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Get your fleet ready for the next battle! We've made some behind-the-scenes changes to improve overall gameplay. Take command today!

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AUTHENTIC! EXPLOSIVE! AND FREE! Inspired by the BATTLESHIP movie, play as the Human navy or mysterious Alien forces. Sink every enemy ship – the fate of the world is at your fingertips!

Assume command of a Human naval armada or a fleet of mysterious Alien invaders. Take to the seas to defend—or conquer—Earth.

Choose your side against computer foes or challenge your friends to a Multiplayer battle via WiFi, Bluetooth, or Pass ‘N Play!

Demonstrate strategic and tactical mastery to advance your rank from Seaman all the way up to fully-fledged Admiral!


You must be 13+ to play this game.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very fun and ADDICTIVE! Update to glitches...

    by TBbunch

    Would have given 5 stars but game has some glitches Also, computer decisions where to take a shot sometimes make no sense, so at times not very competitive. Still very fun though. Update: found out that if game freezes especially during Simms ad, just go to home screen(on iPhone) double click home button, end game session, then go back into game and continue. No deleting and reinstalling game needed.

  • Battleship

    by Two karats

    My kids and I really enjoy playing this game.

  • Very good app

    by Milokes

    Brings back good memories

  • So much fun

    by Nastyswine

    This game is awesome playing against the computer and even more fun multiplayer through bluetooth or wifi.

  • Nice Game


    Easy to use. Works well.

  • Great game!!!

    by prj7189

    I like the adaptation from the film to the new favorite game!!

  • Cannot open it- crashes

    by Redzone11

    Something is wrong with it now. Try to open it and it closes as soon as title screen comes up.

  • Crashing

    by Mator wells

    My game won't open and when I could actually play it would get stuck on the stupid sims advertisement.

  • Tap

    by Snotty 60

    Get back come to play

  • Good game - hate the crashing

    by Momofjwen

    It's really a fun game! And I LoVE the wifi option that I can play against my son while he's on his own phone. I just HATE the fact that there's an ad or two (the Sims ad for one) that freezes up the screen and the only way to get around it is to delete and reinstall the app. And after that of course your game is ruined :/

  • Battle Awesome!!

    by Uetricht

    Love being able to play one of my favorite childhood games!!

  • Telling the truth

    by Mr awesome 1996

    The game is really fun to play especially when you have nothing to do.

  • Lifts my self confidance

    by Savage savy

    I like it alot!

  • A lot of fun, but has glitches...

    by UnixGod

    I was really enjoying this game until a hung ad caused the game to crash and not restart. I lost all my wins because I had to delete and reinstall the game to get it fixed. I bought the paid version only to find out it is very different and not backward compatible. I like the multiplayer, but the Bluetooth doesn't work at all and the Wifi looses connectivity. Fortunately it does recover, but it could be more robust. I look forward to the fixes.

  • Fun when you are by yourself

    by Brandon Estrada

    Awesome and good time waster.

  • Good @ what I do$$$

    by Juewccii

    Killin the competition iz what I do.... Love this game... Thanks to

  • 5 Star

    by Cptb67

    Good, fun game. I could go for a new ad though. I'm getting sick of Flo.

  • Great Game...addictive!!

    by Flood762

    Would be better in the next version to have the ability to play other users, regardless of their locations. Like how Words With Friends has their user play options are set up. Thanks!!

  • Ads ruin a great game again

    by F1004fun

    This is a fun game, great for passing time. Multiplayer is fun. But the ads are nonstop and have caused the game to crash enough to never want to play again.

  • Very addicting!!!

    by GeminiCriminal

    Always loved playing Battleship growing up. This updated version is awesome!!!

  • Update takes you to a porn site

    by Mchverchko

    What is up with the app recently launching Safari and taking me to a porn site? This is completely inappropriate!

  • ?

    by MuslimluvChrist

    Hangs all the time!

  • Crashes

    by Jack...S

    This game is a fun break for about 5-10 mins. However, after playing about five to eight games it will crash. After it crashes it will not start up again. Seems like a fairly easy fix but they haven't updated it. Until they update it's not really worth downloading. It would also be nice to play other people through the game Center or some other form of multiplayer not wifi and Bluetooth.

