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36px – brand new puzzle game. Use your imagination to solve unique puzzles.
The gameplay consists of 6x6 gameboard with 36 squares called pixels. Each square can be activated(green) or deactivated(white).
In this way you can construct different pictures by activating different pixels. The aim of the game is to solve the puzzle by activating and deactivating the right pixels. Each level-puzzle has a name which is exactly what needs to be constructed. Moreover, the total number of pixels that must be activated for each puzzle is written. In this way, you can follow the situation and calculate possible solutions. But there is only one correct solution. So be prepared to use your imagination and walk through different levels in this addicting puzzle board game. Good luck and enjoy 36px!

Customer Reviews

  • Good game

    by SethfreeMeth

    Good challenging game

  • Terrible

    by Cdog54743337

    Half of the pictures don't even make sense and the ones that do are too easy if I could I would give a zero star


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