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MASSIVE UPDATE! NEW BONUS MISSION! Now play as a captured Turian experiment victim. Can you escape the medical bay?

Also, by popular demand, we’ve added the following features...

• Manual Aiming – Use your own skills to take down enemies. Simply disable the “tap-to-aim” function in the Options section to try it. We’ve also improved the responsiveness of “tap-to-aim.”
• New Mission Rewards – Earn bonus credits and boost War Assets if you score 3 stars on every checkpoint.
• Paragon & Renegade – Now your facial scars and biotic colors will change with the choices you make (are you good or evil)?
• Optimized for the new iPad – Discover high-resolution gaming like never before with smoother performance and Retina display enhancements!

We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes improvements to improve overall gameplay. If you like Mass Effect: Infiltrator, let us know with a 5 star rating, and we’ll keep bringing awesome new content!

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THE FATE OF THE GALAXY LIES IN THE BALANCE! From the makers of the critically acclaimed Dead Space on iOS comes an all-new, original Mass Effect storyline – made exclusively for mobile! Optimized for the new iPad, discover high-resolution gaming like never before! Now with a new manual aiming option and Turian bonus mission.


“9/10…one of the best-looking games you can get for the iPad or iPhone right now.” (
“4/5…knock-down gobsmackingly gorgeous…just fantastic.” (Gamezebo)
“…a gold star, editor’s choice, 10 out of 10…” (IntoMobile)

As Commander Shepard battles Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno procures aliens for illicit experiments at a secret facility. But when the Director of the facility goes too far - Randall fights back and vows to bring Cerberus down!

Can you fight your way off the hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret research to the Alliance?

Move freely through massive exteriors and a fully realized Cerberus base. Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in iOS gameplay.

Use intuitive tap controls for fast-paced fighting. Fluidly dive and roll for cover with a simple swipe. Engage in epic boss battles against Cerberus Mechs and twisted experiment victims.

Harness the fury of high-tech armor and weapons. Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities and devastating melee attacks. Upgrade your gear and performance with credits – the quicker and more stylish your kills, the more credits you’ll earn.

Gather valuable intel and upload it to Galaxy at War to boost your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3. Complete the game to increase your War Assets. Improve your chances in the final Mass Effect 3 battle – on the go!

Crush Cerberus and shape the future of the galaxy. The outcome depends on YOU in Mass Effect: Infiltrator!

- Play on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPod touch 3 (16 GB and above) or iPod touch 4.
- For the best game experience, we recommend playing on iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad.
- Device Firmware 3.1 and above required.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great, but too short

    by Clane-see

    It's a fun game, but the campaign is short. And then there is one bonus mission too that's fun, but lacking on replayability. Please, please add more content. More upgrades, armors, bonus missions and maybe an arena style game type then I'll give a deserving 5 stars. Otherwise, the cover controls and weapons selections are excellent.

  • Potential

    by Dcook745

    This game has potential to get 5 stars. Can you guys fix this game when I play it always crashes. Please fix these

  • More more more

    by Wizbang80

    I need 1000 more levels, more guns, and suits, and moves, I love this game and the experience it brings to the ipad, maybe these losers with the controller thumb learning curve problem should stop gaming and pick up a book for once. I've been playing for years and this was magical but very short, thanks ea always a classic under the belt. Stick to xbox if you can't handle the touch screen f. More games please I chewed this up in a week.

  • Great ios game but....

    by Jawfish1990

    It was running good until a couple of hours ago. I have a perfectly fine 32g itouch4. No apps running in multi task bar. Now it just randomly crashes. Terminated the app. Only worthy apps is deadspace and real racing 3.

  • Cannot Log In

    by RoCk$t@R

    What's going on with this game i cannot log in for nothing into my origin account the origin log in screen is missing half of its log in screen...

  • Needs an update.

    by Nativemetallican666

    The game itself is pretty fun and it ties into Mass Effect 3 nicely, but the iPhone 4-sized screen is really annoying.

  • Best game ever

    by Avpr3683

    The game is better then the one for the xbox

  • Review

    by Party panda 123

    The game is very good but it's not worth the money

  • Awesome game but needs fixing

    by Tab120

    I absolutely love the game! The storyline, voice actors, everything! Although, my only problem is that it keeps crashing over and over again to where I can't play it. Especially the bonus level! It needs immediate fixing, and also a multiplayer would be a nice feature

  • Another amazing title from bioware and EA

    by T..d..s

    This game is outstanding, Amazing easy to use controls, and paragon and renegade choices Plus some good voice acting combined with intense gameplay and stellar next gen graphics makes this a must buy for Mass Effect fans, Now this game may not have the same decision making as you do in Mass effect 1,2 or 3 but its a still a great and fun game! This game needs a update to make it full screen on IPhone 5c/S and also the Origin login/register screen needs to be fixed. Maybe in the next update we can expect to see some more Guns and armor? :D keep up the good work! Love your guys games!

