Where's My Mickey? Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Jun, 20 2013
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 48.05 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Walt Disney

Check out brand new stories featuring Minnie Mouse!
• Watch Mickey Cartoons and play new levels that are inspired by the stories! Available in selected regions.
• Stuck? Use the new hints feature to help solve those extra challenging puzzles!

Customer Ratings

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1044 Ratings
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1875 Ratings


Join Mickey on a brand new adventure in Disney’s most popular mobile game franchise!

Where's My Mickey? introduces a whole new world of life-like physics-based gameplay with stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations. Immerse yourself in the ultimate mobile gaming experience as you watch funny episodes while solving challenging puzzles! Tap, swipe, and swirl to help Mickey collect water and complete each story. Every drop counts!

• Original Episodes – Explore up to 5 unique episodes with surprising and witty scenarios! Watch how each story unfolds and ends as you play through individual level packs!
• Brand New Weather Mechanics – Use wind, clouds and rain to maneuver through 100+ levels filled with fun challenges!
• A Whole New Look – A classic Mickey art-style with a contemporary touch, inspired by Disney Channel’s new series of Mickey Cartoons!
• Collectibles and Bonus Levels – Help Pluto look for hidden collectibles to unlock more bonus puzzles!
• Stuck on extra challenging puzzles? – Get a hint to help you out!
• Featuring Mickey and Friends – Discover more hilarious episodes with Goofy & Minnie Mouse!

Try 6 Goofy puzzles for FREE and unlock the remaining episodes for a small additional price!

Now a sneak preview of the first episode – “When Life Gives You Lemons”:
On a hot summer day, Mickey decides to open up a lemonade stand. He’s got a bowl, the lemons, and a long line of thirsty customers, yet NO WATER! Help Mickey collect water and “tri-star” each level for ultimate fun! Even the stars are animated!

Visit www.facebook.com/WheresMyWater for more hints, tips and secrets.

Customer Reviews

  • Intelligent and fun

    by jackzetune

    I downloaded this Disney app for my 7 year old son and became it's #1 fun. Each level is a different puzzle you have to solve. The music, Mickey animations are great, I had relaxing moments playing it with my son.

  • Fun game

    by Dr Scholl

    Fun little app. Challenging, but not crazy hard.

  • Good Mickey

    by Rick from Tucson

    This game's vignette s captures the long-lost essence of Mickey before he was mollified in the 80s and 90s, and the gameplay continues to build on a great formula.

  • Definitely engaging

    by Rem reyes

    Every stage keeps on getting more and more engaging to the point that it has become addicting. Love the game!

  • Challenging

    by JeffersonDanger

    Takes some planning and strategy. Fun, although it makes you feel a little childish as well.

  • Great app

    by Kitwood

    Great app

  • Awesome GAME!

    by ToLazyToBeMVP

    It's really addictive !

  • Excellent.

    by Mike of the Jungle

    Well executed, at every level. Definitely enough of a game to be considered its own. The animations and Disney lore are wonderful, and the gameplay is unique and interesting.

  • Fun Times

    by BtnkDRMs

    Mechanical puzzles with superb presentation - not too easy or too hard -- great way to waste time!

  • Very cute!

    by ingrxxd

    I adore this game! It is very entertaining! I always seem to get easily bored with all games and this is my first rating! Any who every time I play this game I need a drink of lemonade haha

  • Y

    by Tim Weichselbaum


  • Fun fun fun

    by chaddaub

    I like it!

  • Good, but IAPs

    by Giant Hogweed Lives

    I know IAPs are the future but the original Water was swamped with updates you didn't have to buy. I don't mind grabbing Goofy, but little level packs for Mickey stuff feels a bit much.

  • Cool!!!

    by MaC_001

    Really cool...

  • Cute addition

    by KrazyToddlerMomma

    My daughter really likes playing with Mickey. The levels are cute and entertaining.

  • Simply Magical!!

    by B-Browne

    Very fun and challenging to play!!

  • Classic puzzle game

    by Audreysmagic

    Cute game, love the old school Mickey!

  • Fun

    by mmmsophisticatedmama

    This game is fun and slightly challenging.

  • Yay

    by ChibiNyanNyan

    It's cute and fun.

  • A Nice Addition

    by Big__Wave

    This game is a nice addition to the "where's my" line of games.

  • Pay for more

    by Mel&Co

    Only get to play a little before you have to buy more levels.

  • Game keeps quitting

    by KCDONUT

    Ever since I downloaded the last update (October 2013 I think) the game quits every time you try to play one of the newer levels.

  • Nice games!

    by Henny_siao

    Simple gameplay

  • Fun

    by Tink313*

    Great game

  • Love!

    by Natyjustine

    So fun! Great for any age

  • Great Game

    by GoldenPink78

    Love it!!!!!!!

  • Where's My Mickey?

    by Q367536857

    This app is cute and fun and yay Mickey!!! :)

  • Awesome play but glitchy

    by Appleman

    Great game to exercise the mind to figure out problems but crashes sometimes

  • Addicting

    by Paintinpicsofpuzzpess

    Worth the money

  • برنامج أكثر من ممتاز

    by أبو إبراهيم ٢٠١٢

    برنامج أكثر من ممتاز

  • Awesome!

    by Thisguy478444

    This game is awesome! Definitely worth downloading!

  • Cool

    by Wizardpr

    Nice game! Entertaining.

  • Fun

    by Nuo ni ni

    It's cute!

  • Better then where's my water

    by Haggis' dad

    Great game!!! Use your mind and have fun..... Love it

  • Get it

    by Kade_who

    This app is so fun! Get it and love it

  • Amazing

    by geneo114

    I have loved Mickey mouse and disney for years. And now that they made this a game too it is so exciting!!


    by Smith Marie

    I like it. Its different and more interesting that where's my water.

  • Great gameplay

    by trix3000

    I never expected to have fun playing a game with Mickey Mouse

  • I can't stop

    by Jellyrohl

    Addicting! Makes you really have to think!

  • Fun game. Cute graphics

    by Kingdomkitty

    I am enjoying this game. It is very cute and challenging.

  • Love it, but...?

    by A Despicable Fan

    I love this game! SO MUCH FUN and very creative! Unfortunately, there aren't as many levels as there should be for a paid app. More levels please!!

  • Muito bom!

    by Bekalog

    Adoro quando o jogo trabalha com lógica! Muito bom!

  • Fun!

    by Anonymous, 2

    Lot's of fun. My granddaughter recommended game to me.

  • Fun!

    by Anonymous, 2

    Lot's of fun. My granddaughter recommended game to me.

  • Cute and funny

    by Obey_diamond10000

    It makes me want to go to Disneyland

  • Who would have thought Mickey could be fun?

    by onefang7525

    Seriously....I was worried that Mickey would ruin the "Where's My?" franchise but I was thrilled with this game. Fun new mechanics (clouds, wind, etc.) and cool new animated scenes. My favorite part were the animations! so nice to see the more "retro" Mickey over the new corporate version. Tongue-in-cheek old-school humor. slap-stick humor. Way to go Disney! you managed to bring personality back to Mickey AND do a great "Where's My?" game!

  • Awesome

    by erinandgil

    I have three daughters and they love this game

  • Very Fun Game!!!!!!

    by Gary2oo

    Its worse checking out!! ^_^

  • Super Fun!

    by Hispettitrose

    This game is really fun and definitely makes you think! You have to use timing and ingenuity to get good scores. Plus...it has MICKEY!

  • :)

    by Emiline09

    Fun game :)

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