3D Rollercoaster Rush Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

Enjoy this New Year with your favorite game 3D Rollercoaster Rush.

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Take a ride with 3D Rollercoaster Rush based on the original Rollercoaster Rush game, an award-winning and top downloaded game in June!

This game is available in English and French.

IGN scores 8/10 and says “the new 3D edition, with its lightning speed and dynamic camera, gives Rollercoaster Rush the thrills the concept deserves. Please download this version of the game.

Play 40 different 3D action-packed rollercoaster tracks set in the Wild West in Career Mode. Challenge and overcome loop-the-loops, big jumps, tunnels and more to upgrade your amount of carts from 2 to 4! Craving more, go back and replay all completed levels in Challenge Race Mode where you can play against the designer of the game! Speed increases your excitement meter, multiplying your score, but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into space!

• Two great games in one:
(1) Career Mode – Play 40 different action-packed rollercoaster tracks in a Wild West theme park
(2) Challenge Race Mode – Replay all 40 rollercoaster tracks to out race the game designer’s time!
• Expertly crafted tracks with realistic coaster physics
• Stunning and detailed 3D graphics
• Perform insane stunts to get a higher score!
• Unique iPhone and iPod touch controls -- users can use the accelerometer feature by tilting the device to make the carts go faster and slower.
• Bright and stunning 3D art graphics
• Adrenaline pumping and exciting real music!

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Customer Reviews

  • Only 15 min.

    by 0(^_^)0 POP

    It is fun but short! All I want are more stages to do! Plzzzzzzzz?!?!?! (-;

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by Ny Yankees fan 33

    Very fun game! Digital chocolate does a great job!

  • Awsome

    by Kaykay1230

    I love this game it is awsome but the levels are so easy and the game is so shaort. But still one of my favorite games ever!

  • Rollercoasterfanatic

    by Spongeknowitall

    This game is soooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!! But seriously take off the adds they're really annoying!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this series!!! But...

    by XxMyaStudiosxX

    You should really take off the adds I keep going on them by mistake more than playing the game but still I could of have gave you 5 stars if there were no adds but anyway, great series!!!

  • Take off the adds!!

    by ParkMiniP

    The app is fun and pretty addicting, but it would be much better without the adds. They pop up way too much and I would respect the app, probably way much more without them! And I am not interested in ten either, please take them off as much as possible!!

  • Great, but slow

    by ~**~

    I am a fan of Rollercoaster Rush, but this one was quite slow. I enjoyed playing it, the 3D was cool, but they need to fix a couple things. Also, an ad popped up almost every other level. You should get it since it's free, but if it ever costs money, it's not worth it. Right now, for a limited time only, the full version of Jurassic Rollercoaster Rush 3D and Haunted Rollercoaster Rush 3D are free, fast, and you should get them while they are of no charge!

  • I hate titles :/

    by XxbambamXx067

    So uhm Yeahh . I loveeeeee this game like , alowt(accent if youu know what I mean :D) so ahaa' I love all these games ! And I'm gonna play 24/7 . Imma go play now . Uhm kbye C:

  • It was free on the app store

    by Mariah (;

    It gets so boring after a while but it was free on the app store so why not download it

  • Cool

    by G9(:<3

    3d +awesome

  • Awesome

    by Chellz8808

    I luv this game it's funnnnnn!!!!

  • Wow

    by acumbess

    What a great game. Everything I was looking for and more. Love the 3d update. Glad I got it free.

  • OMG

    by Embon23

    This game is so awesome i can't get my eyes off of it . Once i sat in hot car and i did not get out of it until i did all the levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OkAy

    by Laxgirl177777777777

    Fun. But it is too much $ for such a short game. :/

  • Funnnn

    by Crazyanimationluv

    I luvvvv it

  • 3d rollercoaster

    by Cougar45

    The game is a total rip off!

  • Rollercoaster

    by Kellmeyer

    It was too easy you need the new York version. U get more for your money that way

  • addicting

    by RiRi Frenchfrie

    addicting and insanely fun...worth the money

  • Uhhh

    by IkJzjdoeidhdhdi

    More levels

  • Best game ever

    by Blazer1990

    This game is really fun and exciting and it's one of those games where ur bored and hmmm? What should I do well this game is the answer to all ur questions .... P.s it's really short and would love if u added more levels. I don't care how much it costs it's worth every dollar and really fun

  • Excelente ou não

    by Rafael Manini (Presunto)

    Excelente jogo, mas a versão atual está com problemas, não está salvando o andamento do jogo, só salva até a fase 6. Decepcionante chegar longe e depois de fechar começar tudo novamente...

  • Really bad

    by Deathrdkill12

    The controls are hard to work with and don't work half the time. DO NOT BUY!

  • adds

    by Mayito23

    back in the day when this app wasn't free I paid money. I payed to apparently see adds.

