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Wanna play hard?! Ironpants - new arcade game by E2applets is for you! Be the best and fly the longest distance with your hero Ironpants avoiding coming obstacles.

1. Hold your finger to go up.
2. Release your finger to go down.

One touch control
One hero
One goal

Ironpants might be the hardest game you have ever played. Prove that your skills are made from iron! Be the best!

Customer Reviews

  • Seal of Approval from Hitler

    by EppiPhyzzi

    I, Hitler, leader of the Third Reich, approve of this monstrosity of a game. It's my favorite way to torture Jewish people. I've thrown out all of my ovens and replaced them with iPhones installed with Iron Pants (with Guided Access always on to prevent them from rage quitting). Since then, 350 Jews have died from exhaustion and 670 have killed themselves already, and it's only the first day. Now, instead of massive bombs, I drop care packages of iPads installed with Iron Pants. The Allied forces have been so preoccupied with playing this horrid game, my troops have been able to advance and slaughter entire companies of soldiers while they play Iron Pants. I really recommend this game! 5/5!

  • If u think flappy bird is hard....

    by A guy with a face on his head

    If you think flappy bird is hard you are going to want to kill yourself from this game.

  • fun!

    by Jaikob lol minosss

    this game is pretty fun people are saying this makes you break your phone me: plays happily :D liers saying youll be mad nope

  • Good... But......

    by Jojoseiger

    It's addicting and all but ads keep popping up while I play the game!

  • Iron Pants

    by Hdhkgdbb

    Should add more characters and you should be able to go against your friends

  • Iron pants is beast

    by Paulie plays iron pants

    This game is a really good game if you are up to play a challenging game but have alot of fun playing it , it is addicting and you can challenge your friends to see if they can beat your high score , I highly recommend download and playing this app, you will be sure to enjoy it !

  • High score

    by MuscleMe

    I have 42!!! Yea

  • Wow

    by Saraboo2014

    This game is just like flappy rid but worse don't play it!!!


    by K$123


  • Caulm down!

    by Tuna bob

    It's just a game everyone is so dramatic nowon died or that crap just play the game and have fun

  • Really fun!

    by erky5c

    Amazing game, not meant for everyone. Fun and challenging.

  • Awesome

    by Thetwixanater13


  • From Flappy Bird to IronPants

    by Kides14

    All my training has prepared me for this moment.... Highscore of 47 on FlappyBird and now 13 on this...... Addicting, accept the challenge!

  • It's fun

    by Sandguy554

    When I fi first got this game was told it was impossible. It's actually not extremely hard. I personally think Flappy Bird is much harder. My best score is 25, and I average a 6 or 7.

  • Addicting

    by I loooooovveeeee piee

    This is WAYYYY harder than flappy bird, which makes it more frustrating and addicting. watch out for this app

  • 4 stars

    by ShianeMorales

    I actually quite like this game, I was able to get to 22 within 3 hours and I don't find it addicting to the point of no return. I give it 4 stars. The only thing I would like is if they install a sound button. The noises annoy me and make me unfocused while playing.

  • Fun games, ads ruin it

    by Hrllzfkistfk

    This game is really fun once you get used to it. Better than flappy bird. But sometimes ads pop up in the middle of you game, that's why it's 3 stars

  • Challenging

    by LikexAxBoss

    This game CAN be very fun. It's very addicting, but it's very difficult.

  • Bull

    by Redrocz

    This game is addicting but sometimes an add will pop up in the middle of your game which is complete BS

  • This whole game

    by SickBorntoHunr

    The controls are crap, this game is crap. Everything about this is bad

  • Terrible

    by Sweetqqqqq

    In the middle of the game an add pops up what a terrible low quality game. I would rate this negative if I could 0 isn't low enough

  • Why?

    by Terrorizta


  • Forget having a life...

    by Bean_Burrito123

    If you play this game, you won't have any life what so ever.

