Cars 2 Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Jun, 23 2011
  • Version: 1.2.6
  • Size: 22.15 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

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Cars 2 has been updated with with general improvements to stability and performance.

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Join Lightning McQueen, Mater and two new characters from Disney • Pixar’s feature film in a fun platform racing game. Your mission in Cars 2 is to complete each race, unlock new levels, and get the high score!

Timing is everything. Tap to jump, double tap to jump higher. Use checkpoints, ramps, and hooks to gain an advantage.

Play as Mater, Lightning McQueen, rookie agent Holley Shiftwell, master spy Finn McMissile, and now, introducing Europe's most famous racecar, Francesco Bernoulli!

Race through three locations inspired by the new film, including the mysterious Oil Rig, the streets of Tokyo, and the bridges of London.

Multiply your score by collecting oil cans. Replenish health with wrench pick-ups.

Keep a sharp eye out and jump over items that will slow you down.

Customer Reviews

  • One thing

    by Vernon Woody

    Update the app so it can be like cars 2:the video game on xbox360,ps3,3ds,Wii,and ds. Make this UPDATE! PLEASE!

  • Kachow!

    by Rian9595

    I love this game! Its fun and is great for Disney fans and those who LOVE Cars and Cars 2. (I am 10 years old and still love cars)

  • Exelent

    by The agricultor

    This game is fun because, You can choose any level that You want. (I am 5 years old)

  • Ooh God

    by M4ttie

    This game is 'good >:()' I don't really like it that much

  • I guess it's OK

    by Jdv 1306

    Good but not the best I beat it in ONE week better for 2 year olds if you ask me

  • fun

    by kiipie

    its great kids play it when im bz lol very helpful sometimes it crashes tho...

  • Cars 2

    by JD186

    Best game in the world.

  • Cars 2

    by Jdaniel n John

    Both my son n I love this game. Definatly a keeper. And I haven't found it any other App Store I wish I could get it on my tablet but at least we have it here. Great game

  • Jabab

    by Jabab111

    Great game, lots of fun and funny.

  • Best game

    by Lisamatthew

    This is the funniest game ever!!! Love mater he's awesome!!! By Ethan Hickman

  • cars 2

    by Pan't'n'puff


  • Cars 2 rate

    by Aidan Maloney A.K.A ABM

    Even know it is hard I love it!

  • Best app ever

    by Katy peer

    The app is awnsome I really enjoyed all the fun!

  • My sons likes it too

    by Chipman the Big Bird

    I love it and so does my sons

  • Cars 2

    by sixtysevenfordpu

    I love this game

  • My daughter loves it

    by Shapshank

    My 4.5 year old daughter wants me to review this game and let everyone know she loves it.


    by Jellydonut1119


  • Nice app for the grand kids

    by Nomobn66

    They are both Cars fans so this will keep them busy do the parents and grandparents can talk. OK grandpa plays a little too.

  • iPhone not iPad or Mini

    by Mando

    I was a bit disappointed when I saw that this was an iPhone not iPad mini app. My son really wanted it and he found it. Wish it was an iPad mini app. Hate how it doesn't look top notch on mini.

  • Cars 2

    by Blacktiger117

    This game is Amazing you don't have to be a kid to love cars 2

  • Not the best.

    by Zoomzoombroom

    Too fast, needs an option for speed control especially for the younger hands. A little bit all over the place. It's a neat idea but goes waaay to fast, and it's the same thing over and over. You can barely see the character your playing, son was really excited when he could pick the character he wanted but you can barely see it. Maybe this would be good for an older child but if you have a 4yo or under, don't buy.

  • Wow

    by B.L. Great!!!!!

    I got this game for my little brother but I ended up playing it I love it I have passed all the levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good

    by Yakov87

    Good game

  • Awesome game

    by Saphyre16

    Fun and keeps both me and my brother entertained

  • Fun but Hard

    by fabrej664

    This game is very fun but it is also hard. It took me awhile to get past the first level!

  • Poor quality!!!!

    by I's Mommy

    It is very hard for young children.

  • Regret my purchase

    by Spandi02

    Just a cheap racing game. No learning here!

  • Fun game

    by Justin Lockhart

    This game is cool for kid

  • Well...

    by Zooie246

    It's a good app but pricy seriously more than 2 bucks but I like the character choices. I would say 3 and a half but it won't let me

  • Nice app

    by Anupam_ts


  • Cars 2

    by Dan-40

    Awesome, my son loves this game!

  • Cars 2

    by Bam1136


  • Cars 2

    by Minibarbie1

    My cousin love this game

  • Awesome app

    by Ahwald01

    This app is awesome This app his the main characters from the story line cars 2 This app is awesome

  • Meh...

    by Bubbag02

    Not the most intuitive gameplay. Some hints at the beginning would have been nice.

  • :)

    by Theodore de Santos


  • They ruined my son's favorite app

    by M.Harrison

    The ads are intrusive and all over the place. Gameplay suffers. Please fix this.

  • Cars2

    by Cars2dad

    My son loves it!

  • Ok after update

    by Jaz34

    Was a great game to pass the time until the update!! Now it has ads, which is crap for a paid app and secondly there are several levels that don't have a platform to start on!! You fall straight down and die then receive an error msg stating that the game needs to be fixed! I can't remember the exact msg but its on all the levels after a certain point!

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Ken the cool

    I have know idea what everybody is talking about this app works fine!!!!! Sometimes if it doesn't open I just means turn your iPod completely off this app is fine I personally love it!!!!

  • Too many ads!!!

    by Pludy

    The kids love this game and cry everyone they get stuck in an ad. Ads should not be so heavy in a paid version if the app! Super frustrating!!!!!!!!

  • Good game, why the adds?

    by Mr. CFI

    It's a great game, but adds in a paid app? And the final level of each area is no longer available.

  • Garbage

    by Sean the Reviewer

    If I could give no stars, I would. Updated to commercials jammed in everywhere.

  • At least it's working?

    by Allabtlm

    Well at least it's working now, but why the crap are there ads in a game that I paid for?!? Lame!!!

  • Seriously?

    by Roger fewman

    I pay for the app and now my son has to wade through a commercial after every level? I feel ripped off! Disney should be better than this.

  • Why????

    by MamaK313

    My four-year-old loves this game, but WHY am I dealing with ads on an app I PAID FOR??????????? And one of the ads that popped up was a woman in lingerie on a Netflix ad. REALLY?????

  • Why buy the app?

    by _Weapon-X_

    Why did I pay for this if I still have to deal with ads, especially between levels? My 3 year old finds it very inconvenient, and I find it annoying.

  • Good games

    by Rell 94&&&&&

    Son loves this game

  • Good

    by Richi Rich!

    Good game but it would be great to get full screen on iPhone 5 please!! Then I will give 5 stars

  • Great game

    by Divyesh R

    It's great game. Fun to play. It would be great if it occupies full screen in new iPhone

  • One frustrated 4 year old

    by Darin P.

    App crashes despite resets. On iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2.

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