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LEMONADE TYCOON is now 3.0 ready!
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WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS – BUILD AN EMPIRE! Maximize your selling savvy in this best selling classic – now available for your iPhone® and iPod touch®.

When you were 10, it was easy to sell a few cups on the corner. But you’ll have to twist it up a notch to build a tasty empire. Business couldn’t be sweeter as you hustle and get creative, turning piles of lemons into piles of cash – without the ads!

Manage your lemonade biz every which way – choose the location, recipes, advertising, staff and even control the weather to discover the secret of sugary success.

Save up to 6 games at once as you deliver the juicy goods to unique customers with interactive personalities.

An endless pitcher of fun awaits you in “Career Mode”. Or, test your taste for tycoon-dom with the “30-Day Challenge Mode”.

Enjoy your own delicious iTunes® library while you play – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Want a free taste of the game? Download the ad-supported version.
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Customer Reviews

  • More upgrades

    by GOogo-gagaaa

    Great game, but we need UPGRADES!! It's 2013 and nothing has changed when so many people are talking about upgrades! Make it happen! Please Thank you :)

  • Awesome Game

    by Extreme Player!

    Needs more things!!!!!

  • Good game. Needs update!!

    by 45??

    I love this game. I've bought it twice and easily beaten it multiple times. It needs an update!

  • LA Mama

    by HBPlay

    Love this game but this app seriously needs to be updated. AND needs an iPad version. I got hooked on this game with a PC version that is WAY better. What about the NYC version? This game hasn't been updated since 2009. What?

  • Fun game

    by Wyatt Dickey

    Got it free

  • Love it

    by iKhy

    This is one of the first iOS games I fell in live with and it's awesome, but I feel like it needs a MAJOR Update since its been almost 4 years. Please Update!

  • Ok

    by Hayden kreuter

    Good but it needs way more, I beet it in 16 hours I really like this game but it needs more upgrades for you lemonade stand, like a bigger stand, I have all of them and I would like a bigger and better one! Please Oh, and p.s. if you want to know y you can't get over 200 ice cubes it's because your lemonade stand is not big enough

  • Its to easy to beat

    by Smiley4baseball

    I need more I have the max and am wanting more like a bigger stand

  • Purty Dang kOoL / Makes me Thirsty

    by Eiben DareenkingK

    Very cool low strategy game. More fun at first, rather than later, though. There needs to be a bit more to it. It's prime time for some upgrades. Besides that, this game makes me go into Frothy Lemonade Jonesing. I pretty much have to have a fresh squeezed Frothy Lemonade on hand when playing this game. Just get your Juicer, & blender out & download this App.

  • Why can't I get over 200 ice cubes??

    by kino_valo

    Y'all need to fix that.. That being said this game is pretty amazing :)

  • Nice but needs WAY more updates.

    by Sugarplumfairu

    It's fun! But it needs more rents, items, and WAY more adventure.

  • Needs update

    by anthonyam97

    When I was in the suburbs it changed me $60 for rent! It was annoying!

  • Free iTunes gift card

    by Ghost_kid23

    Want free apps? Download App Trailers from app store Enter bonus code apple2 Get $10 iTunes code

  • Great game

    by Zuma of Monte

    I really enjoy business simulation games and this one is a classic. It's simple yet challenging. A good purchase.

  • Awesome game:)

    by lrileyj

    This game is so cool and old school I <3 it!!!

  • Fun game, but price could be lower

    by Hero of Carthage

    I rarely play this game anymore but it's still fun to manage a lemonade stand! :)

  • Perfect

    by Kjlhfdggedhgdf

    Me and my sister love it when we come home we play for 5 hours straight I recommend getting the free version no difference

  • Needs MORE Upgrades

    by Da da dorian

    Let me say it again, needs MORE Upgrades, I bought everything there was to buy in a very short time! Now games over for me booooo, so much potential. More Upgrades Please!!

  • Love It!

    by Tansey214

    Just like the "Lemonade Stand" game I used to play online as a kid. Brings back fun memories. 

  • Good game

    by Jdog152476

    But it is just like the free one but good


    by Minecraft909

    I hate it it's a waste you are dumber than a rock if you get this game I would give it zero stars if I didn't have to rate it!

  • Doesn't work

    by Bk36647489

    When I try to buy anything but lemons it converts them to lemons. Then tells me I don't have enough supplies.

