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** CLUE now supports OS 3.0 **

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The classic board game you know & love is back with a stunning new look and feel!

Interrogate 6 original CLUE suspects: Scarlet, White, Peacock, Mustard, Plum and Green.

Search for original and new weapons like a Razor, Poison, a Candlestick and a Pistol.

Sleuth through the mansion for clues & weapons in cupboards, couches, and blazing fireplaces!

Read suspects’ body language for clues and determine if they’re lying or telling you the truth!

Record clues to the caper on the Crime Map and get tips to hasten your search for a suspect.

Monitor your progress and track stats and in-game achievements.
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Customer Reviews

  • Update update UPDATE!!!!!

    by *Chuckles*

    I love this game. It truly is fun. There's a new case/murderer with each game play, so it never gets old. I first started playing this game 5 years ago.... I'm 20 now and this game can seriously use a da*n update. I really love it and whenever I clear out old apps I never use, this one always stays just because I love it so much. I've seen so many reviews of people who say that this app needs an update and I couldn't agree more! But EA, please.... PLEASE update soon!!!!

  • LONG overdue for an Update.

    by AppDude27

    Clue for iOS is a really fun game, the only problem is that EA hasn't updated the app for a LONG time. I really wish they'd take the time to add some features to it like new cases (perhaps themes?) or maybe even the ability to make your own clue case? It's a cool concept for a game with the adventure approach, I just wish that EA would do something to this app to improve it.

  • Awesome

    by Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan13

    I really do love this game. It's not the original board game, but I think it's a bit better. It's so much fun and I love how its set up. It would be nice to get some more levels soon though because I completed all of them haha. It was pretty addicting.

  • Amazing!

    by LetteHardcore

    wow its somewhat like the board game but with a twist i love it its a great brain exercise!!!

  • Loved this game!

    by Mayra Gonzalez

    This version of clue was so much fun. I literally could not put my phone down and finished the entire game in a few hours! The good thing is that each level has alternate endings so you can play each one more than once :D! The only thing I wish is that there were more levels to complete...other than that, this game is perfect!

  • I liked It!

    by I Rox 7383$;!;474$

    It was a lot of fun to play and the levels each have several endings, so if u finish quickly you can replay the different levels. I know that it is not like the board game , but I still think it is a good game.

  • - It's okay .

    by Andiyasymone

    - I mean the game is okay I just wish it had more levels b/c it's takes a very quick amount of time to finish . Also it says that you can play each level & it has different endings , well not really . I mean they might change who did it but everything else will be the same . Like they will just change one thing so it's not that much of a change . But I mean it's kind of fun I guess .

  • It's OK

    by Cgraves2

    It's an okay game, but should be made for ipad also...

  • Great logic puzzles!

    by Taxicab224

    If you're looking for a board-game app of Clue, this isn't it. Instead, it's a set of timed logic puzzles based on the characters of the game. You need to clear suspects based on the information they tell you, found clues in the rooms, and inferences created through the information you discover. The game becomes more difficult as you play and each "level" has multiple games, so it's hard to remember the solutions when you start repeating levels. Overall, it's a great game when you want to kill 15 minutes. I think the low review numbers reflect people assuming it's a board game. If you're looking for that, move on. If you're looking to challenge yourself, definitely buy this app!

  • Needs Update!!!

    by Oscar_777

    I like this spinoff version if the original. How about an update though. Some new levels & maybe an option to play the board game?!? Update & new levels for sure though. C'mon!!!

  • Really cool

    by Murder Mystery???

    I'm a Clue addict, as it's my favorite board game ever. Yes this game does have a new look and feel, yet I actually like being an actual detective. I don't like this game more than the original board game, but it still awesome! There are 3 different endings for each case, so in technicality, there are actually 30 different cases you can solve. The one thing I don't like is that sometimes the suspects tell you something & you trust them & you end up being wrong. ea made a mistake but otherwise this was the 1st gaming app I got for my IPad & it's still my fav today :)

  • Good initial effort

    by BeninAK

    Great spin-off of the board game. People & weapons are randomized, so every case is different. I agree more room layouts, maybe more people & weapons, or varying degrees of clue quantities would polish the game. Also, my game music disappeared, won't play at all w the latest iOS 7 update. Please patch.

