Fix-it Felix Jr. Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Jul, 04 2012
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 30.36 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

Fix-It Felix Jr. has worked up a few repairs to make this arcade game run smoother than before! Get back into the action, and magic hammer your way to a high score with this latest update!

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Journey back to Wreck-it Ralph’s 8-bit origins in a brand new game with classic arcade looks and fun. Play as Fix-it Felix Jr. and use your magical hammer to fix whatever Ralph destroys! After all, it’s what you’ve been programmed to do.

• Play the actual Fix-it Felix Jr. game featured in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, in-theaters this November
• Amazing 8-bit graphics and sounds that pay homage to the classic arcade era
• Hammer your way through 10 levels to repair Wreck-it Ralph's destruction
• Climb, dodge ducks, and navigate obstacles to get the job done

Want more arcade fun? Check out the complete Wreck-It Ralph app for new exclusive levels of Fix-It Felix Jr. and two brand new games - Hero's Duty and Sweet Climber! 3 awesome arcade games in one!

Customer Reviews

  • Ehh

    by Yung_Grim

    You should put the real sounds and gameplay idk this looks like a bootlegged fix it Felix

  • Good

    by Bdydrpd011976

    Good game but bad controls

  • Big problem.

    by ResevorDG

    This would be five stars but.... With the ios7 update it does not work with icade. Other than that it is good.

  • Cool

    by ekapka12

    Makes me feel like I'm in the game

  • Awesome

    by natasha berling

    This game is awesome! It's just like the movie!!!

  • Descent Game

    by  Kdog322

    The game is ok, but now the controls are EVEN WORSE. ARG.

  • Add this

    by Creeperman67488

    Please add a dpad I know it trying to be retro and all but it's very klunky trying to move Felix

  • Hey

    by Thrsshecusrfdargc

    I just randomly wanted to watch reck it ralf when I saw this I love vinelopii it is awsome

  • ok

    by rutabaga 123

    this game is really fun but now whenever I play it it is just the same thing every level SUPER boring I think u should put the bonus level with Cubert in it like in the movie

  • Great app

    by  Ekim32

    Great for bolth kids and adults!

  • Great

    by Awesomepoppop

    This is a GREAT game! Mainly got it because I saw the movie Wreck it Ralph. Works great no problems... People are complaining that it crashes. Just delete and re download the app. It's not always the app. Also try rebooting the phone. I like the new way Felix moves, maybe it's easier. Another hit Disney!

  • Great Game!❤️

    by Claudia Lowrance

    This a great game for people of all ages! It is a very fun game to play. It involves thinking about where you are going to move and you also kin of have to have a plan to beat the level. What I'm trying to say is get this app! You won't regret it! Thanks for reading!

  • Good

    by Billsalvey

    Really good game. The movie was epic!! I'm gonna wreck it!!! lol

  • Fun

    by  jessica1232

    But the d-pad buttons are too small and close together. I found myself missing the up button an annoying amount. Also, Ralph doesn't say "I'm gonna wreck it!" And that makes me sad.


    by Logan Rubin

    Please make a sugar rush game, a quality one!

  • not good

    by broyo broyo broyo loser

    i think this game is lamest blablablablabla i think felix is not good at building in real life

  • Hi

    by Sericley

    Hi the people that are complaning i agrey they are just not seeing the green bariles my sister loves it

  • What the heck

    by Trhdnsbgemamgdnenbbbdhdie lobe

    I bought this game and I always have three lives I never lose them but now I don't see ralph and I could never finish this games ...?

  • Why did you shut down on me

    by Deloresbck

    Uuuu why did it say only for Canada disney ??? Can you Just bring back f.f.j. The wold will give 5 stars if you Brig it back .

