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Eat-or-be-Eaten in SPORE™ Origins! Put your iPhone's motion-sensing accelerometer to the test to survive the primordial ooze.

Tilt, turn and twist your way through the primordial ooze with your motion-sensing accelerometer.

Pinch, pull and poke your creation in the Creature Editor, customizing the texture, shape and body parts to fir the way you want to play.

Personalize your gameplay by skinning your creature with pictures from your photo album.

Full version includes:
- Survive 30 challenging levels teaming with bizarre creatures
- Explore strange worlds and navigate treacherous caverns
- Experience 2 exciting game modes: Evolution and Survival
- Enjoy vivid graphics, dynamic animations and atmospheric music on your evolutionary journey
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Customer Reviews

  • Bad movement

    by Calvin 46684

    The movement in games is critical, and considering the fact that this is tilt. I do not favor it so i would much rather have a joystick. This stopped me from buying the full version

  • Good app

    by SuperZdude

    This app is awesome and fun,but I wish there was another app with all stages

  • Nice game

    by Xifero8121

    Stop btching the did the best dame

  • Stop complaining!!!

    by Gamerguy2442

    Stop complaining! Do you know how hard it is to just so 1 level! Read the full versons description! There are over 30 levels and more to come! This is as close to the orginial spore I think there could be!


    by sarin Bour

    The workers of this game worked hard try tried their best! Yes it's not that good but they at least TRIED!

  • Keeps crashing!

    by 636262374850

    Unfortunately it keeps crashing! Great game though.

  • It's free for a reason, guys.

    by Chowder138

    To let you decide if you want to buy it. The full version costs a DOLLAR. If you're so angry that the lite version only has one level, buy it. And stop complaining.

  • The first level only lasts for 10 seconds then u have to buy ful

    by Posy pink

    It's really fun if u but the full one the light stinks though get the full

  • Lol

    by Dwight and origami yoda


  • It's ok

    by mpritchard77

    It's all I could find it is ok for now-n-

  • Get the real game

    by David Hurtado

    Get the real one and stop whining.

  • It's a demo

    by Cyde dish

    Enough said

  • Awesome

    by Tx112

    Great game love it

  • The Game Spore

    by ThunderDp

    This is good same time bad the bad part is what you close it erase everything good part it just a good game!

  • Please make crysis on the iPhone

    by Alexander Hurley

    I love ea games and I am a huge crysis fan please make crysis on the iPhone

  • Honestly I think this is perfect for me...

    by EllieBellez

    I think this game is perfect for me cas I have and enjoy spore on my laptop. I love love love the cell stage. I always make a new world just to play cell. Well done, indeed!!!

  • whaa?!?!

    by domolover000000

    it only has 1 level?!?! whaa?!?! could you please add more levels? SUPERBOWL XLVI (46) GO GIANTS!!!!!

  • About to play

    by Glitch66

    I'm ready

  • Hey fellow Sporians!

    by TrueFireQueen

    I liked it, but it only has one level. I would LOVE it if it had more than that. I play the original spore on my laptop, and can't get enough of it. If you've ever played that, and you enjoy the cell stage, then I would recommend buying the full version.

  • Pretty good

    by Panic addict

    Quite fun for a free game. Luv how u can customize too

  • by Fifsa

    I'm left with a sour feeling in my mouth I would have to say a waste of Mega-bites and time. As a spore fan I thought it would be cool to play it on a mobile devise. It's nothing like spore but it was the light addition so I hope the full version is better.

  • Worst app ever

    by Please6$27));

    This app is the worst because 1.i beat it in one minute 2.bad controls has advertising


    by The game trolls


  • Controls

    by Cheetos101010

    I would have enjoyed it so much, if not for the controls. IT HURTS.

  • Love spore but....

    by Mickshell

    I am in love with spore and once I found out there was a game for it on mobile I flipped out and went straight to my iPad after downloading this I was so excited but then after playing the first level and using the controls I didn't like spore as much

  • ...

    by Coco is. Cute

    I am very dissapointed......

  • horrible


    after 1min of playing youll delete

  • Stupid

    by Aarrrrrr......