  • Good, but short

    by Samantha Jacobs

    While it's not the board game, I did appreciate it. It was very fun. I loved the graphics and the rules; you didn't just follow the process of elimination. It tested deductive reasoning, and reconstructing the events that happened during the crime, at it, and around it. I loved how there were different endings for each case as well as how we had a time limit, though a bit unconventional. My only problem was that there wasn't enough cases. I finished it in less than 4 hours. I would absolutely adore more cases added to this game; it stimulates and intrigues my brain. And as I've said before, it's quite fun.

  • Update please

    by Sullym16

    When are you developers going to update this app?!?! Pls it's time for an update...i enjoy this game

  • Not bad

    by authorkid94

    It's a good game, and pretty fun. But there needs to be more levels. It goes too quickly.

  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!

    by Kyn03

    This game is great! Yeah it is for one player but i have two sisters and we do it together. It's REALY fun. Buy it

  • Good like it

    by Haaran

    Love it But tooooooo short Interesting But reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy short Hope update more episodes

  • Help!


    It's a really awesome game but i am stuck because I don't understand what they mean by : East Wing, West Wing, ETC. Can somebody help me?!?!

  • So Much Fun!

    by Sophie Morland

    I've had this game for years and I still play it. No, it's not like the board game, but it's a fun game in its own right. The best thing about this game is that the cases never repeat (even if you play the same level over and over, the outcome and clues are always different). The first levels are very easy but serve as a tutorial, and as you go along they get more challenging and, frankly, addicting. Engaging graphics are a definite bonus as well.

  • Good

    by bookworm390

    Excellent game, interesting and makes you think. I agree, there needs to be more levels and it's nothing like the actual board game, but it's incredibly fun and a good intellectual game :)

  • Outdated app...

    by Camelhive

    The premise behind the single-player app version of App is nice - a twist on the original game calls for a story themed app with some touch-based investigation and note keeping. But the app falls flat for being outdated. The graphics, while elegant, should have been updated to retina (not to mention ipad) quality. The game's UI is slow on often holds back the player, instead of promoting the action. The most silly part is that when you guess wrong - you don't get to learn what was the correct answer, and how it fits better with the clues you've assembled. In short - don't buy this until EA updates it.

  • What the...

    by Datama722

    I'm furious I wasted $ on this. Nothing at ALL like the board games. I'm a Clue collector. I get every version released. I even buy Cluedo games from other countries. So I'm more than familiar with all the different versions & rules. This game however is just a quick ploy to make money. It's just a random guessing game. No skill or thinking required. The clues don't pay off, the time limit is ridiculous & all the fun and charm of the games is completely gone. You can't even play a crappy version of the board game even if you wanted to. There hasn't been an update in ages. Total waste. Don't throw away your money or time!!

  • iOS7 iPhone5s update needed

    by 450901


  • 'Game of Luck' a more appropriate name

    by heycait

    I bought this game after reading a few positive reviews. The reviews prepared me to expect a modified version of the games, or in other words, not the original board game we've come to know and love. However, after playing a couple rounds, it didn't live up to expectations. It's more of a game of luck as you have to find all the clues before time runs out, so you can't click on every 'potential' clue the game highlights for you. It's pretty much a race against the clock + choosing an actual clue from the available choices (some of them aren't clues at all and are there to just waste your time). It's not a detective game if you can't gather all the clues to make an accusation.


    by Zozo3345

    I thought it'd be like the board game. And I personally think the time runs out too quickly and a lot of the time the people are just telling you things you already know and it took me awhile to pass some of the levels because I was mainly just guessing. I ❤️ The clue board game but I was very very disappointed with this!

