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As a holiday treat, an additional 5,000 clams will be added to your tank to upgrade your digs, buy new fish and accessorize your sea floor!

In this update, each mini game has been updated for more fun in your fish tank.  In the bubble game, make sure to swim into the new falling clocks to add time to your round!  In the race game, supercharge your fishy friend with the lightning bolt to push your fish through the obstacles at wharf speed!  With this power-up, obstacles become harmless as you speed through the race course!

Sorry for any haddocks, we have fished out a few remaining bugs.

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For a limited time, your aquarium will come pre-loaded with 5000 clams to spend on feeding your fish, upgrading your tank and accessorizing your sea floor! Please enjoy this aquatic gift to make your tank a bit more festive this holiday season!

The official Tanked Aquarium Game App, based on the hit Animal Planet series, is available now on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad*. As the proud owner of a virtual fish tank, players will choose their favorite fish, decorate the tank, and above all, keep their fish swimming and happy. Players will enjoy mini-games and are able to connect with their friends to share their creations through Facebook, SMS texts and email. The app includes an in-game currency for upgrades to your Tank.

· Create and decorate your tank
· Learn how to care for your Fish from Brett and Wayde
· Play with your fish
· Share your creation with friends
· Feed your fish

*This application is optimized for iPhone 4S, and 5+ as well as iPad generation 2 and up.

Customer Reviews

  • It's ok I guess

    by CaptMorgan1848

    It's alright was just hoping for a bit more maybe some missions or something others cool enough I guess for a dollar

  • Tanked

    by Fruitness

    I like the app but it would be nice to pause it cause I am unable to play on cell phone at work and it would be helpful to have instructions on how to get shells are whatever they are please and about feeding ur fish and the race game don't work u can't move the fish at all please fix

  • Great game

    by Capewidenews

    Great game if I could give more stars I would Love watching show. Game is fun for all ages. You can name fish and play with them

  • review

    by carlielydia

    i love this game

  • Too many crashes

    by Turtle-love

    Have 24 of 25 fish , decorations and the biggest tank. I love this game even though improvements can be made. App crashes every time I try to feed the fish. Please fix

  • Fun Game

    by Domdomidom

    Great game for whole family! Can enjoy without having to spend any money.

  • Great game

    by Gr8bry

    It is a lot of fun trying to create tanks like Brett and Wade. I hope someday to have them make me a tank.

  • Not enough games

    by bballswag_6187

    I like this app,yet I think their should be more games because it gets annoying going back and forth from one game to another and after a while they get boring.I love to watch the show and the show made it look more fun.If Wayde and Brett are reading this I LOVE your show.

  • Needs a "Pause" feature and more options for play

    by Tweetyneetz

    Very cute game, but I'm starting to feel anchored by having to check in on my fish friends too often. I'd appreciate being able to pause the game and come back to it as time allows. Okay, I dropped my original rating of four stars down to three. After trying for days, I finally popped 600 bubbles and unlocked the turtle, only to find it would cost me about $10 to buy the shells necessary to get the turtle. :( I have over 2,600,000 clams and nothing to spend them on but food and medicine. I've maxed out on decorations for my aquarium. It would be nice to be able to delete some items, rearrange them or get something different. I'm hoping for an update that will address some of these issues, without having to spend any real clams.

  • Sweet

    by ZooChef

    Fun little time waster!

  • Swan

    by Dustyspeck

    Love the show want to do more but need to when shells should not need to buy them:(

  • Great

    by Dylan Stieber

    Enjoy the game, longer time limits would be nice. Would like to be able to buy shells with clams, need a chart that shows all fish instead of having to tap each fish to see status.

  • Good

    by Number1tankedfan

    It's really cute but takes a couple try's to get on And if Wayde and Brett are reading this I will die!!! :)

  • Fishy fun!

    by Matthardyfan

    I love it, I think the fish choices were awesome and they're so cute. Easy to follow tutorial and family friendly.

  • Omg loooooooooove this

    by MicheleLee Rochefort

    I love tanked Ty for making this app can u make a sleep mode on this game so that the fish don't get sick by the time I'm up in the morning that would be cool. ThAnks again

  • Fun game but!

    by Ronzek

    It's a fun game but don't like the fact you have to pay in order to gets shells for the fancier things. I payed for the game, but I'm not paying for extras!