  • No

    by Mannydashcitizen

    I'd give this no stars


    by lzzgjk xfgb

    I used to think and act like a normal human being..... Before this horrid game entered my life. I was searching for a good game right after my angering addiction to flappy bird. I downloaded it for an easier version of flappy bird, little did I know I was about to make a HUGE mistake. I looked at the reviews but,didn't take the warning, I downloaded it!!from the first game to the game I have played latest it has shown this iPad indestructible. I have thrown it and I have dropped it but it remained. I knew that it was a sign I would never be rid of this game. So I played it more and more. People did all they could but I ran away with the iPad and the charger. Of course the police caught me and put me in jail but let me have the iPad for I would scream in agony without iron pants. From the cell I am in I type this as a warning... If you want to keep your life then DO NOT GET THIS GAME if you turn out like me don't say you were not warned!!!

  • Don't do it.

    by peanuters

    Not worth it, it has no instructions on how to play, but I assume it's like flappy bird. In my opinion, I wouldn't waste my time trying to figure it out. I cannot get past one.


    by WetSideStory

    This game is cheap, download flappy bird. When you tap it just falls. Even if you tap quickly!!! Never again.

  • Poor

    by 5appleX

    So hard to control flappy bird is easier

  • Game should show the rule to play

    by TuongLamVi

    Show the rule or delete this game

  • HARD

    by anderson2019

    Thais game is hard

  • this is torture

    by Celija

    I got this game because my cousin told me about it I tried it and the first try I completely failed and was confused I finally got a point and now I'm hooked it's the knock off of flappy bird but a 100000 times harder

  • Terrible game

    by Ldewey2448

    Don't waist your time. Unpredictable where you fly, you'll be lucky if you get past 1.

  • Flappy bird is better.

    by ABESS MC

    Get flappy bird instead. This game is pretty dumb compared to flappy bird.

  • Flappy Bird X 100,000,001 X SATAN

    by Jdjsjakandn

    DO NOT DOWLOAD THIS GAME!! I REPEAT DO NOT DOWLOAD THIS GAME! If you want a fun challenging game, download Flappy Birds. But if you want a flippin game were the whole purpose of the game is to make you feel like your life is meaningless and that you are a failure in life, download this game and prepare your family for your death. Don't say I didn't warn you!!


    by the_critic6290

    This app is absolutely terrible. Every time I go to it it crashes and goes right back to the home screen. And when that doesn't happen it is lagging. It would be a second before it would move another fraction of an inch. Overall this app is crap. They better see this and update it.

  • The Antichrist

    by yung na$ty

    Don't do it

  • it wont even let me play

    by irrated player


  • Worst App Ever

    by Paramore ROXS

    I assume most of you have played Flappy Bird. The addictive, life ruining app, that probably has made you crack your phone. Well this app, IronPants, is so much worse. do not play. my high score is 8 and i think that's the highest possible.

  • Worst App Ever

    by Paramore ROXS

    I assume most of you have played Flappy Bird. The addictive, life ruining app, that probably has made you crack your phone. Well this app, IronPants, is so much worse. do not play. my high score is 8 and i think that's the highest possible.

  • I hate it

    by Monkey2571

    This game is so hard to bet I'm about to throw my thing out the window

  • Don't bother

    by Kyle0623

    Too hard- dont bother. U will injure your finger too.

  • Boooooooooo

    by 17fpaiva

    This app stinks its super dificult and they totally copied flappy bird!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lame game

    by Utah b

    No idea why this is on the top charts it's a stupid and pointless game

  • Impossible

    by Codfather___22

    Dont even try

  • Sucking

    by KrohnLeyton

    I fail even five feet from a tube.I should sue the people who made this.

  • I's hard!

    by B a i l e y

    I hate this game! When I tap on the on the thing that said TAP it went right to the ground. No matter how many times I tap, it goes right to the ground! This game is harder then Flappy bird! 3 try's and I out of that game. DO NOT GET THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!

  • Ridiculous

    by Dvidz123

    Its a very fun game, don't get me wrong, but ads pop up while you are playing and hey end up killing you. Absolutely stupid. When you get rid of the stupid ads, il give this game a 5

  • Hated it

    by US Guy

    Don't play it. Enough said

  • This stank booty

    by Flappy Birdzzz

    I can only get 1!!! It's the most impossible game ever!! This ruined my life...


    by LilBeyonce101

    this game is an off brand flappy bird. y font you fly right? why do u wear underwear...WHY ARE BOXES IN YOUR WAY!!!! WHY THE HECK ARE YOU FLYING ANYWAY!!!! STAY ON THE GROUND!!! YOU CANT FLY FOR NOTHIN

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