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CAN YOU STOP THE KILLER? Investigate. Interrogate. Unmask the murderer! Get the only interactive detective adventure on the App Store that lets YOU solve the crime in a FREE NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK. But be careful out there. Every choice you make could have deadly consequences.

In Volume One, play as Detective Mal Fallon and Special Agent Natara Williams on the trail of a terrifying killer known as “The Maskmaker.” Gather evidence, ask hard questions, and make smart decisions – or else. From the shocking opening, the storyline grips you and doesn’t let go.

Chapter by chapter the plot unfolds. But remember, how the case ends depends on the choices YOU make. You’ll discover who did it – or you might be done in yourself. Play through the storyline again and again to see all the twists and turns the investigation can take.

Just like your favorite TV show, “tune in” each week and crack ALL-NEW cases at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Every Friday, we post a new FREE episode that airs for 7 days. The sooner you download the game, the more FREE weeks you’ll get.

Once you’re hooked on CAUSE OF DEATH, you can also buy never-before-aired storylines ON DEMAND.
Episode 1 – “Tough Love”
Mal and Natara set out to discover the truth behind the Maskmaker's accomplice, but a shocking new murder stands in their way.

Tune in each week for another all-new, FREE episode! (To catch episodes you missed, check out the ON DEMAND section of the game.)

**PLEASE NOTE: If you have downloaded the latest update and are not seeing your content, make sure to select “Restore” from the Play menu**

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** Available In English Only **
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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome game buttt

    by A9212

    Great game but you need to pay. You get. The first game (episode) but you need to pay for the next one. :(

  • Cause of Death=amazing

    by netherguardian

    If this was a movie it would be the like Mission Impossible and Taken put together!

  • Entertaining

    by Noirvelours

    Cause of Death is a pretty awesome game. The suspense is great, as well as the graphics for a detective game. The characters included are intriguing and knowledgable. I can't complain other than the constant text bubbles being a bad habit if the game.

  • Brilliant. But simple

    by PhatSeis

    I have to say. This game catches me with its surprises, but right from the start I knew who the killer was. Amazing game nevertheless


    by NGTcod01


  • Hallelujah!!!!!

    by Angelica_vela_

    Finally got money to get volume 2!!! So happy and it's so fun!!! Get the game it's the best app out there!!!!!

  • Excellent!!

    by thereadaholic

    Each chapter of this game makes it so entertainment and together with each of the characters, the game is hard to put down. I love the thrill when you have to make timed choices!!

  • Wow

    by Prisc8lla

    And I thought Surviving High School was Addicting? This is off the charts! You honestly don't know how long I've been waiting for a game all about murder mysteries!!! This is so amazing!!! Keep updating! BTW I shipped Eric and Amy really hard...

  • Awesome

    by Talise H



    by Neha Mansingh fan!

    This game is truly fun and very interesting. However it would be so much better if we saw more of neha. She could actually make the game so much better. Helping with cases occasionally without being on the team officially. Or her studying political science and she ends up having to help mal and natara. Perhaps more about her life. Many fans do want to see more of her, probably more than colt and denni. Yeah but please more of neha!!!

  • Best Game Ever

    by BreezyLover5589

    This is the best game I ever played I'm obsessed with it this should be a T.V. Series seriously. :)

  • Awesome game !!

    by Hgshjfffu

    I love this app, the stories are really good and I am always waiting for the next episode to be available. The last one took more than expected.. I hope it doesn't happen again, it's like torture

  • nice

    by Fr1endz4evr

    I thought it was boring at first, as you really just talk and talk, and the story is essentially the same no matter what you do. you get intrigued after a while though and by the time the whole volume is finished you are tempted to buy the next volume. the monthly episode is just a chapter not a volume, and after first volume you probably want second volume not a chapter in volume 15. so, time to move on to next game...

  • 1 day for almost a week

    by Fameus girl

    Love this game, get every new episode. My only complaint is that it's been saying 1 day until the next episode for almost a week. Please fix it!!!!!!

  • Really good!

    by Rytaragus

    I love this game, and the ads are annoying but not as bad as people are making them out to be. What I don't like is that it's impossible to get the new weekly episodes. I have been waiting for three weeks for an episode that has said for all three of those weeks that it will be out in one day. One day has gone by twenty-one times since that message first came up, and I'm ticked off. The game is great, and I totally recomend it. Just hope you have a better time with the new content than I do.

