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Have you ever wondered, what is happening around us in micro world? Have you ever tried to look through the microscope to explore bacteria world? If not – Pocket Lab is for you! As soon as you start playing Pocket Lab you get addicted in a positive way. Connect bacteria of the same color and simply splash them. The longer combination of joint bacteria you make, the more points you get. Compare your score with other players in all over the world. Score points, complete levels, play endless mode for more action.

-42 different levels
-Easy, medium, hard endless modes
-Global highscore table

Customer Reviews

  • Develope patience

    by Murcielago17

    Cute animations, engaging challenges. You will need a great amount of patience. Need more leveles!

  • Simple but fun

    by Chartab

    It's a really simple game but also there is a lot of fun.

  • It's spreading to all my organs!!

    by w8ing4?

    Yep, this is just like a real virus...spreading throughout my brain until I'm completely consumed by it. I...just...can't...stoooop!!

  • Awesomely aggravating.

    by Phydeux66


  • Simple yet Fun

    by MnSC

    Easy & Addicting

  • Fun!

    by Moondog73

    Groovy! Many minutes of fun!

  • Loads of fun

    by Fltatndnt

    Cute game that allows you to play endless or levels. Super fun way to pass the time.

  • Just like real bacteria...

    by VIFury

    Ya can't see it but it's there! Game is a real challenge! Starts out really easy but the difficulty definitely piles up the further along you get. I was just gonna try it out for a minute then I realize I was playing it for over an hour SMH

  • Fun and easy

    by Hecalder

    It's really fun and easy but once you pass level 10 you really have to concentrate and make sure you connect all other wise you find yourself retrying. Good break burner for idle time

  • Shadisawesome

    by Wipit39

    This game is freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!

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