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COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT IS NOW OPTIMIZED FOR iOS 5! We went back to the war room to bring you a 5-STAR battle experience.

Update now and get back to what’s important – commanding the combat!

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THE COLD WAR IS HOT AGAIN! Experience real-time Command & Conquer strategy with Multiplayer Mode.

Now implemented for Skirmish Mode, choose from 3 three levels of difficulty, from Easy to Hard. Enjoy a challenge that matches your RTS experience.

Now go head-to-head against your strongest opponents via WiFi and Bluetooth.

Drag and scroll to gauge the battlefield. Pinch-zoom in and out of the action. Select and move units with a tap. Control multiple units at once!

Fight for Soviet domination or battle to restore peace with the Allies. Deploy military might unique to each side and engage in different campaign storylines.

Fight in Skirmish Mode on two different battlefield maps with war squads you create and control.

Command units in different environmental conditions. Build your base and manage supplies with a new easy-to-use combat system.

Employ classic units like Kirov Air Ships and new units like the Paladin Tank. Or R&D new technologies to destroy your enemies.

Add our Map Pack containing SIX MORE skirmish maps for an additional low price. Playable in both Single and Multiplayer Modes!

Expand the action with a third faction with its own story, units, and buildings for an additional low price. Get extra elite Soviet and Ally units for even more battlefield intensity.
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Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by SnowmanCV1

    Can you's please ********** UPDATE********** -Online play -allow us to be able to build more buildings and units - and we should just be able to build ore refinery and trucks should go get the ore ***** PLEASE UPDATE*****

  • <3

    by Moheeb essa

    Best game ever I love it since I was a kid I finished it here but I jus wish they make red alert 2 for iPhone. :)

  • Awesome

    by Steveo116233

    Loved it. Nice port of the game.

  • Could be SOOO much better

    by Cool kid18477274

    Hopefully they update it

  • Fun game

    by J dr

    Fun, but it doesn't take long to beat. Skirmish is alright but we need to be able to play against real opponents online.

  • Help

    by R@nd0m guy

    MAP PACK WONT WORK!!!!!!?!????!!?!??!??!!??!!? :-)

  • Fun but with bugs.

    by Aleli54

    It's your classic C&C Red Alert 3 mashed up for IOS 5. It needs updates for IOS 6+ and its starting to crash a lot on my iPod touch 4gen. Other than that its fun for a bit.

  • Nice game

    by Update come

    Super awesome

  • Nice game

    by Update come

    Super awesome

  • Good game overall

    by Ghost398

    I am a big RTS gamer, and when I finally found a real RTS game for iOS devices I was excited. This game is great except for a couple of cons. 1. I would like if each barracks each had its own troop training queue. Being able to train multiple types of troops at once is invaluable and would greatly improve this games gameplay. 2. This is more of a warning than a con. There are 3 difficulties for this game. I haven't done easy b/c medium is pretty easy. When you try to play on hard, it's hard. The computer plays a perfect strategy and this is able to requisition troops quicker than you are. This is kind annoying but it does present a good challenge. 3. There NEEDS to be multiplayer. Bluetooth and wifi just don't work. I don't want to have to bring someone to my house just to battle against them in C&C. A multiplayer option would most certainly boost the rating of this game. This game is a great game overall, and with a few tweaks, it would be amazing!

  • NICE GAME !!!!

    by Bibo1998.

    It's a good game like red alert 3 on xbox and ps3 .....thanks EA Games

  • Cool

    by Yasser =)


  • Please update for iPhone 5

    by Evil-Doggy

    The UI looks cluttered and I think that the iPhone 5 display would really help. Otherwise I'm a huge fan of red alert on the pc and am happy I can experience it on my phone.

  • Okay

    by cannowspeakspanish

    Not bad game. Too few skirmish maps and too few levels.

  • Fit iPhone 5 screen!

    by QueenSpades

    You optimized it but didn't fit it to the larger screen???

  • Make Generals Next!!

    by Hoot18

    I love this game (but I've always loved Command & Conquer)! It's kind of strange on the iPod but its still great! Next EA Games NEEDS to make Command & Conquer Generals!

  • Great, but needs better graphics

    by Lil' dolan

    This game is great, but its graphics are really sub par. Anyhow, for 99 cents it is really worth it.

  • Please update and optimize for ios6

    by crazyrussian

    Very dissatisfied that a big company like EA does not update such a wonderful game in 2 YEARS!! Please update and optimize for ios6 Thank you

  • Game is flawless

    by Wunstab

    A nostalgia powerhouse, this is coming from a guy who still plays TA , this game is still great! I wish they would fix a small bug where the game crashes if you use a nuke when you are on the russian team, i think it may apply to the enemy team being russian as well, because I've only ever crashed when the enemy team was russian in skirmish mode, ONLY problem i have with the app, please update it or release another c&c!! I love all the c&c's and i wish i could experience tiberium wars on my iphone!!

  • Meh, an OK game

    by Xtrafire

    There are some things i need to point out: 1. Bad Interface. You cannot tell your units what to do all the time. 2. Need longer campaign. 3. The expansion pack is a bit overpriced ($ 2.99 for one campaign and like 2-4 maps, really?) Otherwise, this game is fun to play. I would like to see Tiberium War on ios too. 3/5 stars

  • Not Full screen on iPhone 5

    by JohnB3d

    Not Full screen on iPhone 5

  • Terrible

    by Kieshka

    Awful game. No instructions. The computer is destroying your buildings by the time you build your first soldier.

