3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

General optimization for the iOS 4.0/3.0 software and bug fixes to improve overall gameplay.

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Experience mind-blowing brick breaking action with unbelievable new 3D graphics, all new levels, insane power-ups and epic boss battles in this sequel to the revolutionary iPhone game that set the standard for fun in breakout style gaming!

Get blown away by 2 amazing game modes full of fast paced excitement! Battle C.H.E. 2.0 in 99 levels of intense action! Fight 5 challenging bosses and survive through unlimited Revolution levels! Pick up insane power-ups including all new Electric Shock and Decoy– some are good, others evil! Watch your score explode as you race to break blocks in this innovative action arcade puzzler. Break your first brick to start a revolution today!

•Enjoy a new Story, 99 Levels, insane Power-Ups, and stunning new Graphics in 2 wildly popular game modes – Revolution and Classic!
•Battle 5 new bosses including the all new super boss C.H.E. 2.0
•Pick up 20 insane power-ups including over 10 new ones – Electric Shock, Super Nuke, Decoy and more!
•Revolution Mode: Survive as long as you can against infinite levels and deadly bosses
•Classic Mode: Complete 99 levels and defeat 5 challenging bosses
•Check your progress in real time; earn up to 15 new Achievement Badges for completing challenges
•Great controls – gently swipe or tap your fingers on the touch screen to break the bricks
•Play your own music as the game soundtrack!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by iH85CH001

    I love this game but it crashes ob ios 6.1.2 ;( please fix this.

  • Cool but doesnt save

    by sonic18shadow

    UPDATE please just like the first one i want to save my progress in revolution mode and time attack where is it?

  • ##################>>>>>

    by ,<>?#~,?><<~}

    LEVEL PENALTIES#########################################################!

  • Totally worth $1

    by VulcanJedi1

    I think you should buy the full version. It's packed with hours of fun and has great quality! P.S. I love the bonus level. Cool colors and I like the music! 

  • Could use some tweaking

    by Undo Tree

    Definitely a nice addition to 3DBBR version 1 and just as addictive, but I've noticed that the paddle action isn't as responsive as in the first version, a bit slow on the uptake, which can be maddening if you're used to the better reflexes of version 1. Also, every once in a while the app will freeze while I'm in the middle of a board, and the only thing you can do is not just leave the app, but close it altogether and start it again. Fortunately in Classic Mode, your place is still saved when you return.

  • Not very different from the first.

    by matryug

    The second one is not very different from the first. It just looks redesigned, like electric shock instead of laser. If you added new concepts, I would have given you 5 stars. If you can add new concepts through updates, please do, I will change my rating.

  • Great game

    by Ba123>€+

    Like special attacks. Great arcade game.

  • Good

    by ?

    It's fun

  • I love it BUT!

    by Bee Jay Jenkins

    I love it BUT! there are not enough extra lives the game should be fun not frustrating, also when your down to one or two bricks, the game only sends you down a power shock, that don't help when the bricks are behind a block

  • Super game

    by Rudy Perez

    I liv this game such a fun game.

  • update!

    by Ambroog

    update...update...update...update... where is the update? give us the update! we want the update NOOOWW!

  • C.H.E 2.0 Rocks 4 making da levels :)

    by Game Craving Guy

    I Luv it!!!!!!!!!!! C.H.E 2.0 Rocks! :). P.S if u get laser cannon activate then move da paddle very fast it can almost kill a boss try it

  • Ehhhh...

    by elbigotes

    At least add retina display and please save in revolution mode lol I no ur not gonna do it :P

  • I would give it five stars but . . .

    by MavHill

    Much like all the other complaints, you can't save your progress! I want to be able to play other games on my iPod Touch 4g. From what I have experienced with this game you can only play this one, if you play a different game on your apple product it will reset you and you will start from level one. However the Brick Breaker Revolution games are by far the funnest 'brick breaker' games. Block Breaker and Meteor are the other ones I have and enjoy. Hopefully they fix this game save issue though. It's due for a update I think . . .

