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FIND F-U-N FOR FREE! Test your way with words with Hasbro’s all-time favorite word search game!

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• Boggle in 3 Different Modes
• Word Duel with up to 4 Players
• Challenge friends via Origin
• Play faster with intuitive touch controls
• Share Achievements
• Unlock new Scenarios
• Define words instantly with

Play the ultimate word search challenge NOW!

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Customer Reviews

  • Addictive w a major bug

    by tokyo

    I'm addicted to this game. But it has tended to periodically freeze at the startup screen. Eventually it'd work, but this time it's been several hours and it won't advance past the startup screen. Pls fix! Using an iphone 5s.

  • boggle

    by Guin5692

    so much fun!!!

  • Really great

    by Jess3845

    Challenging and fun!

  • Addicting!

    by Redjunco

    Fun game! I keep catching myself saying "just one more".

  • Pretty good

    by Twolilmiss

    I like this game a lot but if you are gonna play often just buy it because the amount of ads is frustrating.

  • Boggle

    by Olivia buss

    Good game

  • Two issues

    by Kadarb53

    Good game but occasionally will freeze. Also, some of these are not words. "Nohow" is two words not one people!

  • Great game but buggy

    by MathMom42

    This game is just like the original with bonus features like detailed game stats. The ads are tedious, but I love this game! Now please fix the bugs! Lately I can't get the game to even open. I'm afraid if I reinstall my stats will disappear.

  • Awesomeness!!!!!!

    by Review for u!

    I love this game! It is super fun! Boggle is a good way for all ages to use their mad word skills! If u don't have it, get it!

  • Eh

    by Stacey Bradley

    GREAT game, when it works.

  • Works great

    by Bogle crazy

    I have no problems with the app

  • Just as it says

    by K0224

    Perfect, basic boggle! Exactly the way you remember it. It freezes every now and then, but Just delete and re-install. No big deal. -K

  • Addicting

    by Suzy_52

    Fun game I just keep playing over and over. Only suggestion - after completing a game - you get to see how many words you achieved / out of possible answers. I suggest adding total percentage of correct answers - so we can see if we've gotten better each round.

  • Love it!

    by MeJGR

    I've always played this game since I was 6. It's a family must play for game nights and I'm super stoked that it's on my new IPhone 5 C!!!!! I play it constantly!

  • Boggle

    by Albysly

    Shuts down often very aggravating

  • Good game, but ...

    by macguffin54

    The app keeps crashing. In the middle of games and at every other place it just shuts down. Sometimes it freezes but I just restart my phone and it works. Dictionary lists non-words and initials as words but misses others.

  • Won't Load

    by MarnieShap

    Im addicted - when I can get the program to load. Half the time I log on to play, the Boggle logo comes up and that's it. It just sits like that and doesn't advance.

  • Boggle

    by Paraisopolis

    Great game, but it freezes up.

  • Addictive

    by Irishdaddyof5

    I started playing boogle with my kids and found this while app while I was playing solitaire one evening. I love it . It's so addictive. I like that you can play with your friends also ,

  • Great game

    by ANGELAinTN

    Love it!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by wxbrb

    App won't even open. Tried way too many times over the course of a month. Get it together and fix it. Won't pay for it if there are ads. Rather play actual board game version then

  • Great game but...

    by Pants please

    Too many advertisements.

  • Too many adverts

    by Bikesncrafts

    I really enjoy playing Boggle, but there are just too many advertisements that eat up battery life cause the app to crash. And the advertisements pop up repeatedly during play which adds more time and knocks your rhythm off. I would consider buying the paid version but it appears that it has advertisements as well which is a no-no for something you pay for. Another problem is that it sometimes won't accept a word but it then shows up in the list of possible words. The only way to play it is in airline mode but then it doesn't give you the definitions. It often just won't load.

  • Used to be good-new interruptions started 3 days ago

    by Thatgirlv

    Making it UNPLAYABLE. Gogo internet screen interrupts Multiple times in a single game. This just started. They are trying to Force you to get paid version by making it unplayable (but, who knows if that will even end it). Been playing it for months, this started a few days ago. Internet screen will take over each time. To return to the game you have to close the new internet window, go to main screen, open boggle again, and click resume. This happens Multiple times in a single game now. Unplayable! Shame on you apple

  • Constant pop-up ads.

    by SAR123123

    This an ad machine with a bit of game included. Automatically open Game Center on your phone! No privacy at all.

  • Paid Apps shouldn't have ads

    by Cokeman_73

    Last game I purchase from EA. No paid app should display any ads. EA has taken ads to a whole new level. Constant popups wanting you to buy other apps from them.

  • Really?

    by nvestnthefuture

    I love this game because it stimulates my brain but the amount of ad's are ridiculous!!! Very annoying hence I'm deleting this app and buying the actual game; which in reality is so much better because you can also play it with family and friends!!:)

  • Nevermind

    by Lnewman1230

    Nope. On second thought, it's not fixed. Surprise surprise. Guess I'm back to playing in airplane mode. Sigh. EA get your crap together.

  • Not the best

    by Keebsgirl

    Great game but it freezes all the time

  • Annoying ads

    by Orcorri

    The game is fun and makes me think, but the ads are beyond annoying. They are very distracting and switch to the Internet in the middle of the game.

  • Not working

    by Neusches

    Just stopped working this week. Will not load. Please fix.

  • One star for nagging for a rating

    by Chris Houser

    Otherwise an OK game

  • Beware

    by TMCgirl

    The game is a lot of fun! The frustrations are many. It does a fair to poor job of recognizing your finger traces, which slows you down and can break your focus. The ads are UNbelievable. The game has to be delete and reloaded CONSTANTLY because its SO incredibly buggy. The frustrations far outweigh the fun -- The worst app I've ever used!

  • Goog gam!

    by thehullfam

    I m relly good at spelin and stuf so this is prefeckt gam fer me. I rekomen this for everbody that luvs werd gams!


    by Vestal47

    This is the only game on my phone! I really like it!

  • Erases data

    by Someone who cares also

    My app keeps freezing and won't open to the main screen. When eventually I close and reopen it enough it erases my scores and achievements. Otherwise a good game.

  • Good game

    by Shtzskia

    Would be better if I didn't see ads AFTER I paid.

  • Too Many Ads

    by Fearof50

    Fun game but it freezes all the time! Tried deleting app, then reinstalling, but still freezes! Also ads play over game and can't stop them unless I drop the game. Too many bugs! Deleting for good!

  • I love it

    by EAnomore


  • Brain games

    by maricela carrillo

    Keep your brain in shape

  • Boggle

    by cgshipp

    Fun! Challenging! However, it offers a great feature: After your round of play, it shows you all of the possible words to have made in that round.

  • Boggle rocks!

    by drano33

    Fun game to pass the time!

  • Boggle

    by XxkillermodeXx23

    Love the game but it keeps freezing up and I have to remove the game and download it again.

  • Review

    by Busy BB01

    Why does it freeze up? if I didn't like the game so much I would delete forever

  • Boggle

    by .a1j3d5

    Love playing this game

  • Tenlee

    by Grjdndhehevthrjd

    Awesome game!!!!!!

  • Ridiculously slow

    by IanEats

    Terrible programming. Loads slowly and frequently cannot register the words entered. Go download Scramble by Zynga instead.

  • Crashing

    by Great a nicknames

    Every time I open the app I get the boggle screen then it crashes.

  • Fast-paced

    by Little McGoo

    Fast and fun and mind "boggling"!

  • EnGediRanchGal

    by Engedigal

    I play this way too much.

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