Super Ball Juggling Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Dong Nguyen
  • Updated: Nov, 05 2013
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 4.69 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Dong Nguyen

Fix bugs.
New icon.
Improve frame rate.
New UI.

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1682 Ratings
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16565 Ratings


How many times you can juggle these two balls?

[How to play]
- Tap left/right side of screen to kick
- Don't let the ball fall
- Try to archive 4 medals

This game is difficult.

Customer Reviews

  • A REAL Review

    by Funnygui105

    Fun concept, but the game crashes every time I lose. Is this part of the gameplay or a bug on both my devices?


    by Soccer SoccerSoccerSoccer

    I love this game!! Super hard but fun. I can't beat 10. It's flappy bird all over again. How do we juggle with 2 people.


    by Masterofuu 777

    This is so easy that it is gay

  • Great

    by Kauehkawasaki

    This game is amazing!!!

  • No

    by KingChocolate

    If you think Flappy Bird is hard, get ready to poop yourself.

  • Sigh

    by Callmebubbleseveryonedoes

    Every time I loose the game crashes -.-

  • Balls in my Head

    by coolwowholycow

    Today I woke up with balls in my head. Super balls, to be exact. I wanted to play SBJ. I ran over and played SBJ. It was fun. I beat my high score and got to 25. It didn't corrupt me, manipulate me, or ruin me in any way. It's just a fun, hard game. I like balls a lot. Moseleys balls are very small like his tic tac.

  • App Crashes but Awesome

    by Helovesus4ever

    It's a great app but every time I die it crashes please fix.

  • Weird but ok

    by Keep bleeding love

    Flappy birds better play flappy bird instead

  • Crashes

    by 473;73;$?):

    When ever am playing when I die it just get me off the game and I don't know what my high score is

  • Broken

    by Boelrecci

    This app is good but it is annoying. Once i drop the ball the app closes!

  • Super Ball Juggling

    by Sad Skyper

    I don't know if I should rate this app 5 stars or 1 star! It's extremely addicting, and is very hard! ✌️ DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  • Frustrating, yet addictive

    by Fathead23

    This game can be very frustrating but it is very fun and it's extremely addictive. I, personally enjoy it more than flappy bird and overall I think it is one the best iPhone games out today. :)

  • Great Job

    by Chartab

    Great job Dung Nguyen. This game is absolutely awesome.

  • not agin

    by the-dude-23

    flappy bird ,iron pants , and whats this juggle some thing what next its just not fare even tho i hate the games i love hard games but i may kill my self soon o no not a new game agin i hope

  • Addicting but not annoying

    by Frashure11

    Unlike Flappy Bird this game does not make me want to through my phone across the room, but it still retains the same level of addiction. A lot better than flappy bird in my opinion

  • Help me

    by Goldenhalk

    This is why I have no friends because of this app im going to turn out like the direct tv commercials

  • Ok

    by Ethan/mom

    Ok the app is ok needs some improvement :(

  • Good

    by Janessa Farmer

    Good not great

  • Love it but hate it

    by Sara93939393

    It really addicting and frustrating. I just can't stop playing it. I keep saying "just one more time, just one more time.." Such a simple game, but can become very time consuming.

  • Scores won't save!

    by Hunter Sever

    Every time I die, the app will close it's self and won't show any scores. It's dumb

  • Nope

    by WillyMcDert

    No. You guys, just... No. Stop.

  • Too dang hard!

    by Mcman42

    I can't stand this game! My highest is 12 but I think I might delete it because of how annoying it is. I thought Flappy Bird was annoying! At least I got used to that. THIS GAME on the other hand I can't get used to. I rate a 1 out of 10. It only deserves that one because I actually did good on it for once lol.

  • Come on...

    by BallNard

    Every time I drop the ball the game crashes. Every time...

  • Looked fun

    by Beach Skater

    It closes out after you lose, every time.

  • Boo

    by Jmartin122400968

    U need to make it more easy and fix the bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How do you do this?

    by Oogs26

    Stick with flappy least you can play that game.

  • by darnell xxx

    I hate it

  • Stupid

    by Luiz botelho

    Only one more stupid game to do something repetitive

  • Boring

    by WheresPolo

    Awful. Don't waste your time

  • Cool

    by Mr.Grue

    I love this!

  • Fix the hit box

    by Chris_Da_Dragon12

    I'm kicking the ball but the ball goes through his legs

  • Spongebob

    by Xxdsmx2422

    So basically this is how the game works just like spongebob, this is me' "I don't need it, I don't need it!!!! I don't need it!!! I need itttt!!!!

  • I'm a victim of Dong Nyguen

    by Gamerguyt

    My life has been devastated by this developer. He has made so many new addicting games. I was a straight A student and now I'm failing all my classes (including gym and lunch) {yea lunch} I lost my girlfriend and I lost my job. This game ruined my life I recently caught myself tossing chickens through my neighbor and Is trash can. I need help desperately. Yesterday I was in a fender bender with my self while playing flappy birds while driving.

  • The Ads make it lag

    by bobby the gamer

    Honestly, this shouldn't be happening. Either remove the ads, or let us buy an in app purchase for a dollar to remove them. Then you get your deserved stars.

  • Don nyguen wants to destroy us

    by blakeistherealwinner

    This game makes me more mad than flappy bird I didn't think that was possible

  • Spelling

    by Bob3457897754

    "Juggling" is spelled incorrectly when you open the app. It's spelled, "Juglling" lol

  • Dumb

    by Luke285


  • Sorry

    by xVaRiAbLe_Fr3Sh

    App keeps crashing when I die and it's getting annoying

  • Crash

    by Mike246367

    Crashes all the time

  • The creators must go to hell

    by Worse then flappy bird

    Worst game I ever played

  • Game turn off

    by Miki1PL

    game turn off after play 1 round

  • One of the best games ever

    by Nw3mu

    So much fun, and a great time waster. Don't get too hooked though. It could be dangerous.

  • Fun but crashes a lot.

    by Sparta12345

    Very fun game but, whenever I end a round, the game crashes. Very annoying.

  • Amazing!

    by Ervinnn999

    It's a great game!!

  • Bad

    by Xiosbdkj


  • Easy to learn, hard to master.

    by Juggling God

    This is a very fun game! It gets interesting if you compete with friends!

  • Meh

    by I will kill myself

    Love it

  • Frustrated

    by KanyeNorthWest

    I thought flappy bird was hard but this is just too difficult to even enjoy. Plus "Juglling" is the way "Juggling" is spelled on the main screen of the game.

  • Closes after every restart

    by MDPDIP

    It's terrible the game force closes every time I miss the ball!

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