  • Adds, Really!?

    by spud-monkey

    I used to play this game a lot, it was awesome, 4 stars. Then they put apps IN GAME. WHY!?!?!? I'm in the middle of a coaster ride (something you can't look away from) when suddenly an app fills my screen and I die. What's that about? I already own the product, I shouldn't get adds

  • Fun, but

    by likeohemgeetotally

    It's annoying how an ad pops up in the middle of every level.. Especially when the game keeps going even though this ad is on the screen.

  • Good game

    by Dash121

    Good game but finished in about 2 days very quick. Don't buy if it goes on price.


    by Liammm123

    Seeing that stupid ad pop up 1000000 times in 15 minutes (which is also how long it takes to beat this game), and always at the worst times, will make you swear to never download anything else from Digital Chocolate Inc. ever again.

  • Fun,addicting and short

    by nbancilhon

    This game is way too short I beat the game in 15 minutes (not all 4 stars) And for it too be 3 bucks and still have ads no way this is crap and it should have more levels come on its too short They should also make it that u should be reliable on if when u get to the finish u should stop yourself or u fall of the tracks then I would be more fun well for people who agree to this review Plz write responses back to this review and say what u like about the review thanks DC and reviewers!!!

  • Ads in the middle of the game!!!!!!!

    by maxim D*****

    Why, I mean why would you out ads right in the middle of a level I am playing?

  • Fun but...

    by Carr0t0p23

    I feel that the game is very fun. But there is one small problem. It is insanely short. I beat it in one hour with four stars on everything. One hour for a $3 game. That is just not right. I really wish that Digital Chocolate would update it with more levels.

  • Okay

    by pascualalbum

    Its a fun game but its too short and overpriced

  • Worth it but....

    by Cupcake9001

    I think it's worth it but way to short!! You should make the game a lot longer!!!

  • Bugs

    by pnunu

    Always crashes with no background programs running and deletes your career progress

  • best

    by Zachary Spira

    best game I evar played

  • Great graphics

    by My plants pwn

    Great graphics

  • Cool but .....

    by Flubflub loves you !

    I love it but it is really easy to beat I beat it in the first 2 hours I bought it but it would be awesome if you added more levels and goals ! Thanks ! :)

  • Worth it...


    I play this app every day. worth the dollar but kills your battery

  • Fun!!

    by Brookeroby14

    This is really fun...but it needs some more levels!

  • Super Fun

    by Disk Jockey

    I loved it! If you're resisting on buying it, don't! It's super fun, and I played it for hours! The only problem with it was that it was too easy, but I love the levels, and I can't wait until another version comes out.

  • Great

    by Superstarhdn

    Pretty good graphics and many levels so I suggest this game to you

  • Wow.....

    by - - Z - -

    You first sell this for $4.99, and now you make a 3-pack for an extra dollar, and sell this for $.99? Way to reward your first-buying customers. And not even real updates, just bug fixes every four months if we're lucky. I can't believe I bought this for five dollars. If you're a person who enjoys regular updates with exciting new features, this is not the app for you. But I guess you can buy it now (if there's a discount), because they finally realized it's not worthy to be a $5 app.

  • It's okay

    by Levings

    Not that exciting after an hour. Would get 5 stars but the game is too easy and there needs to an option to race your own ghost in stead of the CEO's slow one. I beat him by at least 5 seconds on every track. Overall it's pretty cool app. I would recommend to anybody.

  • Pretty good

    by A kid who's a girl (10 years old)

    I beat it! I think that the co. that made this should add more levels. Also, it would be awesome if you added a make your own track thing that you could permenently save ( and possibly send it to a website, have it checked over, and have it put it in the next update).

  • Awesome

    by Dude2424481524

    This is the best game ever but I do think it needs more levels

  • Good

    by The biggest fan of this book

    After about 2 er 3 weeks, u could get bored unless u like the race. Otherwise, I like how u based the whole series on  (and  sleigh). I like trains!!!!! In my opinion, anybody should get it.

  • Crap

    by Austin Morrow

    Don't buy it, it use 2 b good but they screwed it up by adding a gay update. Fix ur problems!!!

  • Worth it :)

    by TaylorLemaster

    I absolutely love this game so worth it. It does work on a itouch(: but now everytime I stop playin it resets!

  • Watever

    by Dhshhdd

    It wuz fun, all 2 hours! I paid 3 bucks for 2 hours of entertainment!!! I want my money back!! U wanna rollercoaster app, get aircoaster xl

  • 1.1.7 Removes iPad compatibility!

    by DavidPhillipOster

    If you install this app on iPad, refuse the 1.1.7 update. The 1.1.7 update makes iTunes fail to install the app on iPad.

  • Quick response

    by iMission

    Thank you for updating...

  • Iphone 4 and ios 4.0

    by Thegameman

    App does not work on that...

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