  • Tanked

    by CJR77

    Love it but wish there were more fish options, and more game choices to play with your fish. It would also be cool to be able to get more ornamental objects.

  • Game crashing

    by WhoDeyGirl4Eva

    The game keeps crashing, please fix!

  • We love this app!

    by Head rowdy

    I bought this and my two grandsons, 10 and 7, who are huge fans of the show, love it. They started playing on my iPhone and quickly got a larger tank and 5 of the fish. I had some trouble accessing it on the iPads (which turned out to be on MY end and once I restarted them, there was no problem), but Customer Service was johnny-on-the-spot with immediate suggestions and an obvious willingness to help, so that is greatly appreciated! I highly recommend the app, especially if the kids are fans of the show and fish in general! It is easy to get started and play, and they rack up clams pretty fast so you don't feel like you are being held up to get extra stuff in order to really enjoy the game. They are very conscientious about checking on their fish, but one suggestion for the older one is to add some fish facts kind of games as well since he is really into all that. Oh, and they especially liked that Wayde and Brett give the instructions! Great job!

  • I love this game but

    by #bubbasmommy03

    Me and my son love this game. It's cute and simple but fun to play. If your willing to spend a little bit of money in the app it's worth it. My only complaint is that the seahorse doesn't fit in the race game and dies because he is to big. And I can't unlock the turtle because it's impossible to get 600 bubbles in a single bubble game. My fastest fish only could get 404 bubbles. My suggestion if you buy this app is not to get more then ten fish because it gets to overwhelming trying to fed care for all the fish. And it would be cool if they added more games and a way to care for the egg. After a while the games get old. But over all I like it.

  • Keeps crashing

    by DIM57775

    Love the game when it wasn't crashing. I hope you fix it soon I can't even get into it any more. Also wish you could earn shells the yellow ones and the turtle is impossible to get . Another suggestion would be nice to be able to move around the plants and decorations around the tank.

  • Okay game :/

    by Leximd21$$$

    Like the game but I'm not paying for the yellow shells, when I paid for the game. They really need to do some updating on this app ASAP! More games and more ways to earn YELLOW SHELLS!!! Other then that haven't noticed any bugs yet.

  • Only okay

    by Kamonika

    I think it's dumb to have to use real money to buy certain things. I already paid for the app. Also, lately, the shells have not been racking up when I am not playing. What's up with that? I should also be able to exchange fish. I am at the most expensive tank without using real money. I want different fish but can't exchange them. Some fish aren't even unlocked.

  • by Julia amber gate

    Iam very disappointed by this game plus I paved $0.99 it is lags what's good about it um... NOTHING nothing waste of money not Avoid buy don't get it is my advise

  • Tanked vs Fish World

    by Southpaw394

    Only can have 2 fish in tank. Aldo when you place a decoration you can't move it. And all the great decorations you gave to buy with cash. Zynga Fish World is better as far as decorations and fish but love the games in Tanked You can get clams by playing games with fish so then can upgrade tank and have more fish Deleting this App have over 7 million clams, max tank, etc tired of games and having to feed fish every 4 hours going back to Fishworld where only have to feed 1x daily can inventory/move product hundreds of fish choices etc. I don't know oh any tank where you feed fish individually

  • Tank crowded

    by elainea02

    You should be able to delete items (or fish) in your tank.

  • App need serious help

    by Loves my real salt tank

    This game could be more fun if it would stop crashing on me every time I open it. I can't buy a fish, play the game or go through a tutorial without it crashing. It was kinda funny that it crashed when Wade was just about to introduce me to Brett. Who can't see the humor in that. I am also going to say that if my own salt water tank was this hard to take care of I would take it down and find another hobby. It needs attention every two hours or your fish gets sick or the tank is dirty. I think these guys need to stick with what they do best, build the best tanks that the world can see. I am a huge fan of the show and can't wait for it to come back, but not a big fan of this app.

  • Dumb

    by Horrible game/boring

    Boring and waste of money.

