3D Rollercoaster Rush Bundle Pack Games App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

General optimization for the iOS 4.0/3.0 software and bug fixes to improve overall gameplay

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89 Ratings
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Take a wild ride with this 3-in-1 Bundle Pack of the Original, Jurassic, and Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush games, an award-winning and top downloaded brand in June!

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This Bundle Pack is a steal with a whopping 120 different 3D action-packed rollercoaster tracks! 120 ways to feel the rush of zooming through the highest peaks, biggest drops, underwater, and haunted pumpkin patches in Career Mode! You can even go head-to-head with your friends via Bluetooth in both Jurassic and Haunted themes. Please be warned to eat lightly before playing or you may lose your lunch due to the thrill seeking INSANITY!

• Two gut-wrenching modes in this amazing 3-in-1 Bundle Pack:
(1) Career Mode – This massive game has 120 (and we mean 120) different action-packed rollercoaster tracks!
(2) Challenge Race Mode – Replay all 120 rollercoaster tracks to out race your own personal best time. Talk about double the value!
• Endless hours of thrill seeking insanity with 120 tracks! Don’t lose your lunch…
• Expertly crafted tracks with realistic coaster physics
• Stunning and detailed 3D graphics
• Perform insane stunts to get a higher score and unlock achievements!
• Unique iPhone and iPod touch controls -- users can use the accelerometer feature by tilting the device to make the carts go faster and slower.
• Adrenaline pumping and exciting real music!

NEED HELP WITH MULTIPLAYER? Turn on your Bluetooth before you start the game. You can turn on Bluetooth from Settings>General>Bluetooth>On

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Customer Reviews

  • Great Game Best Ever

    by JMaN13$

    This is the best game you should try it. It's worth $6.00

  • BUY IT! Literally Tons Of Levels. Well Worth $5.99!!

    by setmefree37

    Trust me when I say Buy It! The 3 pack is endless Roller Coaster Fun for just $6 bones! I very rarely leave reviews. Only for the really good games! The game is fun and can be enjoyed by all ages. It gets harder as you progress and some levels, like any other good game, take some practice to beat! I'd personally like to see some blood and guts and for the coasters and people to splat when they hit the ground, but... It's not necessary. The game is a great way to pass the time and the developers did a great job putting these coaster games together! NEVER A GLITCH. NEVER A PROBLEM. NEVER FAILS TO MAKE ME SMILE! HEY! And if you don't like the game, simply return it for a full slap in the face and a swift kick in the butt, because your either dead or super gamer dweeb!

  • Hi

    by pyr0red


  • Fun, Casual at it's Finest

    by Tim Eggers

    Refined controls, fun environments and challenging levels. Great game to have for casual sessions. Anyone can play this title. I keep coming back to this one. Try the free versions first, then buy the 3-pack as it's the beat value.

  • Haha

    by Gia1o

    Really really fun game.!! I'm so addicted to it.!

  • Great

    by Cnickit7

    Really fun

  • Great game!!!!!!!!!!

    by Riley12937

    I love the game cuz it's so cheap! I wish that there were more levels per game. Other than that great game. I liked Jurassic the best!!!!!!

  • Cool redeem app

    by T9sterhamster

    Hey you guys it's me. If you would like to redeem points and get free products like an iPad or iPod go to the search bar in the app store and search CHECK POINTS. and just download and when you log in for free. In the bonus bar to get extra points enter Freshman13. Hurry and take it while it's free!!!

  • Good

    by KylrGld

    It's fun and save a dollar because if u buy the others it's 6 dallars worth it so fun pandas the stuff angry birds is better tho still F U N A N D A W S O M E B U Y N Ow Hety mr Carter

  • Icon problem..

    by Arrvind

    The icons too blurry on retina display..pl optimise it for iPhone 4..

  • Stuck

    by Paradays

    I love this game. I finished the first one but I am stuck on the last two.

  • Good

    by Jfsrvcf368


  • Finally!

    by Geeksquadof1

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is my favorite game and I've waited since June (iOS 4 update) to play it. Thanks for finally updating it for iOS 4! This game is AWESOME! I would recomend it to anyone and everyone of all ages. It's fun and addictive.

  • YAYSA!!!!

    by Haloo!!!

    WOOOOOOT IT WORKS!!!!!!! THX A LOT!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome now!!

    by Imma Boy Scout

    After today's update it finally works so ppl start downloading this game cuz it's awesome !! lol it's 11:59 Pm lol

  • Is work on ios4

    by Wilfred Siu

    I wait for it update long time. Now it can play on ios 4 I love it

  • Ok

    by Guard597

    I love the individual free games but when i bought this one it wont even open, it just goes back to the ipod home screen. anyone else having this problem?

  • won

    by kise4456

    Worked great until I upgraded to ios4, now it doesn't work. Pretty disappointing - hopefully there will be an update soon.

