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Craving a classic? Look no further; Digital Chocolate has improved a classic game with amazing updated graphics and brand new gameplay never before seen in any Minesweeper game!

Check out Absolute Minesweeper as you play a game in a Jungle theme with the Shield power-up to give you that edge. Purchase the Full Version and blow your mind with two addictive game modes that will test your skills and push your luck to the limit. Absolute Mode puts a new spin on the well-known classic with power-ups like Sonar and Shield to give you a new game experience. Players can also customize the look of the game with different themes and backgrounds! Classic Mode will gage your logic and guts as you search the screen trying not to detonate the bombs.

•Enjoy 2 addictive game modes:
oAbsolute Mode - A new take on the game with power ups like Sonar, Time Freeze, Shield and more. Change the look of the game with different themes.
oClassic Mode - Use logic, luck and guts to locate all mines on the playing field without detonating any of them!
•Customize the look and feel of your game with different themes such as Garden, Underwater, Space, and much more!
•Stay alert as you navigate the screen with a mix of tap and swipe controls!
•Exciting music and sound effects that will take the game to another level

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Download the Paid version for unlimited replay value packed with even more gameplay modes, levels, power-ups and special unlocks. Get the full experience!

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Customer Reviews

  • Perfecto

    by Lizapolis

    You have to get this app it is awesome I'm playing it 24/7

  • It's like minesweeper was meant for the iPhone!

    by gregyboy

    Just try the expand/shrink pinching feature. It makes it that much easier to touch the tiles.

  • boom!

    by mzac22

    i've got to hand it to the sound people at digital chocolate. the music is techno-catchy.

  • a great brain teaser

    by supershamu

    i never played minesweeper on my pc. now I wish I did.

  • Minesweeper to go!

    by maddbiker

    There's a fun irony in playing a game that was synonymous with Windows and to now have it available on an Apple product!

  • a very well designed tease

    by pbinthehouse

    this demo only uses one map layout, so you can master it quite easily. it is just a taste, and is tempting me to get the complete game soon.

  • Nice remake on an classic!!!

    by gamegyunkie

    Very modern feel for such a classic title!!!

  • mine--sweep!

    by crycheck

    cool graphics..... you really can get alot out of this demo

  • a must must buy

    by game destroyer1

    demo was fun to play.. when i get the cash i'm going to pick the full version as soon as possible

  • Great graphix!

    by jimmyjimjima

    Awesome graphics .definitely a step up over windows minesweeper

  • its a demoe

    by Hunnybunny2

    what can i say? its a demo..... its cool though... prolly going to pick this up

  • LUFF!!!

    by serioussatellite

    i love minesweeper! this came with some cool added features.... i totallyneed to get the full version

  • yeah

    by destructobee

    not a bad demo...

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