  • Addicting

    by jaguar2677

    Very good game and you should make more games like this.

  • More Episodes!

    by Pooter scooter aka-miranda

    I absolutely love this game! But , they need add more volumes and episodes I left the same review a year ago but they never added anything! PLEASE ADD MORE I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  • My Favorite Game!

    by authorkid94

    I lost every single one of my episodes, and now they refuse to restore. When they do restore, they're gone when I close the app. What the heck, EA? I love this game, but it bothers me that I bought those volumes for you to take them away. Can you fix this?

  • Ads and prices

    by Adshdsjzbdhdzbdn

    This is probably one of the best games I have played but also i have had to spend over 45$ to continue that fun. I think that if I spend that much then the least you could do Is take away the ads and lower the prices of the story's because I will not keep buying these if the prices remain the way they are. I wouldn't mind if you even lowered it to like 4-5$ per episode but 9-10$ is outrageous. As for the gameplay, the game is very well written and the stories are amazing.

  • My favorite game!!!

    by KasheeTaylor2012

    Don't know if the ads are still an issue to some, but if it is I don't see how. It's not the worst app to have ads unlike others! So it should be tolerable for most, if not just pay the dollar to remove them. It's not a big deal so don't whine about it, and just restore your episodes. Can't remember exactly where you go to do that, but that's why it's called FIGURING IT OUT. But I LOVE CoD!!!

  • Great Game, Terrible Support

    by Spartan7785412

    I love the game with its engageing characters, storyline and other elements that make it great. Can you please eliminate the adds and update it do I don't keep loosing my episodes? Other then that great game.

  • omg :(

    by MVLJW

    why won't the Santa episode air? it's been saying 1 day left for 5 says now!! please fix or else the ratings will get lower. I enjoy this game very much but I want more episodes! also please do more where you focus on Mal and Natara's relationship. like maybe explain their home. their morning routine together. any secrets spilled??

  • This is lame

    by danirg2

    What happened to a new episode every week? And now it's not even every 2 weeks it's been 2 and a half weeks and I still can't download an episode.

  • Bullish

    by jwhite2040

    Seriously?!? The game has stopped updating regularly and instead of a weekly update we get an update every 2 weeks and that isn't even consistent.

  • Love it!!!

    by Nova_rocks*

    I love mysteries so I really love this game. I finished it in like 3 hours because I was so into it. : )

  • Totally AWESOME!!!

    by mrlw17

    I love this game I was a little upset at first when I had to pay but when I did it was worth it it's so addicting and fun!!! :D

  • Cool game, some glitches

    by Fort96

    I downloaded this app 2 weeks ago and there is no new episode, I check every Friday and it says I have the latest episode?! Other than the fact that there has been no new ep. I really enjoy this game!

  • CoD

    by Ivybeth

    By far best game I've played. Only wish I had money to buy the next volume. :(

  • Irritating

    by JBMORG

    On the 6th chapter of the puppet master chapter there is no way to continue after guy with shotgun shows up

  • cod

    by ddlovato2000

    this game is amazing. It one of my fav games ever so interesting u gotta play it......

  • Amazing, Wonderful, Addictive!

    by Dee2193

    I'm in love with this game! I'd give it 50 stars if I could. It's challenging and interesting! Keeps me up at night wondering what's going to happen next! I will definitely be buying more episodes. Keeps me on the edge of my seat! Keep up the good work EA :)


    by mia3234

    Highly recommend this game it's very fun you can do many thing you have to find out who the killer is you can answer questions as you go there's many surprising parts and it not to intense this is the best game I have ever played I love this game!

  • ads killed it for me

    by jossain1221

    I really like the game, the format, and the episodes. i dont mind paying for it -it's an interactive comic book. I hate paying for episodes AND seeing ads. The last update really made the ad experience intrusive.

  • GET IT

    by G-gamer112123123412345

    OMG Soooooo good!!! I am so addicted, it is like those murder mystery books except with pictures! I love baby Jesus!

  • Update

    by Mandysaltie

    I absolutely love this game! But , I purchased almost all episodes. They need to update it and add more!! I hope to see new stuff soon !!!!!!

  • Lost Episodes

    by Evyl One

    The least they can do is put the episodes you lost BACK into the store! I can't even play them anymore! I've spent about $50 on this app alone (yep, I'm pretty into it) AND NOW I CAN'T GO BACK AND REPLAY ALL MY ODD NUMBERED EPISODES.