  • Needs an update

    by Mike903211

    The game is really fun I just passed the whole thing but I want to play galaxy at war but there's a bug on the iPad where the log in session is on the corner of the screen and I can't log in PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Solid but Flawed

    by RandomGuy27112

    Mass Effect: INFILTRATOR is, overall, a good game. The graphics are great and the story, although nothing very original, is decent. My only complaint, however, are the shooting controls, which could be improved greatly.

  • just awesome.

    by D-avenger

    everything looks and runs smoothly. Nova style but with less units. very enjoyable game.

  • Good game

    by Ghisdknfjb

    Looks like gears of war by a little i love the graphics it's a awsome game

  • Good game

    by Lucky2041

    This is a good, challenging, first person cover shooter. It does not have the rpg elements of its console counterparts but it is a solid addition to the Mass Effect world. Well worth the download.

  • Fun, but not Mass Effect

    by SteveSweetz

    Infiltrator is a decent cover shooter for touch devices, but shooting and the basic visual aesthetic is about all it has in common with Mass Effect. There's barely any character development and the plot is minimal. There are no dialog segments, and worse no sense of adventure. It feels especially "video-gamey" and not like an experience like the real Mass Effect games. The gameplay is fun, but wears a little thin even over the games relatively short play time - though that's par for the course with limited scope tablet shooters. The game is a bit odd because it's not so great to play that I would recommend it to non Mass Effect fans; yet as a Mass Effect fan I can only come away disappointed that it's not more like proper Mass Effect.

  • Will play over and over

    by leftspin

    I was cursing out loud at the controls of this game until I learned to stop trying to play it like a console game, and to start playing it with the same tap and swipe gestures I use daily on my iPad. To play the game right, you use the analog sticks much less and cover mechanics much more than the console games. In fact, the cover mechanics are so good that I wish the console games were as fluid. Also, something you can't do in the console: the game fully supports multitouch. Many times I've found myself changing weapons with my right finger at the same time as I'm ordering up a biotic power with my left. When you invoke biotic powers, the game goes into slo-mo letting you order up a deadly sequence of attacks. One of my favorites is pulling two enemies in the air and then simultaneously targeting them both with a missile attack. When the missiles are loose, I switch to the shot gun and start blasting them just as the missiles explode on contact. The slo-mo allows all of this to happen using an intuitive interface that's fun to use. When you get good with the controls you sort of feel like Iron Man in his suit. My rocky start with this game is all but forgotten. I know this is one game I'll come back to time and again.

  • Best IOS game ever!!!

    by JHewitt01

  • Very awesome game

    by fleikenpoo

    This is an awesome game! I'm loving it. If you like Mass Effect or Gears of War like games, you'll want to get this game. Beautiful graphics, good controls, and a lot of killing...who wouldn't like that?

  • Size matters

    by TheSamurix16

    Make it compatible for the new iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 screens!


    by kay-nine

    This game is a WASTE OF MONEY!!! I wish I could give it ZERO stars. If you are thinking about buying it, because it syncs with ME3, and you can supposedly get bonuses; DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! It will NOT update to ME3!!! It won't connect to the Origin (EA) servers at all. So, there is absolutely no bonus to be had in ME3 by playing this game! Many people are having this problem. There is a HUGE thread on the EAanswers website about this. But, EA appears to not care that they are taking people's money and not providing any kind of support for their buggy app and it's connectivity issues. Let's call a spade, a spade: EA stole 5 dollars from a bunch of people and is now acting like they can't hear us calling them thieves. It is COMPLETELY infuriating! I for one do not plan on ever purchasing another game made by them. They are the worst game company ever. If you aren't going to support a game, TAKE IT OFF the AppStore!!!!

  • Good but...

    by SandmanRios

    Needs to be updated for iphone 5. Hate having to see the black bars on a game that would look amazing if it fit my whole screen

  • So disappointed!!!

    by Brianlee sky

    Control's are just awful bad!!! It is dizzy when I play with iphone or ipad Dead space was great..... But.... This is not good game to play

  • Locking on

    by corotex117

    I find it nearly impossible to lock on to an enemy so it is very hard to get past fight

  • Refund??

    by Amadeo_Gomez4

    Is it possible to get a refund ???????. I bought the game and I thought it would be nice but I honestly don't like it .

  • Update!


    Really, no optimization for iPhone5. Cummon, why is this being featured in a 'sci-fi' game list when the game itself isn't evan futuristic enough to conform to my beautiful iPhone 5 screen?

  • Fix this problem

    by N/A 12334557893

    I have an iphone 5s and the game does not work properly. The game crashes constantly and does not take the whole screen. I feel bad because is a great game and I pay for it and I cannot play it because this problem.

  • Hard to control

    by SirFifolo

    Got it in sale for a dollar, even that was too much

  • Full screen support iPod Touch 5 plz?

    by Colorless Winter

    Needs just a few tiny fixes, ios 7 full support, buff graphics (its mass effect it can look a tiny better), full screen resolution on newer devices, maybe a few control fixes specifically for taking cover after using omni tool. Other then that this game is amazing for a ios device.

  • Twitch Gaming at Its Finest

    by Hedge Fund And Such

    Twitch twitch twitch

  • Fix the problems

    by Posgen

    Can't login into origin. When I try, only a small portion of the screen pops up, and I can't type my login info. For being a paid app, this should not be a problem.

