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THINK LIKE A REAL HUNTER. Made to maximize the visual intensity of Retina Display, focus on the strategy of the hunt as you escape into realistic natural environments and seek more than 20 types of wild game. Capture the noble feeling of the ultimate sport with brand-name firearms and precision gear. Whether you’re a dedicated or recreational sportsman, EA™ is proud to bring you the most authentic hunting simulation game on the App Store.

All the hunting environments spring to life in stunning detail, especially with Retina Display. Hunt in dawn, daytime, and dusk scenarios. Spot that prize buck rustling in the woods, take careful aim, and fire. No detail was overlooked to deliver the most honest hunting experience possible.

Hunt various Deer (including Whitetail, Mule, Sitka, and Fallow), plus Bear, Moose, Boar, and smaller critters like Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit, and Raccoon. Each animal exhibits realistic behaviors. To get them, you’ll need to show your hunting prowess.

Use your best hunting strategies to make trophy kills up in up to 6 locations, including Texas, Alaska, Canada, and Iowa – plus additional downloadable treks in Africa and Australia available for purchase at a low price. Take a shot in Quick Play, share the hunt with a buddy with Pass ‘N Play, and score dozens of achievements as a big game hunter in Career Mode.

Strategically navigate the map, and then scope out an animal using “Vital Vision” to get an X-ray or thermal view of its heart, lungs, and brain. Trigger the “Bullet-Cam” with a heart shot and trace your ammo’s point-of-view from your firearm right to the heart of the animal for a clean kill. Experience hunting from a whole new perspective.

Remington® rifles and shotguns…Bushnell scopes…PSE bows, plus Calls and more. Equip yourself with the finest hunting products from real-world manufacturers and enjoy an added touch of authenticity.
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Customer Reviews

  • this could use a bigger sequel

    by Greenepicdude

    its one of EA's better games, pretty satisfying controls. would love to see a sequel... if anyone pays attention to this anymore...

  • Plz make It fit the iphone 5 screen

    by Brianjr0415

    Good game

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    by Chiefs Freak #14

    Great graphics,several different types of game and a lot of guns and bows awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Could u?

    by Dino killer machine

    Could you (EA) make a game where you can play as an animal and hunt and raise a family and have quests. The game should be based on being an animal. You could make it about wolves , lions , tigers, . I'm pretty sure people would think this would be a great game to make because almost every review about animals asks for a game where you can be an animal

  • Over 220 achievment?

    by Khunter101

    Great game but only downside is that the over 220 achievment is for some reason locked forever I killed over 10 animals for all 22 and it won't unlock Love the game though cant wait for new update I suggest ducks and an elephant as new animals

  • Swagger

    by Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Needs an update

  • Awesome game!

    by CharlieEchoBravo

    You may get stuck on a couple levels. This game is extremely addicting, very easy to earn money! This game was worth the money.

  • Upgrade


    I agree hunting turkey and ducks would be awesome. And a few more weapons thumbs up for this game

  • Looks cool

    by Kar$0n

    I would like it on my ipad mini. But it is not compatible. Plz make ipad compatible

  • Get the game

    by Mandee(:

    I have bought everything in shop you get stuck on one level but that's it

  • Needs more stuff

    by SeahawksRW3

    This game needs to have more guns and a better scope even though I have all the best guns there needs to be a better verity. Add a crossbow and then a special kind of guns like special ops or assault guns. It is very fun but there has to be a better verity or selection. Have like an African safari hunt or turkey or duck hunting

  • More weapons/more animals

    by Supertrooper74

    You should be able to hunt duck and turkey. They should also add crossbows. After that's added I'll give it .

  • Ea hunting

    by Jonnyrocket77

    Best hunting game out there. Too bad they don't update and create new games like the others out there. Superior to anything else out there.

  • Good game

    by 

    It would b nice if there where more than 4 spots to hunt

  • The best game ever

    by Dylan9009

    It's a good game, but after a wile it gets boring.

  • Good 3D effect

    by FraudMM

    The 3D effect is good and smooth. I like it.

  • ea hunting

    by Wes.D

    Super fun

  • Hunting

    by Foxydragon

    It's very funny game

  • SICK

    by DannyFjr

    Sick game but easy to beat. Need more FREE levels on it. Overall best game I've played so far on my iPhone. I'd give 5 stars if I could keep going in the game

  • Gay

    by PussyMonster442

    Full game should be free really good

  • Hello wake up and update!!!!

    by KoOLAiDoOHYA

    I used to love this game and would have bought the DLC BUT They haven't even put in the time to update to iOS 7 or the iPhone 5 for that matter they haven't touched this game since 2010! I don't even think there going to do anything with it there plenty of other good and better hunting games out there to get besides this it get's frustrating when it won't fit the screen when you shoot and it doesn't read it because your on the black lines I'd give this game a 5 if they put some more care into it jeez at least make it for the iPhone 5 screen how hard is that for a major gaming company! Come on!

