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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: DS Effects
  • Updated: Sep, 30 2008
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 277.05 KB

Languages: English

Seller: DS Effects s.a.s.

improved gameplay
improved keys
improved graphics

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Classic anagram game where the goal is to reorder the letters of another word. Submit your score and compete against the rest of the world.

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by BonnieBlue85

    Fun but it could use a backspace and a way to mix the letters. Also the buttons need to be larger and there should be a way to start a new game without having to quit. The hints need to be improved, too.

  • Cools???

    by Jacob890

    Cool but gets boring after a while

  • Needs back space

    by Mattymoss

    Great game for passing time only problem is it needs a backspace! LOL

  • Slow reaction time

    by Scuba4694

    This would be great if the letters would be moved to the lines right away instead it takes like 2-3 seconds then the letters move

  • Perrrrrrty goood

    by Blackleviathan999

    Some of the words are kinda hard though I think there was one word where a tile went off screen. Maybe have the letters move inward when picking or being able to move the letters. Other than that it's quite fun ~The Great Black Leviathan~

  • Could use a little work...

    by Sanbuu16

    GHOSTBUSTERS actually has 2 letters missing... and AFGHANISTAN 's "A" and "F" were halfway cut off by the screen. ETHIOPIA is a country! It's in Africa. I guess some people aren't interested in the Olympics... Track and Field at least. Anyone thinking of downloading this, I'd wait till there's an update. I'd also like the scores to be saved in the game, instead of on a website with everybody else...

  • No erasing letters

    by Bignut1970

    Needs the ability to erase one letter at a time instead of clearing out the whole word, otherwise good game

  • Boring!!

    by Asaaan60

    Needs a lot of stars from my side but i"ll have to waste one

  • Well it is free....

    by Searstd0

    And someone put a lot of work into making it so I won't trash it. But can that person fix the things that are spelled wrong and make sure that you are given all of the letters needed to play? Thanks

  • Epic Fail

    by Totes WOF

    And there is actually no country named ETHOPIA, he didn't say Ethiopia, notice the first -I-

  • needs work

    by EmilyAE19

    extremely slow! after I play, it slows down my iPod for a couple mins.

  • Sigh

    by Emanaia

    Tiles are too hard and slow to touch and pull up. No back space and no way to mix up the letters. Sometimes the answe to the clue is not even a correct answer. For example the clue may be a particular country and the answer is not even a country at all. I realize this is a free game but c'mon guys, at least put a little effort into it before trying to release JUST another game!

  • Not really anagrams...

    by Chartreuxe

    This is a word jumble game, not an anagram one. Anagrams are multiple words found from the letters of another. Also, anime has nothing to do with the word anagram.

  • Bad interface, buggy

    by another puzzler

    In addition to problems others have noted, there are mistakes. E.g., there is no such country as ETHOPIA. And one of the letters for GHOSTBUSTERS goes off the screen where you can't select it. If you get that word, the game's over. But apart from that it's not really playable anyway, due to how hard it is to select the letters. And the ads are really annoying.

  • Poor effort

    by DoesThisNicknameWork?

    Low quality art. Random difficulty. Lost game after a phone call. Have to clear a word if you hit the wrong letter by accident. Put a little more effort in.

  • No good

    by JusListen2Me

    The tiles are difficult to touch. U can't mix the tiles. There is no backspace. There is no difficulty level

  • Cool game

    by Shapiro11

    This game needs better hints and a way to rearrange the letter. And a little music wouldn't hurt

  • Boring game

    by Joe4242

    It's a terrible game and it has advertisments for their other crap too. I'm going to deal with adware on my phone.

  • Woo

    by SKL_Rocks

    I hate the adds! Try ANAGRAMiT. It works much better!

  • Why my location?

    by iPhone User 7878

    This app is pretty insistant on knowing my location, as I keep getting the pop-up on my iPhone. If I refuse, it just pops up again a few seconds later. Grrr, very annoying. After just a few times, I uninstalled the app.

  • Pewp

    by Spatel12


  • Please fix this!!! :)

    by me. ^_^

    I mean, this app is on its way, but is extremely SLOW and has many misspelled words......if there was a backspace option and a difficulty level would be nice!!!

  • BOO...HISS...!!!

    by Puzl Luvr

    I'd currently give it NO stars at this time, if I could!! I agree w/others: too NOSY, too SLOW to respond to input, NO Backspace...HATE that stinkin' pop up wanting to know my location (being funded by the C iA, are we?)!! I'm deleting this one!!!

  • Stinks

    by RainmanDave

    Some of the citys aren't real and there was a word "Chicago" it's was under the hint name of movies fix please@&&$;$($); or u will sue u :)

  • Weaksauce!

    by YouBlowDeadBear

    The letters are too small and there is no backspace so if you have a regular sized finger, don't bother. The clues don't match and it runs incredibly slow. Also, the anime characters in the background are tacky. All around, it's not a good program and is just something so the developer can make money on the ad in the game.

  • Oh my.....

    by Ocala1220

    This really needs work. Runs VERY slow. I'm deleting it till it gets fixed. Nice idea though.

  • Nosy App!

    by Vampire Mistress

    It's an okay app, but every minute it asks if it can use my location. An anagrams app has NO legitimate need to know where I am. That's just ridiculous. I deleted it- I'm sure there's another free anagrams app that isn't so nosy...

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