  • WAS Awesome

    by Mimi5409

    Used to love this game. No recent updates but all of a sudden the app doesn't want to open. I click it, the beginning screen comes on & then it shuts down. I don't want to reinstall the app as I will probably loose my stats. If needed I will eventually since I enjoy playing this game. Please fix!

  • Shawty!

    by You people are lazy

    Horrible game tons of ads makes you watch all the ads us and then the game disconnect if you're playing Bluetooth as soon as you watch the ad needs redesign

  • Too many ads and crashes

    by Dcsrchester

    It was fun at first which made it easier to ignore the overwhelming number of ads. After about 15 games it froze when trying to load an ad, and no matter what I did the game would not load. Deleted it and reloaded. Made it about 10 games and it crashed again. Deleted it for good.

  • Crashes

    by Dungeon Slammer

    Every time 'Sims' add pops up, app crashes and I lose game in progress. Won't let me start from where it crashed.

  • Crash'er

    by KAWWWW

    It crashes when the "sims" add pops on ... Every time! App doesn't work after that :(

  • Fun

    by Huntit1

    Great game but keeps freezing had to reload three times now but still fun

  • Fun

    by Gretchen Bossert

    The game is fun, but the ads are annoying, and they cause the loss of connection required to get rid of them

  • Fun Game


    Got it for the wife and I to play. No fast paced stress, just old fashion Battleship over Bluetooth ... How cool is that!!!

  • Good but can be better

    by caligirl!:)

    Game is real basic compare to the board game. Operates well in the newest iPhone. Good graphics for a basic sim game

  • Battleship the best time spent

    by everforever

    Enjoy this game. It's one of the good ones.

  • Buster

    by Buzz'ez

    Pop ups keep crashing the game! Have to delete the game an reload it. This loses ALL you data. This has happened 5 times. Stop the pop ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Battleship

    by DarlingNicky69

    i'm so addicted, I can't put it down

  • Ok

    by Jeremy Geiger

    The advertising interferes with gameplay, it's annoying. A banner offscreen would be much more appealing, and easier to ignore, like the vast majority of users do anyway.

  • Good but ads are annoying!

    by MGuillen02

    It'a a great game. I do also understand that there has to be SOME ads but not after every turn on multiplayer. That's ridiculous. Will give it 5 stars if that's changed.

  • Pretty Good!

    by Bkabj

    I like this game a lot, it's a great way to burn some time and I think the graphics are pretty good.


    by Not pleasedAT ALL89

    Other than that this game is awesome you can play as the aliens!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Fordham Mugzs

    Endless amusement when riding the train.

  • Pretty good, but...

    by Nteal

    Overall this app is enjoyable, but the ads are annoying. They pop up far too often in the middle of the game. If the ads showed up less often I would give it 4 stars; and 5 stars if the ads only showed up between rounds.

  • Crashes

    by Rachel The Second

    When video ads come on in multiplayer is crashes and we have to do the last turn over a gain so please fix.

  • Crashing problem

    by Barlow010

    I would give it a four or five star but I got the app and it worked that day. Ever since then, I can't get on the game. It constantly crashes. Is this a bug problem or just me?? An update to fix this would be great!

  • Don't bother

    by RPh00376

    Used to love this app I was addicted. Now it will only play a few times then you will not be able to open it. You will redownload it from App Store then it will stop working all over again. This has been going on for a while now they don't fix it

  • Fun fun

    by Elloboc

    Except for the ads. you guessed it. Fun!

  • Awesomeness.

    by Trekkiejt

    Love the game. Had to turn off the extras though. It got pretty irritating after a while.

  • Crash Issue

    by YeaYouPunk

    Would be great if it didn't freeze and crash so often.

  • Awesome!

    by Invictus1970


  • Good single player

    by Minkus21

    If you're just trying to pass the time and love the board game, I would recommend this game to anyone.

  • Jesus lover!

    by Mayfieldsinlove

    Fun game!

  • Love it

    by Rebel 8028

    This game is sweet

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