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NEW Motherships!
• 10 brand new motherships have been discovered in deep space! Safely guide your ships to some incredible locations including the stellar ‘Valkyrie’, curious ‘Deep-Space Angler’, as well as the familiar ‘Hawaii’ and ‘Outback’ Motherships!
• All Motherships can be used in every game mode!

NEW ‘Rescue’ game mode!
• Save the astronauts in ‘Rescue’ mode! Use similarly colored ships to save adrift astronauts – using the wrong ship can knock you off course!

NEW Bots!
• 4 new Bots to help boost your score!
• Swift Swarm – speeds up Green Swarm ships when they’re on target
• Resurrection – adds a chance to gain a life after losing your last life
• Dropper – Dropper ship drones can sometimes land on the green runway
• Personal Trainer – Boost the XP gained by each active Bot

• Continues now limited to 3 per game
• Game modes now unlocked by landing ships
• Leaderboards are now more responsive
• Numerous small additional fixes and optimizations

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
635 Ratings
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946 Ratings


This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more info

It’s Flight Control… But Not As You Know It!

Flight Control Rocket is the next evolution of Firemint's genre-defining #1 hit, Flight Control.
Leave the terrestrial skies of Earth and venture into a whole new galaxy of adventure, action, and addictive path-drawing gameplay!

• 10 new Motherships!
• New ‘Rescue’ game mode!
• 4 new Bots!

Simple Game, Stellar Content
• The classic Flight Control experience – but with a retro Sci-Fi inspired flavor and pace all of its own
• 15 spacecraft with unique abilities and characteristics
• Thrilling game modes such as the fast-paced Infinity and the expansive Odyssey
• A cast of quirky Robots with special powers that help boost your score

Unlimited Fun
• Unlock a near endless number of stages. Push onward and venture to the farthest frontiers…
• Multiple lives means one collision isn't the end of your daring ion-powered adventure. The galaxy loves a risk-taker…
• Keep your fleet fully stocked with goodies from the Shop
• Compete with the galaxy’s top captains on the online leaderboards
• Prove your worth as a commander and claim Game Center achievements that will test your mettle… and that of your Mothership!

Prepare to be amazed… your trip through the vast unknown is about to begin!

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Al Suman

    I just love it

  • Fun!

    by Littlebird81

    Like harbor master, but with more variety.

  • Cute game

    by Jeff_from_Pitt

    Responsiveness is great and the graphics are cute. Music also plays along well and brings you back to the Jetsons era.

  • Noce :c

    by Froylan cardenas

    Esta entretenido n.n

  • Don't listen to popular reviews..

    by KateraChanChan

    This game is amazing; I love the graphics and the coin system is fine as well. I don't really see what the issues are.

  • Needs iPhone 5 support

    by GreatCaesar

    A big company like EA shouldn't have a problem supporting new generation iPhones.

  • Cool

    by Dody dharma

    improvement of FC. more challenging


    by Mary Mersereau

    A jillion times more intense than Flight Control 10/10 would play in bed again

  • Fun

    by Lyla413

    Very fun

  • Very addicting

    by Salino2835

    Game is flawless would be 5 stars if it was enhanced for iphone 5 screen

  • Download it!

    by Webzero

    Fun game, keeps ya entertained and wanting more. I nice change from all the copy cat games out there.

  • Amazing game

    by Mr.Gency

    So fun!

  • Fun game

    by CJamesWD

    Great fun game with an interesting and challenging twist on the old flight control design. Maybe I have not gotten far enough in the game yet, but I have not felt pressured to purchase coins using inApp purchases. I would not anyway, as I cannot afford such frivolous usage of money. InApp purchases are disabled on my phone.

  • awesome

    by Snuba09

    i am addicted

  • Great game

    by Crx89

    Very fun, very addictive. I don't like that there are the dreaded pay to play options to get extra bonuses. Other than that its a cool game. And you really don't have to pay for anything to play the game.

  • Estupendo

    by Wilson41

    Un Game nítido. Te juquea bien duro.

  • Better than Flight Control

    by dainan

    I really like how this game offers different ship types with different speeds. It makes the game much more interesting than the original Flight Control. One thing that's easier though is the fact that you have three lifes. This helps you to be more immersed in the game instead of one crash and you are dead.

