Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Games App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Nov, 21 2013
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 458.78 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

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This app is optimized for iPhone 4S/iPad3 and above.

Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion, a fantastical reimagining of the Sega Genesis classic. When the evil witch Mizrabel kidnaps Minnie, it’s up to Mickey to brave the dangers of the Castle of Illusions to rescue Minnie. Gather your courage and traverse enchanted forests, take on hordes of rebellious toys and navigate mazes of living books. Play as Mickey and save Minnie from Mizrabel’s evil clutches!

-Play as Mickey Mouse in this reimagining of the classic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game!
-Experience a world of wonder, brought to life with all-new graphics and magical adventures!
-Journey across five magical worlds filled with Mizrabel’s powerful minions!
-Complete hidden challenges to customize Mickey with classic costumes!

Customer Reviews

  • Works best on iPhone 5

    by WRS15743

    The design of this game is awesome, and it's fun to play and challenging. On my iPad Mini, the controls were glitchy and frustrating, so much so that I deleted the game. But on the iPhone 5, they are responsive. Even on the smaller screen, the better controls make it more enjoyable to play. Great game!

  • Not sure yet


    I just got the game, and so far so good as far but the controls are really bothering me. Other than that, great game!

  • Good game but...

    by Sr bas

    Good game but when i am going to the enchanted forest the app close please fix it

  • Stunning!

    by ClassicRockCutie

    This game is beautiful! Graphics are amazing. After you get a hang of the controls you really feel like you are writing Mickey's story. Well worth all of ten bucks!

  • My new Fav.. game

    by awaziz

    This is my new favorite game I cannot stop playing it. if you have $10 you will not regret getting this game just buy it and have fun playing.

  • Crash

    by sparkleluvkitten

    I loved the game when I could play but every time I open it crashes. Not happy since I spent a lot of money. Hope they will fix. Anyone else having an issue?

  • I love this mouse

    by Layon

    I really like this app. You have to get familiar with the controller and kids may find it to be a bit difficult. Great game

  • Quality

    by Joshyomy

    Very nice game and no IAP

  • beautiful

    by Armani_D&G

    beautiful and wonderful fairy tale

  • ..

    by Mxhla

    Loved this game it's more than great!

  • Great Game

    by ashlayyyyy28

    Not worth $10 more like $6 or $7 Great game with awesome detail, but not long enough. I finished the game within 2 days. I don't regret buying it though.

  • Love it yet hate it

    by Paul McHenry

    The frickin game keeps crashing and I can't play it!!>:( but it is a overall good game great graphics storie line and animation.

  • Good, but not amazing

    by Bill Somethingorother

    First, this looks every bit as good on the iPad as it does on a medium-high gaming PC (yes, you can get it for Windows; my rig features a Radeon 7870). The only problem I have, however, is the controls on iPad; the stick moves around on its own, no matter what you do, and tap anywhere to jump gets annoying during fast action. Set up controls similar to the Sonic ports (but analog instead of digital) and we'll be golden. PS - why no iPad 2 support? iPad 2 and iPad Mini (non-retina) are basically the same hardware outside of the communication chipset.

  • Jack in the box boss fight issues

    by roxieandedd

    I have an Ipad 2 and really like this game. However, when i got to the boss fight with the jack in the box, several glitches occured preventing me to pass this level. what can be done?

  • Magically Amazing!!!

    by Romeostruedude

    It is fun and goes back to the older Disney Video Game days! Let's hope Ducktales releases soon for iOS as well! This is an awesome and wonderful game!

  • Amazing,,,

    by 64481910

    This is a amazing app!!! So many features!!! Entertained me for 4-5 days for 3 hrs each day!!! It just needs more levels!!! The app has really hard levels that could have little kids struggling!!, but so worth the $10!!!:)

  • Great Game

    by valeluvsya

    I have no idea why people are complaining so much about the controls. yes it requires two hand action but it's not terrible in my opinion. Love the graphics and the gameplay content. Yes, it's on the PRICIER side of the App store BUT it's worth it. This wont be some outerior good looking game that is a total ripoff, thTs a promise.

  • Awesome!

    by Yo toplock


  • Great but needs some updates

    by David Woelk

    Need to fix crashing problem. Great game but shouldn't crash after paying $10.

  • Magical

    by JediMasterAdi

    A fantastic game for Disney gamers. Excellent graphics and game play. Best game for the iphone that I've played

  • Game crashes

    by edzamba


  • Crashing?!?

    by :)667

    I bought this game it looks awesome and everyone is talking about how amazing it is, but mine keeps crashing!

  • I would give it no stars

    by Qoj Aog

    It will not let me download it on my iPod it still charged me for no reason

  • Edit: I can't stand the controls

    by Candace32183

    I wish I could give this negative stars. It's awful trying to use the "joystick". I'm usually furious after a level or two and quit playing.

