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Update now to experience the tension and thrills of DEAD SPACE – now enhanced for iPhone 5!

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“BEST MOBILE GAME OF THE YEAR!” ( 2011 Meffy Awards)

Featuring hardcore gameplay and a rich audio experience, immerse yourself in events that unleash the Necromorph horde again – and set the stage for the horrifying action of Dead Space 2. Hailed by fans and critics, this stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise is truly a landmark “must-play.”

With two engrossing channels of gameplay, Survival Mode offers as much strategic dismemberment as you can stomach. Hack and shoot your way through 4 maps in both ENDLESS and “5 MINUTES TO KILL” modes. Bring in weapons, suits, and ammo from Story Mode, rack up big combos, and earn more credits!

Featuring a fully voice-acted stereo soundtrack, plus a movie-quality score and sound effects, we recommend experiencing the game with headphones for full immersion. Cutting-edge visuals, rich in effects and atmospheric lighting, reproduce the cinematic horror of the console experience.

The on-screen HUD is seamlessly integrated into the game. Navigate 6 varied environments and battle Necromorphs with simple swipe and tap controls.

Access the all-new Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe – and get on with the business of strategic dismemberment. Also utilize Kinesis and Stasis Modules well-known to players of the console game.

Enhance weapons and more with additional Power Nodes. Increase offensive and defensive capabilities with Weapon Output and Armor Integrity Modules. Or get the Credit Booster to scavenge more credits from dismembered Necromorphs.


“…a wholly original and terrifying experience splattered in deep gameplay, outstanding graphics, and chilling audio.” (App Store iPhone Game of the Week)

“5 STARS ...a game-changer as far as 3D action games go on iOS platforms.” (Ryan Rigney, GamePro Editors’ Choice)

“4/4 MUST HAVE …all the limb-slicing action, Retina Display crispness, nail-biting audio and run-for-your’s-life thrills you could want…” (Chris Reed, Slide To Play)

** NOTE ON SURVIVAL MODE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY – DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Survival Mode is ONLY compatible with 3Gs devices or above. This mode will not appear in the game when played on 1st or 2nd generation devices. **

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Customer Reviews

  • Space is ded

    by Akwaz

    I went into the game hoping to kill a space or 2 but NOPE i didn't kill any space. I was only greeted by a amazing game that I 100%. 0/1000

  • Cool

    by <> Buckley <>

    I love this game and it is so fun but it keeps crashing most of the time if im lucky it will work

  • Awesome.

    by Jawfish1990

    This is awesome. Any new updates like new weapons or missions? Currently using itouch 4 32g and it runs flawless. Also ME infiltrator is awesome. Runs smooth as well. Only two apps I have is deadspace and ME infiltrator . ;)

  • Simply awesome.

    by hYBRYDcOBRA

    Its just like a portable Dead Space, and just as fun.

  • 5/5

    by CurvedTick

    I've only had this game for a day and its already one of the best games I've played on my iPod!

  • Love it

    by Elpoko

    First off I played dead space 2&3 and I loved 2 better than 3 but this well deserves the dead space name and I personally love(spoiler) how the main character is actually a girl this game is beast

  • Dead BATTERY

    by NinjaStud

    ok. I don't think that's how you spell it....BUT this game is freaking awesome! The controls are amazing, smooth and what I really liked: creative...great way to present gameplay....all the people whining about ads I saw two from the game itself so don't listen to that. Lastly, it IS worth money...if you've read this far bless you ;) but I got it for a buck on Christmas but now I realize I would pay 7 for it no problem

  • Awesome

    by righteous laser

    This is an awesome game. I don't even think it's that scary, but still great. Something for EA though, u guys should really making crysis on ios. You've already made battlefield, mass effect, need for speed, and dead space, so you HAVE to make crysis. Something to consider.

  • Bummer!

    by Qwertyzacbobbilldeaddave

    Needs to be harder and longer!!!

  • Enjoying it

    by Anthony4209

    Barly in the beginning and lots of fun hope you guys make a part 2.


    by Nugg3tz

    This game is just beautiful graphics are top notch the sound design is nice and the controls are perfect for this type of game I'm a huge dead space fan and this mobile version doesn't disappoint

  • Amazing .....

    by DevineCourage

    The Dead Space Series has always been up there as one of the best survival horror games. One of the few that tries it's best and succeeds, this phone version is great in every way, give it a shot for yourself, it won't disappoint.

  • It's good

    by Clane-see

    Dead Space on your touchscreen

  • Almost crapped my pants

    by Angel(Heaven Sent)

    Played this not expecting much because it's am app but the graphics looks pretty cool. And i highly underestimated how scary it would be. If your thinking about buying this app, you thinking too much.


    by Userkris11

    I love this game a lot I think you should Make 2 and 3 for my IPod please

  • Amazing worth every penny

    by mrwarfare-the-killer

    This was the first dead space game I had ever played and is still my second favorite too dead space two u HAVE to get it

  • Great until

    by Urmomsdadschild

    It was extremely enjoyable until chapter 6. When the game started to crash so much it became unplayable. I can't even get into the level without the game crashing

  • Frickin awesome!!!!!!!

    by Fricken awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ever since I downloaded this game I've been playing it ever day but the thing is that the ending was a little messed up cause you were a girl!!!!!!!!! But still very awesome game please make a 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VERY good game

    by Devyn the dude

    Good game!!! NEED mulitplayer PLEASE, need dead space 2, and finally need more jump scares

  • Good but I feel like it's missing some things

    by Game_P0N3

    Like the death scenes should be more disturbing, when I stomp a necromorph I can't here the sweet sound of them getting crushed under my foot, I was expecting Leapers in the Vacuum & zero-g environments, and The slashers should more aggressive.