  • Not impressed :/

    by Person love books!!!!!!

    I was expecting the clue board game, but it's a one person game... I thought that this would be the app where you could play clue with friends or others on the internet. Do NOT get this app if you want the clue board game. I'm not sure if there is an app for that :(

  • Very misleading

    by lucasalexander

    This is nothing like the original board game, its more like those point and click mystery games

  • Outdated, old...

    by Spaceman91

    This game was fun 4+ years ago when it updated to support iOS 3... Now 4 OS's later, it looks like a load of

  • I was searching and...

    by Fake rating :-(

    I just touched it once and It bought automaticly

  • Very Disapointed

    by Schreechingwasp

    At least make more levels. Come on guys your better than this. I was really excited but now I'm very dissapointed


    by Kendall331

    Great game but it needs updated! Add more levels! Not worth any money with such a short game.


    by jrm3Stream

    This game is unplayable. At the third or forth level time runs out before you can collect all the clues. The old computer clue game was and still is the best. Just port it over to iOS. We will be happy.


    by Come on, man!!!

    This IS NOT the original Clue Game! Come on, EA, do the original game! It's 100 times better than this game. Big let down, EPIC FAIL! Make the original game and I'll erase this review and buy the game!

  • Disappointment

    by blockoptic

    Horrible app. Not like the board game at all.

  • Clue

    by Zebra Lover Zebra

    Clue is my favorite board game EVER! But I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the app. Compared to the board game it is not that good. I've had some shut downs in the game. I try to get in the app and it takes me to the home screen of my IPod and turns it off. The one time IIt's was able to play it, I didn't really like it. I would not recommend the app, but that's just me. Some other people like it.

  • Junk

    by Fire wired

    My little girl loves the board. There is nothing redeeming about this version. Should be a complete embarrassment for Electronic Arts.

  • Never Updates

    by Juggalox

    I've had the app for over a year and they never change it. They don't care about money or their product.

  • No fun!!!

    by Xmdmksms

    Why don't you put out the original board game. I would buy that. This takes 1 hour to win it all.

  • Bored!!

    by Please More puzzles

    I buy this app thinking that it will be like the board game in real life but this app is very bored and is very different to the real game! Also I have to pay for this !

  • Please update!

    by Panda71594

    I enjoyed this game but it only took me a day to get through all the levels. I rate this two stars because there needs to be more to it!

  • Nothing like Clue board game

    by Prclyn

    I should have read the reviews. This is NOTHING like the board game. You play solo and tap on the characters to get the clues. It also at a fancy modern party. Completely ruined the original clue concept. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IF YOU ARE A CLUE FAN!!! I don't know what they were thinking.

  • Glitches?

    by HowItDoBabyBoo

    I've had this game on a different device and decided to re-download it today. When I pressed the "Accuse" button on the first case, it just gives you the information to press the button.. Please fix this.

  • Awesome

    by Critic101 (not real critic)

    Great game, most complaints seem to be about it not being the board game, when it's blatantly obvious that it isn't the board game... Either way it's a fun time waster, time limit is irritating but not too overly intrusive.

  • Dumb

    by Sydawesome

    Could be way better



    It needs to be explained better! I can't understand anything that is going on! & I love clue!

  • C-H-E-A-P!!

    by Musician#⃣1⃣

    This game is stupid, a money waster, lame, and doesn't relate to the board game at all. I bought the game went on and decided to delete it right away. It doesn't make any sense at all. Do NOT waste your money. Do NOT buy this game. Money is usefull, so save it! I wouldn't give it any stars but the dang thing is making me rate it before I post this so I am being forced to give it 1 star but so you know the game does not deserve millionth of a star.

