Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Aug, 01 2013
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 217.86 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

• Fixed a bug that was causing the game to crash, when players used certain items.

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403 Ratings
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"*********** Now only $.99. 50% OFF for a limited time.******************

Help Dipper and Mabel defend against creatures from all sides in this wild and funny strategy game that features five Gravity Falls locations with over 40 waves of excitement.

Li’l Gideon has reassembled the shards of the Amulet of the Doomed and summoned supernatural creature baddies to do his bidding! This time, he’s called upon creature minions from the Great Beyond to descend on the Mystery Shack and other locations around town in an all out assault meant to scare Dipper, Mabel and Grunkle Stan clear out of Gravity Falls, once and for all. The Pines’ only defense against the advancing creatures? Whatever they can find inside the Mystery Shack! By surrounding the Shack and other locations around town with all manner of cleverly weaponized oddities and curiosities, you can help the Pines stop the onslaught of creatures and save Gravity Falls.

Game Features:

-Help Dipper and Mabel defend The Mystery Shack, Dusk 2 Dawn, Arcade, Summerween Superstore, and the Tent of Telepathy!

-Defend against over 40 waves of creatures. The creatures are coming from all sides so think fast!

-Use the Manotaur War Horn, Gnome Launcher, and other items available in the store to defend off the waves of creatures!

- Summon the Giant Gnome Monster, Rumble McSkirmish and other Gravity Fall characters to help you along the way!

-Unlock Game Center Achievements
-Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Watch Gravity Falls on Disney Channel

Customer Reviews

  • Great Game!

    by Garrett :) ;) :) ;)

    A great game but not my favorite.

  • To much like something else

    by Trfhfuhuf@$&@

    I love the game BUT I think it is to much like plants vs zombies and plants vs zombies 2

  • Very Fun, Too Short

    by I don't even know

    So I buy the app hence the word BUY & there's only 5 level and about at the most 10 weapons .. The game is veeeerrrrrry fun and quite a challenge for a bit , but you finish sooo quickly and then that's it . You bought an app you finished in a hour or two, but if you're looking for a two hour game then this is the one for you

  • Don't know

    by Cool game but hard 2 earn $

    I don't know how to move an item can anybody tell me how

  • Okay game

    by Super saiyan Chris

    Fun but needs more missions I think it's a waste of money unless they made more missions

  • Great but short

    by Noen76

    This could be a great game if it was longer. As of right now it's like an hour long. It's almost like its in beta. I'm HOPING more will be added, but it's been awhile since it's release, so I'm guessing this is it. Sad cuz it could have been a true gem.

  • Levels

    by nattiecbjsr

    Are there only five levels?

  • Is it only me?

    by Fumble gumble

    Is it just me, or is this game just really hard? Cuz I'm having such a hard time on the FIRST LEVEL!

  • Love this game

    by Ilovegravityfalls

    I love the game! It's really fun and I love the show too I really hope they still make episodes in 2014!

  • Not bad but, needs more levels

    by MadiSwag1820

    Really great game but I finished this game in 1 Day!

  • Very very very very very very HARD

    by Snnsnsjsjsnjsug

    This game is pretty fun but the title of my review says it all. This game is sooooooooooooooooooo challenging

  • But.....

    by Neongirl101

    I think the game is pretty good but what I don't like is that each wave is in a different spot and that is trickery to move to a different spot every wave also there are a lot of zombies and you have to wait in till you can use the weapons again its okay if you don't change stuff those were just some ideas

  • Good but.......

    by Rach "peanut"

    It is good game but it took forever to download

  • Too easy

    by StrudelCutey4427

    I like the game but it needs more levels. It's so addictive that I defeated it in one day...and I was busy with other things that day.

  • Improvements needed

    by Kati Bennett

    It's really fun but it has so little levels , I got done in about 1 hour. It's really good but not the best.