  • It was Awesome on My iPhone 2G..

    by MsJessicaC

    However, it won't even load/start up on my new iPhone 4. :-( Any plans for an update for it to run on iOS4?

  • its great but dosnt work

    by Supergirl9610

    this app is fun to play with and worth the money, but once i upgraded to iSO4 it completly froze and would never open again. a lot of people have complaned about this problem and it needs to be fixed because i spent alot of money on this app!

  • Worst game ever

    by Fred12345678910111213141516

    This is the worst game ever.I would give them 0 stars if I could

  • Won't Even Start Up

    by Sterlingsharp

    I'll give it a 5 when you fix this bug :/


    by Peteypabbblloo


  • It is horrid

    by Cas8zo

    Keeps crashing you can get to picking screen were you pick witch game you want an then when you pick it it crashes. I would like to buy the newyork one but everyone says it doesn't install to iPod touch so I will not buy from digital chocolate again unless newyork works!!!

  • Still doesn't work

    by gzisjabshcuciaj

    I am using a 2g iPod touch and when ever I click on a mode on the main screen(original, jurrasic, haunted) it shows the loading bar, loads about halfway, then crashes. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

    by Dobado

    You guys still haven't fixed the glitch for the jurrastic level

  • Omg

    by aogden216

    I bought this app for 8$ and even with the update it still does not work I hate this app and I will never buy from this app company again until it works ...


    by Ticked Off Alot!

    I delteted this app months ago because it would not work and it still does not work thanks for not listening to your consumers!

  • Please fix soon.

    by yearinla

    Love love love this app, but it won't even load after updating to iOS4.

  • Get them seperate

    by justinsb

    First, the rollercoaster games are fun since they started making it in 3d! But if you have an iPhone 4 ( like me) avoid the bundles. It may save you a few bucks, but in the beginning while it's loading, it freezes.  to avoid crashing, delete some apps or pictures, maybe some videos. I still have this problem, so it may not be recommended. One huge problem is ios4, the recent os for iPhone and iPod touch.  I recommend you getting it all separate. If you just bought it, you just wasted your money

  • :(

    by Click the report button!

    This app is expensive and won't even load WTF! it needs an update today!!!click the report button and it should get fixed!!!!!!! UGH I NEED THIS TO B UPDATED

  • Will not load. Runnning 4.0.1

    by jvallesteros

    Downloaded this app because my son absolutely loves the free versions. but once i click on the app, it just hangs on the loading screen and goes back to the home screen. Performed a restart, re-downloaded the app, still to no avail.

  • Crashed

    by Purkle10

    I purchased this game for my iPod touch and it crashed on the logo screen the first time I tried to play it. I loved the lite versions and wanted to get the full ones but it was a wasted $6.00. Nobody should buy this game.

  • Need's to be update now

    by Diego254

    Could someone please fix this game

  • Need update

    by 雨BeerII

    It doesn't work in iOS 4.0.2.

  • Report 'em.

    by rotstik

    If enough people click the "report problem" button, this will be resolved in a more timely fashion. Do it.

  • Work?

    by Jack000798

    Paid all that money and now it doesn't work, stick to the free ones. Rip off

  • Fix now

    by Pciulla

    I'm getting mad

  • Doesn

    by NotWorking23

    Please fix this game so that it works with IOS 4, until then, take it off of iTunes.

  • Terrible

    by Andee833

    Whatever you do don't purchase this app. Digital Chocolate doesn't deserve the money.

  • So not fair!

    by Sunbit review

    It's so not fair!!! I bought this app gor $7.99, now you change it to $5.99?!?! I want $2.00!! Now the game is really slow- and i barely use it cause it doesnt work! I would definetly NOT recomend it.

  • I want my money back!!!!!

    by Malqboyz

    Looks like it is loaded..... But won't ever play. LAME!!!!!!!!!

  • You changed the price but it still won't work!!!

    by lucksrevenge

    Please fix

  • DC worst support.

    by jetsk1

    I'll NEVER buy a Digital Chocolate game again after spending 7.99 for this game that won't load on my iPhone 3GS w/iOS4. This game should be taken out of the Apple store!!! DC AND Apple are ripping us all off!

  • Omg......

    by AwesomeDude$$$$

    Worst expensive app ever It wont load

  • Pls fix this

    by lefty gal

    The game doesn't load.

  • Fix it now

    by ken 12345

    Fix the game or give the money back !

  • FIX!!! $7.99????

    by Donny K76

    Cmon guys fix the app so it works with iOS4. This is highway robbery. If this app is not fixed within 10 days, or a refund isn't issued, it will be time to go through legal channels.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh

    by Josh#7

    This was my favorite game but win i got iOS4 it dusnt even load

  • Update!

    by tylAAAAR

    It won't load!

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