  • Great but 1 flaw

    by Shwayzoutboy

    I wish you could save your revolution progress

  • First is better than second one :(

    by Stormymasterofall

    This game is fun but let C.H.E 2.0 say progress saved like C.H.E does. I'd have to say DChoc did worse on the second then the first. By the way, very cool background. PS If your stuck you don't have to quit you can use the laser (for the first) and electrified (for the second) but it also has to be there for most of the time it's activated Trust me, it works.

  • Awesomeeee:))

    by Cat lover:)<3

    This gamee iss soo funn and evill ii wass onn level 28 and ii hadd too startt overr this game iss soo FUN!!!!!!!':))). Get itt

  • Revolution won't save

    by Crazyhips

    Better graphics and music than the original but game play is about the same. Revolution mode won't save. Fix this and rating will be higher.

  • like the hit first

    by AppCraver5151

    i would add more levels to the free version tho. i got the free and hated it so.... the only reason i got the paid is that i had a 50.00 gift card (: for my birthday

  • Catchy, but...

    by Shiningfantasia

    It is a very entertaining game. Not to mention the catchy music. Classic mode is the tried and true destroy-all-bricks. With weapons. Bombs, lightning, nuke, multi-ball... Enough said. I find revolutionary even more engaging, with frequent 'boss' encounters and special stages. All with their own catchy sound tracks. Now.... This game simply does not save your progress. Keep in mind, unless you plan on a perfectionist play session, this is basically more a quickie than anything else. Don't plan on making it very far unless you sit and truly bring your game face. Which is a shame Digital Chocolate... I would love to make it to the end of classic to see what the final boss brings to the table.

  • Stages

    by Jigginator

    Really frustrating how you have to beat all the levels in one run. You get continues but if you don't get to the end it makes you start over, erasing all your progress! So you can't go through the levels you have beat and pick one to play! Also the directional arrows to move the paddle don't always work, they light up as if I'm touching them, bug the paddle doesn't move!

  • Such a waste of money.

    by Partyman532

    Now I've learned my lesson—never buy a digital chocolate app. PS School: Seven Cruddy Hours Of Our Life •—-----------—• Digital chocolate Ur chocolate tastes like metal.

  • Its okay

    by Samtmonser7

    One star make more updates and please please retina display

  • Fail hardcore

    by Rawrsers

    It's been a year since this game came out and there's only been 1 update "Bug Fixes"...good for the bugs but I'd rather have a game that crashes every hour then one that DOESN'T SAVE IN REVOLUTION MODE...after a year you would think they would fix it but you would be wrong...4/5 changed to 2/5 gl DC gl

  • -.-

    by tacopy

    Well, this game is so funny. Graphic is also good. However, I can't save. It makes me crazy. I think buy this game Is suicide

  • Revolution not saving?

    by xxbleedingdeathxx

    This is my only complaint, Revolution mode, which is my favorite, won't save progress and I have to start all over from stage one each time I try to play revolution. Please fix this.

  • Boss Stages

    by Jesse Adams

    When you reach advanced boss stages bricks fall down and can cause you to loose lives if contact is made. I have had 14 lives one min and 0 lives the next because the game glitches if multiple blocks fall on you causing multiple lives lost with no chance to move your paddle or anything. So you litteraly can go from 14 lives to 0 in 20seconds without being able to do anything about it... ENJOY!

  • Would be 5 stars...

    by dicemaze

    Great game. The best one I have. Amazing music, hard levels, super power-ups, and spectacular graphics. Truly superior to the first in every way... Except one. WHY WON'T THE GAME SAVE IN REVOLUTION MODE!!!!! This actually is a major flaw. It is my favorite mode and my friend's favorite mode. You have to start over at the painstakingly easy difficulty every time! Please make an update to fix this and I really will give . P.S. Everyone who is reading this, please rate this and complain about this problem. Then D Choc. will really see we want this update.

  • Love it but hate it

    by Lifeontop

    Can't stop playing. Just feel like it's a waste of time when I get to level 280 and then game resets. Please fix game so it saves progress.