  • Awesomeness

    by Funtimes45

    Coolest game ever.takes to long to load

  • Nothing like the Movie

    by Hmmfomtgal

    This app isn't really like game in the movie. Where's the cut scene of Ralph getting shoved into the dump? Where's his iconic "I'm gunna wreck it"? Where are the bonus level Q*bert characters? Aren't the villagers visible when the pies are given? Ultimately, this app could use a little more work. This may have just been part of that three pack game that no one bought, or It may have been something that Disney created because everybody was asking for a Wreck-it-Ralph game. I don't know, I didn't buy the three game app. Also, I'm pretty sure that the music's different. This app can be a bit more awesome, as the movie was. Go for it Disney.

  • Boring

    by Cwippy bird

    Fun for 10 seconds

  • I don't see what the big deal is

    by  1Chicagoblackhawks

    You get 60 seconds to fix windows that take max of 30 seconds. Then you avoid things for another 30 seconds. Then you get a game over! Am I missing something?

  • Ups

    by Marshal arts

    Made a mistake on updating

  • Way better before

    by CrazyWriterGirl

    I re-downloaded this app because I loved the game on my old phone, but now all I do is hit the play button and it kicks me out. Way to screw up a great game.

  • :[

    by  avilesn

    I'm not going to be satisfied until at the beginning, Ralph will say "I'm Gonna Wreck It!!!".

  • Hug jk)$&(

    by Kitcrvft

    Not good is only a black screen bu,bu.bu!

  • Hate/Love it

    by nbfazbnapchha

    Very fun and addicting but I hate the updated version! It makes it very hard to move. I think u should have an option on whether or not u want the blue button or the red one. I'm sorry but I hate the updated version! DONT UPDATE!!

  • Eh..

    by HAH III 

    Kinda boring and arrows are too close together... Its a waste of time

  • Not the best app ever

    by Ilovereeerrrrrrrrx

    First off all i thought i would be ralph and second the new update is the worst. I got it and its waaay too easy i miss the old version.!!!!

  • I don't like this app

    by David Speechly

    This app is the worst. When I had 2 more lives left I got a game over.

  • Disappointed

    by Lady Bella rose

    Disappointed I'm trying move and can't. I don't want their paid one because I just want the wreck it Ralph game. Disney should be better than this.

  • Turbo Tastic!

    by A mistrust charitor

    Turbo Tastic!

  • Buena

    by avallalde64


  • Major let down

    by Fix it people!

    Right when I got it I went into the game and it went right back to the home screen. :( Uuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  • Good Until...

    by valsil

    By: Tinarocks When I first got this app it was good. I played every once in a while when I was bored. But then I go and play it and then it went off. So I tapped it again and it went off again. This also recently happen with an other app to. QUICK VOICE. Weird.

  • Awesome! The sounds aren't the same though.

    by Nascarmac

    I love it! It's like the real game but the some of the sounds aren't the same.

  • You can't move Felix

    by Charlotte Mc.

    I try to move Felix but he doesn't move. I'm very sad because I really wanted to play fix it Felix and by the way can you please make a sugar rush game where you can pick any racer (besides Turbo) including Vanellope? Thanks

  • Butts5537

    by Butt5537

    When I try to play the game gose right back to the home page and won't load this game I just got today and I can't even play it!

  • Awesome

    by Zashary7

    I love this app sooo much!! Its really fun!

  • Doesn't work

    by Rplilly

    Can't get Felix to move. The directional circle doesn't work!

  • Classical fun

    by 1232145)(

    It's fun

  • Crashing

    by Wallkeeper


  • Boo!

    by Nikkistarfish

    Too many pop-ups and there should be a setting that you can go on and you don't have to be timed.

  • Great

    by Ally yeah

    This is a great game But Disney should make a suger rush game too

  • Like the movie.

    by RARimer

    I love the game but I wish it had the sounds and stuff like in the movie.

  • Arcade games are for arcades

    by Rabbit5.0

    The game is very hard to control and doesn't have the arcade feel

  • Fix-it Felix Jr

    by Derbyks

    Awesome game!!! The first time I played, it was so good!

  • To easy

    by Mwali249

    I liked the game itself but its just to easy I wouldn't get this app if they didn't change this.

  • I cade

    by Nfycghhfgvg

    Why cant i play with the icade jr please put it back to being compatable with the i cade jr

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