  • Need more levels

    by @darkhalil

    Love it but i finished the game in one day does not worth to buy

  • Too short

    by Theflowasuknow

    Really cool but the game was WAY too short.

  • Easy...

    by Casandra440

    A good game, but easily and fast to beat. Beat it in under an hr.


    by Abby627

    it's good and all but it needs more levels. I finished the game in one day there's only 5 levels. It needs more levels.Awesome game more levels.Disney plz come out with am update with more levels and more weapons!!! I mean seriously!!!

  • Awesome!!

    by 砂霊那

    I absolutely LOVE Gravity Falls! It's my most favorite tv show of all time. I'm really happy there is an app for it to deal with my withdrawals until season two comes out next year. One thing I wish would change about this though is the small amount of levels this game has :/ this game is $2 so please make more levels to be worth the price! I hope there will be more soon and I look forward to it! BEWARB!

  • Un-glorified Plants vs Zombies

    by XxxxxxxPIExxxxxxxX

    I'm disappointed.... Very. If you want a better game, get plants v zombies. You can't just go around slapping the Disney logo on any game you want! This is plants vs Zombies, except worse, less levels, and less powerups. I'm looking for an original game Disney!!!!!!

  • Difficulty too high

    by bigbootybitches9685477

    Tone it down.

  • Too Short

    by Lucas R. Fabian

    This game is extremely short and easy. It ripped me off my money, and in the time that I was still playing, I still wasn't having fun. In the game, you basically put things in random places, and they automatically attack monsters. If you think it sounds fun, go ahead and waste your money. You'll be sorry.It is only 5 levels!

  • fun but needs more levels

    by izzy.frizzies

    this game is one of my favorites, but i finished it in a day. 2 dollars for five levels? u should be gradually adding more levels, each harder

  • Hate it with all my life

    by Neoncolurs22

    It is the worst game in the world I just played on it for 30secs I knew it was the worst game ever and that's sad disney

  • Ok


    The first level is way too hard

  • :)

    by Amazingly awesome help

    Im impressed

  • To boring and hard

    by lizzyher

    I got this but it got hard and boring wast of money

  • Awesome, but...

    by Unknown543211234567890

    This is an AWESOME game! It has a nice level of difficulty. Not too hard and not too easy. It just needs more levels!!!!! I finished it in under a day!!!

  • Fun, but where is iCloud sync?

    by Tinman2585

    A fun tower defense game for those who love the show. But, why doesn't progress sync between devices? Disney, do better please.

  • Great game, I play it over and over again!

    by Scrawnyfish

    I'm a huge gravity falls fan, great show. I get my money's worth with this app. I enjoy playing the game levels over and over again and challenging myself by using weaker weapons on the toughest level. I like racking up on coins and giving myself personal goals. I also like playing on the toughest level while trying to complete it without getting hit. Sometimes I try to see if I can beat one of my own high scores in terms of how many points I gain from it. I've completed the entire game rather quickly and I have over 300,000 coins now. It needs more levels and more weapons. However, I wouldn't want to steer people away from buying the app though. It's very entertaining and a good app to keep your spirits up when you're bored and just trying to pass the time.

  • Good but...

    by Fortyninerhater is waaaay too short and easy. Once you defeat Gideon's stage that is it. At least that's what it seems. The game needs more levels. However, if there is more to the game, there should be clues because I've played the last stage many a time and completed all the achievements. Something tells me there's more to the game. The store has empty slots for weapons, but that may just be for leaving space for future updates.

  • Awesome but needs levels

    by Richardson33

    This app is AWESOME! But it needs more levels I beat it in one day

  • Great game

    by CiriJaskolka

    It's almost like plants v zombies, just four directions at once, great idea, but not enough levels, add more please

  • PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

    by i love gravity falls!

    Every time I open it and press play, the game crashes. PLEASE FIX THIS! I got the game today and I love gravity falls and I really wanna play this!!!!!!!

