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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

** GAME UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download now for the best BATTLESHIP experience yet! **

Improvements, additions, and optimizations include:

· Increased stability for Multiplayer – Improvements include a “Restore Game” option
· In-app messaging support – Stay informed about game updates and more
· Enhanced visuals – The game now features introductory imagery made to maximize the Retina Display

As always, thanks for playing BATTLESHIP on iPhone & iPod touch! And be sure to check out Battleship HD for iPad – the sea assault game that sinks all pretenders!

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Designed for explosive action! Launch strikes with touch-driven precision. Witness 3D guns blazing and smoke-billowing carriers sinking to their dooms.

Engage in the authentic Classic Mode or fire at will in the intense Salvo Mode.

Employ an array of lethal power in Super Weapons Mode. Or deploy your secret unlocked weapons for Multiplayer supremacy.

Sink THEIR battleships with Hotseat, two-player WiFi, Bluetooth, and Pass & Play capabilities.

Demonstrate strategic and tactical skills to earn Super Weapons. Improve your rank from Seaman all the way to fully-fledged Admiral!
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Customer Reviews

  • Fun game

    by lurnch

    It's a fun game. So far it plays good . Play against CPU or a friend.

  • Paid for the app, WHY ads???!!!???

    by Rom207

    I bought this game a long time ago... It is fun and addictive. I really like the Salvo and super weapons versions. My 2 issues with it is 1) I hate ads! If I paid for this, why is there ads? They are pop up ads between games... not very often, but frequent enough to be annoying. 2) no new updates. Would be nice to get updated graphics... Otherwise, It could easily be a 5 star game.

  • Need fix now!!!!!

    by DA BOMBer47

    Good but whenever an ad pops up (which is dumb to have since I already bought it) the game freezes

  • Pretty good

    by Brithefryguy

    Really fun game. The recent update didn't add much but so what. Still fun.

  • Not bad.. but not great..

    by Layup42

    It's an enjoyable game overall, but a few times during my games the app crashes and I loose all the games data. And it sometimes crashes when u first open the game w/ the ads. But if u don't mind the game crashing a few times, I recommend u getting it.

  • Sweet memories

    by Baldie2u

    Not a bad game


    by Lily2198

    this game is amazing I wish someone would update it so I could try new content and new abilities

  • Some Errors

    by draket

    Great game but I had my ships in the spot I wanted and when the game started it changed their location, so I started the game over and it wouldn't let me put my ships where I wanted, it just kept changing the location automatically and wouldn't stop.

  • Errors

    by dmzl

    For some reason in super weapon mode the weapon that gives you an extra shot now likes to take its shot on spots that are already hit. And when you are playing against the computer the weapon that fills up an entire row and if it doesn't hit something it punishes you and continues in your opponents board doesn't do that if the computer uses it. Please fix

  • Almost a 5

    by ThatPipeGuy

    This is a good game and is just like the one I played as a kid just now on my phone. I love playing my son but we can only play over Bluetooth or direct wifi. I would have given it a 5 if I could play him over cell so when he's at his moms we can still play together.

  • Addictive!

    by FanCCM

    Extremely entertaining, with great graphics and sounds. My favorite is Salvo. Highly recommended!

  • Fun!

    by Tmaxxtigger

    Needs updating to support 4" display.

  • This game is terrible

    by MrReviewGuy

    Save your money. Wish I did :-/

  • Waste of money

    by Wordplayer44

    The app does not allow me to play at all. It just comes up with an ad for the Simpsons game that I cant get rid of. Total waste of money.

  • Disappointed

    by Dag V.

    I link the game when it works. Every once in a while when I go to deploy my ships it continually deploys them on its own. This is very frustrating. When my wife and I try to play against each other over wifi it locks up. If it weren't for these two I would give it five stars.

  • Very bad game. Waste of money

    by Tim Tusken

    I have had this game for years with no problems. Then, with the latest updates it gets worse and worse. First there are ads on a paid app, second the ads freeze on the screen, third the super weapons disappear, and fourth the game starts doing things like winning the game before it's over and other random stuff. TERRIBLE. EA GAMES IS A RIPOFF COMPANY.

  • Garbage App

    by Michael Torris

    This app has more bugs than a tailor home. It randomly crashes, it's almost impossible to set your ships the way you want to, and the CPU "Randomly" hits your ships on the first attempt. They couldn't have made a worse app.

  • Find a different app

    by bob 3000

    If I'm going to pay money to download an app, I'd prefer it didn't have any stupid pop-up adds.

  • Glitches!!

    by Jq0416

    Good game, but when placing ships they randomly move and won't stop! Hard to play when you can't get past that screen.

  • App freezes

    by Cactus Mama

    I enjoy this game a lot and would give it more stars except for the fact that I get popups all the time asking me to try different games. That by itself is annoying but when I click on No Thanks the whole app freezes and I have to close and restart the app. It happens every other game I play and sometimes takes 2-3 restarts before I can play another game. Please fix this bug or I will delete this game even though I payed for it!

  • Pop up ad crashes game

    by marvel goose

    Pop up ad to buy Monopoly freezes game. Won't take no for an answer. Knowing how evil EA is, I suspect this is a feature.