  • Horrible game

    by Hrozhek

    Boring gameplay, bad lighting and fearless trying to fear

  • Absolutely phenomenal!!

    by ŸäMSES

    The game kept me on edge and jumpy the whole time, and the gameplay was sick! The story-Awesome! The action- seat-clenching! And a great ending to top it all off!

  • Some parts of space are dead

    by Leekygeeks

    The mobile version of Dead Space is great. As a fan of the series, I have to say it's the best I have ever played. Playing as someone besides Isaac is great, there are some jumps here and there, good story, and levels are decent length. It's a shame how there are only five necromorphs but it's a great game. Note: this game takes place during Dead Space 2. Btw, EA, if you can make a dlc for this for Tyler, I would be glad to pay some money for it. Overall, 6.99 is worth it and be sure to play this game with headphones and in the dark, and make sure you have your charger next to you. And I hope you make sequel to this, like maybe a necromorph invasion on earth and you are playing as a miner who is fighting for survival. It would be a great sell and add some multiplayer like you did in Dead Space 2.

  • Works great

    by PSZeroRoxas15

    I played this on my fifth gen iPod and I loved it. My friend played it on the iPad and he also loved it.

  • Bad support

    by JOFU

    Crap game that won't even run for 2 mins bad bad bad wish I could give negative stars

  • Running on iOS 7 iPhone 4s

    by Schmittyflabergasted

    Newest update bricked the app. Can even get past the EA screen. Goes to show the quality content they allow to be released.

  • Awesome

    by Iliketacos :D

    It's really good for a mobile device. A better experience when playing with headphones on as well!


    by Progamer31

    This is the beat game I have ever played in my life. The graphics are great for a iOS. The story is really well made. I have spent hours playing and unlocking more stuff, but I really wish they would make a multiplayer mode like team death match or coop survival. Plz make that in the next update. In other words it's AWESOME!!!!

  • Ads...

    by Deathly_rYaN

    You make us pay for the game, yet you still have ads.... Money grabbing EA. Worst company...

  • Are you serious EA

    by 010101010110110115973

    I have an iPhone I bought this title on my iPhone 5s then I got my ipad air and when I went to download it I have to pay the same amount of price for the ipad too that's just unfair !!

  • Amazing Game

    by MasterT6578

    I just finished the story and the end was awesome. ( SPOILER ALERT) I don't like how Tyler got his way and you supposedly died, if you made a number 2 where the main character somehow lived I would buy that!

  • Awsome!!! Like the console

    by Novaops game loft account

    No problems no crashes runs smooth on my IPod 4th gen whoever wants to play with me on dead space on Xbox 360 my gamer tag TrueLies45ux

  • Fantastic.

    by ProRusMan

    Dead Space is a great game especially on my iPhone. Great graphics, gameplay and ending. This great games deserves more than 5 stars.

  • Amazed

    by milksteak91

    This game is probably my favorite ios game of all time. Beautiful graphics, easy to learn controls, runs perfectly on my iphone 5. Style stays true the console versions while integrating the touch screen controls in a way where you can focus on the gameplay rather than looking at onscreen buttons. Good work EA! Cant wait for you guys to release dead space 2 (if you enter an origin account you unlock some sort of extra for dead space 2)

  • Sloppy controls, but otherwise a great game

    by kittybigby

    The only thing I can really complain about is the controls. Sometimes when I try to move the camera, I fire a weapon instead. Otherwise, this game is a great way to kill time, and well worth the 99 cents. And story mode works flawlessly without networks or 3G, so I can play on the go. All and all, it's a great game with sloppy controls.

  • Needs multiplayer please

    by Bicasha

    It would be better if it had multiplayer but i also still love the game.


    by WintryWarrior96

    The graphics are so awesome!!! When's 2 and 3 comin out????

  • Surprisingly good

    by casey araiza

    The graphics are surprisingly good and the controls are easy to move

  • A fantastic little game.

    by Lil' dolan

    A wonderful game, fantastic graphics, wonderful gameplay and controls. However, while it does have a good story, it is a little short. Unlike other games infected by EA, this game appears to be unharmed, so I can, without a doubt, say that I most certainly recommend this game.

  • Not ipad compatible

    by Abdellahi

    I bought this because it says in description it works with ipad but why there is a sperate app for ipad for sale. I feel cheated

  • More updates

    by Creatur1930

    Needs more guns and co-ops survival

  • Great game!

    by Jay ved

    This is the best game on iOS that I've ever played. I've played all the latest dead spaces and this is still my top dead space game ever. I would like it if u could add more chapters to the next update.

  • Crashes, update it

    by Jonropp

    The app crashes, I give a 1 star until it's fixed and updated.

  • More in the store

    by Jacob-Man284

    Can EA please add more suits in the store? More guns @ the store will be better, too.

  • Need more!

    by T_Vogter

    They might be done with console games but we all could use/need another mobile game to hold us over.

  • Needs a local wifi co-op mode

    by >)Th3 BoSs 80(<

    It would be cool if you guys added a local wifi co-op mode it is a really fun game but would be better if I could play with other people

  • Sweet

    by lazyboy217

    This is the best game ever graphics are the best and the frames are 100% flaules for the iPod 4g

  • Fix

    by Jdlm25143

    Please fix this game is laggin a lllooooooooooootttt

  • Multiplayer

    by Gameboy47

    There should be a multiplayer mode

  • Please please make a second dead space On iOS please!!!!!

    by DanielGamino

    Please please make a second dead space On iOS please!!!!!

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