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Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

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TICK-TOCK. BEAT THE CLOCK. Once you start you just can’t stop! Test your way with words by playing the popular wordsearch game that's addictive fun.

Race to win in Challenge Mode, choose a speed in Advanced Mode, and play by your own rules in
Self-Score Mode.

Email friends & challenge them to a word duel and find out who can think on their feet the quickest.

Shake your iPhone to shuffle 3D letter cubes. Tap and drag to spell the word that wins!

Listen & control music from iTunes® while you play.

Collect rewards for forming the longest word, the best word, and using the most letters in the shortest amount of time!

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Customer Reviews

  • :o)

    by Carbonfiberbutterfly

    Good classic game, never gets old.

  • Pretty good

    by Gronkthecromagnon

    Have had for a couple of years and it's one of the few games I still play. Well worth it. The dictionary could be little more complete but it's a fun game.

  • Great on 4S

    by Alabrady

    Love it.

  • I Love This Game

    by Sue Artz

    Traded my old iPhone in for a droid and Boggle was totally different! I may have even paid for to have the app on my droid because I love this game so much, but sadly, it was never the same....until that droid bit the dust!!! I replaced it with my shiny new iPhone and just remembered how I used to happily play this game over and over again back in the day, so I went to the App Store and there was my favorite game, which had been stored all along in the cloud I had long forgotten about. I've only had my iPhone boggle game back for an hour, but playing has made me very happy! I definitely recommend this app to any iPhone user. Thanks so much!!!!

  • Practically forced boggle review

    by TW37

    Generally speaking I love the app and play it all the time. It's a bit slow sometimes but I can live with that. I'd probably even rate it all 5 stars right now if it wasn't for the fact that the only reason I'm writing this review right now is because the game wouldn't stop harassing me to write said review; despite the fact fact that I paid for this app so I would think I wouldn't be solicited in such a way. Well, they got their review but it cost them two stars.

  • Cool

    by Ramnoles

    Bring back the old version. Bad functionality.

  • Fun and works great

    by oktobe1

    Get it. Fun little game

  • Boggle

    by QMouse1313

    Simply put - Love the challenges.

  • Fun. Fast.

    by paul spiker

    I just started to play this and I like it. It's fun and easy. A great way to kill a few minutes without having to devote a great deal of time.

  • Addicting

    by I want greasy onion rings!

    Easy to get lost in game play.

  • Cherry Honda

    by whitcha33

    Very fun!

  • Love it!!

    by goodvsevil

    Play it all the time everywhere

  • Mind Boggling

    by NdoubleA

    It is a wonderful app to pass the time... Not to mention a great brain exercise for any age! I have recommend this game to my grandpa with Parkinson's... According to the doctor, these games are great to prevent memory decay. Also great to keep little ones happy in a car... Definitely an app worth investing in!

  • Definition deficient

    by Phantom1964

    Needs to have a least one definition for any word allowed. The many words with unavailable definitions is frustrating. Otherwise it would be five star.

  • Terrific

    by BronxMike

    Great way to kill time.

  • Fun

    by iluvetapgames

    Just got this app and after a few games seems good.

  • Fun fun fun

    by bcre8v

    I have so much fun. And learn new words too. Great game for all ages.

  • Almost a Five

    by cheryl's opinion

    Pretty good. I wished that the switch to flip the board was on the right side. The left is awkward for me.

  • Boggle

    by Manbail

    Fun enough to while away some spare time.

  • Brain Builder!

    by Danomac!

    Great way to get your brain juices flowing in 3 quick minutes!

  • The new update stopped my music from playing in the background.

    by EPA GIrl

    The newest update doesn’t allow music to be played in the background unless you set up a playlist IN THE GAME. How idiotic is that?

  • Disaster

    by Dukester2000

    First it told me I had an account. Then it let me invite friends but they never got their request. Then it said the password was wrong. I had to go through 2-3 emails just to reset a password. Which wasnt a good enough password for them. Other games you're up and running and inviting friends in seconds. This one has a laborious complex system of logging in, creating passwords, checking emails, and hoping you can invite friends. I deleted it w/o ever playing. I'd stay away from this one.

  • I want a game with REAL words

    by MommyWithLittles

    Too many of the words are not found in the English dictionary. Please pick a regular Webster dictionary (English only) and use only words found in there. At least allow that as an option in settings. We shouldn't have to just guess at a bunch of nonsense words! Yes, "eta" might be a Greek letter but it is NOT an English word (just one example).

  • Buggy

    by sechels

    This app works a few times then stops working so I have to delete it and then download and install it all over again. I've done this more times than I can count.

