JellyCar 3 Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Feb, 10 2011
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 25.31 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

Hey JellyCar fans! Check out JellyCar 3's Two for Tuesday feature! Download two new levels every other Tuesday. Click the "News" button for more details!

Two new levels are now available for 'Time and Space!'
Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

Customer Ratings

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4772 Ratings
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10463 Ratings



The great reviews keep rolling in!

"JellyCar 3 is easily the best one yet and is highly recommended" -TouchArcade

"4/4 - Must Have: Whether or not you’ve played the other installments in the series, you'll find JellyCar 3 to be a total blast." -SlideToPlay

“…easily the best JellyCar so far” -TheAppEra

"...awesome physics and really addicting gameplay." -Appolicious

"JellyCar 3 offers amazing value...a must buy for only $1 that will bounce right into your heart." -AppAdvice

"Perfection...FIVE OUT OF FIVE!" -Nine Over Ten

The hit driving platform puzzle game is all new! JellyCar 3 features all new levels, all new car customization, all new ghost racing, and so much more. So hop in, start your Jelly engines, and find the stop sign!

JellyCar 3 includes 50 themed levels designed to maximize your squishy gameplay. With platforms and objects that move, rotate, and trigger special effects, each level is a new adventure! Race to the stop sign, and keep an eye out for secret exits!

Choose your car then create a customized color-styled JellyCar. Add detail down to the hubcaps! You can even customize the sound of your JellyCar!

Chase the Ghost Car and race against friends and the best times from the global leaderboards.

Save replays, make flipbooks, and relive your best times.

Go back in time and Rewind a level to correct mistakes and optimize your time. Includes 10 Rewinds. Buy additional Rewind Packs via in-app purchase.

Soar over obstacles and reach goals with the Balloon ability, climb walls with Sticky Tires, tap your car to make it grow, and play along with great music and sound effects. Everything that makes JellyCar awesome is here and more, so test-drive JellyCar 3 today!

Check out JellyCar 3's newest Two for Tuesday feature! Download two new levels every other Tuesday. Click the "News" button for more details!

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Customer Reviews

  • I love it

    by Coolness awesomeness crazy

    I love it so so much I love everything and those secret clouds that you find have secret levels and I just love the game

  • Fun add me as a bud :lilydotcom201399

    by Lily the game master

    Jelly car 3 is so much fun but only if it had level editor like the last version . It should have it were you can make a server and jelly cars can Rome around and edit the little level/world (btw my jellycar name is lilydotcom201399 add me as your buddy thx

  • Awesome

    by Icepago

    This app is the meaning if awesome.

  • Jelly car 3

    by Dantepereira712

    Plz,the next update

  • :D

    by :( Me not like :(

    In the next update please let us make our own track for 5 stars! If so I would give you 100 stars! :D :) $$ U

  • Great with some not so good aspects

    by Brockstar37

    Jelly car 3 is a really fun and addicting game, I would get it. I love the designing your own car portion. But the last thing is the levels are WAY to hard to get three stars.


    by IanRags

    This app is so fun, entertaining, and overall, amazing! I could go on all day about how cool it is but I won't because lots of people reading the reviews don't want to be listening to a guy chat about a game they probably want to be playing. The price might seem to much but I think it is perfectly reasonable. There are a bunch of cool power-ups and cars to create and choose. I LOVE the levels. So overall I think this game is worth your money and time.

  • Always good

    by Jonnybro27

    The entire jelly car series is awesome. If you like this one, check out the others. JC ROCKS!!!

  • A need to buy!!


    I always play this game and its great to pass the time with. I DEFINITLY RECEMEND IT!!

  • :D

    by Rainbowwingedwarrior101

    I loove this game!! So addictive and fun!!

  • Fun!!!!!!!

    by Mrfire007

    Its so fun i cant stop playing it.

  • awesome!!

    by The Stig Jr

    Great game! I think everyone should get it! I❤ it!

  • Do you actually plan to update it

    by Hpotter94

    Really? No update since 2011 I paid for this app and Disney barely updates it

  • Awesome

    by xLazyxProphet

    This is an awesome game! So addicting! Definite buy

  • Jelly Car 3


    Great game, I ❤ that there's no heavily advertised things (other games in app purchases etc.) but can you please add a level builder and different cars? You did in Jelly Car 2... Thx P.S. I found your test level here's the name as proof: testlevel.scene and it's in a cloud all the way to the left of the storyline. I know everything!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... R U EVEN LISTENING TO THE REVIEWS??? ADD LEVEL EDITOR NOW!!!!?!!!!¡!!!

  • Cool app

    by Gap on this app

    Jelly car is fun. Nice if it can have some more levels, and more Powerups not just sticky tire and balloon. Overall it's good.