  • Amazing

    by Headsup11

    So addicted to this game so much fun need to get it if u r bored

  • Great game

    by Starfox015

    It's one of the best games on iOS I've played

  • Addicting fun

    by Hal199

    Great fun to waste some time.

  • Money grab ruins the game

    by Frustrated aahehufhfhfhhf

    More 'freemium' insanity here. Instead of selling a decent game at a fair price, someone at EA obviously thinks its a better to nickel and dime everything on a subpar game. The game isn't worth the hassle.

  • Not Impressed

    by Robin Spitz

    Exactly like Flight Control except with little space ships and really annoying background music and side effects. I played the tutorial, wrote my review and next step is deleting this game. I can't believe their trying to charge people for items with their in game purchases. This game is not worth it.

  • Great

    by Aybar84

    Great game but unlike the original they take away most of the game by adding all these in app purchases.. NOT COOL

  • Fun

    by Rider750R

    Lots of fun

  • 好玩

    by Roselovin_Sun


  • Awesome, but hard.

    by Ever Malvesi

    Some levels are way too difficult! But cool game!!!

  • FCC rocket

    by Noseyal

    Great game.

  • Awesome

    by Mo bazzifrank

    Great but it doesn't fit or optimized for the iPhone 5

  • Awsome!

    by Bob Angel

    I love this app! It is so cute but I do wish it would fit the iPhone 5 screen so I made my rating 4 stars

  • Awesome

    by iSabrina24

    Awesome but screen needs to be updated to iPhone 5 optimized!!

  • Pretty cool. Great graphics and design

    by The Dude is taken

    Love the theme and music too

  • Enjoy

    by BlueJunco

    I really like this game. Just wish it wasn't so kiddish

  • Great game

    by Asma_1

    I love this game.. Couldn't stop playing..

  • Extremely addictive

    by m4rvolo

    I really love this game. It's very addicting and challenging. I would have given it five stars but four because it's not optimized for iPhone 5.

  • Great game

    by mccaul0

    So much fun. Love to pass the time with it.

  • Great version of Flight Control

    by David Levine

    If you like Flight Control, you'll really like this version. Same basics with some nice additions.

  • A worthy sequel

    by AbeJones

    The original Flight Control is one of my favourite games on iOS. It's too bad I haven't played this one until now, cos it's just as good. They change it up with all the different spaceships, and the new game modes too. Play this!

  • Very good casual game

    by Guanz

    Great gameplay. Brilliant soundtrack (keeps playing in my head). Good choice of playing modes.

  • Love it!

    by Zahaira Alcazar

    Great game I'm addicted! Make a full version or a pro version please!

  • Spectacular!!!

    by MikeCur25

    Get this game goddammit!!! I bought the original Flight Control because I thought and still think it was/is really fun. But this game is free and its like Flight Control on steroids! Sure they try to cell you coins so you can make the game easier or last longer if you got no skill. But through regular play you can accumulate enough coins to buy the better equips without shelling out any real cash. The game is absolutely excellent.


    by Nathan Hoyt

    So addictive!!!

  • Best flight game out

    by CoolcoolDUDEnick

    I also like jet pack joyride but this is better

  • Variety and good theme

    by danlemire

    It's a nice follow on to flight control. Really nice adding ideas like robots, stages, and different kinds of game play. If you like flight control, this is a no brainer.

  • Addictive

    by Dear Willard

    Simple yet so addictive. A game where you always try to beat your own highscore.

  • Game

    by Aluneyjr

    Great game!!!!!

  • Not bad

    by patzivota

    gets a little too insane, though. I like the chill feeling of Flight Control better. Plus where's Game Center support? Has EA forced it out to support Origin? Shame. Overall can't go wrong with free.

  • Love it! Addictive!

    by Jonnywestern


  • Much Better Than Flight Control Original

    by BombShelliN2TheNextHit

    You have more than one difficulty in this version than in the original. Definitely more fun and the set up is cute. One thing that I don't like is how small some of the ships are; some are virtually impossible to see! But I guess that's what adds to the challenge. ;) I recommend this to any flight control lover!!

  • cool..

    by rtsiehrtsieh

    awesome game.. classic

  • Tons of fun

    by YesJustWolf

    Fast and furious with lots of challenges.

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