  • Ad splash screen prevents me from playing

    by bataillian

    I would love to write a balanced review but I can’t even get through a sentence without this review window glitching on me.

  • No iphone 5 or 5s optimization

    by Mikeydjs

    No iphone 5 or 5s optimization, 1 year later!!!

  • Can't place ships

    by Sleddriver71

    On salvo, the game repeatedly and quickly changes the position of ships after I place them. It won't let me set them.

  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!

    by JR Hoffman

    When trying to set ship positions the ships move themselves. Really annoying! Plus has pop up ads in a paid app. Terrible! I want my money back!

  • Apple should sink this app

    by Wakent0202

    This app is awesome if you like pop ups. Otherwise it's a waste of money. Don't bother.

  • I Paid For Ads?!?!?

    by Shack741

    This is a fraud ads that you can't remove

  • Pop up ads.

    by threeonezero

    Annoying pop up ads trying to sell you other games. Worse than that it takes multiple attempts to dismiss the pop up.

  • EA late to the party as usual

    by SUPERMARIO2475

    No iOS 7 upgrade? Heck no iPhone 5 and up upgrade. And apparently no retina display update. Very sad that a company with ur money and resources can't even keep a simple iOS app up 2 speed.

  • Glitch after Glitch

    by HornsUp

    Not understanding all the adds since I paid for the game but, even worse, the ads freeze up and the game won't load properly. Of course I would never buy another of their games knowing I'd be buying more ads for more glitchy games.

  • Ripoff!

    by Xxwwzzz7

    I used to enjoy this game, now EVERY time I open it I have to get past an ad for another game...FIFA or Plants vs Zombies, etc. And they won't go away!! Even when you touch No Thanks...the button turns blue as if it reads your touch, but the ad doesn't go away so you can play! At least 3-5 min of hitting the friggin button until you can play...what a bunch of BS!! Last game I EVER buy from this company!

  • Ads, really?

    by Tennis Fan3

    The classic board game comes to life in iOS, but this paid game (app) has ads, lots of them, and a paid app should never, ever have ads!

  • Ugh so buggy!

    by mikewilson

    Too many to name

  • Update!

    by GrandPixel

    Nothing wrong but needs updated! Apps need to be updated at least every year to make use of wide screen retina, new ios features etc.

  • pathetic

    by Need more cams.

    Every time I try to play, pop up ads block access to the game.

  • ADs?????

    by Pat226

    DONT BUY!!! I purchased this about 2 years ago, and suddenly we have a scrolling ad bar at the top, and constant pop ups that are difficult to get rid of. It's happening on my wife's phone too. WE PURCHASED this app, WHY ARE THERE ADS?????

  • Popups at start make game unplayable

    by nomoremaylene

    Has yes or no popups on startup that are unresponsive making the game unplayable.


    by Rstarsteed

    Last update added nag screens before every play. ANNOYING!

  • Miss

    by Veritas et al

    This should be much better. And why not enable multiplayer over the network like all the w/friends games?! Haven't opened the app more than once.

  • Excessive advertising

    by Hondata

    The game is well done with variations on the original to speed up the game play and different weapons to use. However this is a paid app and I intensely dislike the intrusive advertising which requires input to dismiss the dialog boxes. I would not consider purchasing another Electronics Arts game for this reason. I have repeatedly found EA to breach privacy settings by switching on usage sharing multiple times after I have switched it off. This company is unethical.

  • Far too many advertisements

    by The-Dude-Abides

    EA bombards users with endless, intrusive advertisements for their other apps/games. Annoying and pathetic (I now avoid EA games).

  • by 909iphone

    Doesn't work with 7.0

  • Needs a update!!

    by davebryant

    Love playing this with my sons, when it works. Never even updated for the iPhone 5. Update please.

  • Dump the Ads

    by Commander1949

    I loved the game. Played it for ages on my iphone, ipad, ipod touch. Now, since the darn ads showed up, I couldn't even get to the game. It was like an endless loop of same ads rolling across the top. No way to get to the game after ads started up. I think it's ridiculous to have ads on something that was paid for to avoid ads in the first darn place. Surely this decision isn't good for business. I deleted it from all my units, and don't plan to try again. I will tell everyone i know to skip this game until a better decision is made for loyal customers.

  • Cheats bad

    by Machoid

    This game is fun, but it "cheats" ridiculously! Obviously when playing the computer it knows where your ships are located, and at times it doesn't even pretend not to know! It's an entertaining diversion, but too maddening for me.

  • Love this game, but...

    by monz63

    In the middle of every game it crashes! You don't scroll ads on a paid game! Just once I would like to get thru a whole game without it crashing!! Please fix!!!!

  • Lost my super weapons

    by BlueeyedBeauty<3

    When I went to play the super weapons mode a few of my weapons were missing: the mine, the decoy, and the shield. I would like this problem fixed and other than that this is a fun game to play.

  • Good game but problem

    by Fjfhnfvkjimnfds

    It doesn't let you put your own ships down in the order you want them it lets you move them around them constantly ramp mixes the positions

  • Multiplayer on wifi and Bluetooth unstable

    by GregOz

    Keep looking if you want to play multiplayer on two devices.

  • Crash and burn

    by cyberpillz

    Can never finish a game with out it crashing. Plus all the last update did was add ad's in a game I payed for.

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