  • Hate It

    by Article 27

    Doesn't save progress in Revolution mode. What"s the effin' point? Why would you omit this feature and take a step backwards from the first Brick Breaker? Now I have to start over with the painfully slow beginner speed every time?? You must have known that fans would want this feature so I don't understand. Does the increased playability take attention away from your other games? Boo hoo. Fix it so it saves your progress or I'll never try another D Choc app again. You already pissed me off once when you had an update to BB1 that erased my saved progress - months of play, 100+ extra lives, level 1500-something, etc. It was my go-to app for any 5 or 10 idle minutes I had, my friend on a rainy night, my comfort and solace, and your stupid update took that away. Fail.

  • One of the best apps I have!!!!!!!!!

    by AlphaΩmega47

    This just may be the best app I have!!!!!!!! When I got the free version and I beat the 15 levels, I immediately got the full version. Totally worth a dollar!!!!!!!!

  • What is this crap?

    by KJ Alex

    Would be a 5 but the fact that you can't you save your progress is one major negative. 1st revolution is better.

  • Missing Something

    by Gameman9857

    I feel like earning an acheviment is pointless. Or trying to get a new high score... So what im saying is its needs online leaderboards...maybe open fient or plus mode or your own online leaderboards that would be awesome and the game would feel complete

  • 100% !!!

    by Doc 1980

    This game is 100% fun and satisfaction garanteed !!!

  • It Reset Me

    by Corngamer

    I was on level 81 in classic mode when I got a game over. Then the game sent me back to level 1 You stink Digital Chocolate! If you want people to LIKE you, then fix this problem


    by Xzalor

    I PAID FOR THIS GAME AND IT FREAKIN DELETED ITSELF! SCREW THIS! It was fun while it lasted though. And I'm not going to buy it again so whatever.. I'm mad now.. :(

  • Great game but ???!!

    by DanD

    This very good game I purchase this yesterday and find out not saving game so you can continue later otherwise I will give this game 5 star and tell my friends about it. Please fix it or give me refund. Thanks

  • Great game! Won't save in revolution mode :(

    by myvoice380

    Please make an update to this awesome game so it will save!!

  • Glitchy

    by Absolute frustration

    The ball gets constantly stuck inside, inbetween, and next to the stationary objects. Thus wasting hours of time in revolution mode, seeing as how you can't save.

  • Revolution saving

    by bubba Slide

    Doesn't save in revolution mode please fix this and the app is a 5 star!!!!

  • iPad

    by 110010101101 CAD

    It won't work on my iPad

  • Needs better music!!! -.-

    by Mr. Eater

    The music for the boss fights can be kinda annoying. I like that it's different from normal levels though. Pls fix music for boss fights then I will give 5 stars. :)

  • I got to play it today!

    by boner donor

    ...Uninterrupted, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life...EVER! I got to level 55 or so in the classics version. It's so intense and awesomely animated, if I only get to access it once a day, I will not cry. But less than that is simply unacceptable. I have since not been able to access the game. Also, the left flipper seems to be unresponsive once out of every 1,000 taps. Other than these glitches, I am in love with those digi chocolate balls!

  • This game is annoying!

    by Cre8or95

    Okay I love the game itself, its just that it has a 5 percent chance of working, all it does most of the time is freeze up after the stupid demastration. When it does work it kicks me out at the starting screen because of the freakin ads. I paid $2 for the game, not so it will screw me over. Other then the stupid glyches its a good game.

  • Great but not

    by Awsome gello

    Great game but a bad glitch with the play button plzzz fix it

  • When it works it's great.

    by Majestic7

    When it works.

  • Won't work with iOS4. DO NOT BUY!!

    by hxc_br00tal_omgz

    I have an iPhone 4 with the latest software. I downloaded the demo, which worked, so I bought the game. Big mistake! I'm having the exact problems other reviewers have mentioned. Could be an awesome game if it actually worked. DO NOT BUY!!!

  • Don't Buy unless updated

    by Price checker

    Worked fine until 4.0 now it just takes up space

  • Doesn't work

    by Please fix so I can play

    Loved the demo so I decided to upgrade to the full version. It will not even load and just like everyone else is saying the main menu buttons appear off screen. Please fix this so I can actually play the game I payed for!!! For this I give 1 star!!!

  • Crashes

    by kayleekins

    It constantly crashes on my iPhone4... And I hate the fact that it keeps starting the whole game over from the very beginning whenever I leave the game for a text or anything.

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