  • Up date???

    by Fishing man tony

    Fun game but when is up date???

  • In App Purchases

    by xxRofl

    It's fun but it's really hard to save up gold to buy the toys. Adding a thing to buy more gold wouldn't hurt

  • Great but..

    by Twstephens

    The game is a fun,new TD-strategy concept. But only gave 3 stars instead of 5 because of one NEEDS MORE LEVELS and WEAPONS!!! Give us more content GEEZ. We'll see if it was just put out for the $ or not if you update it with a lot more content. It's like you just decided to throw a few levels/weapons on an app to make $. You couldn't of possibly thought people were going to be happy with about 1 hour worth of gameplay. 5 total levels and the ability to get all the weapons within the first 2-3 levels!! Either this was a quick $ maker or (hopefully) you put it out with this little content with the intent to add ALOT more content with an update within the first few weeks if their was actual interest. A "test the waters" release. We'll see Disney

  • Cool

    by Brianna masters

    I think this is the best game I ever played. Disney please make more games. I love gravity falls.

  • Amazing because its Gravity Falls!!

    by GarfieldRocks10

    But can you have options like Easy Medium and Hard? Otherwise, AMAZING APP!!! But please make merchandise!

  • Too short, WAY to short!

    by Howisthisappgettinggoodreveiws

    Seriously, I beat this so quickly, you absolutely have to make more power ups and levels...WAY MORE. By plants vs zombies and save another dollar for a better game!

  • Such a good app!!

    by Drveko

    I love the app but you need to make a gravity falls Magazine please make more levels keep up the good work

  • Needs more levels

    by T013102

    They should make more levels because I finished it in a few days and then got bored but the game was fun while it lasted

  • Love it

    by Lockhartn

    But needs a update

  • pie is epicer

    by i like pie like a boss

    this game is cool but pie is better

  • Not what I though?

    by figueroaj

    It's an ok game.. But not at all what I expected

  • Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack!

    by Theflamereview

    This game has lots of strategy and is very fast-paced! I love it! Gravity Falls FTW!

  • Mystery Crash Attack

    by VioletVanderwaal

    Crashes when I try to go to the mystery shack

  • Best show ever

    by booboolulu

    Best show on disney and now the best app on my phone! Thanks for making a gravity falls app! I love it it's so addicting!

  • This game is so awesome I love gravity falls gives fallers something to do

    by Cecepines

    Awesome or like more then awesome like fallers will keep this game no matter what.GRAVITY FALLS FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • not worth the money

    by Soldier 16

    Its fun though seriousley 4 lvls you can finish it in a hour need at least 10 lvls to be worth the money and kinda easy need a update and mabye it will be worth it

  • The Disney brand

    by Vern930

    Come on Disney!!! You have a brand name to uphold. If you're gonna slap the Disney name on it and charge $2, you gotta give the customers more than that. I bought it for my 7 year old because she loves gravity falls. We were both disappointed in the ease and brevity of the game. Disappointed.

  • Needs more levels

    by Aley Kat

    The game was super fun but it was too easy and too short

  • Crashing problem fixed

    by Nick Turgeon

    This game is fun and really fits the character of the show. They've fixed the crashing bug, so it's no longer an exercise in frustration. If only it were a bit longer or had more items to unlock.

  • Good amazing games

    by Is verery good game

    Is vers good

  • Great game but so few levels.

    by Flaredl

    It's awesome because its gravity falls! but just so few levels i beat it in only a few hours, come on, give it more plz!!!

  • Good idea bad concept

    by 0M3GA3

    This is probably one of my worst defence games that ive ever played

  • Great game...

    by Mr.caps rule

    But it needs more levels, I finished the game in one day.

  • Awesome

    by Xbox$$$:)

    This app is amazing and extremely fun!!!

  • Ehhh...

    by Vil<3sMarc

    It's good... Not perfect, but I know gravity falls will always be awesome... :)

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