  • A message to the developers

    by Dshoes23

    Cause of Death for iPhone is amazing. I have no complaints about the game itself. I even bought volumes 2 and 3 a while back. However, now that i have a new iPod Touch, i installed the game but i do not have access to the volumes i purchased. I am disappointed about that, but I am even more disappointed at how expensive the volumes are. It costs $85 for volumes 2-15! That seems absurd to me and a lot of the Cause of Death fans to invest $85 worth of in app purchases on an iPhone app. I suggest having a deluxe version of Cause of Death with all 15 volumes included. If not that, please lower the cost of the volumes! Please continue to support this great game, but for now i can not spend this much money on this game.

  • Don't get

    by Kenna18155

    I bought an extra game pack and paid $2.99 for it, later I check and the extra game DLC is gone, and the funds are still missing from my account

  • After about a year of playing

    by Lagon78

    Its interactive, it requires logic. I don't know why rating are dragging yall down :( the ads don't take up 1/3rd of the screen, rather only about 1/8th of the 2 inch or so iPhone 4S screen... Thats 2 centimeters or so! Ads shouldn't make anyone delete the game. The reduced episode production is somewhat disappointing. The CoD crew is short staffed as is, please maintain the game. I can live with the episode every other week. Great game, cheap (I've bought a few seasons when money permits), but most importantly: it is something nice to look forward to. Appreciate the small things.

  • Why is there no TV show based on this!?

    by Macho1995

    I love this game. I get sooo into i feel like I'm not reading it I'm watching in on the tv. The story has everything a tv show has im surprised its not on tv. All these people saying its bad cause of the ads and they lose their stuff are idiots. Don't look at the ads look at the words and read it and if you lose it restore the purchase and get yoyr stuff back. Its easy. But besides that im literally the #1 fan of this game. If this was going to be a tv show id go for the part of Mal Fallon and id get the role i love this game so much. Thanks EA for making this game seriously.

  • Best Game Ever!

    by Mrs. Biebzy

    I've bought and played all the episodes so far, and I cannot wait for the new one to come out! This is easily my favorite game I've ever downloaded. It's totally worth the money and the characters and storylines are great!

  • Amazing! Just like CSI Miami

    by Instagram Fan111111111

    This app was really good! It was so much like CSI Miami and I really liked Natara! I'm really sad that I can't have another case to solve!


    by jazzycat16

    This game has a great story line and characters BUT, now you have to wait 2 weeks for the new episode and the ads are super annoying...


    by EpicSwampert

    This Game. Right Here. COMPLETED ME. CoD is now a huge part of my life now!

  • Really great!


    This game is a very suspenseful game and is very good and detailed. I strongly suggest this to anyone who's looking for a good mystery game.

  • Get rid of these ads!

    by PurpleTipper

    It's not fair to have to pay for the past episodes yet display ads. It's a great game, but the ads have got to go!!!

  • Also unable to download most recent episode

    by Iatrosm

    I truly enjoy the storyline but notice they are moving the episodes out further and further. Today it says the next episode will be available in 13 days. However I downloaded the last episode a week ago. That means they r moving to three weeks between episodes. I think they r tiring of the story. Too bad. Interestingly it still says in the game info under 'now airing' that 'you can download a new game EVERY WEEK'. Not true...

  • Fantastic app, some bugs

    by Checkerboard Heart

    I love the app and the storyline. Very creative and functional. However, occasionally I'll have closed the app and when I open it up again, it will have deleted all the episodes I've downloaded. I can restore them, but it's a hassle. Other than that, great game.

  • 2 WEEKS?!?!

    by K1tkay

    Love the game, been playing since nearly the beginning, but made the mistake of downloading the update. Now I have to wait two weeks between each episode?! The ads I can deal with, but come on! If they're going advertise a new episode every week, then at least have the guts to live up to that promise.

  • Wow!

    by emilyemilybunny

    Great stories!!


    by author woman

    I have been a paying player since day 1. The writing graphics and on the whole one of the best. HOWEVER I cannot purchase any new stories because after I enter my ID a sign comes up that says "This is not a test...change your password at the Sandbox..." What up? Sandbox is some kind of search engine for kids in school. Can u help me with this prob? Can't buy if this continues. Thank you AUTHORGIRL

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