Rocket Pig - Piggie with Birds on Happy Farm Days - Cool Fun Adventure Arcade Game - FREE Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Dr. Vladyslav Ukis



Download The Best Fun for the kids and entire family - Rocket Pig on Happy Farm Days!

A cool and fun adventure action game that will keep you mesmerized for hours! So, grab your pig and work your way up and down the farm to the farm tower. Be sure to get there as fast as you can or you will be rolled over by giant stones.

Here are the cool features of the game:
√ 35 challenging farm levels
√ Race against the clock to escape the giant stones
√ Perform 5 in air tricks for additional points
√ Gather as many things as you can on the way to the farm tower for additional points
√ Choose from many different characters to play with (Big Leg, Eggon, Hippie and many more)
√ Power Boosts to help you get through that challenging level
√ Level Skips - When you just can't get past that one level
√ Multiplayer Game - Challenge and play against your friends!

To get speed simply press and hold your finger on the screen when going downhill and release when going uphill. Sounds easy, but there is definitely a strategy required in order to make it down in the allotted time.

Have fun! Login to gamecenter to get your high score posted for other gamers to see.

Make sure no one can beat you!

Download now and show all: you are the best!


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