    I've read the reviews and I agree this game isn't worth your time. they only let you play ONE level! ONE!!!!!! Don't purchase this app, it isn't worth it.

  • none

    by riceyo

    don't waste your time download this junk. it's only let you play one lvl and that's it.

  • Pointless

    by Egiggey

    Theres really no point to even downloading this, waste of my time :/

  • Dumb

    by Riah00

    I don't understand the point of this...dumb...

  • Bad game

    by Awesomegirl739

    This is a really boring and pointless game

  • Don't even want to try it

    by Codcamper1228

    After reading comments.... Screw this DELETE

  • No point



  • Disappointed:(

    by Katmani

    I don't even want to rate this app because it stinks its not even one star because if u get this version u only get to play for like two seconds and you can't hardly even make your own if you get this app you WILL be dissapointed so don't get it!!! Also, if you have spore on your computer, this app is nothing like it

  • Not played

    by Ladnaladna

    Haven't even played it ,yet but judging from these reviews is all I can say is fix it people.don't ask people to review before you've already taken care of the ones who have.

  • Can't play

    by Madison the pretty

    It keeps shutting down to the main screen it did this 3 times then I deleted this game don't get this game!!!!

  • Terrible!

    by Jujuke

    I can hardly create my creature. Which way is front? Where am I allowed to put this? Et cetera. The full version video reports stunning graphics, but this is stunning? Well, maybe it's my iPad, but could you at least add a real eating motion in stead of that flash when you eat some thing? The tilt censor is very unreliable and unresponsive. The creation menu is very limited, you can't even create a different spinal system!

  • Don't waste your time!

    by MissyMiss34

    I thought this would be simalar to the computer version. Not even close. The graphics are terrible, you only get about a minute of gameplay, and it's just not fun. I hate this. It should get 0 stars. Bleh. How do people like this?

  • Spore origins :( :( :(

    by Hannah belles

    You know what this game was not fun at all it's all a big trick spore orgins this is not like the of version u need to make it on land free with more levels pleeeeeeraaaasssseee MAKE IT MORE FUN!!! And NOT BORING Luke a 30secind trial more levels and more fun

  • :(

    by Crazyforsimcity

    This stinks not even like the real game it makes me want to barf horrible graphics on the demo only has one level I thought demos made you want to buy it this demo just makes it look bad the pc whole game is amazing and great :(

  • Zero Stars

    by c hoffman

    Won't load. Waited 20 minutes. Nada.

  • Horrible app

    by Legolord9

    First of all almost nothing is allowed on your critter with this version, You can only put on ONE thing different on your critter. if you want a real spore game get the smaller version of spore on computer for free. F this app 

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by RE88888

    I liked it a lot! Download it!

  • C-O-N-F-U-S-I-N-G!!!!!

    by Capt OWL

    Wwwwhhhhaaaattttt???? I dont get it at all how do u customize? I can't seem to change my creatures body type and I can't use any of the parts all I can use is the coloring and randomize things... And game play is confusing too plz make a guide or trial or display or waterer u call it. Sooo confusing worse then spores creature and that was HORRIBLE! Please help me!

  • EA Refuses Support

    by refussinganickname

    The demo of this as well as Spore creatures works on the iPad2. However, this full game crashes after level 1. It also crashes if you try to abandon the game to the main menu. After over an hour of bouncing around Apple was unable to help me and EA officially does not support their products, there's not even an option in their system. When told that iOS was neither a "PC, Mac or Laptop" the rep said, "Ok. I see, I'm sorry but we don't have any tech support tips for the Ipad or Iphone." Don't buy EA until they support their work. (Besides, the full version doesn't work.) Oh, and the accelerometer controls really need to go, but I'm leaving the 4 stars because the demo was fun anyway.

  • Needs joystick

    by Roshan A Patel

    This is  it is only one level not good

  • AAAAAWESOOOOOOME!!! but sorry

    by Jackums72

    I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME but everyone says the full version crashes after the FIRST LEVEL. i would have got the full version! I have the spore for pc and spore creatures for ds and I really want to see what EA can do with the iPod iPhone and iPad!

  • Okay

    by Theoneperson1

    It's fun but I can't play it because it is bugged


    by Medasian


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