Shuriken Block Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Dong Nguyen
  • Updated: Apr, 25 2013
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 3.87 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Dong Nguyen

Fix bugs.
New icon.
New UI.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
777 Ratings
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12432 Ratings


Test your reflection in an extensive blocking training.

[How to play]
> Tap on shuriken falling line to block it.
> Try to archive the medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard) and Platinum (very hard).

Customer Reviews

  • Why does this game keep shutting down when my game ends?!

    by AlyDia2

    I really like this game but what score do you have to get to to get a medal? Also, please fix the bug/glitch that force closes the game when you die.

  • Crashes

    by Bryan2468345

    This game crashes when I am on my last life. Please fix this

  • I love this game

    by Omg.whatsup?!

    I love it but it crashes. That's my only complaint.

  • Update needed

    by Francy Wilkens

    So I really like this game but I think it needs to have an update with bug fixes. When my 3 lives are over, the game always glitches and closes out of the app and it doesn't even save my high score. Now that's a piece of junk!

  • help

    by AwesomePants

    it's good but it keeps crashing. pls fix :c

  • shuriken block

    by Faithbanana

    i love this game but when i finish playing it, it keeps shutting down multiple times

  • Fun

    by babyjackrabbit6

    It logs out every time I die in the game. Please fix that. But other than that I like it!

  • I get kicked

    by Guru9163

    Every time I die it kicks me from the app, the gameplay is good though! Very fun game.

  • Great game...crashes too much.

    by Matt019283

    I really enjoy this game. It is a fun challenge that doesn't take up too much time. My issue, is that when I lose my final life, the game crashes and doesn't save my score. This is very frustrating!! Please fix the bugs in this game!!


    by ayoWasHere=]

    I used to love this game but recently I've been breaking my high scores but before it goes to the score page, it glitches and the app shuts down!!! Please fix this bug

  • Crash

    by Steven343

    I would give it 5 stars but the game always crashes when I die. It never saves my high score. I don't know why there isn't am update to fix that problem. Most likely I think the only reason it crashes is because so many people hack it

  • fun game but could use major fixes

    by Lakapeupeika

    It constantly shuts down whenever i die in the game. Today, i just landed my high score and i dont even know if it counted because it shut down right after. Please fix immediately!!! Other than the shutting down bullsh!t part, i would've rated it 5 stars. Keep up the good work!

  • Addicting!

    by Brielle Tara

    This game is really fun and addicting! I can't get enough of this. Right now my score is in the 1000's. It took me only a few minutes to get to the 1000's.

  • Great Game

    by Chartab

    This game is awesome but it's not optimized for iPhone 5 screen ... Please optimize it.

  • Ehh .

    by Monkeysaremything

    I love the game but it doesn't have a point to it just like flappy bird but they are both addicting. I enjoy playing this but I don't know if anyone is also experiencing this but every time I die it glitches and gets out of the app. I'll give it five stars if you fix that. 5⃣

  • Good, but...

    by ReyRey SmileyFace

    So, overall everything is great... But the things is that every time the three hearts are gone, and the game finishes, the app always shuts down afterwards... Like please fix it! I really do like this game, and I think it's better than your other games, but it's just really annoying how it always has to shut down all the time. It's still nice, but just fix (:

  • Good game

    by Ksjhejdj

    I like this game it is really easy to get points

  • App randomly closes

    by Bunnylover5

    After I loose 3 lives, the app will close and I will lose my score. Still fun and addicting though.

  • Pretty good but...

    by Mosesthegamer

    Okay, so I really like this game I think it's pretty good. I like the kinda older 80's video game look they added but the only problem I have is sometimes ill tap over one of the little ninja and the Shuriken will still go through the little shield!!! I think that needs to be fixed but other than that killer game

  • Please fix

    by :). So AWESOME

    I love this game but whenever I lose all three lives it just crashes and maybe it doesn't happen every time but it does happen about 98.5% of the time so please fix it and then I can give 5 stars

  • Crash

    by AngryToast

    Game crashes every time you run out of lives.

  • Fun freaking game but

    by Thebobzz

    Everytime i get to a really high score it exits out of the game right before i lose so it doesnt save my score and it is super aggravating...i will change to a five if this problem is fixed


    by .cam

    right at the score

  • Crashes

    by Got a gun 451

    This game crashes every time i lose all of my lives

  • CRASHES!!!!

    by IA SOS awesome!!!

    I like this game and it's very fun and addicting but EVERY SINGLE TIME I die it crashes sending me back to the home screen!!!!! UGH!! It's so annoying. PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • glitch

    by Alexaalexa123

    love the game. it's so fun, only problem is it never saves my score. after I loose my last life, the game shuts out completely. it doesn't save any of my high scores

  • Crashing on iPhone 4S

    by Frashure11

    I'm updated to the latest iOS 7 version and at the end of my 3 lives the game crashes every time. When this is fixed I'll gladly give the game a 5/5

  • Crashes

    by MGM34

    This game would be so much better if it didn't crash every time you play and lose!

  • Crashing

    by XaloCraft

    I am good at this game and it is fun but every time i get over 1000 the app crashes as soon as i die

  • Crashes

    by More answers :3

    It's a good game, just need to fix the bugs in it that make it crash every single time you loose all 3 lives.


    by Vdbhhxhgx

    Every time I play the app it will close without giving me my score. This app needs an update ASAP, that removes the bugs.

  • Ipad

    by Retrica app

    This app keep closing its self every time i die. You should fix that.

  • Crashing app

    by Yolosweggy

    I love this game but every time I die after my third life, the app always crashes and I can never see my new high score, please fix it

  • Fun but bad

    by Jsam4121

    This app is fun, but on ios7 after every game I play it crashes deleting my score. If this is fixed I will definitely redownload.