  • Not good, not good at all

    by Hobs1221

    On an iPhone the game is very difficult to control and the game play gets really boring after 10 minutes.

  • Not for iphone 5 / ios 7

    by Pablo Narvaez

    It would be better if EA improved this game! It's a classic but it would worth the update to a bigger screen.

  • Good but you can tell it was rushed

    by theultimatedestroyer

    I have always loved red alert, but Unfortunately I now only have a macbook so i cant play it anymore. Luckily I found the app which mildly satisfied my craving for commanding militaries. Its fun, dont get me wrong, but it is weeeeaaakkkkk compared to red alert 2 for pc. I know for a fact C&C could at least make a red alert 2 clone for the iPhone. This version lacks -chrono capability -multiple countries (you can only play as soviets or allies neither of which have a special weapon) -no special weapons like desolaters, snipers, grand cannon, paratroopers, etc. -cant heal your own building with an engineer -engineers cannot capture enemy structures to achieve their technology -no spies -attack dogs are slow -NO NAVAL FORCES!!! (I mean come on, land and air only??) -no troop transport vehicles -no anti air vehicles -no tanyas or yuris -only 2 skirmish maps Overall, bleh. I would gladly pay 9.99$ if they would make this the full red alert.

  • Utter bollocks

    by Red alert Dan

    I loved Red Alert as a kid and was excited to get this app. But it crashes so much that it's become utter bollocks to even try to play. I paid good money for this and the expansion pact. Stop flapping about and fix it now Westwood.

  • Oh man

    by Steven Sanchez

    This is what i get for buying a app. Garbage

  • I waste my money !

    by Oscar128

    Should be much better !

  • So Hard

    by Tyberzann

    I would enjoy the game more if it wasn't like 50 tanks right outside your base when your still trying to build the base...

  • Crashes

    by MidgarHeretic

    The game continuously crashes but when it does not crash it is awesome.

  • If we could..

    by Djrella659

    Be able to have a larger area in which to build bases, the game would be much better... I do not like, at all, being restricted to just 3 resource-makers, and one command base, one barracks, and one defense tower.... It doesn't make for good gameplay at all... :( I'm usually one to make do with small amounts of resources, but with this game, it's near impossible for me to win any matches. The resources just never seem to be enough.

  • UPDATE!!

    by Slurpz4

    I payed money for this game without looking when it updated UPDATE AND I WILL GIVE IT 5 STARS

  • Not what i expected

    by Anjshhdh

    This game had some potential. But its kind of crappy. I wouldn't say it is worth the $1. Not anything like i expected it to be

  • Great job EA.......NOT!!!!!!!!

    by Ecto Hunter

    I have completed the objectives for the first mission 8 times now. Every time I succeed I Lose. Not cool. Retake base: check. Eleminate enemy presence: check. End game: defeat. FIX IT EA. FIX IT NOW


    by Airteez

    Not worth a plugged peso!

  • Don't waste your time

    by Carl VanderLaan

    Loved this game on PC. The iOS developers did a poor attempt to give you Red Alert. You're attacked within two minuets, the buildings are to big for the space allotted and the maps are tiny.

  • 2+ years with no update?

    by HourGlass1995

    Sketchy. Either release a new iOS C&C game, or update the crap out of this one.

  • Pretty good,needs more maps and options

    by Araceli Rebolloso

    The app is fun to play and command an army and bomb them, but there is not that many maps and you can't do much. The app needs to update more often too.

  • Disappointed fan of PC C&C

    by M42AB


  • Awesome!!!

    by ELcrusher

    Great game. It would be cooler if you had a 2v2 mode in skirmish. Or Command and Conquer 4 for the iPod.

  • Not bad

    by Bassgod76

    It needs more campaign levels and maps. Simple to operate, but gets boring due to lack of options. Plus, you don't get the enemy's technology when sending your engineer into their buildings.

  • User friend game

    by DempseyOcelot

    This game is extremely user friendly,fun,and down right awesome. There's nothing like overpowering your enemies in a all out attack. Blitz style warfare.

  • Needs update with a new faction

    by Killbone

    This game is awesome but it needs an update with a new faction (yuri)faction

  • Bad interface

    by taoakes

    The bad interface caused me to want to throw my iPhone in frustration. Not quite the urge that one should have while playing a game.

  • Down with EA!!!

    by mehoff88

    Come on people lets put EA out of business!!! If you happen to own stock in EA, sell sell sell!!! We can't let them get away with what they did to Sim City!!!

  • Keeps crashing

    by GAM055

    Keeps on crashing. Tries to get you to install another game each time one starts.

  • Don't

    by Zdsxa

    Don't play the campaign because the first two levels easy third screwed so badly that not even the greats military minds on earth can beat it

  • READ

    by AnDo!!!!!


  • Update

    by Jopgbkfit

    It would be a nice way to pass the time, but it crashes in the middle of the 2nd campaign mission (for me anyway). Really needs an update.

  • Update iPhone5

    by raddad2

    Update iPhone 5 and Game Center

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