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Burnout CRASH! is new and improved.

Check out these changes:

• Usability improvements and fixes
• Graphical enhancements for the new iPad

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MASTER THE DISASTER! Burnout™ CRASH! explodes onto iPhone and iPad with huge pile-ups, mega disasters and more! Crash and burn with this spin-off from the award-winning console series.


Activate catastrophic Super Features and trigger road-shattering disasters like tornados, tidal waves, asteroids, and even UFOs!

Race against the clock in Rush Hour, stop traffic and cause huge disasters in Road Block – or indulge your pyromaniac tendencies in Pile-Up!

Use intuitive swipe-and-tap controls to steer vehicles, trigger explosions and rack-up scores across 3 game modes, 18 traffic junctions, 54 events, and 6 themed locations.

Beat your friends’ scores and challenge them to turn-based smashups with Autolog.

Ready to blow stuff up? Embrace your road rage with Burnout™ CRASH!

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Customer Reviews

  • No iPhone 5 support?

    by Scooooob

    What the heck? The longer screen would be perfect for this game... Stupid to not update it for it.

  • Update for iPhone 5?

    by New Magoo

    Great game. Please update for iPhone 5.

  • iPhone 5 optimization

    by Preadator17

    You need to add iPhone 5 optimization!!! Still a good game though.

  • Nice but...

    by Awesomeness12234588

    Amazing game! But I want iPhone 5 optimization! Then I will give 5 stars!

  • Nice

    by peregarik

    Nice game with good destruction :)

  • Awesome

    by Doctor Who Dat

    I love this game!

  • Awesome

    by Johnny boy $&$

    Best game ever

  • Great game!!!

    by j COPE

    Fantastic game!!!! I love it!!

  • Great game but…

    by Gangster Man 56

    It's a really cool and interesting game but badly in need of an update because after a while it starts to repeat and get somewhat boring yet if it were to have an update me and probally everyone else would want to play it Rating 4/5 stars (I'll come back and give it 5 when there is an update) Ps great game but just try for an update To add some 'spice' into the game

  • update

    by @fellipech

    pleaaase, release a new update for the iphone 5

  • Burn it up!!

    by Peter Fitswell

    This game is pretty cool, an ok time burner. I beat this game in about 2hrs however it does get to be mundane and to an extent somewhat repetitive. But since it was on sale I decided to get it and so should you.

  • Support iphone 5

    by Mo7ammed_Lateef

    Why this game not support iphone 5

  • Awsomest game ever,good stress relief

    by Hellhound759

    Needs a monster truck, and McDonald's! Or a rip off of McDonald's.... :) totally worth $1.07

  • Great but not soo much

    by Bobee57

    This game is cool and has wat it needs! Just there is one thing, This really doesnt look like BURNOUT Because well it looks childish but the graphics are great!! For both iphone/ipad yes but really i mean a car here doesnt blow up until the CRASHBREAKER and yes its back and cool!!! But it would be cool if you did a game of Burnout like Revenge or like the first ones! GRAPHICS:5/5 best one of these GAMEPLAY:3/5 no tutorial but good ENTERTAINING:4/5 shows ACTION RATING:4:/5 needs more diversity of these games

  • Not really a Burnout game

    by Horseradish Boy

    Better than many of the games on the App Store but as far as Burnout games go, this is a disappointment

  • Good adaptation from console.

    by The mt project

    Was hoping the graphics would be a little better, but still a very fun game.

  • Great Mobile Game

    by Naraka X

    Had this on Xbox and makes so much more sense with touch. For those that find the controls touchy remember you will only be able to move a little until your crash meter fills up and then you can blow up and if you choose move a long distance. When to use crash breakers is very important. Some modes you won't want use as much to build traffic jams to keep any cars from escaping, other times you will blast everything on the stage!

  • Pretty good.

    by InheritedSky

    I would have expected a little more from the makers of burnout. Overall I enjoy the game. Are we going to see more.

  • Very good but...

    by Jcn24

    It worked for me for a while before it started this crashing fit everyone's talking about. While I was playing it it was very good and very addictive. But yeah make a update to get these bugs fixed.

  • Great

    by Matthew hoff

    Great game could be better or at least cheaper

  • App crash and burn

    by Bobschatz

    Crashes frequently. Wish I hadn't bought because it drives my kid crazy, fix it dad, fix it dad!!!! Disappointing.

  • Fun game...

    by Semmtex

    It's fun game, but still no iPhone 5 support?!? C'mon...!

  • Fun game...

    by Semmtex

    It's fun game, but still no iPhone 5 support?!? C'mon...!

  • Not worth it

    by Somethingcreative2

    Very disappointed.