  • Buggy

    by Dan 81212

    App is okay, but pass and play crashes after the second player begins their turn. Pass and play is pointless.


    by this app is bad, bad. Rip off.

    Letters don’t move, what a RIP OFF, I want my money back!!!!!!!!

  • Good for killing time

    by Smileysnaps

    Like the app. The extended 10 minute version loads up but nothing happens when it's go time. You try to press on the letters to make a word and nothing happens.

  • Fun!

    by COSPLAY1976

    I love it! It's great for passing the time!

  • Classic game

    by Mole!!mole

    Love word games

  • Addicted!

    by Clionona

    Great game with a flawless interface. Totally addicting. Can't get enough!

  • Won't open with IOS 7.0.4

    by Rowan6

    Was working fine and I enjoyed the game. But now that I upgraded to IOS 7.0.4 it won't even open. You see splash screen then it closes.

  • Great Game!

    by 44082

    I don't know what people are talking about seeing adds. Or any bugs. Boggle is a fun addictive game but when you want to challenge someone dont link it to origin because no one has that but you should link it with gamecebter instead! Great game otherwise.

  • Boggle

    by Meonpof

    The best game ever! Very addictive! I love this game

  • Challenge mode is fun

    by Jason Ward

    Good times.

  • Fun, but includes words which are not real

    by Disappointed_again


  • Nice game

    by Honduzu

    Very fun to play!

  • Passes the time...

    by Hersheymon

    This is a good app, when you have a little time to kill and want to keep your mind engaged. It's timed, so it goes fast. Have not had any operating issues.

  • Good way to take a stress break

    by StormyBud

    App helps me when I need to take a break. The three minute time is perfect.

  • DO NOT BUY BOGGLE!!! New bug!

    by Rt. Rev. Jeffster

    FATAL BUG: Boggle gets into a mode where the timer goes from 3 minutes to zero in about 10 seconds. It does this for no reason, and reverts to normal operation for no reason. Is this a program bug? Is it an interaction with another app? I don't know, nor do I care. EA has to figure it out and fix it. THE STUFF BELOW HAS BEEN FIXED. I leave it in this review as a testament to corporate perfidy. Boggle has a fatal bug now: there is a button that invokes a login screen. I DON'T WANT AN ACCOUNT AT EA BUT I CAN'T GET RID OF THE LOGIN WITHOUT CREATING AN ACCOUNT. I liked Boggle 3-4 revs ago. Then came the mandatory web play, repealed in favor of, uh... something else. Better for a bit, but the downhill trend continued... The current bug appears to pack a 3-minute game into maybe 5-6 seconds. An impressive achievement. I love watching the timer spin like the numbers on a gas pump! Can I have the late-2011 version back?

  • Does not work on iOS 7.0.

    by Mike T Newman

    Game does not work on iOS 7.0.2

  • Ehh

    by Mcb1449

    This would be fun but there are a few bugs that need to be fixed. For example, I don't like the fact that you have to double tap a word in order to complete a word, that takes up too much time. I do like the scenarios, However the timer should start with the tap of the first letter, not when the word Go disappears from the screen, because too much time is wasted and thus causes you to fail. There are other word games that I'll be playing until some of these bugs are fixed.

  • I Keep Coming Back

    by kmerchant

    I've enjoyed this game since the first time I tried it, and I keep coming back to it. It's perfect for killing time in a waiting room or when I need to decompress at work. The game play is decent, and mirrors the look and feel of the board game.

  • Love it

    by drsdarb

    My favorite word game of all time

  • EA needs to fix the heat issue

    by Cmo703

    Great game, one if my favorites for passing the time. However this game heats up my iPhone 5 like crazy, both when I was on iOS 6 and now on iOS 7. Suspect it's due to resource consumption when app is running in the background.

  • Need update for iOS 7!!!

    by Emerson77

    Need update for iOS 7 to address battery drain and app preventing phone from going to sleep.

  • Fun game

    by Chiam18

    I enjoy this game as a way to kill time.

  • Not bad

    by Catitude14

    It works well, only one lock-up in several hours of play. What I really don't like about this app is what it considers as "words". Half of them show as "no definition found" in their dictionary. Many others are abreviations or appear to be from a language other than English. But, other than my gripe about their dictionary, it works well so far.

  • Great

    by Audio15

    Endless fun

  • Boggle

    by Randy Mr.

    Fun. It makes my brain work without giving me a headache.

  • Boggle

    by Jkjba

    Seriously? This game has words that aren't even it it's OWN dictionary! "No Definition Available".


    by Nocturnalmom

    Fun! Fun! Easy to use, fast time AND you don't have to pay to see all the words!!

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