  • Crash

    by Yamil in

    Crash so many time fix it or give me my money back

  • WHY?

    by Kaylie040502

    level 2 is imposible to beat. i got the bad guy to 0 lives but then i died. fix this

  • buggaboo

    by Pennsylvania Eastern

    Though I gave it 1 star, actually I give it no stars, says 'this app is designed for both iPhone and iPad', bought it and can't download onto my iPad2. After further investigation, I found info that stated for iPad3 and later. So on the purchasing page, it should read 'this app is designed for both iPhone and iPad3 and later', correct this please cause your misinformation cost me $10 for absolutely nothing.

  • Seriously?

    by Ok but has a glitch

    I just downloaded and i was all excited because this game looks awesome but i can't even play it! I hit new game and it starts to load but crashes every time! Wow such an amazing game so far (using iPad mini)


    by rainyeswindno

    For god's sake don't buy this for a kid! The game controls are beyond miserable. This gorgeous game is very poorly implemented - read all the reviews and you'll be able to tell the difference between the fake ones posted by the developers and those posted by actual people playing. I hope there is an update soon. Really, wait and watch on this one.

  • Dislike

    by lfox02

    I dislike this game. Every time I try to play it turns right off. I want my money back. I wish it didn't do that because I love disney. I go there every year.

  • castle of illusions starring Mickey Mouse

    by Kira2116

    I wanted this game soooooo bad because it looked soooo fun...but all it ever does is load, open, freeze, and then exit! I don't even have that many other high maintenance apps on my iPad either...I had to delete a bunch and it still didn't improve the game. Don't spend ur $10, it ain't worth it if ll it does is freeze!

  • Not happy

    by Biscuit13!

    I spent $10 on this game!!! And for what??? All it does is crash!!!! I can't play any of it!!!! I really hope I didn't just waste my money!!!

  • only if there were 6 stars to rate this app!

    by Disney maniac 101

    This app is flawless! I don't know why people say it crashes, I bet they just don't have good products or something. It never crashed and the movement was fluid. It is Disneys greatest app.

  • Crash! Crash and crash!

    by Thechiller722

    I bought this app and as soon as I got on it blacked out and went to the home screen! Don't get this app, especially if you have an iPad mini

  • Help me!

    by Helpmickey

    I like the game but it can be very frustrating! Toyland Act 3 is hard to win when there aren't many stars for Mickey. That Jack-in-the box is not playing fair!

  • Awesome game!

    by mfakhry

    Never played this game on Genesis(I was a Nintendo guy), I really enjoyed this game. Platformer is my favorite style of gaming, and this one ranks up there!

  • Fun and looks great.

    by UrbanRio

    Great game. Worth ten bucks.

  • Fun game!

    by Katy McKnight

    If you love Disney or especially Mickey this game is for you! Great graphics and story. Easy to use. Oh, it also appears to be working fine on my iPad2! :)

  • Love it. Best game yet!!!

    by Lilluo

    Great graphic, challenging, good for kids and adult. Love it!!

  • Needs iCade Compatibility for Bluetooth Joysticks

    by Mike88a

    Excellent game, but touch screen controls are somewhat cumbersome. Would be 5 stars if game was compatible with Bluetooth iCade joysticks. Castle of Illusion is a classic game, so it could be assumed that iCade compatibility would have already been built in.

  • It's amazing but

    by Hhshb

    It's amazing game but can you please take the music volume off we only want the sound effect

  • Beautiful & Frustrating

    by harsher critic

    Graphics are beautiful and capture the magic of Disney. The platforming gameplay is fun, addictive & surprisingly difficult especially toward the later levels however you may find yourself cursing at the game when the touch screen controls fail to register a move or jump & you plunge to your death. It's a serious issue especially with a game that demands such quick reflexes & perfect timing. Overall it's an excellent game & worth the purchase just prepare to be frustrated.

  • Don't waste your money save for something worth getting

    by Deanna76890

    Here is what I got to say for this game Disney what were you thinking when you did the tower climb you just lost your magic feeling because that part was your stupidest idea ever made!!!!!!

  • Nice

    by Scattered_Paint

    It's a nice app, should of been at least five or six dollars though.

  • Amazing graphics but awful controls

    by Scripterrs

    Amazing graphics but game controls are extremely lacking, lots of trouble moving around...

  • Fun but...

    by kenncvd

    If it weren't for the controls this would be a great game. Can't seem to jump diagonally consistently. Game 6 Controls 4 Story 7 Grfx 7 iPad air

  • Not for kids

    by Chefbenito

    The red dot to thorp apples is horribly placed, the action needed to jump to the left is so awkward it is super frustrating going left on the screen and jumping. Way too hard to play for anyone under 12. Game looks great, sounds amazing. Disney Sega could have changed a few things and made an amazing game. Instead it's a better than avg port.

  • Read plz

    by Jenni fan

    Best game ever best best best game game game ever ever ever

  • Looks fun...

    by Boo28

    Well I have only been able to play this game once because the app has closed one me every time before I can even play. So until that gets fixed this game only gets one star from me.

  • Needs fixed

    by catlover0858

    I love this game and it would be one of my very favorites if the dang controls worked! They are extremely slow to respond and half the time I die when I did hit the right button at the right time! It crashes a lot too. Fix the bugs!

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