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Seller: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

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Dig your way deep underground to seek your fortune in the exciting gold mines of 19th century California in this addicting action puzzler!

Blast your way underground in 40 exciting levels full of fun challenges, adventure and surprise! Dig out as much gold as you can before you run out of stamina! Tunnel ever deeper - without destroying anything valuable! Avoid ghosts, collapses and other dangers to retrieve lost totem pieces and uncover the ultimate gold bonanza! Along the way unlock bonus missions and discover dinosaur bones, gems and other hidden surprises!

•Explore 40 exciting mines as you prospect for gold in this addicting action puzzler!
•Dig out as much gold as you can while avoiding collapses, ghosts and other dangers!
•Blast ever deeper to retrieve lost totem pieces, the mysterious Pandora’s box and other hidden surprises
•Complete 28 missions to unlock bonuses – including an epic hidden mine!
•Trade some of your gold at the general store to improve your luck with gold maps, a variety of explosives and more
•Enjoy endless game play in Gold Rush mode!
•Unlock special bonus missions and an epic hidden mine!
•Tap, touch and swipe to move and start digging

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Customer Reviews

  • This is gold!!!

    by Gammie&Gavin

    Please make a gold rush 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ive replayed 1&2 3 x

  • Please make another gold rush app, or add levels...pleaseeeee

    by Zach Kyle

    Want more levels

  • In app purchase???

    by Elaurcell

    Please be clear about what you get from the in app purchase. I would have gotten it with the first game but I was never sure if you got it on every level or just one time. Another review looked like its a one time thing! Not worth it!

  • Need help on Bonus Mine 7

    by Laura17318

    I've played through, reset and played through again. I want to get 3 stars on all mines, but can't seem to manage it on this one. Is there a specific way or order to go through the cells to get it?

  • 3 coming soon?!

    by Caligirl2004

    I love these games! Is 3 coming out soon? I only gave it 4 stars because I was disappointed in the ending of this one but overall it is a spectacular game!!! UPDATE: where is the 3rd game????? Please please release it!!!!

  • GR3 Plz!

    by Corriebug

    Love this game!!!

  • Part 3

    by Rosario_F

    When is part 3 coming out?

  • Great game

    by FlowerLove206

    It's a lot if fun & very different from many other games out there. I do like the first version slightly more, only because I don't like the ghosts in this version. Hope they come out with version #3. I would definitely buy it.

  • Will there be California Gold Rush 3?

    by xrae00

    DChoc - please come out with a CGR3! I've played 2 so many times I see the gold sparkles when I sleep. Excellent game.

  • Help!?

    by Ccsta

    How do you excavate/get the fossil bones and the spaceship? Advice would be appreciated Great game.

  • Great game

    by ChrisPATX

    Love it

  • quite enjoyable

    by therealskittles!

    cheap too

  • My kid calls this "shiny digging game"

    by joeyzilla

    cool app, great work guys!

  • Good game

    by gregyboy

    pretty fun, somewhat addicting, worth the price!

  • gold is pretty

    by mzac22

    Fun game

  • I'm really 'diggin' this game

    by pbinthehouse

    Fun, great graphics. No problems running it for me

  • love this game

    by Pariah24

    I love this game, as well as the first one. I've got 3 stars on all levels now though so it's not much fun any more. digital chocolate really needs to make a third, or someone needs to tell me about a similar game I could play.

  • Fun Addictive Game

    by Lavenderfern

    I really enjoyed the first Gold Rush and enjoyed this one too. Quite addicting and couldn't stop playing until I completed it. Thanks! Please put out the next one in the series!

  • Great game

    by Havalo

    I have alot of games and this is about the only one I play. Love this game and would love a gold rush 3

  • Good game, but one problem

    by videogamemaster98

    The upgrades for the pick axe, boot, backpack, and mine support are screwed up!!! I fully upgraded the backpack and sturdier boot, but the pick axe and mine support-they're gone!!! Because your stupid rip-off plan! Why the hell is it a one-time per level deal?!?! Bring them back to the bonus levels!!!!! THANKS!

  • No updates

    by Thomas Nokes

    We need an update!

  • Waste of money and I'm not cheap

    by Starphish2738371

    What an absolute rip off. The first game was great, challenging, fun. This one? Impossible to beat without in app purchases. It's actually not even remotely fun because you cannot achieve anything without buying the explosive booster pack. Never buying from these guys again

  • GRRR

    by 1Dloveee

    I LOVE this app but the screen wont load so i cant get on!! Please fix it!

  • Does not support audible or music

    by pugglesgirl

    It's stupid the prior version supported both but this supports neither. Instead the have some stupid in game this that forces you to make one time only play lists. It's a bleeping iPod common sense tells you they need to support music otherwise there is no point. Stay away or get the original

  • Update

    by Johnfdddd

    Please update to ios 4 so it can played in the background!!

  • Why only 1 star?

    by DigiZombis

    I actually like this game. It's fun. It could use some improvement, but I dig it - no pun intended. Here is why I'm hitting the rating with only one star: The Bonus Pack that you have to spend real money on! This wouldn't be too bad IF after doing so you start with more items at the beginning of every mine. BUT the items are expendable, and once gone, are gone for good. The game has been made so that getting three stars per mine is only possible if you buy a bonus pack per every mine or two. I don't like that kind of swindling and so my repayment is one star!

