DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Sep, 18 2013
  • Version: 2.1.7
  • Size: 142.47 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

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A new DuckTales adventure begins in this all-new quest for gold! Jump into mounds of riches with this exciting, online treasure-hunting game!

The infamous Beagle Boys have swindled Scrooge’s fortune! It’s up to you to join the citizens of Duckburg to recover his stolen loot! Team up with your friends, and haul back the most riches to beat the competition in this mad gold rush. Get ready for a ton of action-packed fun and appearances from classic DuckTales characters like Scrooge and his quirky pilot, Launchpad!

• THRILLING SINGLE AND MULTIPLAYER GAME MODES: Play with your friends, and face-off against the competition in the online multiplayer battle mode, or enter the single-player mode to complete important missions!
• 4 HEROIC CHARACTER CLASSES: Adventurer, Inventor, Chef, and Pilot! Each class has different advantages, so depending if you value strength, agility, or intellect, there’s a class for you!
• AWESOME CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATIONS: Deck out your duck with cool outfits, tools, and gadgets. Challenge the other team with fierce spitball shooters, crazy rockets, plunger cannons, and other power-ups!
• 4 EXOTIC ARENAS: Take the battle through ancient temples and caverns, and learn to master the different maps to gain an advantage over the competition!
• MULTIPLAYER FUN: It takes teamwork to be the champions! Team up with your friends on Facebook or make new allies in the game to become the ultimate fortune hunters.
• RULE THE LEADERBOARDS: Build up your stats in every match, and rise to the top of the ranks!

Let the games begin, and start playing DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot, an official app from Disney!

Customer Reviews


    by Guitarslayer1998

    Please add more maps, and more ways to get coins. It would perfect if the gold you got within the game was added to your coins amount. For example, say that if you collected 10 gold ingots, and each one was worth 20 coins, you would be rewarded the bonus coins at the end of the match, PLUS the ingots you collected! PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

  • Fun but...

    by becca223311

    The sound doesn't work but fun game. It's really hard though. They don't teach you the basics of this game so you have to teach your self.

  • Technical glitches ruin what could be an amazing game

    by Haisue

    It is almost impossible to go two straight games without being disconnected! When you are disconnected you are penalized by losing your online percentage points. The gun misfires the characters get stuck. When the jack in the box scares me it constantly makes me lose control of my charecter for the whole game rather then 10 seconds. Without the glitches my favorite, with it is an app I will probably erase

  • Flawed but fantastic

    by Nbrunden48

    Great game! It's like a cartoon FPS. One flaw tho is tht doing missions costs tickets

  • Love it but need more upgrades

    by Greenalex21

    I love this game but could you make new characters/ tools/costumes

  • Great game but needs improvement

    by Akirkalo

    Great game! Very fun and engaging. 3 things though would make it better 1) A way to talk with your teammates while playing 2) Bigger tutorial. There are many things the tutorial left un-answered. For example, if i buy something (a pepper thing that will make me run faster for example.) where can i find it and use it while playing?? Expand the tutorial!! 3) Better matching criteria! Unless i choose to be with a friend of mine who is level 5, please dont put me in s team full of guests, while the other team is all level 15+ Other than that, amazing game!!

  • רועי אדלר

    by roi adler

    משחק ממש כיף

  • Ello

    by adam hill

    I love this game and enjoy it very much BUT it hasn't worked for 3 days I click on the app and all it shows is the first thing thing that shows up and it just stays there!

  • Real or Fake

    by M19Agarwal

    Are the people in solo mode real? Like is FeatherHeather real??

  • HeP

    by Moo and Zoe

    The app is great but sometime after a match ill but something and it won't be in my gear when I go to look for it

  • duck guest

    by kdks,sk

    this game is great but im a guest so i have a limit level which stinks but the game is great!!!

  • This is a great game!

    by Longest beach

    I have loved this game from the moment I download it! It rocks!

  • Great

    by Mirijane51798

    It's a great game but sometimes are against bigger guys and way higher levels.