  • Boring

    by Dinky1954

    I thought this would be fun for the kids but lost interest really fast. Sorry that I paid for it.


    by Thegirloftheapps

    Crashes ever single time I try to do anything

  • Don't love it yet...

    by Edna303

    Can't buy food - well, it subtracts payment but no food delivered. Love the idea but needs major improvements. Colors are good but graphics are kinda lame. Not much fun to design an aquarium when choices are boring. Need better plant choices and what's with the tennis shoes?

  • Only good for a few weeks

    by Rickrod956

    This game is only good for a few weeks. One you fill the tank, there's nothing else to do with this game. I'm just collecting clams with nothing to use them on but food. I have over 2,000,000 clams that I can not use.

  • Ok game

    by Benitez pomy

    The game works well and it's very cute but after a few days it gets boring and you just check on the fish out of obligation. Thinking I might just delete the app at this point-Not worth taking up the space on my phone

  • Buying shells

    by Luvraw

    I love the app but, don't like the fact that I have to buy the other shells (yellow ones) with my really money. I understand the app has to make money in some way but, at least let us be able to accumulate the yellow shells like the purple ones. What I mean is if u reach a certain amount of purple shells like 250,000 or 500,000 than u get 50 yellow shells or something of that nature. But not when u buy the purple shells with real money or if they can be cheaper cause I want to have all the fish that's available and buy all the stuff with the yellow shells but i'll end up spending a $100 and I don't like that. Also I would like u to add more fish and maybe a tank with just different sharks that would be fun too. Hope this makes it to one of th updates.

  • It's fun but it took my money...

    by The mining man

    The game is awesome but.. When I Acciddently bought the tank I have and it took my money.

  • Fun app

    by Bruinbear73

    Fun app

  • Crash probs

    by BOPR

    This game crashes way to much, every time I play a game with my fish it crashes please fix it soon

  • Good, but...

    by J8J8J8J8

    This game is really fun, but there are only two game options. The bubble game and the race game. I can collect many clams, but how do you get a shell????? Even when the app is completely closed, it still runs. I hope in the next upgrade that the major issues in the game. I hope at least there will be more options.


    by RexyBabe

    this game is super boring and not worth your dollar. get dragonvale instead.

  • It's fun but crashes a lot

    by Ghost947

    I love the show, Tanked, and this game. The fish are cute and its a lot of fun but this games crashes a lot. I hope Game Pill fixes that soon.

  • Tutorial gets stuck

    by Hohohozez

    The tutorial gets stuck when you switch screens to play a game and you can never get passed that point. Fix this and it could be a great game

  • Fun but...

    by Anyanitabonita

    Love the game and the show!!! But, I don't quite understand how to collect shells

  • I want my money back

    by Talisa<3

    This game does not work on my iPad mini

  • Gone !

    by OurFam10

    I have been caring for this tank for a month. Today it just disappeared from my phone. Devastated.

  • Keeps freezing

    by MrsHale2012

    This app is cute but needs some updates. Game locks up and crashes on us. We want to play this so I hope it gets fixed!

  • The best game

    by The big Will

    This game let me out-brace my fish life. This game is the best game I have ever got on!

  • My big mouth

    by Yo yo yo love it

    I do not like the game. For one thing the pictures I mean they look awful. Next is the big reason I got on had the tutorial then tried to buy a fish then I named it but when I pushed done my screen went black and took me to my home screen.

  • Cute

    by Abbitra


  • My favorite tv shows app

    by H$E$B$$$$

    Favorite,cute,and best app!

  • Fish-keeping

    by MD565

    Cute game...but the fish shouldn't get sick because I don't wake up at 3am to feed them. My real fish are a lot more tolerant!!!

  • Crashes too often

    by GaelicOwlEyes

    When I first bought the app, I had no problems with it. But after about a month or so, it would crash every time that I tried to open it. I love this app because its a lot of fun but what good is it if I can't play it?


    by Joe Aurora

    I love the show I just got the game and I already love it

  • Glitches

    by ambg74

    Keeps taking you out of app! Hard to purchase fish when app freezes and kicks you out. Don't like 10 hours for fish before the get ill as kids are only allowed onto ipod once a day make it 24 hours please. Please fix glitches.