  • Jelly car is awesome

    by Bryan fro Mexico

    You should ad some more car shapes and skins but still this game is awesome

  • Best Game Ever!!

    by Ryaloxy

    I remember when I first got into playing JellyCar. I played it for hours each and everyday because there was always something new everyday. You guys have to play it too!!!

  • Really fun xept 4 1 thing

    by joelstaylor

    This game is really fun but it would get a 5 star rating if it had a level editor like jelly car 2

  • Levels?

    by Neffboy12345

    Is there EVER going to be new levels?

  • Good!

    by Bellasochi

    Jelly Car 3 is a great game for on the go and to mess around with and it is not a battery consuming game!

  • Outstanding.

    by Mobeans66

    I always thought this game was fun,until I beat it. After that there is nothing to do.if they put a level editor unto it and you could also play friends levels I would give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Needs level creatir

    by The tux corp

    Awesome i am a big JC fan But this needs level creator

  • Yay

    by Ana_Sa

    This game is very fun! So far, it doesn't have any bugs! It doesn't exit out the program when you launch it, as the last (Jelly Car 2) did, but a little bad thing about it is that you can't create your own levels, as it was in JC2, but still, I would recommend this game to others! ;D

  • Jelly Car 3

    by PrincessZelda17

    I love all the new levels and that you can customize your car. Plus each one is a challenge. However, I'm not understanding the "Secret exits". An explanation of those in the app would be nice.

  • I like it

    by Iamcoolv123(909)

    It's cool!!!!()()$$$

  • Doper

    by Hdhshdhsubsbshsheh

    I love it

  • Suh-weet

    by Mustard Zoltar Podrowska

    I love it. My nephews and nieces love it too. Everybody loves it!

  • AWESOME! But it needs more levels

    by Quwe2

    This app is worth paying for but it really needs more levels. FYI it still has a lot of levels but I beet them all and it got boring

  • Good but...

    by patriots!!

    It needs to be updated for the iPhone 5. It has black bars on the sides making it not look good. Ok.

  • Amazing

    by Gamerdudeman456

    I know everyone says this needs a level editor but even without that it's a great game. But with the level editor this game will be the best in the stores

  • Awesome. But missing one thing

    by Maxsparta523

    This game is awesome. But it would be cool if there was a create your own level and share it with your friends! Pls do this. It would be boss

  • Asome

    by Dol dol.

    I don't like cars. But me getting to drive asome I love this game a tune you also get to creat cars

  • Asom

    by Lorna 132

    It's jelytastic

  • Constant Crash. Will Not Open

    by kikikaya

    I would like my money back for this app. Has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times. And iPad has been turned off and on. Still nothing . Disappointing Disney .

  • Great

    by Poppyseedsrawesome

    Its the best disney has ever done :) and i love taking pictures and turning them into a car.

  • awsome

    by Daniel likes the patriots

    I like this app a lot it is so fun and very addictive haven't had any glitch problems with this app a must buy

  • #1

    by Tjugglerman

    Great Great!!!! 5 star game awesome and fun!!!

  • Keep the J.C's Coming!

    by SECRET123456789010

    This game is great!!! But, it does need iPhone 5 support and a level editor level pack for 130 stars. Anyways, this game is great! Keep up the great work! BTW, can you tell me when J.C 4 is coming out?

  • Revie

    by Jackie1234567812345678

    Great App!

  • No new maps

    by Rudgjicji

    Does not add any add ons bad!!!!

  • Screen

    by Ecko.unlimited

    Enlarge screen for iPod 5

  • Really Great Game!

    by 99Sonic

    Jelly Car3 is a really fun and creative game. It really is interesting to experience what a car made of jelly would do. The controls are easy and fast to catch on to. The levels are fun and each have it's own style. Anybody can have fun with this game. I also enjoy the car creator function of it. However, some bugs that should be worked out are that I sometimes get my wheel stuck in the ground, and on VERY rare occasion levels don't load all the time. Overall I love the game!

  • Best game ever

    by Hotcar9

    Best game for a dollar

  • Lvl editor

    by Lukekul12

    I deleted this app because it didnt have level editor like JC2... ADD IT PLEEASE!!!

  • Amazing

    by Banana

    I love this game but it needs a level creator and then ill make it 5 star

  • Awesome

    by SerErric Inc.

    Great better with a level creator/editor

  • Fan of jelly cars

    by Carter2579643

    I want u to make 20 jelly cars i want all i only have jelly car and jelly car3 almost2 so keep making jelly car and I'm... a fan of this game i play it every time im bored soo I won't be bored.

  • Features

    by (Mr. Anonymous)

    Please add a LEVEL EDITOR if it fits your fancy.

  • Fun game

    by I❤Jelly Car

    I love this game! It is so much fun, but I hope that they will make new levels and I really wish that they would make a level creator/editor. Overall, this game is one of the best I've ever played!!

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