  • Sooooo cooly great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Fernerela

    It's so cool!!!! Like I meen love it I like play it so great! Like we work in teems and higher up all thow the girl is so week so I decided not to get her like first I wanted her know I dount because I so haw easily she got lost so I got the chef !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Issues

    by UK-Bucky

    Having issues with disconnecting from game a lot. Also not to complain but I think it's not fair I get a negative rank if I get matched with someone who's 10 or higher level is in the game. Other than that the game is all around fun, also I believe it would be an upgrade to be able to buy gems with gold... Thanks

  • Needs bug fixes and new stuff

    by captainhippo64

    I love this game but sometimes it can be really glitchy. Whenever I start a match, my game sometimes crashes. Also i would love it if there were more characters, maps, and weapons. Please try to work out to bugs

  • Too much fun!!!

    by Princess Rhemy

    It's like COD for kids! Lol

  • Best app of the year!

    by Barbye11

    This game brings back the duck tales adventures with force. It has revived old loved characters and it is super fun for all ages. I can't wait to see more maps and great characters.

  • Fun game but

    by KyKimmy

    Please fix the online battles, I keep getting into battles but there is no one to battle, the other team is empty, wasting my tickets, also when that is fixed it would be nice if level 1's were not fighting level 50's.

  • Fix the serve

    by Titansguy

    The login password is not working please fix it.

  • Unfair, Rating changed to 1!

    by TamamaCandyLover

    UPDATE: I stopped playing this app for about a week and I came back to it and did a public match. And all I could see is people using the bigger ducks and camping in places and ganging up 4 vs 1. That really isn't fair you guys should have areas where only new people can play. Meaning only little ducks. I changed my rating to a 1 because of this. It used to be fun now it's just unfair. 1/5

  • wont work

    by Dylan1523

    it wont start the game like its frozen please make an update

  • Could have been good

    by Mr Dependable

    Glitches, drops online games constantly. Wants to rank people online but not fair rankings. You lose rank every time the game drops and people kill you at spawn points.

  • Doesn't even deserve one star...

    by Cheyenne Bowden

    This app use to be an amazing game before the update, now it's filled with problems. 1. The crashes.. It crashes at the beginning of the app and while entering an online match (which makes you loose a ticket...) 2. The prices to upgrade your ducks gear is way to high now. It use to be cheaper and coins were more needed... Now you have to spend 40+ bucks just to fully upgrade ONE duck! It's not worth it at all... 3. Also, the way the matches are paired are extremely frustrating... You get paired with people who are still learning the game and pretty much don't care while the vs team are experienced and well geared... It's a very unfairly matched system. And there's so much more but the top three are the main problems. So, my advice... Don't bother with this app. Unless you enjoy being frustrated 99% of the time with all the lag, crashes, and cost of the game... Then this is the game for you, enjoy and I wish you luck.... You're going to need it.

  • Bad update

    by yomuthasaman

    Latest update has ruined this game, it's slow, lags, crashes very very very often, come on guys fix this or bring back the old version!!!!!!!!!

  • Deceptive game

    by Braunschlager

    I hate this game! It seems awesome at first, but after maxing out the inventor duck, I keep being placed with bad teams! ... 'incessantly get stuck with a team that does nothing to help win! No matter how much I try to do the friend game play, I cannot get anyone to play with me. I'm thinking it's because all my friends have used their playing tickets. Thus, friend play is pointless on mist occassions. This is one of the most frustrating and agonizing games that I have ever played. Also-- to max out anything above 5,000 coins the game requires you to purchase expensive gems. Update: my game has taken away the ability to purchase things with coins and will only allow purchases by gems. What is going on?

  • Stinks!!!!!!

    by Caden Perreault

    It said: Rate it now! Remind me later Don't ask again I hit remind me later and it took me to the main screen, so I clicked back into the app, and it had stared me all over again! Don't get this app!

  • This game saved my cats life

    by mammagamma

    Title explains it all

  • Awesome Game!

    by Xheyxheyyx

    I'm a huge fan of duck tales but when I saw this game I was skeptical. I finally decided to try it and I am NOT disappointed! This game has awesome graphics and I love how we work on opposite teams to get the gold. It is competitive while watching and helping your fellow teammate's back. Clever twist on arena games you don't want to miss! Why chat? Did not appear to me there is much time to stand around planning a strategy...instead most people watch each other and learn to work together. Overall I love the game and say you do not want to miss out on this gem of a game! Problem: I am having a problem though. I'm always the top rank in my team...yet I never progress past the bronze badge. Why?

  • Just like the old days

    by Duck tales master

    This app is awesome! It reminds me of the old show with Huey, Dewey, and luey. Well, I think that's how you spell their name. But this app is just over the top. The graphics are good for a tablet game, and the online is super fast. The only thing I wish was that they had a story mode where you can play as any of the three nephews from the original duck tales show. That would be great. Also in the online setting when you play and they create the teams its sometimes unfair because for example you have like 5 level 30 player on one team and on the other you have like 3 level 4 players. So that's why I think the teaming is a little unfair. But overall, a really great game!!!!!!!!!

