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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: DS Effects
  • Updated: Jul, 23 2009
  • Version: 2.06
  • Size: 27.53 MB

Languages: English

Seller: DS Effects s.a.s.

added 1 new game: Fat Girl

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Incredible collection of 106 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon ... 106 games!

This collection includes the following games:
Jungle Frog, Skate Duck 2, Babel, Reversed,Space Rings, Boring School, RedFlowers, Fruit Catch,PushBall, Math Pop 2, Cross Roads, Clouds Tap,Slalom Bear, Panda Jump, Put In Place, Alien Switch,Alien Colors, Alphabetically, Angels and Devils,Monster Cups, Bunny Jump, Crazy Copter, Babel 2,
Ice Cream Party, Balloon, Falling Stars,Drop Flowers, Blocked Car, Arcade Ping Pong, Eyes, Clown Juggler,Goal Keeper, Bubble Splash, Square Box, Same Pets 2,Pumpkin Land, Fly Killer, Add Bubbles, Colored Cats,Blozzle, Pumpkins, Spin The Ball, Gold Nuggets,Space Worm, Sea Treasures, Dice Swap, Gem Blast,Bubble Swap, Pop Balloons, Water Ski Duck, Star Blast,Fillit, Hang, Pipes Puzzle, Gunslinger, Aqua Quest,
Basket Champion, Battle Pirates,Math Balance, Math Pop,
Skate Duck, Underwater,First Kisses,Bee Invaders,
Jewels Mania,Dino Eggs,Golden Sword,Monkey Jump,
Monster Heads,Black Birds,Kitchen Panic,Crazy Tank,
Kick Ups,Connect Roads,Dangerous Bananas,Same Pets,High Or Low,Dragon Jewels,Blackjack Solitaire,Blackjack Mania,Poker Mania,Street Combat,Pop Pop Pop,Dino Eggs 2,Monkey Jump 2,Dog Jump,Bubble Numbers, Bubble Birds,Face Guess,Capitals,Color Bombs, Memorize, Fast Count, Crab Jump, Magic Flowers, Cannibals, Duck Shooting, Monster Drop, Spy Skull, Rocket Monkey, Cake Shop, Mega Tower, Baby Jump, Fruit Killer, Cross Match and Fat Girl.

More games coming soon!

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by LeoTpi

    Definitely keeps you entertained for a while though it feels like they choose to go with more games and less quality and not vice versa which is what I would prefer.

  • Thank you for this game

    by mark zakh

    This is very fun:) super

  • No sound?

    by Sillvery

    This app is ok. Lots of different games but why is there no sound? I'd like it a lot more if there was sound or even settings.....

  • Ok

    by Shane Neal

    Good game but needs better graphics

  • Awesome

    by Bozidar M.

    Fun and cool and alot of games

  • Pretty good

    by Kgvdhc5)7;6/.(8?0$?

    Good but where's arcade basketball like in the picture? I was really looking forward to that

  • Good

    by AdsShouldntMove

    It's a nice time passer and it is really fun but, i wish it would teach u how to play some games

  • Yolo

    by Ceejayy018571

    I like this app a lot look 4me on ps3

  • Impressive app

    by real sandro

    I love this app loaded with lots of nice games I would like to see new update since new hardware is available iPads iPhone 5 iPod 5 iPad mini.

  • Good, but plz fix bugs, explain games.

    by Judy4729

    There are several games in this collection I play frequently and really enjoy. I can't figure out some of the other games. Is there some site where you can get more detailed rules and how-tos? Also, since I got iOS 6, Jewels Mania is not responding to touch properly. It's frustrating to start the game and have it freeze in Level 1.

  • Super

    by Muzafferkadir


  • Great time passer

    by Assdftrrrfghj

    Unlike the other reviewers, i like this app. There are so many different kinds of simple games. You usually play it for about three minutes then move on to the next one. Great for waiting for plane flights. One thing to the creator: please have some directions. For some, the rules are unclear.

  • It's ok if you are super bord!

    by Thebestonehere13

    This game is good if you are in a air plane sitting there with nothing to do or it is probally the game you would not buy (well what I did was challenge friends)

  • Not bad

    by Loco56007

    All old school game graphics and possible old school games not bad tho and hey it's free

  • Awesome

    by lfkanders

    1 word: AWESoME! Yeah lowercase o! = )

  • Cididi

    by J20234


  • Fun

    by Kind of cruddy game


  • Ok

    by SuperZenock

    The app equivalent of cheap chinese crap toys. Two seconds of fun per game but plenty of them. Quantity over quality, it's how America won WW2

  • Free

    by Halo master017

    Good bcuz free!! :D

  • Wow

    by Hggfhhhvhggjzdsku

    Wow that is so awesome

  • Boring

    by A box 2527

    Not as fun as it looks ,so stupid

  • Maddening

    by Zornthgrt

    Hahaha makes me want to kick a baby!

  • What a crab is this.

    by ebo kwabena

    You guys should make something better, not this foolish ugly games.

