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Get blown away by insane power-ups, infinite levels, stunning art, secret bonus levels, epic boss battles and more!

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IGN says: “Brick Breaker Revolution comes packing heat. The game is loaded with power-ups that can both bolster and hinder your block-clearing efforts. The weapons are almost universally worth getting greedy over.”

Get a taste of this revolutionary brick breaking game in both Classic and Revolution mode in the Free Version. Purchase the Full Version and play four amazing game modes delivering endless excitement: Revolution, Classic, Time Attack and Infinite Mode! Power-ups include Nukes, Magnets, Rockets, Unstoppable Fury Ball, Point Multipliers and more! All of the excitement and fun in the 3D version, with new power ups and levels at half the price! Be a hero, break bricks and defeat boses to start a revolution!

- Four game modes
(1) Revolution – The award winning mode invented by Digital Chocolate.
(2) Classic – Power through this game level by level.
(3) Time Attack – Race against the clock!
Infinite! – Play as long as you can.
More levels, block types, big boss battles, game modes and power-ups offered than ever before!
(4) Revolution mode features the "infinite" tower of brick levels, boss fights and secret levels!
- Power-ups include Lasers, Ball Speed Changes, Mirror, Smart Bombs and more!
- Earn Achievement Badges for completing challenges!
- Responsive and easy-to-use controls – gently tap or touch the screen for paddle and power up activation.
- Upbeat and exciting real music!

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Download the Paid version for unlimited replay value packed with even more gameplay modes, levels, power-ups and special unlocks. Get the full experience!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!!

    by Bobby girl 101

    Waaaaaayyy better than 3D version. The 3D version is confusing, this version is better and more classic brick breaker :) Im planning to buy the full version!!

  • Umm

    by Hippy girl (peace)

    It's good and not good at the same time .

  • Annoying music

    by i-zeek

    3d version better too.


    by KikiD14

    It's awesome!Its amazing how the new can be so much better than the old these days.YEAH!


    by Lmcsjfcc

    What I said up there.

  • Really Nice!

    by kphil1089

    Fun and Enjoyable. Thanku

  • More classic style

    by game destroyer1

    This is a very traditional brick/block breaking game, which I prefer to the 3D version released by this company. This game focuses more on your skills and reaction times, then the graphical potential of the app. I like the innovations in this franchise, the different brick types and power-ups. Brick breaker is a classic arcade style game, suitable for people of all ages. After beating this game/demo, I feel much more confidant in recommending it. I have even begun a second career to try and beat my first score! Really very good.

  • Cleaner, sharper, easier to use...

    by destructobee

    This app is like a breath of fresh air after the 3D madness in Digital chocolates previous offering in this genre. It's just you, the ball, and the bricks. No tilting screen, fewer flashing colors, much cleaner and easier to use. If you liked 3d, but couldn't keep up with the glitz, give this 2D version a try! Yes. This version has all the power ups and other features, just no eye-blurring motions. Very suitable for people my age (late 30's) as well as for the older crowds, and maybe some 20 somethings too.

  • nice!

    by serioussatellite

    good free app

  • Great!

    by supershamu

    My nephew started playing my iPhone and this is his favorite game! Since since he bought it himself and broke Level 1000!

  • A new breakout for the new century!

    by maddbiker

    I came for the bricks, and stayed for the eternal levels!

  • the old is new again

    by drchuckles

    i love the simple gameplay! left & right, that's it! And the power ups! eat your heart out breakout!

  • Chaos Brick!

    by gamegyunkie

    This ate up a lot of my time when I had this on the VX8500. Looks like it'll eat my time again.

  • great!

    by Jgirl10536

    wow this is great !! if u don't need all the 3D and extra things then this is the game for u! I have the 3D version and this one and I have to say, this one is better.

  • GOOD!!!

    by GoGoGadget4

    GOOD! 5/5!!!

  • LOVE IT!!

    by !!~~FalconPunch~~!!

    my new favorite BRICK BREAKER!!! -carz

  • Awesome Music!

    by Jubei_ivH

    This is one of the best brick breakers so far. I played the 3d version and it was good, but this one just brings me back to the classic style of brick breaker. Great job!

  • Yay!

    by Feather58

    So much fun

  • so many bricks, so much fun!

    by gregyboy

    this is a must get, its AWESOME i wont even let anyone else touch my phone when i get into this game!!!!!

  • wooohoooo!

    by therealskittles!

    I had this game on my old phone before i upgraded to the Iphone and man, it looks so much better on this bad boy. So far this is fun and i will most likely be buying this.

  • Broken in ios7

    by PilotRob

    Great game, far better than the 3D version, but it will not run under ios7.. It crashes upon launch every time! Will no longer work at all! Same for the paid version. PLEASE FIX THIS!!??!! Update: It appears that the devs couldn't care less about this app or those like myself who've paid for the full version which is also broken; my attempts at communication have been completely ignored : (


    by shanesi

    I downloaded this game a couple of years ago, come to find out that it won't work anymore. I even bought myself a new iPod 5G and it still doesn't work!! Now I'm afraid to buy this game!

  • Its ok but........

    by $L;t@-Bu%g

    Its fun like hp games blasterball but i culdnt enjoy it cuz u had 2 worry about yur battery gettin low......lyk real low

  • Grrrrr

    by Jonasrox101

    I'm waiting for an updated version. I have not been able to play bcause it crashes after I choose my mode. Help! It does this every time!

  • Noisy, slow, too complex.

    by Ishbar

    I was looking for a game that would best emulate that of brick breaker for the blackberry. BB is supposed to be simple and fluid, this was not. This game felt like i was in a rave, but instead of getting ecstacy, I was given a depresant. I suppose I'll just use my pearl whenever I want to play something masterful.

  • Worst

    by victma

    I like the 3d version better

  • O-o

    by Coolpa343

    Not a fan..the 3d version is alot has better graphics too..

  • Worst game ever

    by Johnny_kakes

    Omg it suks worst game I have ever played on my iPhone!

  • Whatta deal

    by wtqdwb

    This is a lotta game and well worth the low price of the full one. In some ways the visuals are simpler n ez to follow than the big brutha 3d game - also a great game.

  • Cool effects, great sound!

    by joeyzilla

    Really like this little game, its full of eye candy. Has good gameplay mechanics, fun little powerup. I will buy this soon so i have something to play in my roadtrip this weekend.

  • Nice

    by Gggggddbidvu

    This go hard

  • I liked it

    by *kaw*

    It had an amazing soundtrack with cool weapons and awesome game play. I would have liked some more detailed graphics but there really isn't anything to complain about with this game!

  • Fun

    by Logan and allison

    It passes the time

  • Okay

    by 028272628394

    Download is slow

  • It's OK!

    by rousee83

    Definitely Nothing Special and I don't want it on my phone. I recommend 3 D Brick Breaker!'

  • loading

    by hanna3

    i just got this app and it freezes when it loads and doesn't work at all and i haven't even gotten to play it yet

  • What's wrong???

    by razzberry69

    It crashes everytime after I choose the mode. B4 this it's been fine it worked and it was fun! Now it crashes! Update please

  • Good game, but 3d version much beta.

    by Mazie<3


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