  • Installing

    by Ffggggvcnfbcghfftchthfjfjttjth

    Takes forever to install

  • Love it, but NEEDS AN UPDATE!!!!

    by Prettybravo

    Very addicting game. It's like a family friendly version of Call of duty for kids. It's also a little nostalgic for those older players that grew up watching Duck Tales as a child. It would be better if the chat option actually let you chat with your teammates. The game needs an update big time!! It keeps crashing. It's very difficult to connect to an online game.

  • Lovin it

    by Sonny201199

    This game is so good I love it

  • Needs

    by Tiana56736

    Awesome game but it needs a campaign mode and a christmas bonus

  • unfair game

    by Jessytwo

    I hate this game I bought a character and they didn't give it to me I want a refund!

  • Fun game but

    by Berry4u

    New update blows. Cons: Gold pickup is slower (fixed) Ranking does not increase but it DOES decrease when losing (fixed but seem to gain less than when I lose) Too much gems for upgrading (luckily I was already at level 4 but the increase in gems for level 5 is outrageous) Kicked out of the game (lose A LOT of rank) Friend requests are hard work (freezes when accepting) Glitch: Crazy box in certain games makes the opponent unavailable to move (new update ADDED a problem that was nonexistent) Recommendations: When invited to a game by a friend, it would be cool if I could invite someone else without having to cancel and then invite BOTH of them (add + button) I would like to play with my boyfriend but in opposing teams, it would be awesome if we can choose which team to be in Chatting box, would be nice to talk to other people about strategies in the game etc

  • انا جداً مبسوط من اللعبة❤

    by المدهش


  • Cheaters!!!

    by Bheuer

    There are CHEATERS playing this game!

  • Can't wait to see a new game.

    by Andrew0513

    I can't wait for DuckTales:Scrooge's loot 2. This game was probably before DuckTales Remasterd.

  • Not work

    by FMB FMB

    The game is amazing ,but unfortunately since tow days has not worked in my son's iPad.

  • .....

    by Coolkidthatscool

    EPIC GAME! Please take away the tickets so you can play cause I don't like to wait to play.

  • Argh

    by Hailey Gentry

    I GO AND HAVE TONS OF FUN UNTIL I GET 2,43562 coins then spend half on the science duck and I don't even get the duck!Im relly peed off and I want those coins back!Until then I'm going to keep doing this over and over I worked hard for those and get nothing um not going to happen SORRY!!!

  • What the heck is going on after update

    by Haylee2006

    Updated now everything has gone to crap. Disconnected from every game midway through. Game has slowed down to nothing. Lost over 150 gems already. Overall rank has gone from over 3600 and now at 3400 due to being kicked out of every game. They better fix this quick and reimburse everybody who has lost time money and rank Tcast1982

  • Love this games

    by The funny boy

    Love the game but I would like to have a update that shows this many blue and red players on a place that you want to play to get gold to the gold drop of place but I do love this game.

  • Fun game, crashes a lot

    by Gbcats ftw

    This is a really great game when it works. It crashes a lot, and still takes you ticket that lets you play. Then you have to wait another 30 minutes for another ticket. If it didn't crash as much, it'd definitely be a 5-star game.

  • Good Game

    by RV Winkle

    I really like the game, but after the recent update, my gold pickup speed for max is now half that speed.

  • So so

    by Srcooges

    Please change it back to gold to upgrade stuff cause its no use playing for gold if it cost gems just for the third upgrade

  • Update Makes the Game Worthless!

    by Mr Nathan 33

    The update on November 25 took this 5 star game to a 1 star. The gameplay is super slow, lags, and is choppy. Now it crashes consistently. It's full of glitches For example, my character picks up gold much slower than before even though his attribute is maxed out. Extremely frustrating! I thought updates were supposed to make gameplay better not worse! I used to spend considerable time and money on this game, but not anymore!

  • Game was better before the update

    by sunspray

    Online matching play is really laggy since the new update. Also my cyduck had gold pickup maxed out before the update and now it's about half as fast as it used to be. Update: online games take longer to match than they used to and also crash a lot more frequently.

  • I don't like the upgrades

    by Legendary Heroes

    The pilot and upgrades need to be cost less. All upgrades requires gems to be upgraded is not necessary

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