  • This is pretty sucky

    by Auto correct hater

    It's exactly the same as the firetrucking free one! Gimme my $$$ back

  • It's alright...

    by SamKellman

    There needs to be WAY more to this game. I beat it in under 2 hours.

  • Gamecenter

    by KimJeff

    Really EA come on

  • "not enough supplies"

    by riverbird2

    I can't get to the first level I've been working on it for a month now. But on the other hand it's ok.

  • Great

    by Rod767

    Great game! Addicting! Need retina support and more game options. Getting bored at $60,000...

  • Lemonade tycoon

    by Yo mama 2575829

    This game is pretty fun, but you DEFINITELY need to make it retina display.

  • something new

    by forrealwoman

    I got hooked also by the free version and purchased the version. Ok are there any plans to put something new to the game for example something or someone that will help you not loose so many sales when there are a crowd of people. Because the lady and the clown are just not doing it. I find you do better alone than hiring. to me that would be an incentive for those of us who are in the money now.

  • Cool

    by 6456384175

    It is a really fun game.you should try it

  • Great app

    by iNl33t


  • Don't buy this game!!!!!

    by Stephanie19364

    Don't waste your money same as the free version

  • Too Short

    by timsticle

    Wud be nice to get new upgrades, items, and features periodically.

  • needs updated!!

    by DDDD1244

    great game but needs updating

  • Limited Fun

    by MVashee

    Would give 5 stars. The game is fun but is quickly beat. I purchased all upgrades in a day...no other goals. That's it. Game is over.

  • Needs updating

    by Conan McBrown

    Good base idea but needs more room to grow. More products, acsecories, or stands.

  • Don't bother

    by Rojas Jesus

    Extremely fun at first but then once u find the perfect combo (5 3 and 3) and bought everything there's nothing to do!!!!!! There is also nothing different about this game and the free one!!!!!

  • Not bad...

    by kentv999

    This is a simple game with limited options. Fun for adults for a short time, but know it has limited play time once you get the recipe down. I think kids will enjoy it more as a good introduction to tycoon type of strategy games. For those complaining about guests walking by or not being able to buy more stock- it's a game.. You need to read the upgrade descriptions for the solutions. But the basic mechanics do work.

  • Crap

    by skelator1993

    It's fun for like ten minutes then u beat it and then nothing more give us more

  • Help

    by IzzyD

    I can't get a recipe that satisfies my customers somebody help me!

  • Would be pretty good but...

    by s1op2h3i4e5

    There's this stupid glitch that only allows me to sell 16 cups a day. When I watch the day go by, I can see everyone is satisfied, but after I've sold 16 cups everyone stops coming. Why? It happens every single time and it's not like I've run out of supply. Fix this and maybe I'll give it a higher rating

  • Wats the price !?!?!

    by 1wordneeded

    The mix is 5-3-3 Wat price do I charg Need help:(

  • Fun

    by h3adsh0tgn0me

    Omg best game

  • Rip off

    by Jfc23

    This games is great... For the ten minutes that it takes to beat the game. It exactly the same as the free version except you have to pay for this. I won't my money back

  • Very entertaining.

    by Nicholas_H

    If you enjoy classic strategy games, where you set up a scenario & then wait for it to play out for a bit, you will really enjoy spending time with this game. I have the standard version on my iPhone & iPad, and it looks and plays just fine on both devices. Good deals worth on entertainment time for a reasonable price.


    by Waynes411

    Add upgrades, maybe sell alternate products such as Kool aid, ice cream, hot dogs, chili only after purchasing permits which could be add on app??

  • Lies Lies Lies

    by srhami

    1) The free version states that you can upgrade for just 99 cents. Not true. It's $1.99 2) There's nothing new in the paid version. The ads in the free version aren't so annoying anyway. 3) After only a few hours of play I had bought everything there was to buy. I had the $10,000 lemonade stand with all the lights and shiny things and hired help. Now what? Nothing. Nothing more. The game is now a pointless, mindless, repetitive waste of free time. 4) I'd like my $1.99 back, or at least $1.00.

  • Great game, but...

    by Loki2000

    My only complaint is that say you download the free version and play for a while. Then you think I love this game I want to play without the annoying ads. So you download the paid version. There is no way to load the game you have been playing into the paid version. You have to start all over! Not a nice thank you for spending your money.

  • Pretty good..

    by shelbie1864

    Pretty good game. I reccomend it.

  • Great but...

    by Clare Rich15

    I luv the game it's just there needs to be more upgrades u can buy and more lemonade stands to buy as well would be very very nice cheers -jp

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