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59 Ratings
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89 Ratings


Kick your brain into overdrive and test your skills with Brain Tester 24 Pack. You might be the next Einstein!

PocketGamer gives Silver Award, scores 8/10 and says: "Brain Tester 24 Pack is good, wholesome thinking fun, crammed full of well-designed and interesting games and served up with Digital Chocolate's trademark visual polish."

Play 3 unique and hilarious game modes with 25 tests that will keep your brain alert and craving more! Challenge your mental skills by playing Test Mode and play to unlock all minigames in Practice Mode. Didn’t get a high score? Replay the tests in order to achieve a personal best score and gold medal! Lastly, don’t forget to test your common sense with the Stupid Test!

• Three great interactive games in one:
(1) Test Mode – Quiz your brain as much as you want and keep track of your statistics
(2) Practice Mode – Unlock Mini Games and attain all of the medals
(3) Stupid Test Mode – Test your attention and common sense while laughing at this fun and innovative test
• Endless replay value – Replay tests to get a higher score and gain gold medals
• Unique iPhone and iPod touch controls -- users can tap the device to make quick decisions and test their skills.
• Bright and stunning art graphics
• Exciting and fun real music!

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Customer Reviews

  • Fun app

    by pbinthehouse

    It is good for a brain game, not my style though. everything seemed to mesh well together and really dragged you into it. I think many people will love this.

  • This is pretty awesome

    by mzac22

    i liked it through and through, an addicting game that everyone should have fun with

  • I wish all brain games were as good as this

    by gregyboy

    This is the best one by FAR, i have played all of the other free ones and this one blows them away.

  • fun times

    by joeyzilla

    I gave into buying the full version, the free demo was great, this so far feels better. i enjoy it so far!

  • i like this game!

    by therealskittles!

    best brain teaser game out there!

  • Edutainment to the Extreme

    by jimmyjimjima

    It's an app store winner! the mirror game truly rocks.

  • So darn addicting!

    by drchuckles

    I'm pretty good at these kinda of games, and I love this one too. The problem is that I'm obsessed with doing perfect runs in each game.

  • A truly awesome Brain Age type game

    by supershamu

    The last time I played a brain game was Brain Age, and this one is way funner. Brainy is also nicer than that doctor.

  • A sweet impulse buy!

    by maddbiker

    I'm managed to play 14 of the games already. Some are harder than others, and I love the ones with the animals!

  • Great

    by KidAJunkie

    This is a great little game though with a couple things I would like to see improved. The menu loading times seem a little excessive, some of the animations are weak like in the fish spitting water one, and the wording/ explanations for the tests is pretty nebulous. But it's a good time!

  • FUn app

    by Jubei_ivH

    I like that it has lots to do in the game, and a pretty wide range of different types of brain games. I'm good at the elephant memory game :)

  • huge value

    by aswo

    ton of brain training mini games all in one, monitors your progress, some are really challenging, especially the logic games, definitely sharpens your mind!

  • Very Addictive

    by Dr.Danhattan

    This one is better than most of the other "brain" games out there. Pretty addictive, good new addition to my phone ;p

  • Love It!

    by Venusmuppet

    I love this more than any of the Brainy Games. Creative and Original .... simply fun and keeps my brain cells active!! Once in a while our eight year old rips my iPhone out of my hand and he goes at it, loving it! I can't wait to unlock all of the games. Fun Fun! Great for the whole family. Fantastic and the most Original Brainy game I've bought.

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