  • Ahhhhhhh

    by Zebraman12

    I can't stand it. The games are bad, the graphics are worse, and there aren't 104 games, it just takes you to the website.

  • Bad


    Just like action 52 on the NES

  • Most of the games are like bad tuna

    by YogertTheEverlastingKnowItAll

    When playing these I think: I could make this in a day - these are all super crappy pics and the code for something like a directional pad??? Come on guys idc who makes em, they need to do better

  • Bad

    by Llama man 2.0

    Hate it

  • Worst games

    by zekrom1a

    Wow what games this games are web apps :/ I can get them for free on safari

  • Worst game ever really

    by Kenneth Klingensmith

    Game stinks

  • Eh?

    by buzzybee1

    It crashes every time I try 2 play it):

  • Worst game ever!!!!

    by Coolgirl5

    Once you get the game you except it to be like fun games you go on it and the games are boring. If you get it you will regret it. So listen to me DO NOT GET THIS GAME

  • All 83 games free

    by C. L. Smith

    WORTHLESS: You'd be better off, and it would be more fun to take out pencil and paper and play tic tac toe by yourself. Don't even bother. Zero stars.

  • Don't download.

    by Kevin Morales

    This doesn't even deserve a star.

  • A83G (ALL 83 GAMES)

    by Pete pedersen


  • Gay.

    by firetoy465

    None of the games r fun and it doesnt really have that many games

  • What a festering pile...

    by Bonesauce

    Gamers rating this 5 stars just because it's free and just because there are 80+... How is that, at all, a viable justification? That's like saying, "Hey! Garbage is free! Just be happy with what you get!" The point that I am trying to make here is that just because a game is free does not give the developers a green light to just spew out whatever rehashed and mind-numbingly monotonous game they want. I can literally name 80 free games from the AppStore that are a thousand times better than this stinker. Just because a game is free doesn't mean that quality, entertainment, and effort should be sucked out of the games. I can't imagine why some of you think that just because this is free that it's ok what they're doing. It's not. Quite frankly, it's a bit insulting. I'm a retro gamer at heart, but the AppStore has a lot of great, untapped potential that I like to explore. To see a game like this being placed in front of me is like being slapped in the face. "Hey! Remember all those awesome and enjoyable arcade games you grew up with? Well, we broke the controls, hurriedly threw together blocky and pixelated graphics, removed the fluid gameplay for boring and convoluted game mechanics, and pretty much ruined whatever fun game these rip offs are based on!" Awful. I have never played such a load of crap in my life. Every game is terrible, they offer little to no challenge and are so poorly made that you're better off deleting this to leave room for FAR better free games. This app has been left behind with the advancements in the AppStore, and you are doing yourself a great disservice by downloading this pile of poop. So please, all of you true gamers like me... Stay away from this. It's obvious this was a super rushed job that the developers clearly didn't care about, which in turn means they don't care about you. Good day.

  • DO NOT BUY!!!

    by Gabisue

    This app charged me $10.00!!! This app is not free and the games are boring so save your time, energy, and money and don't get this horrible app!!!

  • Will Not Load!!!!!!

    by Vicki101

    I have this game on my iTouch and it crashes when i open up the app and i cant play any games

  • Good concept, but......

    by Sithsharkdog

    I downloaded this app for my iPad because I was looking for some quick games to play and I like retro type games. The games did not work right with the iPad. They moved super fast and did not control right. This app would have been great if the games controlled properly.

  • Yuk

    by Sue B Honey

    I tried downloading game 5 days ago it is still in downloading, and I guess whenever it finishes downloading I can delete's the worse

  • Hey

    by Coooooooooooooooooll

    Have not seen them

  • Cool

    by Eggs Vs. Chickens

    Cool but the games are stupid! And why does the paid version have less than the free version?

  • ok........but not that good

    by wizardjian

    it contains a lage amounts of games but the down side is that it dont come with any kind of tut to tell you how to use it properly so i say its a 8.5 out of 10 XD just need the tut

  • all 80 games

    by (name))

    its very slow and the games are junk

  • What the Is the point of this thing

    by Aqwetfds

    It's the most stupid game in the world the graphics are really bad and it's so slow

  • Ej

    by Dandilee

    It's ok but the graghics are terrible personaly I I don't like it that much but it woul take alot of updates

  • Welll...

    by Julie rhino

    It's awesome and cheap at the same time. It has 80 games! But it's slow and the games are kind of dumb

  • 

    by Caleigh :D

    Games Free is awesome! It doesn't take long to load for me and I have the 3G ipod touch. Don't listen to bad reviews their just upset and jelous.Some of them r freaks, or all of them! No offense or anything. Sry!

  • I can't buy it

    by Sfbdsdjnoooi

    What the ****

  • Slow as Molasses

    by Powerlight

    For a free app, this is a waste of time. Everything is slow and clunky, especially the token fighting game. Whoever gave this app 5 stars must be off their rocker. Don't waste your time.

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