  • Stupid. Completely stupid. Don't buy it.

    by Neens pad

    This game was so stupid, for those people who like the board game clue it was a terrible disappointment. First of all it narrowed the whole thing down to 2 rooms, 2 weapons, and 2 people so it was so easy it was boring. Secondly, it was nothing like the board game because you didn't get to make accusations in each room and get showed cards that the people had, you only got to make 1 accusation and that was at the very end after you talked to the 2 suspects and actually looked for clues like you would in real life. If you want to see what the police do to look for clues and figure out who did it, with what, and where buy this game. If you want the board game Clue, don't buy it.

  • Disappointing

    by Emily_Wells

    I bought this app thinking I could play the board game...

  • Create more levels!!

    by ThisIsFabulous!

    I really enjoyed the game! I want to continue playing so please create more levels!!!!

  • Deceptive

    by Korossyl

    The game isn't actually Clue at all. EA lied.

  • Unbelievably stupid.

    by Mixalhs

    Nothing like the board game and ridiculously difficult unless you make numerous accusations, then perhaps you'll get it right. Awful!!!

  • LAME

    by Lovehorsejumping

    I hate hate this game it is sooooo lame it is no we're close being near the board game such a waste of money.

  • So, so bad.

    by JohnnyStrife

    Clue is one of my favorite board games. I don't know why they couldn't just make something that slightly resembles it rather than inventing an extremely lame game and giving it the same title. Run from this game.

  • Not like the board game

    by PHarden

    This game is not like the board game, which is fine, but that being the case, they should market it as something else. It is kind of interesting, though a little confusing at moments and a little frustrating. This game wasn't for me, but again, I am comparing it to the classic game and had different expectations.

  • IPAD

    by JESS1193



    by whothehellcares1

    Last update was back in 2009! Y'all better update this thing and please remove the timer!

  • Not bad, but has its faults

    by Kay A.

    This is a fun little logic game based on the classic board game, with a somewhat similar gameplay, but it comes with something the original doesn't: a time limit. Every move you make, every search you perform, and every time you questions someone, it costs you game time. "Sixty minutes" may sound like a lot, but when it costs five minutes to go from one room to another, it's pitifully little. (Note: It's not in actual time. It's basically a "move counter," where different tasks cost you more or less than others.) On top of that, more than half of the items or places you search are dead ends. It's very easy to waste your game away just trying to find clues--or just to talk to all the suspects. There's also no way to make notes about a suspect/room/item on a case-by-case basis. Scarlet isn't in the North Wing? You can't just put an X by her name in each room; you have to remember it and keep reading your notes. A woman had the razor? Same thing. You can't just X off the razor by the men. Granted, that can be part of the challenge of the game, but it adds to the frustration. On the plus side, the game has good art, a sense of humor, and it works that you're now a reporter, not a detective. (It helps to explain the time limitation.) Once you get a hang of the controls they're quite easy to use, and there's a visual indicator when you need to revisit a suspect. I also like the funky, Archer-esque groove of the art and music =when you go to make your accusation. In short: Worth 99 cents, but until they fix the time limitation issues, it's not going to be a great game.

  • Clue

    by Lovin lane

    I am not impressed with the game u can't chose ur person ur timed and frankly I am upset to cave payed .99 for it

  • Fun, but dissappointing in length

    by amberg612

    I bought this game two days ago, and it is really fun. However, I have already beaten the entire game, achievements and all. I am really disappointed that I paid $0.99 for a game that didn't last me more than a couple days. I really hope they release an update that give more and harder crimes to solve, that way I don't feel like I wasted my money on a game that requires nearly no time to beat.


    by HungerGamesFanForever

    I HATE THE FACT THAT WE ARE TIMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, other than that, it is fun!

  • It's impossible to do

    by GMK619

    I am having fun but it's hard to beat I always lose

  • Limited Number of Cases

    by Tashie B

    The game is different than the board game. You search for clues and talk to suspects which was interesting. The downside is that there are only about 3 cases per level and there is only about 4 levels. Would love to see the game updated especially since you pay for it.

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