  • Rubbish

    by ferbrondani

    For almost 5 dollars? Total waste of money!

  • Horrible

    by Elpelonino

    Game has bad controls


    by SCP-1570

    This game is NOT worth any thing near what I paid for.

  • Over priced

    by Pookie5354

    If this game cost a dollar it would still cost a dollar too much.

  • Bad!

    by JoesZaga

    Didnt like the game at all There should be controls not just u pushing the car. I feel i was robbed for this game

  • Sync between devices

    by ThePixelated

    Would be so much better if you could sync between devices, seeing how this app is UNIVERSAL.

  • Love Burnout, hate this

    by jeffcrazy

    Live the console Burnouts and was excited to see one for iPad... Until I played it and hated every second. Nothing like the console titles. Stupid overhead static camera and you just flick your car around. Literally played twice and uninstalled. Not an EA hater like a lot of these reviews. Just hate this game.

  • Don't buy don't download EA Games no support!,,,,

    by deepleap

    I'm usually pretty patient about glitches and minor game problems but this is the worst service of any company on the App Store. I have contacted via email trying to get help, but without absolutely no response even though they advertise a response in 24 hours. This isn't the first time I have had problems with EA or Origin games. I would recommend stay away from all of their products unless the are paying you to play, otherwise you'll be paying them to Not Play. The choice is yours but I'd take my business elsewhere

  • Worthless

    by IonlyLikeCoolStuff

    This game is nothing but a bunch of random flicking. You can't steer your car, only flick it sideways into things. The controls are totally nonsensical.

  • Not worth 5 bucks!!!

    by cruel13727

    I thought it would be like the burnout games on other consoles but its not. You just drive down a highway and wreck into like one car and then flick your car around and try to blow other cars up for 90 seconds. I was hoping it would be more like the others where you drive and crash and see how much damage you cause. Really boring though i dont kniw if i would of paid 0.99 for it

  • Ads

    by Elite122

    Ads everywhere

  • Needs a tutorial

    by NazgulAuk

    Right now I just swipe a lot and get points. Not sure what the strategy is suppose to be.

  • really fun but...

    by crossfire3636

    the only problem is your car looks similar and with it moving fast and many things happening at once i can never spot my car.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Theboss177

    I can't even play the first selection of levels because the game will crash 3 seconds in

  • iPad 1 users be aware

    by Tarikb

    Crashes consistently, maybe related to notifications of email coming in.

  • Too repetitive

    by Keith Andrade

    Not worth it

  • cool, but...

    by gothdaddy

    the sensitivity seems SO unresponsive! don't like how much resistance there is to swiping... loosen it up please and I'll boost my rating... thanks...

  • another great burnout game

    by PESTILENCE1230

    i have this game on xbox 360 and the graphics on this version are just as good worth the money

  • Runs fine for me, but...

    by Slarty Bartfast

    I'm a big fan of this game from it's creation as a mode in the "Burnout" series of console games. And this is a pretty good recreation of that mode, with good graphics, both of the game visuals and also of the explosions and fires. But I do have one gripe, and unfortunately, it's with an essential part of the game: In order to move your 'crash' vehicle, you have to repeatedly swipe your finger over the vehicle in the direction you want the car to move. But the vehicle seems to either move very slightly, or else after swiping it frantically for a second or two, it shoots across the board, way past where you wanted it to stop. Since moving the vehicle, not surprisingly, is the center of the game, this can be (and has been, for me) very frustrating. Other than this rather large issue, I've not experienced any of the reported issues with the game crashing which others have reported. The game is fantastic, and when I can get it to work the way I want it to, it's a lot of fun. If they adjust the sensitivity of the player's 'swipes', it will definitely be a 5-star game.

  • I didnt realize the title meant the App crashes

    by Cheviot

    Constant crashes. Over and over. Sometimes rebooting the iPad fixes the issue, sometimes not. How can they even sell this with a clear conscience?

  • It's 5 star worthy

    by DannyXVI

    Crashes too much if it didn't it would be a 5 star app.

  • Mediocre game

    by dayvit

    You can tell a lot of love went into this game, but it's window dressing on a mediocre core game mechanic. In short, the crashes aren't much fun.

  • Burnout Crash!

    by VeryHighExplosives

    Burnout is a very fun detailed Game if you like to destroy stuff. Worth the money!

  • Burnout "Crash"

    by Jim2929

    Please fix the bugs in the next update! Keeps crashing!

  • Dissapointing

    by OB1199

    Not very fun. Terrible controls.

  • Mmmmm


    Fix the bugs!!! Crash and Crash and Crash, fix it for ipad1!!!!

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