been stuck on level 45 no matter how much I play for 3 weeks. Have finished all properties that have unlocked to 45. Please fix issue for levels. Would like to move forward.

  • Great graphics but crashes often

    by Dbigf

    Update 2/3/14: after a week or two of enjoying this game, I was having trouble with it crashing ALL THE TIME. I couldn't even have the game open for more than 10 seconds and it crashed. So I reinstalled the game, it worked for a day or two and now does the same thing. Needs some major bug fixes. Original review....Fun game. A little confusing at first of what all the tickets, tokens, coins, etc. However it seems to crash more than I'm able to play. When I am able to play, I like it.

  • Mustang 48

    by Mustached babe

    This game keeps crashing. Very frustrating. This is my second review because I got cheated out of my daily bonus tickets. I was getting 34 now only 31 and I have unlocked more properties. Does this game work backwards?

  • Could be great

    by ScbyDo

    Could be a great game if they would handle bugs in a timely manner. It's been 2 weeks since problems started and no fixed.

  • Fun but seems like the computer hates me!!

    by Josh Crawford

    It's a fun fame but the payout is very small and it seems anytime you might be close to winning every number but the one you need is called.

  • Awful...

    by JLPQuinn

    Don't waste your time even downloading this game. It constantly crashes, usually while loading the title screen, but sometimes in the middle of a game. SOOOO frustrating! This is definitely something that needs fixing ASAP. Otherwise, this could be a really fun game.

  • Bugs!

    by Fabio Cafa

    Bugs! Bugs everywhere!

  • Crashtastic!

    by Ladeg

    Always is crashing! Fun if you can get it to stay on longer than 2 minutes though!

  • Crash much?

    by Fragglekelly

    I'd be nice if I could actually play, the thing crashes within a minute of loading.

  • Crashes all the time.

    by pwin0975

    Every time I try to play it crashes. Please fix!

  • Screwing me out of awards and crashes

    by KNAmom

    I was doing the scratchers and won on three of them and was not awarded my coins, tickets, or lightning thingies. Plus, here are way too many police on there. I have 15 scratchers and was only able to get 3 winners (which weren't awarded to me). I was no able to play for over a week. I might be able to start a game but the. It would crash. I am finally able to play but it is not giving me credit for the experience I earn on each game.

  • Eh

    by Andied6709

    It was fun at first but you quickly run out of tickets and rarely get bingos on the harder levels. Not to mention I've been stuck at level 45 for like two weeks because it's not registering my XP points.

  • I thought it would be fun.

    by Kreepy Kittie

    I downloaded this one because I thought it would be a bit more fun than GSN video bingo. But as soon as it loaded and started the tutorial, it closed out. And it kept closing out before I could get any real play done. Also, tons of glitches and horrible gameplay. Definitely sticking with the GSN app.

  • Very bad.

    by Pinky743

    The glitches really need to be fixed. And the lagging. Can't be all the players connections. And I just tried playing a round and after two numbers were called it said round over, now that needs to be fixed pronto. All the other bingo games I've played haven't ever done that to me before. And I'm sure it's happened to other players as well.

  • Terrible

    by Mcaplette6

    I cant even claim the daily bonus. This game bites. Bye bye

  • Fun but the glitches are infuriating!!!

    by kiki0277

    I love the game but I'll get a bingo with the collectible and the house and they'll only give the house, my power ups or whatever they're called won't show up when I use them, and a number of other things that's gonna make me delete this game! Please fix these glitches so I can enjoy the game again

  • Too few points and now crashes every single game

    by Jojo4212012

    Too few points awarded every 20 hours. Can only play a couple of games a day once you get past the first two levels. Extra tickets too expensive. Not worth the effort. This could have been one of the best games. Gives Hasbro bad reputation rest of apps that may be available. One would think that a major game producing company would be better at this type of app. Very sad

  • Bingo fan

    by Lilj1012

    This is a very fun game to play but it has some MAJOR glitches. I get kicked out of the game every time I try to load it on my iPad. Please fix it before I delete it like I deleted the monopoly slots for the same reason!

  • Monopoly bingo

    by Whs32

    I like it but it's hard to play more than one or two hands at most because of timing on tickets. Instead of waiting a day it should be more like 2 hours to you can rack up more tickets and play more games in higher levels. If this change happened it would be awesome.

  • Crash Crash Crash

    by Reden19

    I really want to be able to play this game. Unfortunately it crashes every time I try to play. And I mean every time. Once it loads up I might have it opened for 90seconds before it crashes. I haven't been able to play in weeks! Please update or fix soon. Otherwise I will have to delete the app. It's taking up space for no reason.

  • Can't play

    by Kgreen3123

    Goes through the entire process of loading and then it shuts off

  • Needs improvement

    by Katical15

    I really enjoyed the game until recent... Recently I have been playing and it keeps kicking me out of the hand once I have paid the tickets to get in the game. Then I still lose the tickets!! I am done playing this game until a major update happens... I'm really disappointed in hasbro. They normally have really great games.

  • Great game, when you can play.


    I enjoyed playing this game for about a week. Now every time I try to play, the game crashes. Sometimes I'll get halfway through a round and it will crash. Sometimes it crashes as soon as it opens. Please fix the glitches!

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