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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: DS Effects
  • Updated: Jun, 15 2011
  • Version: 2.11
  • Size: 8.24 MB

Languages: English

Seller: DS Effects s.a.s.

ios5 bug fixed

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Incredible collection of 21 virtual pets!!! 1 download, 1 icon ... 21 virtual pets, all FREE!

This collection includes the following 21 virtual pets: dog, cat, fish, monkey, turtle, bear, squirrel, chick, dolphin, koala, dragon, rabbit, kangaroo, lion, cow, penguin, pig, panda, crocodile and sheep.

The objective is to take care of your pet. Your pet will die if you let it starve or leave it sick for many hours.

At the end of each action you get a chance to double your score by playing a mini game.

8 mini-games availables, more mini-games and more virtual pets coming soon.

Customer Reviews

  • Cute

    by AnnaDango

    This is a cute game, but much too simple for my tastes. I deleted it after messing around for a few minutes.

  • Cute entertaing but gets boring on the first day

    by Belllove<3

    On the first day it's boring but the second it gets addicting add a chinchilla I would give it a a- in stars that would be 4 and a half need more things to do I named my pig teacup

  • Add hamster

    by Lil lily28

    Cute and fun but you should add a hamster

  • V pets :)

    by Money real or fake?

    I own the Dragon(Azule), dog(Spot), lion(Lucky), turtle(Shelly) and sheep Lola!!! I also have a fish named Flippers. I love this app. Could use more mini games, but this app is cute and something I use to pass time. Just like a real pet in my pocket. What I've been looking for :)

  • Awesome!

    by SuperFastSlug

    Very cute! You can get all the animals FREE!

  • Resets everytime phone updates

    by Keldemoret

    Every time my phone updates the animals start over! You play with it every day to get high scores then it just reSets!

  • Ok...

    by Dolphin lover 72303's ok I like seeing the little animals but,the animal die in a day when I check on them. :)

  • by ShineOnEinshine

    I play with this ever since I bought this it's so addicting with all the pets. I think everyone should get it, young and old

  • get it

    by Dakmur


  • I

    by Nub toe

    This game is good

  • Cute but could be better


    Very cute and the animals are adorable, but the mini games keep glitching. Overall a good app!

  • Cute Kitty

    by Hetthett

    the kitty is really cute! Send to 3 others if you want to if you do then you can possibly see a cute kitty soon (awwwwwwwwww I can see mine!)

  • Cool

    by Boney Butt

    U should get a pet elephant

  • Its okay

    by Fat Cakes The Rapper

    Gets boring but its better then the ones wen u have to pay 4 them :-/

  • Awesooome(:

    by MakPK

    Sooo much better than buying each on for 99cents!

  • Great

    by citation23

    Great but plz add whale and jellyfish And with fish make it so u can pick what kind/color

  • Free cuteness!

    by Fluffybunny13

    The animations are cute   and the games are pretty fun, but sometimes they glitch so I can't play them and I get +0%  Overall, pretty easy to get into and start playing, but instructions for the first time would have been nice. The best part is that it's free!

  • Dead pets

    by Ewegsgolie#6

    It cute but all my pets died after a day:( there's a 3$ virtual pets and it's exactly the same as the free one! This app is great, I just with there was a horse;)

  • Ok

    by Lemon the cat

    I really like this app.The animals are cute, but we should be able to do more things with them.

  • Uhhhh?

    by App Officer

    I haven't even gotten to play it yet, but it took all night to install and still hasn't installed yet. Do not get this app.

  • wanna kill it

    by gothkitty99

    I freikin hate this app wow amazing stupid

  • Stupid

    by Hdhdhdvbxhcjxjxjxhxh

    This is stupid . I HATE IT AND WHO MADE IT!

  • Do not get this app.......

    by Sophiesoo57

    Did not like this app it was cute but stupid Yes babys like it but no LOSER with capital L Unless you are 2 don't get this crapy app.

  • Terrible

    by Smileyface 4235

    I am sorry I don't like writing bad reviews but this app is terrible 1. The graphics are bad 2. The pets die in a day 3. The mini games don't have directions So don't be mad about this I have one good thing. Yeah just be happy it's the free one not the 3$ version.

  • Okay game, I guess.

    by My Little Epona

    Good game but could be better.

  • This game stinks.DO NOT GET!!!!!!!!

    by Emmbb

    This game needs a lot of work plus it is boing.

  • Its ok

    by WATS 24

    Its ok but needs alot of work. For the miny games theres no directions so i dont know how to play them. Also it needs better graphics.

  • Crap

    by Kchica357grl

    This game is really boring. No wonder it's free. Don't waste your time on it.

  • Boring

    by Candy333666555

    Theres like nothing to do. I played it for like ten second and it is boring.

  • Terrible

    by NukeCG

    Animals start fully grown and the are no instruction for miny games. Bad app...

  • Cute but...

    by Lindsey N T

    Make it so you can choose the gender! Make it so you can pet them! Needs better graphics! You should be able to play the games whenever you want! If you fixed ALL of that, this would be a great app! I'm glad it's free, cute but needs a lot of changes!

  • OK

    by Webster2378

    This is an ok app but it doesnt let you play that meany games and the animals look weird

  • What?!

    by Sackfoxx

    Is there no point? Really cute but no purpose! I mean really?!

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