  • You Need To Fix This Please!

    by It's me!:)

    So i've had this game for a day, i really like it and i have over a thousands points, but it wouldn't save my score because it kept exiting the app right after i died the third time, i deleted it and got it again and it worked for a couple tries and then it started doing the same thing.

  • Fantastic game. Awful app.


    Until the makers of this app fix the bug that causes the game to crash after you lose your lives, Shuriken Block will have to be a 1 star rating. It's impossible to get into the game if your scores aren't being recorded because a glitch. Please fix.

  • Crashing

    by Coldeezy

    High score doesn't save every time I use my Last life it force closes it's self other than that great game.

  • Fun

    by Mgeorgiou

    This is fun buuuut the game never saves my score.

  • Ok... But

    by Alicatownsu

    This is pretty fun... But every time I finish it goes straight to my home screen :-/ what if I want to know my score >:(

  • :/

    by Qw3rt3r

    Its a good game but after every time i play it shuts down please fix :/

  • Good but MAJOR Glitch

    by gamerguy811#

    OMG this game is super duper fun and addicting it really is a great game, but it pisses me off when I get a new high-score and before it can make it official the app SHUTS DOWN!!! This is very annoying and aggravating so you should absolutely fix it immediately as in ASAP because I would really hate to see such a good game ruined because you can't get an official score half the time.

  • Pros and cons

    by Austin & Kolton

    Pros it is really fun con every time the game ends it logs me out of the app and doesn't record any of my score.. I try's to reinstall but still does it

  • Crash

    by Katlyn0216

    It crash closes after you die the last time. iPhone 5.

  • Keeps shutting down

    by Mookikooki

    So, I have an iPhone 5c device, and as I downloaded it I started playing it and I had a lot of fun. But for some reason, the app completely crashes right after all my lives diminish. My friend has the iPod Touch, and it works perfectly on hers. I'm just a little upset this fun game doesn't work on my device.

  • Glitches out

    by Selopadoo

    This game always glitches out and closes itself and doesn't save my high score which should be like 4500.

  • Fix it

    by Ana0803

    I get a really highscore and then the game crashes and it doesn't save it

  • Crashing

    by KevinLMart

    It's a great/addicting game! Only problem is, it keeps crashing after I lose my last heart.

  • CRASH!

    by Havendene

    So I beat my high score & the game just crashed. This has happened 10 times already. It's an amazing game! Just fix the crash!

  • Force close

    by FreshAsFuk

    Can't see my high score. Force closes. Fix your lame app ASAP so i can play lol.

  • Game crashes a lot

    by Thatoneguynamedkyker

    When I get to my score it crashes everytime should be fixed

  • Great Game

    by Josh Ozell

    It's a great game. I'm sure there'll be a bug fix for the crashing, so I'll continue playing.

  • Fun

    by Minecrafter1999

    Fun but always crashes after every time I finish a match on my iPhone 5s.

  • Crashing

    by Dylan30954

    It's a fun game but when ever I run out of lives the app quits

  • Really fun but crashes

    by Erik S. G.

    This game has to be the easiest, best, and most addicting out of all these games. But the crashes are REALLY ANNOYING. Somebody needs to fix this, I really like the game but the crashes take away seeing your score and having a good time with the app.

  • It's good but...

    by Dingyburrito

    Okay I really like this game honestly I do! It's a lot easier than Flappy Bird and Super Ball Juggling but there's just one problem. It keeps closing right after I lose all three lives and it's frustrating because I get pretty high scores but it kicks out and never saves it! I know it isn't my phone because I have a 5S and it's perfectly fine. Please fix this bug so I can give a five stars. Thanks!

  • Could use some work

    by Edawg023

    I personally love this game. It is simple minded and entertaining, but whenever I get a good score it glitches and exits me out it really needs to work on this I am almost positive if they fixed this it would increase in popularity

  • Good game

    by GeniLampHorseshoe

    I think it's my phone, but every time I finish the game it closes out on me and it doesn't say my score...

  • Crashes

    by Froggyloggy

    Good game but it crashes just about every time I die please fix

  • Game crashes

    by IGKostya1000

    Pretty fun game, but it keeps crashing at round end.

  • What's my high score?

    by RTOGY

    great game. it's a lot of fun to play and I would definitely recommend to get the game. the only problem I would like to see fixed is the app shuts down once I lose my last life so I'm unable to see my score.

  • Crashing

    by Stephen Maddox

    This game is fun but it crashes every time I lose 3 lives

  • It's great

    by Kabone76

    Entertaining. Not as angering as flappy bird! But one thing it crashes every time I lose?

  • Crappy

    by Pi kid

    Great game but... The game crashes every time I run out of lives the app crashes.

  • Constantly crashing

    by Heads-up Information

    Needs update. Very addicting and fun game but, once you lose it gets to home screen.

  • Crashes

    by Kyros09

    Quite often, as unusually, it crashes just when I lose, therefore my score basically never gets saved Awesome game anyway! It's really fun!

  • Good but

    by Flurt is cool

    After get the last life and die it will close out please try to fix that

  • Serious crashing issues

    by Declan O'Mara

    Every time the game is over (I lose) the game crashes therefor never saving my scores

  • Meaning of Life.

    by Brandonavila1001

    Is there a dark side to this app? Why are these cute little Chinese people standing against the wall waiting to be killed? Is this a dishonorable death? Or does it mean that they're common criminals, and cowards to even face death and accept fate? Is it up to us to change their fate? Once your 3 hearts are out, the game crashes. Is it on purpose? Probably. It means that you have to accept that you're dead and there's no retries. Life is spoken through this app. Shuriken Block = Life. Lol jk but this game is probably one of the best apps. <3 love it.

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