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Entertain your toddler or young child with a fun and educational game on iPhone and iPod touch!

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Download the Free Version now!

Play the Ocean and Rattle modes in the Free Version. Better yet, get the Full Version so your child can play with up to six animated, interactive game modes for hours of fun and learning! Explore a lush garden, vibrant jungle and gorgeous underwater world where your child can amuse him or herself for hours. You can also use the popular, classical nursery rhyme to help put your child to sleep. Carry BabySitter2Go wherever you go!

• Four interactive and educational scenes including: Garden, Ocean, Jungle and Naptime
• Rattle Mode: Shake the Bell, Tambourine, Drum and other musical instruments to awaken the musical side of your child
• Drawing Mode: Play by using your finger to select the different colors and paint in the cute animals
• Popular classical and nursery rhyme music
• Interactive controls where you can tap or swipe at pigs, stars, submarines, butterflies and more
• Bright and stunning art graphics
• Exciting and fun real music

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Download the Paid version for unlimited replay value packed with even more gameplay modes, levels, power-ups and special unlocks. Get the full experience!

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Customer Reviews

  • My kid loves this

    by CamBGib

    First this game is for littles kids. My 1 yr old loves it. Also kids up to 7 play with it and are entertained. Highly recommend it.

  • Very cool

    by Mom&dadofblaze

    My 8 month old loves it! Very interactive with the instruments.

  • Ok

    by Starbucks lover <3

    It's fun and cute great for kids

  • My 3 1/2 month old loves it!!!

    by Angelajrdn

    I use it when she is fussy, and it catches her attention and calms her!! Love it!

  • Works great

    by Hskydulfjlcuc

    Stop complaining it worked fine espaecially for babbies!!!

  • Great game

    by amumtaz

    The kids love it

  • Birthday present

    by supershamu

    my niece would love it

  • nice heh

    by Dr.Danhattan

    this is a great kids game, highly recommended, perfect for traveling

  • Whatver keeps my kids quiet

    by drchuckles

    Quiet kids = Happy parents!

  • pretty cool

    by Jubei_ivH

    amazingly easy to play, maybe too easy cuz i guess it geared for the kids

  • woot

    by game destroyer1

    when i want one of my kids to shut up at the store, i throw this baby on.

  • need to get

    by destructobee

    cool game

  • keeping busy

    by Hunnybunny2

    the kids love it. too bad they wont let it go and killed my battery

  • babysitter 5/5

    by GoGoGadget4

    I got this with the intention of letting my niece play it. I gave it a try, its pretty fun even for me. This is a good game for kids, and pretty entertaining even for grown ups.

  • yo

    by serioussatellite

    kept my son happy so im happy

  • my kid loves it

    by !!~~FalconPunch~~!!

    not sure what else to say, good job

  • cool

    by crycheck

    dont really know why i got the demo. the game is only 99 cents. cant beat that kind of deal AND this will keep the little one busy.

  • Great for toddlers! :-0

    by wtqdwb

    Kept mine happy in restaraunt and car so i am getting the full app. Which is a bargain at 99 cents


    by Kaylamonkey

    I hate this game all it does is make noise and bubbles annoying

  • Worst

    by Tejano61

    What kind of crap is this? No kid on this god for saken earth would like this stupid game.


    by Syd3527


  • Horbbile

    by Soso417


  • 

    by musiclady123m

    What a piece of $&!?. A mentally retarded kid would get bored of this game (if you want to call it that). This ranks as stupid as the tella tubbies.

  • Worst game everrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

    by Gabsternj

    This game is the worst game ever i downloded it for my little bro he threw my i touch across the room

  • Save your $ money

    by Nevel Rogers

    My 12 month old didn't even like it. Not fun or challenging.....just dumb. Our 2 year old played with the fish a few time, but that was it.

  • not too impressed

    by ideniseb

    1 only got 2 games..the ocean and music. Basically for the music your child has to shake the iphone to get the instruments to make noise. At the price i paid for the phone, i dont believe i want my toddler shaking my phone while we are at the grocery store. The bubbles in the ocean are neat but after just a minute she was bored.

  • BAD

    by denfreu3

    Such a baby game! way to boring for me. Don't get it or you will suffer the pacifiers curse.

  • WTH is this?

    by Frankiejrca

    I got this for my little nephew and Yes it the free version but if this is just a sample of what you get it's STUPID! You made bubbles in the waters and made fish runaway from you. I don't know about your kids but this wouldn't hold my nephews attention and he kept wanting it to do more. It's hit or miss with these apps and this app is a big miss for me.

  • 

    by Mmmaaaddddddiiieee


  • Alright

    by Piggybee98

    It's a really retarded game don't get it

  • 

    by jb10766

    Good for a 2 day old

  • wow boring

    by netc23

    my son (28 months) liked this for about 5 minutes. its hard to hear if you are out and about and with only 4 items to play...well...I wouldn't buy a full version. he likes others better that help him learn things like shapes and colors, etc. I can't imagine liking this myself...we both were bored fast.

  • ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????????hahaha

    by Here you go!Here you go!colin


  • Don't Do It

    by WheresMySound

    Sound was disabled on all my other apps after installing this and using it for a while - it faded while using this app, then nothing worked on the others. I uninstalled this app, reset my phone and everything worked again. Yikes.

  • I Really don't get it.......

    by I'm soooo cool!!!!!!

    I got it thinkin it was gonna be tell you the truth it wasn't I got real bored before playin wit it for more than two minutes. Don't get it, it was a waist of time, yea I hate it sorry!!!!!!!

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