  • Stoked for 2nd goldrush!!!

    by Melstall

    Hard, yes. Without question. However, as I'm working through and buying upgrades, I can go back to previous mines and improve my scores. So I'm not going to be a GIRL, and say it is too hard until I complete the game! Having fun working my way through...been wishing for a follow-up game for awhile!! UPDATE: YES, the icon for loading freezes, but the game DOES continue to load. It is a big game and does take a minute. Just be patient. (The game actually froze on me one time ever.) I have beat the entire game, three stars on every level...had to play some levels several times to achieve this, but it is do-able! READY FOR GOLDRUSH III!!

  • Too difficult to play

    by julhhs

    Too little gold, way too many falling rocks, and the mines are too complicated; they are almost like mazes!!! I love the Gold Rush 1, but GR 2 is just disappointing!

  • Great game

    by popman83

    Please update for iOS 4 (backgrounding) and iPhone 4 (retina display). Graphics would look really nice if they where updated, and could be a little faster. Thank you

  • Won't load

    by Create nickname already taken

    Doesn't work with new update...fix already or give me my money back

  • It won't start

    by Hxucpgxotspycpcydoh

    This is my favorite game but I updated it and it won't work

  • Won't load since the upgrade

    by athena103181

    Won't load since the upgrade! Help! This was one of my favorites and I'm VERY upset :*-(

  • Game will not load.

    by Zubricon

    This game will not load. Please fix it.

  • Can you help me?

    by Thegreattm3

    If you can't find gold in the last level, try mining on the left and hit the lava. :) Can enyone tell me what to do with the space ship??????? :/

  • Love It!

    by pd2jt

    Can't wait for GR3. Game has great replay value. Hint-play the bonus mine's to buy more supports.

  • Love it!

    by Onesleekcat1

    Awesome game and worth the small price for hours of game fun. Mastered all levels but 2 and had a blast while doing so. Yeah, there are a few issues every once in awhile but not so many to not give it 5 stars. Great job on this one digital chocolate, I'm hooked! Please give us more games like this, waiting on a gold rush 3. Need more catapult peguins to, your 2nd best game!

  • Great game

    by T-Bone presents Shake-&-Bake

    The only game I played on the can at work for 2 months straight. Non-stressful and fun. Highly recommend.

  • How do I get that D*** spaceship?!?

    by Sexxilittlethings831

    I found the spaceship but I can't figure how to get it out of the concrete. It's not lava rock so you can't blow it up! Ahh it's fustrating! Please help!

  • Golden Touch!

    by Whoville lady

    I love both games sooo much! They have different challenges, but that just adds to the fun. I really hope Digital Chocolate has more mines to release soon...I can't get enough! 

  • Good but please update

    by Kboris73

    Good game but not as good as the first. The levels are a bit too hard. My biggest complaint is that I like to listen to podcasts while playing games. This game won't allow me to listen to podcasts.

  • Fun game except .....

    by Gdsxgbrdhhc

    This is supposed to be a fun game however it change the game format by teaching us where to dig make me feel absolutely treating us like the kids we are not that dumb we know how to play this game and it is way to hard for some level it take away the fun of this game whoever wrote it need to stop programming any more game I will certainly not buying the game you wrote sorry dude

  • Nothing new...disappointing followup

    by Makatk

    This game keeps too closely to the first version. There aren't really any new features, so after awhile it becomes tedious, especially since this version is alot harder. Digital Chocolate basically nerfed the tools- the reduced number of supports are basically useless now since the rocks crumble almost instantaneously after u dig. It's almost impossible to explore the whole map without buying explosives, but that eats into fulfilling the star objectives. Not a very satisfying followup to the original at all. Sorry, was a huge fan but I'm not even going to bother finishing this version.

  • Update

    by scb2010

    Can Digital Chocolate fix this game that i paid for to play on my ipod touch......

  • Love it but fix the bugs

    by Jmlct

    This game is very addicting. I love exploring all the mine formats but hate when the game freezes. I'll change my rating to 5 stars once the update comes out to address this.

  • Gimme a break!

    by Spacerock71

    I have Gold Rush 1 and loved it so I bought 2 without a doubt. Unfortunately whoever designed part 2 is a maniacal bastard because it's way too hard to the point of not being fun. On most stages I can't even get two stars let alone one on some!!! It's rediculous. As soon as you dig anywhere the cave collapses right away and you only lay one support at a time instead of three so you can never keep up. I could go on but I think you get my point already. Digital Chocolate: Please add a difficulty choice so can decide how hard I want it to be and I'll change my review to 5 stars. Thanks.

  • I want an update

    by Hffkcsrgvch

    I want an update it crash and don't start

  • buggy

    by sls1791

    Love this game but it's buggy. It hesitates after a few mines so I have to close it then reopen it to continue.

  • Requirements differ between Free and Paid Version

    by mariposa03

    I first downloaded the free version and enjoyed it (having the first one before the update helped). But when I paid for the version and downloaded it off of I-Tunes, I didn't even think to look at the requirements! The free version does not require you to have the 2nd generation, but the paid version does. And no where that I could find does it mention your need for a microphone! So I paid for nothing!!!! Make your free and paid versions consistent so that I would have known it wouldn't work on my verison of I-Touch!!

  • A lot of fun!

    by SLA30

    All your games are excellent! Keep them coming!!

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