  • Iphone 5 support please

    by tenfingersclub

    Need to fill screen please

  • Good game

    by Seba50123@wsome

    So far this is da best game i had played yet so try so.... Oh yeah can u plz add multiplayer it would be also fun thank u

  • Pretty good game.

    by Kill always

    I wish there was multiplayer, cause that'll be really nice.

  • Characters customization

    by Demoniclizarddeath

    Let us customize our character.

  • iPod 5 Support

    by LiftedAndy

    - Great Graphics - Runs Smooth -Needs iPod 5 Support

  • Used to be awesome

    by Jonthachamp

    I had to change my review from five stars to one..if I could i would give it zero stars because it crashes as soon as i start playing the used to be an amazing game but they wont fix the bug crashes. :-(

  • Buggy

    by CorruptPhoenix

    The only reason I bought this was to link up to Mass Effect 3. Login screen doesn't load properly and locks up game.

  • Can't log in

    by M78atheus

    I use an iPad for this game and when I try to log in, the log in page is shrunken up to an iPhone sized screen in the corner where I can't do anything with it. Overall it is a good game but 4 stars because I can't log in.

  • Lamborghini without a steering wheel

    by Supercollider66

    Is the a good game? Who knows. The abysmal controls make it impossible to find out. You constantly find yourself staring off to the side, unable to get behind cover while being ventilated by Geth pea-shooters. Aiming is frustrating due to the fact you have to block the enemy with a big fat fingertip in order to aim. Even at .99 cents, this one was overpriced.

  • Love/hate relationship

    by enigma_cipher

    I love Mass Effect, and even the gameplay behind Infiltrator, but the login for reporting intel to your Galaxy at War/origin profile is all hosed up on the iPad 2. Ultimately disappointing.

  • Awful and horrible

    by LPG_Gulpy von Gulper

    Controls are awful and so is the settings and hit levels, worst game I'll stick to infinity blade :)

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!

    by Ajdaly6

    amazing needs some improvments here and there but the overall gamplay is so good and i think sometimes it has that nice little challange where you get sucked in to the game and cant stop

  • Horrible

    by Richobo890

    Was good until the game started crashing and there were glitches that made everything impossible

  • Galactic readiness doesn't work

    by AtheistAlex47

    So I downloaded this to help my galactic readiness, and as I should've expected, it doesn't load, and when it does I have to sign up for entirely different thing, i do, now it's saying the servers are down. So I wait a week, it tell me to sign up for the thing I already signed up for again, so I do, once again, the server is down, your app is terrible, I'm done with you.

  • The game is cool.

    by Megaman X Commander

    The game is worth it, just that it keeps logging me out on my iPod 4gen. The controllers are hard but eventually will find the way. Hope to see more or even a pvp

  • An Honest Review

    by Sithus

    I've played and loved each and every Mass Effect game but Mass Effect: Infiltrator leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. First the positives -- the audio is crisp and clear as are the graphics and will bring you right back into the world of Mass Effect. The gameplay can be pretty cool too utilizing slow-motion cinematic kills and unique swiping abilities but that's where the gameplay falls short. It can be incredibly difficult to play the game at times, especially for those with a larger screen. Going into the negatives the game is NOT optimized for the iPhone 5, therefore the black bars on the sides can cause great frustration because it's easily for your thumbs to slide off the virtual thumb sticks. Lastly, my biggest complaint is story, voice acting, and especially the writing. It is absolutely cringeworthy and inexcusable. It's a shame because it definitely taints the Mass Effect brand. Overall I'd recommend skipping this one unless it's $1 or less, then you might want to pick it up.

  • Good graphics, awful unintuitive controls

    by JCSAN7

    The good: graphics, cover-shooter gameplay with powers (rare on iOS) One complaint: controls Even with the update, the controls are so stiff and even act as an extra obstacle during combat. Tap enemy AND time your fire to snipe? tap right to aim? Then double tap to auto-fire? tap left side to exit aiming mode? Only then can you hold up or double swipe up to sprint? I appreciate trying to minimize buttons, but it's frustrating to remember all these gestures in hectic battles. Sometimes it doesn't even respond to the command you want to do. You can't always aim when you need to, you can't always run when you need to, you can't always fire when you need to. Recommendation: Just give players complete freedom during combat and this game will be perfect. No "extra tap to do this or that", just total freedom to move, aim, and fire. REMOVE/OPTIONALIZE THE RESTRICTIVE GESTURES AND GIVE US BUTTONS SO WE CAN FOCUS ON THE ACTION. And lastly, arena/survival mode would provide infinite replay value. It's a good game, I'd like it to be appreciated by all :)

  • Doesn't optimized!!!!!

    by KenMaiVPC

    This game doesn't optimized for iPhone 5 and 5s screen yet!!!!! Plz fix it!

  • Horrible controls ruin the game

    by J21359

    Decent game, but has the most horrible controls of any iPad game I've ever played. The "cover" mechanic, a staple of MassEffect games, is really awful in this version.

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