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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: DS Effects
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2009
  • Version: 2.02
  • Size: 26.48 MB

Languages: English

Seller: DS Effects s.a.s.

added 1 new game: Mega Tower

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Incredible collection of 102 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon ... 102 games!

This collection includes the following games:
Skate Duck 2,Babel,Reversed,Space Rings,Boring School,
Red Flowers,Fruit Catch,Push Ball,Math Pop 2,Cross Roads,Clouds Tap,Slalom Bear,Panda Jump,Put In Place,Alien Switch,Alien Colors,Alphabetically,Angels And Devils,Monster Cups,Bunny Jump,Crazy Copter,Babel 2,Ice Cream Party,Balloon,Falling Stars,Drop Flowers,Blocked Car,Eyes,Jungle Frog,Clown Juggler,Goal Keeper,Bubble Splash,Square Box,Same Pets 2,Pumpkin Land,Fly Killer,Add Bubbles,Colored Cats,Blozzle,Pumpkins,Spin The Ball,Gold Nuggets,Space Worm,Sea Treasures,Arcade Pong, Dice Swap,Gem Blast,Bubble Swap,Pop Balloons,WaterSki Duck,Star Blast,Fillit,Hang,Pipes Puzzle,Gunslinger,Aqua Quest,Basket Champion,Battle Pirates,Math Balance,Math Pop,Skate Duck,Underwater,First Kisses,Bee Invaders,Jewels Mania,Dino Eggs,Dino Eggs 2,Monkey Jump,Monster Heads,Black Birds,Kitchen Panic,Crazy Tank,Kick Ups,Connect Roads,Dangerous Bananas,Same Pets,High Or Low, Dragon Jewels,Blackjack Solitaire,Blackjack Mania,Poker Mania,StreetCombat,Pop Pop Pop, Golden Sword,Monkey Jump 2,Dog Jump,Bubble Numbers,Bubble Birds,Face Guess,
Capitals,Color Bombs,Memorize,Fast Count,Crab Jump,Magic Flowers,Cannibals,Duck Shooting,Monster Drop,Spy Skull, Rocket Monkey, Cake Shop and Mega Tower.

More games coming soon!

Customer Reviews

  • Totally worth the price

    by dinglejen

    Most games are fun! The problems: no instructions for any of the games and the graphics are poor. Always remember - you get what you paid for. I'm really hoping for an update/upgrade that includes not only instructions for the games, but also include new games and better graphics for the ones already in it. Definitly worth $.99!!

  • Hey DS Effects

    by Ward Family

    Could you add every single game/entertainment app you have made to this great app?

  • The games really arent that fun and theres no music or anything

    by Fenrime

    Enough said

  • 3.0 glitch

    by josewantsvid

    used to be gud but keeps copying and pasteing whenever holding da buttons

  • Ok ok

    by moediop

    Many games are crap but dudes 65 games for a doller u guys are being to greedy It's a pretty good offer saying that some. Of the games are actually fun

  • Ok I guess

    by Meggiej45

    This app is ok. It does have a lot of good games so I would buy it 4 99cents. The Only thing that is bad is their r no instructions and runs slow

  • Ok worth it

    by coolbreeze42

    I give it five stars to attempt to make this overall rating more realistic and representative of the game. The controls aren't that great and there is no sound at all. There are probably 10 good games. At a buck u should consider getting it, but don't pay more than a buck.

  • idk

    by gymnasticss

    I mean the games aren't greattt but it's 99 cent for 65 games so it's totally worth it even if u only like one of the 65 games.. cause these games are usually sold seperately

  • the coolest thing ever

    by Blaine

    I like this app it has some of the coolest games I have ever seen

  • It's great

    by P pianos

    It has a wide variety of games and they are fun Its only 25mb It's a great game on the go

  • Amazing

    by BigDaddy-153

    The only thing is why would you pay for this when if you go to you can download all of them for free?

  • Woah

    by Cookie12345678901543

    LOL I got this for free and 100 games!!! This app is fun for me to play with all my little cousins! I am so glad I got this and I

  • Love

    by audrivandewalle

    No sound but highly addictive and fun mini games

  • Fun mini games, a few things to fix

    by Yevoc

    Needs local high scores and why does the free version have more games than the paid version now????

  • pretty good

    by A7XBRO

    its a pretty good deal, 72 games for just a dollar. not all of them are great, but there is a few good ones. add a local highscore board and add some old style nes games and ill give it five stars!

  • Way better than free 1

    by Ricky Throb

    :) lllllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvv!!!!!!it

  • Asome

    by HotmicHot

    If it was worth $1 it is great

  • Awesome

    by Davgfgkfd

    This is by far the best app I own and I have tried out around 400 apps people don't believe the bad ratings this app is the best app ever

  • Suggestions

    by Sim boy

    Great app but since you are going to add more games I have some ideas. Add Texas hold em, an rpg game style game, and a game like grand theft auto and add an instructions manual for the games.