  • Lots of crashing! Fix please

    by Southrnqt

    It's crashing every few minutes! In the middle of playing and checking on the statistics...please fix it! It would be really nice to have a way to earn SHELLS!!! Instead of having to buy them. I have 9 fish and I really can only get like 2 more with just clams and it's sad because it's erring boring now since I'm so limited to how many fish I can get. I have 2 more bonuses to unlock (120 clams and 600 bubbles) but even those fish I probably can't buy with clams! Not so much fun anymore

  • Epiclally Awesome!!!

    by Glynn GS

    I love it!! Tanked is my favorite show.

  • Loving it but....

    by Mini taco 42

    Love the game, only thing is when you buy new tanks, I wish we could move our decorations we bought previously around to better fit the new tank. I entertain my nephews and nieces with this game all the time... More game options to play with the fish would be cool too...

  • Awsome

    by Tanked102

    I love tanked, when I heard about the app from one of the show I had to get it! The app is great!

  • Awesome game!

    by Lbmammoth

    Really fun app, saw it on the show and had to try it out. The fish are so cute, wish it explained more though like how to earn shells or if you had to buy them

  • Tanked

    by Amhen07

    It's a cute game but a lil boring I thought there would be more to do on it and it shuts me off every every time now I can no longer play any of the games or even clean my tank right now I can't even get into the app. I think there should be a way to earn shells or trade clams for shells cause only being able to get them by paying isn't right not even Facebook does that.

  • Nothing but crashes!

    by DoctorWHOvian9811

    Before the holiday update, everything was fine. The holiday update I enjoyed getting all the clams, but after i bought a fish and take, the mini games freeze no matter what fish i try and use! I think there should be a way to earn shells, instead of buying. I will give 5 stars if crashing is fixed and more ways to earn shells instead of buying. I dont want to uninstall, but if more issues come up later i might.


    by Mrloggg

    Although I love the show, this app stinks. You have to be on it every five minutes it else you get a notification that your fish is hungry or bored. If you ignore those notifications your fish gets sick. You then have to buy medication improves their condition for like five minutes. Your tank is pronounced dirty every hour. It is not worth the money and after 2 hours of having downloaded it I was thoroughly annoyed and deleted it.

  • Good

    by Mythology1010

    It's is very fun but you can't delete Amy decorations incase you didn't like one if I'm wrong can someone please tell me home

  • So not real

    by Tanked out

    The programmers need to fix this game. Tanks don't get dirty in 8 hours. Fish do not need to be fed as often as this. Come on guys have them correct it our life's do not revolve around this game. A waste of my money

  • Cute game

    by Evil Twin Skippy

    I like it, works great on iPhone 5, but does not work on the first I pad, my 10 year old and 1 1/2 year old love playing it

  • Hmmmm

    by Aljw6

    I like this game and like the updates, I have had the game since it came out and I have all of the upgrades, I want to be able to delete fish to get better ones, I'm still stuck with fish from the beginning, we should be able to sell the dish back to wade and Bret . Also we should be able to get shells with our claims. Come on guys I need new things

  • Fun

    by ttccdd73

    My daughter loves the different fish and the games.

  • I love it

    by Bill from Beacon NY

    This is the. Best game ever buying it was worth it i also watch tanked on animal planet I love that show. Alex

  • Not much to do with Tanked

    by drhollywood

    Pretty boring game. Not much to do. If you leave the game for a few hours your fish get sick. Kids will like for a day or so then will be done with it. Very disappointed.

  • Tanked!!!!

    by DMaggot

    Love the show. Love the app.

  • Bigger tank please

    by How do you expand your tank

    How do you expand your tank??????

  • Bad bad bad

    by Chris D

    I was hoping it would be realistic looking fish and actually informative. Game itself is boring, worst app ever, I want a refund smh

  • Awesome game

    by K9Monkey

    Fun games, learn to take care of fish tank, funny animals.

  • Tanked



  • Eh

    by Bbkolikers

    Whenever I play a game when it is loading to go back to home it crashes. I also don't like how u have to buy a bigger tank. It is kind of boring as well.

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