  • Crappy game!!!

    by Hondaart

    The controls are idiotic. Who the hell would ever design a rifle that goes off by lifting your finger off it? It needs a fire button. And, the animals don't move naturally at all. I've never seen a real deer do and instant 90 degree turn and walk the other direction. Too bad. Could have been a decent game if the controls weren't so horrible.

  • EA Hunting

    by Gingerhunter

    Terrible game. It runs and works smoothly but the game itself is just crap. Then after you do buy it you still have to pay for updates. Save your money for something worth the buck and phone space

  • Waste of money - always ask for more

    by YomamaYoDaddy

    Very short game that after paying for only gives you a few levels then makes you pay more for more levels LAME!!! I want a refund, cheap a.. Company

  • Crashes

    by Dave-19701

    This App has crashed 2 times on me now and, I have to keep reinstalling and I also lose all my data when I already beat the game

  • Tdognasty

    by Tdognasty

    This game stinks

  • Crashes

    by Adamcasey

    Super addictive and fun, which makes it so much worse when it crashes and I have to reinstall and lose all my saved game!

  • Bad

    by Zinkrm

    Very difficult to control game.

  • Very frustrating

    by Agjcsdhv

    It was beat in little over an hour and I can't find where you buy the other maps.

  • Fun, until...

    by BethAnn96

    This game is really fun and addicting until you run our of levels. It plays great on the iPad and the graphics are awesome. The only thing is that once you get through the 4 north America levels, you have to pay even more for different locations. Great game and a definite must have, but only for the right price.

  • Title

    by heavenly adorable!

    Very good and very fun. It's very fun when you are able to hunt with the best rifle because it's accuracy is dead on!

  • Fun

    by :/ fdfxgrs

    its slow when i get to the last hunt in alaska. and if its to hard to a us a scope duh.

  • More guns

    by Pppppopopopopopopopopopp

    It needs to have more stuff you can buy cause I'm stuck with 10,000 dollars and nothing to do with it and more maps for free since we already payed 2 dollars for the game.

  • No Game Center support?!?

    by OSTBY18

    Great hunting game but put in Game Center support and then ill rate 5 stars.

  • Pretty good

    by legoviperaid739513

    It's a pretty fun game, the best huntin game on the app store, but there aren't too many good ones. I really don't think you should have to pay a total of 5$ to get the full game, much less 2$ each for the extra locations, maybe 2$ together. The shooting could be helped cause sometimes you think your going to take a shot but the animal moves so you let go and it shoots, but still a pretty good game.

  • Make it for the I-pad

    by 20000000099999

    The game is awesome just please make for the I-pad!

  • Ok, but don't rip me off.

    by Carson's iPod touch

    I just bought the south africa adventure and I thought more than just the animals you listed there, I kinda thought you should add an elephant in the south africa adventure, and also add a wolf in the North America adventures then I'll give 5 stars.

  • Misleading

    by Ultimafred


  • Greedy to the point of theft.

    by Ware_Wolf

    Good game, but the last update, which made no mention of a price, charged my card. Then when I try to send a report to iTunes, surprise, the iPod won't connect. I've just spent my last dollar on anything related to this iPod.

  • Meh

    by Not Your Account

    It's alight needs new animals and weapons like crossbows ARs muzzleloaders handguns

  • Mess up

    by Mojo1234576

    The app keeps messin up

  • maps

    by redman1998

    how do you get the other maps?

  • Horrible

    by SpanishFutbol2010

    Such a horrible game and a waste of money. The controls are horrible, it's extremely difficult if not nearly impossible to hit fast moving targets with the way this game was designed, the guns aren't all that different and frankly I expected much more from EA. Don't waste your money, folks. Avoid this one

  • Really?

    by Aj&k

    Why is this game so difficult to aim and shoot? Waste of my money. I have other hunting apps and this is the worse. Should be a free app.

  • Wast

    by naveedgee

    Wasting of money.

  • Cool game


    My husband loves this game

  • Bait and Switch-esque

    by Seven-Three Charlie Tango

    Really cool hunting game to kill time. I paid my hard earned cash to pay for an ad free experience because ads are OUT OF CONTROL and getting worse in apps, but it has levels you can only reach by...wait for it.....shelling out twice as much as you paid for the game itself! Great game/app but it has a nasty aftertaste! 2.5 stars.

  • Ehh

    by Paigester11244

    Two reasons why three stars worth first wish u can ride atvs second hard for kids

  • Great graphics, great game

    by ssk193

    Best hunting game out for iPhones and iPads.

  • It quits

    by Louis Dempsey

    Occasionaly I have to delete it and I have to restart it

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