  • Horrible

    by corbin27

    This is absolutely the worst game I have had to pay for. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Pathetic

  • Don't get it

    by Colin

    No really

  • Instructions?

    by Fantasialynn

    No info on how to play any of these crap games!

  • Triniti of ATL

    by Iphone BabyTrin

    Well for me the game had no sound if only they had sound and instructions! Some games are in serious need instructions!

  • not owrking properly

    by cdcr

    don't buy this game! It's the worst app that I have come across.

  • Not Compatible w/ iPhone OS 3

    by Fox7ero

    Where is the update you promised to release in a few days that would allow this app to be playable on Os 3.0?! Its been almost two weeks?! ------ Most games are poor but are entertaining because they are so bad. It only problem with this game set is that if you have OS 3 installed, when you hold down any buttons on the touch screen it 'selects' the button and ask you to copy it, perventing you from playing most of the games.

  • Wow

    by [e] ken

    I thought "oh, .99 cents for 65 games doesnt sound bad" but no the games are crap! Dont buy!

  • Dumb

    by killerqueenie78

    Boring gamez. Not worth the space unless ur a baby

  • Horrifyingly Poor

    by Oenai

    This app makes me want to kill myself. I've never felt like this before. All I could think was "how could anyone be okay with submitting an app like this?" • Got it while it was free. Too bad no amount of money can erase this confused, dark feeling I've been having ever since I tried it out.

  • what?????

    by 거지같다

    no sound?????????????????

  • this app is the bomb!!!!

    by tubby bubby

    this games awesome now 80 great games for a dollar these games on it should be ten a piece awesome good graphics online play all fun games we all love it its the best dont listen to the kids who put bad reviews theyre waiting for the price to go up so you will have to pay more for this excellent app most of my reviews are bad but this app is the bomb 3 new games a week get this app it is a must have i think that ot should be 99.99 so get this i would pay that u probly would if u tried it get this terrific game while its cheap my favorite app ever deserves a award try it try it try it u should realy try this app it it the best its #1 i think it should cost more its like half the app stores games and theyre adding mortal kombat and tekken for me i love online play get this app best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not worth it

    by C Is for cookie

    Is app is very very slow running

  • Absolutely Terrible!!

    by hard2rock123

    This app is just terrible!! The games are ridiculous! There's no sound, no instructions, some of the games could be fun if they didn't fricken lag or if they actually worked! I paid $2.99... FOR THIS?? Give me a break!

  • 62 games for .99

    by Ryman k

    Amazing price for a lot of little games. Very fun!

  • Update Needed

    by Joe Gill

    Has potential, but lags too much

  • Liars, not really 65 Games

    by omarimaru♥

    Most of the games are the same, they just change the background or the character. No Instructions. No Sound. Slow and laggy. Poor Graphics. Simply Boring.

  • Sr

    by El CONEJO XXX

    Do not buy this ,bad !

  • It Sounded Too Good To be True

    by imac1962

    If it sounds too good to be true. Then it is. I purchased this package hoping to have at least one good game to play. Unfortunately . the games were disappointing, the graphics were jerky, and the gameplay was slow. This is the worst I have bought from iTunes.

  • dont buy this

    by Skullcrusherbw

    this game is retarded and such a waste of my dollar. it makes me mad that apple allows games this bad to be put on the app store for a price.

  • Ehh

    by Shmeal

    Couple games are decent? Can u make the high score thing local so you can just ser your own high scores instead of having to submit them

  • Please fix the fps

    by Ti219

    The fps is horrible. Please fix it!!

  • Very Slow

    by Caccaccacman

    Games are very slow. Controls are very slow. Games are for the most part very weak and too simple. Suggestions: Add card games such as hearts, war, spades, go fish. Add board games such as checkers, backgammon, chinese checkers, shuffleboard Add games found in amusement parks In desciption of app, include description of games.

  • Some developers just want our money

    by cantito

    Worst AppStore purchase ever! It's really a surprise that Apple approved this. I tried almost every single game and, as soon as u open a game, it's over! Even if u understand how to use the controls.

  • Horrible

    by Keemboogie

    All these game su&$.they made me leave a star or no review.Please stop making games!!!!

  • 1.69

    by app person 1022

    Not stable

  • Can I get a refund?

    by $&@)(:/

    Listen up everyone! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT BUY! I have seen Atari games with better graphics. I wanted to rate this a BIG 0!

  • Total Waste of money.

    by AdanBlinBlin

    No graphics, hard to use controls. And the games run like in fast forward. Don't waste your money too.

  • Not worth using space in iPhone!

    by chuggins12

    Even with so many games, haven't found one to work properly. Graphics are poor, game skips, no instructions...worst purchase ever, even if only .99!

  • Terrible

    by 3xplod3r

    No graphics no good games not worthed at all waste of money

  • Very poor

    by Saenz35795

    Poor graphics, poor controls and no intructions. One game out of the while pack may be worth playing. Wouldn't recommend.

  • All 67 games

    by foothill29

    I regret purchasing this game app. While the games are enjoyable, the timed playing time is so, so short, I end up completely unsatisfied. I do not recommend it.

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